Separation III!

Warning: I speak of something very painful and even frightening in this post. The loss of loved ones is bad enough to bring fresh pain to those close to it. But I speak also of something so horrendous in another loss that it may affect your journey. It is something that I dare to say is in this future and I’m scared. Simply because I’m afraid of not explaining it properly, missing something so vital that any who read this may misunderstand. Spirit spoke to me and said to share, but always with the integrity of the love given me. It isn’t something to make an error with. God please guide my hand, and please forgive me as I try to stand in the integrity of that love.

Every time this topic of ‘separation’ has come up I get ‘nudged’ because as simple as this topic may seem, it has so much within it. Like love, it is ‘in everything’. The last two posts, and like all other posts, I just ‘open’ and let the truth of that understanding and love guiding it to come out. But this one is asking me to go somewhere that has only been touched by so few, if at all. If I am speaking of things that we will all touch, it is openly given. I am just a guidepost as many before have given from. It gives me confidence to stand in that place, as we all do with that love around us.

So this one is a bit tougher than the last two posts…because it is trusting me from a place not known. If I guide wrongly, I guide the many.

The feeling and understanding of ‘separation’ in our learning of life is always associated with the ‘loss’ of something. Be it something simple like the loss of a toy as a child or something a hundred times worse, a parent going away for a while and that child ‘thinking’ they are being separated from them and bursting into tears. It is the one thing in life that hits us the hardest AND the one thing that ingrains our fears of that loss or separation. Now remember what I said in the first two posts, we are never separated. We may think we are…but…

We spend our lives looking for that love and happiness above all else. Why? Is it lost? Is it separated from us? Is it like that parent, just gone away for a while but left us in tears till it comes back? Or is it just like that child and we just don’t understand where it is?

We ever question that love, trying to find it in so many places. In gifts, in flowers, in togetherness, in…everything. But it doesn’t seem to want to be found. Ever frustrated because the person we thought we had found it in, doesn’t have the understanding for ‘our’ type of love and struggles with it. Not realizing it is that ‘type’ of love that is the problem. Unconditional love does not have a type, it just ‘is’, in that perfection. We ever try to find it by trying to fit us into it…where in fact its answer is by ‘letting go’.

We are given those doubts and fears in the beginning so that we will ‘test’ all those waters of love, and see us within them. Life ever mirroring back to us so that we can eventually understand…and let go of trying to fit into so much…when we are already there. Like a full bucket of water running around trying to fill all these different containers from itself, all shapes and sizes…when all it had to do was just be itself.

So what is this ‘separation’. It is a powerful gift so that we will see us, understand us and in doing so reach a place within us to become something so beautiful to be beyond words. A young lady who blogs here, Danielle, and later in synchronicity, Amy and Avigail, would mention what separation meant to them, and it would nudge me but I didn’t understand why. But enough so that I began to ask myself what was separation truly, what meaning had I been given by Spirit so that I could truly explain it. Hence the last two posts…and their lovely replies. Thank you my friends for helping me cross a large hurdle in facing something so incredible.

But first, like anything, we have to learn what separation is. Understand that what we have been given is painful but like all things that we learn, there are hard parts, easy parts, and parts that just don’t seem to fit sometimes no matter how hard we try. But like all things eventually we understand their workings, experience their usage until it becomes second nature…and it is in that moment that we ‘let go’, finally understanding that we have already learned by experiencing it all, so let go in that understanding. And in becoming that understanding we change, in us, in our hearts, in the love that was so conditional but has now become closer to that unconditional love in that ‘let go’. Now we can ‘fit’ anything because we have become the thing we sought. We too are now that ‘just is’ that unconditional love is.

Now the hard bit. I didn’t want to post this simply because it is a frightening thing, but as Spirit has always made clear…we cannot know happiness without experiencing sadness too. And all those so called ‘separations’ that we experience in life show us that beauty too, in its understanding. But this was something else. Two years ago I was on the floor of my kitchen and had stopped breathing, and it was so powerful a thing that I had reached a moment where I had ‘let go’ of this life. I had asked God’s forgiveness, not for anything in particular but in the context of ‘I had given this life my best shot’…and God spoke to me (which I posted here in several posts), and I won’t repeat that here, simply because that is not what this post is completely about…but…in that moment before God spoke, I touched something, something so powerful and shocking that it was immediately closed to me so that I could no longer remember it fully. And also why when I eventually got some breath back later I tried to sit up and my lungs blew up and closed my breathing again…and Spirit said to me…’it was needed to make an impact so that I would not forget this moment’. And I thought…are you kidding me, God spoke to me, how could I possibly forget something so profound. But now I know why.

