Separation II!

This is for Danielle , the young lady who had a lesson for me…and like many students, I can be off thinking about something other than what I should be listening to in class, missing something important that can concern me, and all those I share with, very much.

Spirit kept nudging you for a reason Danielle, I hadn’t used or explained ‘separation’ properly for a long time. I was ‘separate’ about that ‘separation’. So in our journey we get lessons from all our encounters and you showed me another way, a truer way of expressing something that may have left others at a loss as well because it didn’t ‘sit’ right within them.

And I might add I have now had another two souls give me a nudge on this very subject. So again my thanks to Amy, who I might add lovingly expressed her unconditional heart to me on the subject, and Avigail for a loving tap on the shoulder as well. And I might add that much literature (Bible included), don’t seem to express it too clearly. Mind you, the topic isn’t (in the beginning of our journey), particularly easy to understand and so we understand it through this worlds eyes. And I only added to its confusion.

And yes, you have indeed ever been that unconditional love Danielle, as we all are, and showed me so. Our fears are those sunglasses we view our lives with so that we can experience conditional love by filtering our lives through them so that when we do finally understand our fears, we let them go, removing those fearful sunglasses, and can see clearly through our unconditional love again.

We are ever in that state of unconditional love, down here, up there and all around. Our journey experiences fears so that we can view from a conditional way so that we can see truly what unconditional love is. If we were in that constant unconditional state we cannot ‘see’ to be able to understand the difference, hence the sunglasses of fear or our being ‘sidetracked’ by life…because with what would we measure it by. It is like all our emotions, they all have their opposites (as above, so below), so that we can understand and ‘know’ and appreciate those differences and become clearer to that unconditional state. We go through sadness (which at the time overshadows everything, as all emotions do), so that when happiness comes along we can appreciate it so much more BECAUSE of that sadness we have experienced. And all understanding in fact releases everything. Up there is that destiny of understanding, that complete ‘let go and acceptance’ of that love…and us within it. Our fears blur or shadow that vision.

Thank you very much for that gift Danielle, I shall pass it on with the love it was given me. When the student is ready, the teacher will come…and I thank you teacher. I too am still adjusting my sunglasses dear lady and have much to learn so thank you for persisting. And also a thank you to you, Amy and Avigail for speaking your truth, a greater love you cannot give, even if poking the guy with the sunglasses on 😎🤣 A truth, even if painful, is a love that only that trust to speak your heart can give. Thank you! ❤️🙏🏽

And please, if you feel this does not compute feel free to give an explanation in your language of love that felt right to you. This topic has indeed meant a great deal to so many from the responses I have received. And I have no doubt there is many explanations, be it from a religious view or books and beliefs from all over that would touch on it 😀❤️🙏🏽

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  1. Now you have inspired me to seek out more perspectives on separation vs unification in the bible for an upcoming post. As you know, that is kind of my thing. 😉 We have merged consciousness with our kindred near and far, right here on WordPress. Blogland has brought us all together in mind, heart and spirit. Connections are happening organically all the time. Disconnection is human-made. Separation is a social construct, designed to keep ‘categories’ of people apart. We have found each other and for that I am very grateful. Your words are conduits of healing energy you send out to the world. Love in abundance to you. 🥰🙏🥰

    1. Thank you Avigail, this blogland does indeed bring many souls together in heart and mind, a place where we share that ability to express our love in so many ways. Your gift is to bring awareness to those words in the bible, help others to see what that love is and bring them together. That ‘separation’ is in understanding us, slowly bringing that full awareness into our hearts by those experiences we have…and ‘know’ that unconditional love that is God’s. Glad to hear your words and I look forward to any posts you share. I was going to have a nice long relaxing read at your site over Christmas but I got a little sidetracked with some hearts that were wobbling. Much love to you also kind lady, and thank you for sharing 😀❤️🙏🏽

  2. “so we understand it through this worlds eyes.”