As I hit publish for my last post ‘Separation II’, it all came flooding back. I now understood why I was in such shock after my near death experience. I thought it was from such a profound moment to go somewhere never been, be it that loss of life, to die or God speaking to me. But in that moment before God spoke I was shown something so terrifying I thought I had gone to hell. And I mean hell. Medieval paintings and stories show pitchforked devils in fields of fire and pain and agony tenfold…but this was so far worse than anything I could ever comprehend it was so terrible. I have touched so much in my journey, but it was always around that love ever around us regardless of our journey. Even a murderer or robber or anybody is given much heartfelt time to understand His love and let go. We all are given this. But that instant, that one tiny brief moment stripped me bare. And at the time I only remembered a part of it. I had touched a place of no love, a nothing, a loss so great I wanted to scream. And in that opening now I could truly see it. Its pain is immeasurable, the darkness compounding it all and the raw agony of its loss is incomprehensible, the fear of it not being there is the end all of everything.

There are no words that can describe it, it is a hell beyond words. That loss left me in so much emotional agony to be beyond words also. How can I explain its loss, there is no place on this earth that does not have His love. Let me give you a tiny, tiny example. When that love in your life passes away after so many years of being together, sharing so much…it is such a terrible loss. When you lose a beautiful child it is such a horrendous loss. (And please forgive me, I do not intend or mean to belittle those terrible losses in any way). But when you touch this place of no love…it is off the scale worse than these things. It tears your heart from its foundations beyond belief, it leaves you gasping for ‘everything and anything’ to have that touch back. It is so beyond words…it is the opposite of unconditional love. I had thought that ‘conditional love’ was the opposite of unconditional love. But I tell you conditional love is just those places between the two. We do not come near hell…unless we choose to. We do not come near unconditional love…unless we choose to. And this life gives us that chance to understand. We attract those very things so that we can reach that unconditional love. Each and every one of us has that goodness inside us, and yes we will wobble and stagger in going through it. But our intent is always to find that love and happiness in all we do. Yes, it is a struggle but we do intend that discovery in all that we do.

But I swear to you, I would not wish this on any single human being or other. Even if they were attacking me to the death. In my worst moment I would not speak its name to anything. And I now understand truly what it meant when God spoke to me during my near death experience and said ‘I Am The Giver Of Life’. That love we touch here in every waking moment is such an incredibly beautiful thing. We are in its touch in all that we do. We are in that ‘life’ that His love is. Yes, we shake our finger, yell and scream and accuse an unloving world for it all. But I swear to you with all my heart, what truly is behind it all is something so profoundly beautiful and indeed has its arms around us even in those hardest times.

And in its understanding this has so profoundly given me back an image that I saw and words that has always stayed with me from when I was very young. (And I might add not a religious bone in my body, but its words were very profound even then). It’s called ‘Footprints In The Sand’.

One night I dreamed a dream.
As I was walking along the beach with my Lord.
Across the dark sky flashed scenes from my life.
For each scene, I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand,
One belonging to me and one to my Lord.

After the last scene of my life flashed before me,
I looked back at the footprints in the sand.
I noticed that at many times along the path of my life,
especially at the very lowest and saddest times,
there was only one set of footprints.

This really troubled me, so I asked the Lord about it.
“Lord, you said once I decided to follow you,
You’d walk with me all the way.
But I noticed that during the saddest and most troublesome times of my life,
there was only one set of footprints.
I don’t understand why, when I needed You the most, You would leave me.”

He whispered, “My precious child, I love you and will never leave you
Never, ever, during your trials and testings.
When you saw only one set of footprints,
It was then that I carried you.”

(Author Unknown)

This journey is that love.

This experience had left me in tears, and it had affected me at the time it happened. But the shock to know that something so terrible is there. Everything that I have ever touched, even the good or bad, has something there. An encouragement, a faith, a hope, and at times when I have touched something beyond even that, and as we all do, that love has always called my name…our names. We think we are at times unloved…trust me…even in our worst moments, that love is ever there. Never, ever not believe that. I, and all of you, would see that in an instant on touching this horrible place. We do not realize just how loved we really are. I fought Spirit so hard on this because I know it is something so frightful that I didn’t want to be its bearer. But Spirit showed me that like everything else there is another side to it all, and like all those opposites they teach a very beautiful thing…even if painful in going through them.

Spirit has said there is more to this, as our awareness has shown us, many, many times as we gain its wisdom during our lives. But know we are held in His love always,…ever guided always,…and will become that love because we choose that path. Don’t be afraid of what I spoke, it is an opposite of what we are. To give us purpose, courage and faith in what is to come…along this very path we are taking. I wish I could show you all what He showed me so that you could understand. You would stand tall, smile with every ounce of your being and give of that love you now know was always there. And it is there truly, exactly as it should be so that you will understand it when its time comes…and you can see that every little step it has held you, guided you, so that you will indeed see the truth of that love in your destiny ❤️🙏🏽

42 thoughts on “Separation III!

    1. Indeed it is kind sir, unconditional in all that it is. Thank you for sharing 😀❤️🙏🏽

  1. Oh Mark, how absolutely terrifying! To even think this exists and we may have to sense it! Thank goodness it was only a brief moment, but it must of put everything else into perspective! My own loss is dreadful at times, even though I know IAM ok. Thank goodness we can feel the love we are and at difficult times just breathe in this love! It makes everything ok! Just wanted to say hi too as I still don’t feel for doing much! Will do my best to start writing about what i have been up to though! Take care mark, you are loved very much by us all❤️🥰

    1. Another reason I really didn’t want to post this Barbara, this is still so raw for you, that feeling of so much loss. And you do need some time out from time to time, it takes quite a while to adjust to something so abrupt and powerful like that. And I will have to do another post on this, I knew I wasn’t going to explain this properly and you have just shown me that. But what I need to say is much more loving, more understanding and not the blackness that it showed me before. And I am glad to hear your voice kind lady, just take your time and stand in that love that is you. As we both now know, that shaking of our hearts takes quite some time to absorb and realize its intent, come to terms with what it has shown us, and what we want to be because of it. Just know, even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, that there is much love around you. From me, many others, and that unconditional love that is us. Thank you for your blessings of love and light Barbara, it is very appreciated after my little event. And big hugs, love and light returned in kind dear lady. Sit out in the sun, let its love and warmth shine on you and know that there is love in this world, so much more than we can ever believe. Take care my friend ❤️🙏🏽

      1. What a lovely response Mark… I understand very well how difficult it is to write our heartfelt experiences and is probably why I’m rather quiet at the moment! I’m hoping for more clarity to arise as the mind expands more and more into the language of the heart! We’re getting there, and in your case your Divine friends here are receiving a beautiful shower of musings on separation! 😃You know that word that we all make out we are not part of anything or anyone… for the very reason to experience it’s untruth! Thankyou again Mark for your devotion to love, for standing with us all on this, at times, grim journey back to knowing our wholeness. Much love x

        1. Yes, that’s the word we so ponder while doing its opposite. But we will understand it, this world is ever mirroring it back at us so that we can. Thank you for the share kind lady, may your journey know its truth. That oneness that we all are, wherever we are. Big hug my friend, from another part of that ‘one’. Much love to you too Barbara x 😀❤️🙏🏽

  2. Mark, thank you for sharing your profound experience. No doubt, this experience will change you forever, giving you insights into your soul.🙏🏼😇☮️

    1. Thankfully there is so much love to learn Brooke, its wisdom ever flows through us. And something that Spirit has ever given me, to understand those opposites…so that we can see our hearts within it all. Thank you for sharing kind lady 😀❤️🙏🏽

    1. That it is kind lady, it never holds but opens, bringing us a freedom like nothing else. That is the one beautiful thing about love, and we feel it so much when we stand in it…that inner smile, that sparkle in the eyes, an inner excitement because we are feeling that total openness and letting that love flow through us. It is in blocking it with our doubts and fears that we revert to that closed, painful place. And it is in doing that very thing that teaches us that this isn’t where we want to be, it is giving us an understanding that we would rather be in that place of love. So we ever go looking for that love and happiness ‘out there’ in all we do…and eventually we face the one thing we hadn’t searched for it…in us. And in there is the answer to our fears and doubts, we will dare to face them and finally see what had held us closed, and in understanding them will finally open into that love. It is a very profound and beautiful moment when we finally let it all go and love the one thing that we had doubted…us. Thank you for the share kind lady, a love shared in that freedom 😀❤️🙏🏽

  3. Mark, you were forefront on my mind just now and I knew I had to come here. This response did not show up in my notifications and I found that odd. So I found it here.

    I wanted to very deliberately confirm that just because my journey has been so long and convoluted does not mean that yours too will be very long as well. Every journey is different and it seems I wanted to really really experience Unconditional Love in a BIG way, cuz you know, I don’t do anything halfway. LOL That said, my journey crushed me in so many ways but in that crushing a pure diamond was formed.