    And here another gentle nudge from me. (giggle) …. It is ONLY because I understood we can never be disconnected from Source for we are Source. I did not learn this from the world, no. I learned it from Spirit. I looked high and low in churches, in the Bible, in other sources but walked away dissatisfied. It wasn’t until years of lessons, trials, tests, that I finally understood I AM GOD. This world never ever will teach you for that is SO powerful to understand that this world does everything in its power to NOT teach you this. It’s considered heresy to even think we are God. We are taught we are sinners, below the Angels, which is just not true, a huge LIE. We are LOVE and even when we fall, when we mistake, when we anger, when we slide back, we are still that …. LOVE. We are God walking this earth.

    What a JOY it is to realize who we are. To be truthful I fought this concept due to the conditioning I had received. But when I finally allowed that thought to filter through, the awe I felt!!! Indescribable!! And when I discovered everything is God, the top of my head blew off!! Just WOW!!!!

    OK. Enough of my 2 cents. (American pennies) I have to go anyways for the call from Mr. Blackie just came in. The temps are falling drastically and more food is required. Off I go hi ho to feed 2 precious cats. Much love to you, Mark!! xo

    1. Haha 🤣 oh Amy, only you could put something together so powerfully by your ‘2 cents’ worth. I’m sorry, I had to stop because I couldn’t stop laughing. You broke so many rules, laws, regulations and who knows how many by-laws by speaking your truth, allowing your heart to shatter our little world of safety and go somewhere even I dare not tread. Not because it is a lie, but because it dares us to look and ask ourselves these very questions. Feel as you have and go beyond this world we bind ourselves in. I’ve got to keep wiping my eyes, tears from such beauty, tears from such wonder and tears because you dared…why not I, so that I can see, and touch a love so profound too ❤️
      Your journey took you to every part of your being dear lady, and dared you to go beyond it. See through so much to finally find the you, you had been looking for. And if you look into a mirror, God is indeed looking right back at you. What can I say but our souls are indeed that connection in everything, of God, with God, is God. Ever a part of something indescribable (as you said), in that unconditional love that everything is.
      Thank you for that share Amy, and we will indeed remember it all in this very journey. Much, much love to you also dear lady, you have made my day. I too shall go about my day but with a beautiful smile you have given me, thank you for the ‘nudge’, and definitely received with the love it was given 😀❤️🙏🏽

      1. I’m a rule breaker, Mark. I don’t like rules …. they put us into boxes. Now in all seriousness what I did write, took me a while to acknowledge as truth and then accept it. It’s a Mind Blower! Here I sit typing on my laptop which is sitting on a wooden table and that is God within the wood that my laptop sits upon. Once we see this and more, we develop such a sacred respect for ALL. I’m laughing in return …. to hear your JOY again!!! Oh thank YOU, Mark! Sounds to me you’ve broken through with the laughing ….amazing what laugher can do!! Yes I dared. And I will dare again on other subjects …. NOW do you see that just my energy in person tends to scare SOME people? I’m OUT THERE!!! WOO WOO!! 😂😂😂🌈🌟

        1. You are ‘out there’ dear lady, as only love can do, and you expressed it so well. To stand in it as you go through those terrors and fears in your life takes great courage dear lady, and I bow to a master. Thank you my friend, I did indeed watch the waves come in and ‘know’ where He is, in it all…and smiled for that joy that it gave xox 😀❤️🙏🏽

          1. And here I stop. I could go on, but what I gave you was a true WHOA!!!! It’s taken me years, Mark, to figure things out and then there are always more questions. I AM learning to be master of my own life by sifting through the lies to see and understand Truth. I’ve only touched upon the tip of the iceberg within the Whole Picture. There is SO much, dear friend, we don’t know yet the more we do, we slowly expand our Minds. Now it is up to you to sift through the kernels I gave you, to immerse in them, and to go from there. What were you taught to be true? What no longer “feels” right to you?

            To me it is not so much courage but this insatiable desire to see through the illusion that has been deliberately made to bring about our demise. I AM determined to seek, to ponder, to wonder, to listen, to be Guided, and so it goes on.