    I also came here with the intention to tell you that today I faced a part of my life that held so much pain, so much anger, so much fear. When I knew I was going to face that facet (TEST TIME!!!) I grew anxious. I kept breathing deeply and repeating, “This is a Blessing.” After I saw Karma this morning I settled down and a “feeling” overcame me knowing although very scary walking into this situation, I would be fine.

    I spoke for hours with so many people my head spins, certain test after test after test was unfolding. This was mind you in a section of my life that HELD a lot of pain and terror and I could have held on to that anger and taken that with me into my interactions to those still connected inside the institution that held so much past sorrow within me. Instead every single person I oozed love and compassion to and it wasn’t fake. It just came. I touched hearts today. I touched people who are stuck in a system that is falling apart. I spoke to people calmly and gently about a subject that held much anxiety for me, IF I allowed it.

    In other words my entire day today was comprised of communicating with people about a big problem in order to come to a resolution without loosing my cool. And I did it. I passed the test. I passed!! And OH does it feel good that I did it. I even came across a young kid with no heart who actually laughed at my serious dilemma. Instead of getting angry I said in a very loving and soft voice …. You really think this is funny? What is wrong with you? …. and then quietly hung up the phone. Not once did I loose my cool. Not once did I get angry or upset.

    This is what LOVE does. It transforms you from someone who quakes and shakes and is full of fear and anger into a person who SEES from the other’s perspective and applies LOVE to the situation. Just wow! And I mean that!! I feel about 10 feet tall right now.

    And your comment blew me away. I love these conversations for you make me think, ponder and apply your added wisdom to mine and walk even deeper in Love. These conversations are empowering and powerful!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write what you did, opening your heart to me. You are such a beautiful soul, my dear friend. I see you. (Avatar) Love, and so much JOY, Amy

    1. Haha, no Amy, your heart does not want to do it halfway. She can feel that love underneath it all here and so goes purring, galloping, flying and spreading your roots to be a part of something so beautifully profound to be beyond words dear lady. Again you’ve given me a great smile, a touch that only love can give ❤️

      And speaking of which, we are one big happy family, connected as one that only that unconditional love can give my friend. We meet, we share what we are so that others may understand further. Each and every connection always giving both ways to give the best of what we are. Even those so called bad bits are taking us closer and closer to that understanding of unconditional love. And yes dear lady, you are a diamond. Profoundly beautiful and one of a kind.

      These paths we take are just for us in our different ways dear lady and with all you’ve shared I know you have been to that hell (not the one I spoke of above but it probably felt like it at times), and back. Those fears truly bind us so hard, so much so it distorts us so badly in all we do. But, thankfully, to teach us what is behind it, that unconditional love we eventually, in all those hard understandings, we do make. That takes courage, and a love, a very big love to dare its path my friend and you have done just that. Take a bow Amy, you have opened your heart and now tread its path…in everything. It has empowered you so that those old emotions no longer sit in first place, no longer filtering life through those sunglasses of doubt and fear, but now you are doing the opposite by filtering all that you are through that love you have found. Your love. That joy that just spills out all around, simply because you just can’t help it after it has tied you down in so much pain for so long. Sing in all you do beautiful lady, that is your inner beauty unbound xox 😀❤️🙏🏽

      1. Dearest Mark, I was for so long in the deepest of dark prisons and I didn’t even know it. I so do cherish this place I’m in, where at times I feel as if I am floating effortlessly. All day today I was outside for the most part loving and cherishing the sun. The sun all on its own makes my heart expand so hugely that I don’t know if my chest cavity can possibly hold all that love. I AM so fortunate to be who I am, to have been where I am, for all of that has led me here to where and who I am today. Glory BE! I am alive! My little kid is so alive! In fact, at the gym yesterday I ran to where my towel and small purse were laying like a little kid would …. arms flying like a windmill, me skipping and swaying and kicking up my heels not caring who saw me. When I returned with my phone to show a friend a picture, she was laughing. “Oh, Amy, I love you so much!” she said. “You are so funny!” And I am! That’s the thrill of being a kid …. you act it. LOL 😂😂🤪😘😂

        1. They say that in the Bible somewhere is that saying of being as a child again in your heart. You’ve found it dear lady, somewhere inside your heart is that happiness and child like wonder. You now understand. You have become what had originally pushed you, but now in understanding it, you gladly stand within it. Big hugs dear lady, you are sharing that child inside very well. Thank you 😀❤️🙏🏽

  4. Dearest Mark, for a change, I believe my comment will be short. I like you would never wish that void on anyone for it is as you say hell and so much more that the mere word hell does not cover it. Now you understand this Journey of ours is about coming back to ourselves knowing we are Love, we are God, and we are Perfect. Yet first we had to shed all the pain, all the sorrow, all the lies, all the conditioning, all the generational curses, and that, my friend, takes years. I applaud you for your courage to write this post. And now I tell you why I KNOW you are near to breaking free of the dogma and conditions poured upon our head.

    As I child, I grew up in an environment void of love. Void. No concern, no empathy, no compassion, no kisses, no hugs. No-thing but existence. It was the darkest place I’ve ever known and to this day the majority of my siblings have not been able to break free. In 1984 I had a NDE. In 1993 a severe back injury and after 2 failed surgeries I was not walking. I wanted to die. The pain was more than I could bare. Desperation led me to a doctor who filled my temple with drugs. And I became a drug addict until the day I knew if I continued I would die.

    It took 3 months to detox, 3 months where no doctor would help me and where I ended up in psychiatry locked wards where doctors there attempted to give me more drugs. Long story short, my hair fell out in chunks, my teeth broke from seizures, and to this day I don’t know how I lived. Yet I did.

    Fast forward to today and just recently …. this being more than 60 years since a child ….. I came HOME to me. HOME, Mark. For real. Yes I’m still a work in progress but NO ONE can take from me who I AM. Love. Innocence. JOY.

    I do love you for who you are and what you wrote here. Bless you for sharing your story. Many will not understand for they have yet to arrive at the breaking point. Oh yes that breaking point is just the beginning of the Real Hero’s Journey. With much love, you sister in light and love, Amy

    You know you have returned HOME when you live in childlike glee.

    PS Turned out to be a long one after all. LOL

    1. Amy…what can I say but yes, you have come HOME dear lady. To go through such pain and hurt, and eventually defy this world. THAT is love, that is your love, found by the only path their is, your hearts path. Created with every step you have taken to find that beauty waiting inside.

      I sit here and shake my head seeing that we all have our journey, each and every one will find that love. No matter even if we feel we haven’t reached some point we think we need to reach, as you have said, it all takes us inside to bare our souls in sometimes the simplest of things…and those that are the hardest. And to hear and feel your journey, something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, but know you have done it. And understood great meaning even though the terror of your life…anyone’s life.

      I’ve had a few days to digest how my ‘event’ has all come together, and the way so many synchronicities arrived with you, Danielle and Avigail all touching that subject of separation. I did the first two posts so that I could define it with what Spirit showed me, then was given that last touch again but fully open so that I could feel it truly. It was like it was waiting for me to understand separation in our day to day lives but then see where it sat in the perspective of that unconditional love that we are always in but blocked by those many conditions in our lives. But needing one to show and understand the other. And as you so well know now, that you are so free in that unconditional love BECAUSE you went through so much. The unconditional you are now in cannot be truly understood without the other. And some days you feel such injustices of the pain endured…but deep down realize we trip and stumble so we can understand.

      Amy, thank you. You have stood in your love found and opened so fully to share with me, with us, that journey. Opened and still opening with such beauty. Your recent post where that lady hugged you and said she loved you from such a profound place. Your heart was in your words so beautifully, showing us such an incredibly loving thing, and even daring yourself to take another step, another opening in this thing called life. Never an ending, ever sharing what unconditional is each time we clear away another cobweb so that we can indeed see a little clearer each time.

      And yes, your love in all you do is truly giving us a glimpse in what we can do once we step into that love we find, removing the masks and becoming something so beautiful to be beyond words. And we will all have a very original journey, be it by a different race, culture, religion, belief or pathway…but they all have that love, ever seeking that love and happiness we know is out there…somewhere…and find it, as you have.

      Big hugs dear lady, and again thank you for sharing your soul. That is the courage of that truth found, that true love encouraging us to take another step and be free. Thank you for sharing that freedom, it gives a hope that we all can reach a place inside us in daring those steps. xox ❤️🙏🏽

  5. Thank you dear Mark for sharing that very personal account of your brush with death and in being shown the Law of Polarity, in that you felt the Void of Nothing compared to the overwhelming abundance of LOVE..
    I can only imagine the shock of feeling such a black hole of emptiness and how that must have impacted upon you Mark.. Especially as you are such a kind and loving soul..
    I hope never to experience such an emotion of total emptiness with no love what so ever.. Though I can fully appreciate such zones of experience exists.