            OK!!! Now on to my morning which I already started and I must continue. Have a great day when you wake up!!! Love you, Mark!! xo

            1. It has taken a long time to understand Amy, a lifetime, but it feels right simply because we need to slowly go through ‘the big picture’ so we will appreciate what we have been given in it all. So many things in those ‘aha’ moments, so much love through them so we can open our hearts and be free. I thank you for sharing your journey Amy, it is good to see others on their paths and give that courage to others, affirm their belief in their journey and let them know we all do have a place in it. I love you too dear lady, a lighthouse of that love for all to see. Thank you for sharing that beautiful heart xox 😀❤️🙏🏽

    1. Very wise words Pam, those simple things are indeed very powerful. It is like asking someone to explain love, such a seemingly simple thing but so, so…everything in its meaning. And indeed profound words as you say kind lady, it is those things that ‘separate’ that give us all our meaning. Sad, happy…love, hate…and don’t get me started on being separated from chocolate 🤣 Thank you for sharing my friend, may we all find that love connection in us all 😀❤️🙏🏽

  3. It is difficult to express how much love there is washing over the reader coming from your words. So much awareness and appreciation. Mark, I admire you for the way you let your love flow through you, and from you to the outside world, settling down wherever it is welcomed. Thank you for showing us how important it is to consider the student level at any moment. Much love to you, dear Mark 💖

    1. Well, well, well. I just did a big comment and ‘poof’ gone into the ether’s. I must have been going to cross a line with you dear lady…mmm, maybe it was the offer of a holiday for your family in the Maldives for a month…or maybe it was the meaning of life in 50 words or less 🤣
      What I do know is it was only ever given with love kind lady, our journey does that in every moment for us all, shares a beauty beyond words each step we take. Yes, it can be hard, sometimes very hard. But always with that love. I found mine, it was just behind my sunglasses I wore to the world, and in understanding those ‘filters of life’ they are becoming clearer and clearer.
      And an interesting thing in my speaking…do you know those times where you are with a partner, probably been arguing crazily over something and just got to a place where you just don’t want to fight any more, don’t want this ‘non love’, have just had enough of it. And so you just stop…no more anger, no more ‘needing’ to get your point across, no more pushing for understanding, no more ‘on guard’ for how you feel you are being treated…and you just stop. And in that silence you have ‘let go’, and you very quietly speak…a truth, how you really are feeling, not hampered by emotions, not ‘trying’ to voice anything but how you really feel. I found that place inside me. That place I had been looking for, for so long was indeed there just waiting for me to ‘let go’. And I realized it was just our fears we were always voicing in so much we did, on guard to the world…and it wasn’t really us…but that mask of our fears. I just found my truth, that place inside quietly waiting to be heard above the noise…and it set me free. With that love gently, quietly waiting inside me to understand its love…by going through what it is not, so that I could understand truly what it is. Much love to you also Erika, we are indeed those students and love has a very beautiful lesson for us all 😀❤️🙏🏽

      1. Wow, Mark, you hit the nail on the head: The illusion of protecting ourselves while only hurting ourselves even more. This is such a profound insight. Yes, I can so relate to what you write. At one point, being protective and defensive is simply to strenous. But we need to be careful not to mix it up with resigning do to tiredness but to slip into the awareness that the whole defending only puts us deeper into dependency of our ego and of the good will of others.
        I am sorry, you lost the first comment. That happened to me too… gosh. But I am glad that you took another approach. It was important to read. Thank you, Mark!

        1. Spirit always guiding dear lady and knows the path…for us both 🤣 And yes it is a strenuous path but without it we aren’t pushed out of our ‘safe’ place to dare those places we hide from. And it only does this because it knows when we finally reach through those fears…behind it is something so beautiful and powerful that in doing it, we would do it again in an instant when we see it and understand. So, I trip, I stumble, I argue and eat too much chocolate…but they are all just Spirits love for me to see what is waiting to truly set me free, set us all free. It doesn’t matter our color, our culture, our religion or not…that love is there for us all, its speaks every language as only love can…to guide us home. And your love always speaks Erika, each post a reminder of where we are, where we go, and a journey so profound. Thank you my friend, may it ever guide us 😀❤️🙏🏽

          1. The older I become the more I understand that we need to break in order to crack the restring shell around us that formed layer by layer over the years and decades. So, the harder we get hit the more we are ready for another liberation. Once understood we will not turn away in fear. We will not refuse to deal with the situation and what it triggers in us. We will stand there, open our arms and let love do its job on us by allowing our innermost selves to shine through the breaking of the shell in such a way that we recognize ourselves a little better again.
            Thank you for your always so insightful words, Mark. Btw. … how is the book progressing 😉