    Many years ago I sat for trance communication.. And channelled a young girl named Jane… She was a happy simple soul,, who through a series of sittings with my group, spoke of her work on the ‘Other side’
    And her role was to Sing,, as she Loved to sing,, and in doing so she made flowers bloom, grow, manifest.. She said there were places where there was no flowers blooming, she called it down the valley… And in the valley were lost souls, who felt no love, and their surroundings they had created via their own thoughts, were dark, sparse, and cold and empty…

    The story is on my blog… But in essence she said no soul is ever lost even in the darkest of places… If they choose to lift their vibration and change themselves from their current vibrational perspective of themselves.

    She helped bring one lost soul back ‘up the valley’ as she described it.. into the Light as they unravelled their own bitterness to see love ..

    I feel not even the most evil are ever lost in the void for ever… for all have an opportunity to raise themselves … But it has to come from within that soul..

    Just like we are all given that opportunity here, with free-will, we choose our experience… And how we react and act, and we choose either Love or fear..

    We are eternal Beings Mark… evolving and moving forward, no matter how slow that maybe for some.. .. And we are here to experience via our choices… We can only pray for those who are separated totally from any kind of love… And pray they find it within themselves..

    Much love Mark.. ❤️🙏💖✨

    1. Ah dear Sue, here I am again being shown another way of being, another understanding, so that we each find that love within ourselves, that path to teach us its beauty.
      I think the biggest part was that working in that love so completely I had maybe lost a proper perspective or appreciation at what I had found. Now having said that, I am in a position to share what I have touched so this ‘opposite’ wasn’t in my vocabulary, hence the profound shock of touching it. And it was a void, so empty but the biggest horror was that lack of love. Now most people think if you don’t have something you are still feeling ok, even if feeling so terrible without that something. But that touch of no love is truly something else, it is difficult to explain. We are ever in its arms…always. But to stand outside of that touch is indescribable because we have never been there. Like I mentioned, a loss of someone that means the world to you is such a terrible thing…and I have been through that with a parent and close, close friends. But this, multiply it by thousands and you won’t even come close. It utterly leaves you so bereft of life…and…so, literally, painful at its touch. And I only got a moment. And that it showed me just how good we do have it down here ever in loves grace, that constant touch with home.
      And also, and as you have just said, we all have that ability to ‘climb back up’ and try again. We can feel those many terrible things in those ‘opposites’ so that we can see where we really are within ourselves. It too has just shown me where I am, and an appreciation of what I really do have, even if I feel sad and unloved. It is always there…but can be ‘not there’.
      Yes, it was that bad it scared me, and I mean truly scared me. But I know that this too is love giving me those opposites that are in everything so I can understand my love and the path I wish to be on. And yes, we are eternal, ever reaching out to understand.
      May that depth never be reached Sue, but in seeing it know we are indeed capable of becoming that love regardless of where we are. We are indeed so very much worth it, and every step we take to find that love within us.
      And thank you for ever sharing your path kind lady, as has Val and others. It is good to see these many awakenings and ever being guided by them to find us within them all. Love and light to you also kind lady, thank you ❤️🙏🏽
      Oh, and can you tell me the name of that post Sue, I would love to read it if I may 😀❤️🙏🏽

      1. I agree Mark… May that depth of being in the complete Void without any kind of love never be experienced.. And yes I will go find that post and leave you a link here Mark.. 🙂

        1. No panic dear lady, if I am meant to read it, it will come forward willingly 🤣 And thank you again kind lady, may we never touch that place ❤️🙏🏽

        1. Thank you Sue, I read and appreciated what I felt from this incredible post. It is a beautiful story, a heartfelt one indeed. I think it all has come together so I could see from a much greater perspective, the forest for the tree’s type thing so to speak, and in doing so truly appreciate what love does on such a beautiful level, always in our journey. It is there always, regardless of race, color, religion or anything…it is just there and touching us in so many ways. How can we not feel it in all we do. Yes, it does have its days, but we will always feel it again when we let go those things that hold us back. May it ever be so my friend, and guide us truly 😀❤️🙏🏽

          1. I agree Mark…. Just to walk out in nature we are surrounded by Love… For so many things brings those smiles to our hearts.. ❤️ Thank you for reading and commenting Mark.. ❤️

  6. When I had my near death experience many years ago, I joined a support group for people that had been through it and later I started my own group. We all discussed our trauma triggers and how certain words, phrases, sights, sounds and discussions would trigger us to relive the experience. I think the most important thing we did for each other in the support group was to validate each person’s individual response to their deeply personal life-altering event. In your comment to Val you spoke of boundaries and that really struck a chord in me. Boundaries are essential to our safety and self-care. Take great care of yourself, Mark, as you continue on your journey into love and illumination. ❤️🙏

    1. Thank you for this Avigail, it is much appreciated for the love and support in your words. I’m not sure of where I stand with my event at the moment as the original event happened over two years ago and nothing has ‘triggered’ me until now. And even then Spirit was more guiding me into the topic of separation so that I could bring back the event fully and bring the topic of death and separation and hell into the one place. And most certainly the event now brought me to tears in feeling that part that was hell, it is the most terrible thing I have ever faced, touched, felt in my entire life. The death experience itself 2 years ago showed me something so profoundly beautiful and in fact removed my fear of death in itself. But that moment just before God spoke to me felt absolutely terrible (but nothing like this recent event), so that I could see something and ‘feels’ like it was brought back fully at this time so that I could bring the subject of unconditional love, and its opposite, of hell, and the separation (the real separation) that going there incurs. Did it upset me in seeing that hell fully here now? Oh yes, it did bring me to tears and scared me beyond anything I have ever touched. Is it still there within me…yes…how could it not. Has it changed me…yes. Has it changed me for the worse in any way…I’m not sure in that yet as it has only just happened in the last couple of days. I had not thought of the original event 2 years ago as I saw how bad it was but it didn’t really affect me anything like this. To me it was just another message from Spirit to speak of. But this full hit now I will have to wait and see. And the reason I am thinking it is more another message, albeit a strong one, is because of the lead up to it from Danielle, yourself and Amy. I was being guided into this full separation conversation to reach this post and show something that I hadn’t even seen, that there is a separation, a real one, and a very terrible one. At the least it shows just how much love is around us in all we do even if at times we feel unloved and lost. But I will touch base with you if this goes beyond anything that would be measured as normal, for me, and not allow what I know is a very serious thing to face if it emotionally begins to upset me in any way. And again, for that, thank you. It is a big event and it has rocked me. I don’t know if Spirit has brought me through so much to reach this point, or for something further in my heart. Many thanks kind lady, and much love returned for your care 😀❤️🙏🏽

  7. It takes such courage to share what you have shared.
    I have also touched this place that you speak of…it is indescribable.
    It happened when I was at the end of my using drugs and alcohol –
    It happened again when I was sober 8 years.
    It’s the void.
    It’s the not caring whether I lived or died. It’s no love – no life.
    I experienced the horrors of it one time in a dream state. I felt what one of my friends went through as a child. Her father told her that she was responsible for their family dogs death. She was only 8 years old. I somehow had that pain and horrendous (felt like evil) shoot through me.
    These feelings I think many have experienced but are not courageous enough to share. It is part of our human condition – I believe. Some will experience it in these physical bodies to know…the beauty and the power of love. Those words seem weak in comparison to what is really going on here.
    I love you and I thank you for sharing this my friend, we are never alone in any of it ❤️❤️❤️

    1. And I love you too dear lady. You prompted me untold times so that it would come back and speak to me. And speak it did. It was such a shock to me simply because my heart was open after all the work I had done on myself and others. My life was so open to that love that I have ever been a part of, so I truly wasn’t ready for something so horrendous. I can only call it hell it was so bad. But we supposedly haven’t reached a time that this is needed. I know it is a warning in many religions etc, to understand that unconditional love does have one of those opposites like all other things, to which I’m still digesting I may add. And as you have said Danielle, maybe we all do touch it in our lives, in our own ways so that we can see. We do touch at different times all those opposites, and they mean something to us all in different ways because of where we are within ourselves. And never weak dear lady, you have gone somewhere that I would fear to touch. You ‘know’ it and stepped through and beyond it. That takes great courage…and love. And yes, after all I have just witnessed in this, we are never alone. And most certainly I now realize just how much love is all around. Because of our journey we feel so unloved in so much, but after understanding this, I can now see it is truly there helping us in so many ways. Thank you beautiful lady, I feel you from the love you have found too. Thank you for sharing it ❤️🙏🏽

  8. I have to admit, I held back in my comments on your previous posts on Separation, as I had some things I had to process, that I will post about soon (hopefully today) in the context of a Jewish concept I’ve been contemplating. I will digest this third portion of your Separation series and be back to comment again. Right now, I want to send you all the love and all the hugs in gratitude for your presence in this world and in my world on a personal level. 💞🙏💞

    1. It has been an interesting ride Avigail, one post going into another and another. Separation has so many meanings, so entangled in this life to be almost the ringleader of all these opposites. I’m literally going to now have to go back and read the Bible, it has changed me so much in its meaning that what went before has left a question mark in what I thought I knew. Your love gratefully received kind lady, and one thing I do know is that those opposites always give a greater meaning tor that love within us, it can only open a heart so much further. Thank you for sharing, we will no doubt touch many more crossroads 😀❤️🙏🏽

  9. I’m always amazed at other people’s near-death or Spiritual awakening experiences, for they are invariably very different from my own. No matter what people experience, if it helps them grow and become a better version of themselves, Bravo! Your experiences are different from what I’ve heard others experience, but they have impacted your life so profoundly that you cannot keep quiet, and must share this new knowledge bursting out from you! Bravo for sharing, and for helping many people seeking!