            1. Ah dear lady, that book is still floating in my clouds. I did in fact put hand to keyboard a few times over the last few months but was ‘gently’ nudged with a ‘not yet’. I think I may need to see some more. I know our awareness keeps expanding and many things open to us so that we can then understand something fully…but when is ‘enough’. Mind you, it is only in the last few years that so much has truly opened, like my experience of death. People think that a horrible thing, only because we don’t understand it, but in that very thing is so much to comprehend all that went before. It changed me, as it would anyone, but in a way so that I could see from a whole new prospective. It’s like those astronauts when they looked back down at the earth…it is in fact a very small place, a very beautifully woven gift of life with so much richness…our richness. But we abuse it all over from the greed and selfishness of us. For them to see that from being able to stand so far away…they got to see the forest for the tree’s. I too got to see that from that one moment on my kitchen floor, a few minutes that spoke to me from deep down inside. But the time will come, I’m just glad I have been able to share much of it on here. Big hugs Erika, and thank you for your depth of sharing too kind lady. That awareness is going where it should, but just sometimes it needs a nudge from a friend to open it further. For that, thank you 😀❤️🙏🏽

              1. I don’t know why humans are made in a way that they fear what they don’t understand and run off instead of looking closer curiously to receive more insights for themselves and life in general… oh, those humans…
                You are open and therefore I have no doubt that the nudges will happen steadily for one day you have enough together to start!

                1. That is the most incredible part that I found in all of this journey. When we finally understand something we let it go AND OPEN, no longer ‘holding’ it in trying to understand it. Until all those things that we hold are no longer there and we fully open and in doing so can see, touch and feel unconditional love. It is only that ‘holding’ that keeps us from it. But it has a purpose this life, so that we can know the difference and be free in its understanding. I feel so free…but…I do still have holding patterns. Breathing is still a condition, relating to you is still a condition, to function on this world are still conditions. I think that is why when Spirit took me to touch unconditional love, only then was I free from ‘down here’ and could truly feel its presence. And it was so profoundly beautiful that I truly cannot put words to what I felt…but I do remember being so ‘open’ and holding nothing. Such an incredible place that I can’t help but smile inside all over because of what I know awaits us. And yes, we can ‘touch’ it in those beautiful moments in our lives, get closer to its beauty…usually in those moments where we truly open like falling in love, the birth of a child and many other things that we ‘let go’ and be open in those magical moments we encounter. A reminder of what is to come. And the book has been nudging a little more lately, Spirit has even given me a title ready to go 😀❤️🙏🏽

                  1. That’s such a profound insight one can make. In holding on to something for whatever reason we focus on what we don’t understand. Only when we let go we see it from a distance and in the greater context. It is as simple as difficutlt once in the midst of such a situation. Great input, Mark. And I am happy the book is not letting go of you… 😉

                    1. May we all find that context within us Erika, to understand and let it all go…and be free. And the book will be ‘held’ until I let it go too 🤣❤️🙏🏽

  4. Hiii – yesss!!!❤️❤️❤️ I did not know that you felt you had never expressed it correctly. To me (self centered ha!) I thought you thought just like me – hahahah 😂 But it sounds as if something I said touched you on the inside.
    I have learned that we are and can never be “separated” from the source – because we are it. How can we be separated from something that we are? Wayne Dyer used the example of take a cup and going to the ocean and filling the cup with the oceans water. Is it still not the ocean? Just in a different shape and size.❤️
    That’s when I understood it fully- we are all it whether we are feeling it in the moment or not. Whether we have clouded sunglasses over it or and dark cloud passing through. The feelings which are ever changing are always passing through.
    That’s the great news! We are it and we can never not be it❤️❤️❤️
    Thank you for the post Mark! You have helped me tremendously as you know!
    Much love!!