    1. Thank you Tamara, it has been a long journey. My spiritual awakening came many years ago but the only reason I have experienced so much is I was at a time in my life that I was angry with God, not that I really believed in Him at that time. And in that anger I dared for Him to show me how there could possibly be a purpose in this crazy, crazy world. So He did. Beware what you ask for 🤣
      But within it all, as painful as it was, was so much proof of the love that is there, the love that He is. I began to see that purpose in everything, even such little things that didn’t seem to be anything but a stepping stone in life. And I did struggle with it…until I couldn’t any more. Then I experienced such things like this so that I could, in the integrity of that love, pass them on so that others could see too. Mind you, many peoples journey’s are much harder…they don’t touch and experience what I have. They must do it in hope, faith and the love they build within themselves from those experiences. Those builders of empathy, compassion and love…but give that opening within to unconditional love regardless. Thank you for sharing kind lady, you too are sharing from that love you’ve found. Take a bow 😀❤️🙏🏽

      1. Thank you so much! I deeply appreciate your supportive words! Yes, Spirit has worked with us through different experiences, we’ve had and allows us the space to share our knowledge with others! Amazing!

        1. And thank you Tamara. The one thing that is even more profound in this sharing is that beauty from others shared back to us. Ever opening us in its understanding as others mirror back to us what they feel and understand also. The connections go on forever 😀❤️🙏🏽

  10. Thank you for this dear Mark 💕Facing our human condition and the power struggle between ego, self centered human love and the unconditional love of Spirit can be the biggest struggle of our lives. I see your experience as the death of ego, and all you thought you were Mark.
    This is the hardest way to awaken to Spirit. It also happens with people who attempt suicide and survive. In awakening we find the truth. We are not small separate and fearful beings, but are connected to Source and Spirit with love beyond the human heart. We have never been separate although we believed we were. As Einstein said “The greatest illusion in this world is the illusion of separation.”

    1. Thank you Val, and yes, facing the human condition is indeed a very powerful thing. And you are right in it is the death of what went before, to be reborn into something very beautiful. That change we become is the wisdom of all our experiences, the building of a heart through those fears so that we can see clearly again. Everything that I had done so far was through that love I had found, but this, it was such a horror. And I most certainly didn’t want to post it. But my silence would make me implicit in that outcome. It would be like me not mentioning to a friend that there is a cliff near where they are walking, and they fall over that cliff because I didn’t speak. They may never go near it, but if they do, they now have that knowledge and understanding to be safe, in the love it was given. And I love your Einstein quote, it is indeed an illusion, but a very powerful one to guide us. Thank you for sharing kind lady, may we find that middle ground, that balance that unconditional love is 😀❤️🙏🏽

      1. Thank you Mark. I’ll be posting about the different kind of awakenings we experience. I hope it helps in accepting what is so threatening to our sense of existence. Much love, Val 💐🙏🏻💕

        1. Thank you kind lady, I look forward to it. Sharing as we all do is that community in helping us find that love within on our paths. Much love to you also Val, may we ever be in its touch 😀❤️🙏🏽

    1. I didn’t either Pam. I was silenced so profoundly when the full impact came back to me. And then Spirit ‘nudged’ me in such a way that I had to look at it and understand what to do with it. Reminded to stand in the integrity of that love I had become because of those many understandings I had experienced. And as I said to Val above, my silence would make me implicit in its outcome. By speaking it gives an understanding so that others could know of a boundary, a line in the sand so that they, with that love, can safely gauge their journey. Without it they do not know and unintentionally may hurt themselves. Where is that line drawn in the sand? I do not know, that is beyond me. But it did show me, and hopefully others, that this journey is ever moving in that unconditional love’s direction. The human condition has many fears, us stumbling around in trying to find that love and happiness within us. But our intent is that journey, knowing a love even though sometimes it doesn’t seem to be there. But it is, and that hope in our hearts asks us to stand back up and take another step, believe that we are lovable and break free of those doubts. And in my mind kind lady, you ever share it well. I always leave your blog with a smile, you ever test us to think and take another step. Thank you, with all my heart for that beautiful love shared 😀❤️🙏🏽

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