    1. It did touch me dear lady, for something I had not truly seen in my understanding. And as I have said before we can go through things and understand them…but later go through something else and raise that understanding and awareness to a new level. There are many others who have ‘touched’ many things that I have not been through so have no awareness of them. Like lovely ladies who have had ‘your’ journey, I do not truly understand it because I have never been there nor can compare it to anything I have touched. Yes I know that we will all go through many different fears that I could not hope to understand, but all for that love and happiness we want to find. Haha, another post nudged. This ‘separation’ down here seems to go on forever…but only so we can see, with our hearts truly, and be as unconditional love is in going through it. And yes, your cup is His cup Danielle, that love is …everything. The air, the tree’s, the world and us in it. I’m still trying to digest it, I can see it in the actions of one on another in every single thing that we do is that guidance. The power of something so incredible just makes me smile so deeply…it is so giving, so beautifully for each and every soul…it IS each soul. And we are accepting that in each step we take, feeling, touching and seeing something so very profound in our hearts, understanding deliberately with our sunglasses so that we can truly see and understand it all. You have done well dear lady, and in doing so share what you have found to others…that is that unconditional love. You are not expecting anything from it but the sharing of that understanding for others. Not forced or demanded but given. Take a bow my friend, you are indeed holding that cup 😀❤️🙏🏽

  5. Dear Mark, all your words are ever wise and perfect for each moment! AND then we experience our humanness again and become wiser❤️ Often with thanks to the people around us who hold us so dear on this journey of ascension. It remains so difficult to put into words our ever deepening expansion into the depths of our own divinity and realisation. I resonate with my own realisation being fleeting moments that gather together, slowly slowly the whole jigsaw or the big picture of our being here to learn and remember our truth. I obviously needed this final experience of separation from Tom for me to indeed fully realise the illusion! I just have to accept our communication is different now and is another learning process! Oh the patience I’m learning from all around me, and just allowing myself to fully indulge and enjoy each moment as it flows. The human and divine flowing through life together here, opening up to new experience. Thankyou mark for your loving wisdom and being here with us as we journey beyond everything known. Much love❤️ Having rested this weekend from my birthday celebrations… an emotional time, I will allow my inspiration to flow and connect with everyone in a post this week💃🎶🤩🌈

    1. And a big Happy Birthday for that celebration that is you dear lady, a love untold opening like a rose as only a rose can. And yes, even a rose has to do something never before done (well, seemingly down here anyway), and dare to blossom and acknowledge that journey. You are facing so much Barbara, it seems to come to a head all at once, so many things to be faced and understood. But truly, it is only those places unresolved and because they are so hard for us it ‘takes over’ so much in our day to day lives. And yes, Tom is cheering you on like nothing else to face them, understand them, and let them go. It is hard so that an appreciation of all that you have done can be seen…of you. All those instances where an awareness has opened to you…how did it make you feel, a gladness, a happiness, a bigger belief in you? And in those moments you ‘feel’ them into your core, glad that you have understood something and integrated it into you, becoming that belief because it feels so right…and after a while you no longer think of it anymore. Yes, it is there, and you can remember it because of its impact of that awareness. But you can let it go in that understanding. Those things that are still not understood await that understanding, stay on that peripheral of life and sometimes visit to be tried again. But they do have an understanding, they do want to be understood, and your love will test them to set you free dear lady.When I touched my fear and understood it, I did indeed let it go…and understood that it was my sunglasses darkening everything so that I could see truly when I took them off in that understanding. I feel your courage and your love expanding as you dare it all my friend. Like a newborn foal, shaky legs and so much happening around you. But in time you will be chasing butterflies across your world my friend and so glad in this new world that you have found. Big hugs dear lady and much love to you, it is still very raw but we are all cheering you on as your heart is too 😀❤️🙏🏽

      1. Thankyou mark for your beautiful words of encouragement… it seems I travel in waves of understanding and uncertainty, letting go and holding on AND I know it’s all ok because it’s my way to realise the depth of my own love and magnificence❤️ IAM enjoying these shaky legs who dare to dance every now and again❤️ Thankyou Markfor being here and do hope you are dancing yourself more and more on this incredible journey we have chosen. Sending love and hugs🥰

        1. And I thank you dear lady for giving of yourself, even in these hard moments your love still wishes to be free to others. Bug hugs Barbara, and keep dancing in that field my friend. Those flowers will keep opening as you go on by to share their awareness to you 😀❤️🙏🏽

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