The Journey

Awakening the sleeper within!

This site is for when life reaches the point where it just seems to be one long dark tunnel! Your coping has reached that point where you  ask… ‘What is going on? I can’t do this any more! Is there an end to all this?’

It’s referred to as ‘The dark night of the soul’. A journey that tests who we REALLY are! And this is the place where I hope I can show you something that will give your ‘life’ some sense, and begin something that will start to bring some light and smiles back into who you are!

After a long time, sometimes many years, enduring some of life’s most incredible tragedy’s, we reach a point where we ask ourselves ‘ What is the point? ‘. We are tired, emotionally and physically, to the point where doing day to day things become a series of painful chores, a list of never ending, sometimes repetitive, actions that are draining you of your emotional resources.

There has to be a better way! Living this way can’t be what it is all about. Surely living on this big blue planet must have something going for it. What am I missing? Did I leave the manual of life somewhere when I left the hospital. Or actually, did my parents forget to teach me something? Amongst their crazy ride through life? There has to be more to this or I want a refund!

Well, actually, there is a lot more here than we know. Much, much more! It is so subtle that it escapes our notice most of the time, with the odd appearance just to let us know that there is something there after all. We are mostly so bogged down in life that it escapes detection, so we ‘endure’. Then when we least expect it, when the world is on our backs, a little message, an understanding just on the peripheral of our thoughts, taps us on the shoulder to say ‘let me in’, to which we may baulk at or sit and think a while we digest this bit that came from who knows where.

These little things happen on and off in our lives and are always put down to ‘isn’t that amazing’, and then get back to the chores. Or ‘that was a fluke, couldn’t happen again in a million years’. You know the things I’m talking about, those not quite understood but ‘fobbed off’ things that haven’t got a name so relegated to the ‘too hard basket’.

And not all of them are so little. Some of these ‘things’ can even be so profound as to literally ‘knock your socks off’. Leave you in such a profoundly shocked way, that for hours, days or even years later, that you ‘KNOW’ that you have touched something that is beyond describing, (even if you wanted to), and changes who and what you are forever. Removing all of that doubt, all of those unnamed bits that may have been a part of you up to that point. The changes that it will bring to you are amazing, the most profound is usually your core values that make up who, (you thought), you actually were up to that point. Things that mattered, no longer will. Things that you thought didn’t matter, suddenly will. The change is incredible, beautiful, and more than a little shaky as you ‘tune in’ to the new you.

Now a lot of us don’t get the profound ‘event’ that rocks your socks off! We are left to do it the hard way… by belief in ourselves! And don’t think that that is any the less, for in fact it creates a more loving, beautiful person all the more for what they have ‘endured’.

Anything that we have to work at, has an attachment to it. When we’ve worked, slaved and put so much of ourselves into something, the final product is a part of us, a part of ourselves that ‘creates’ that end product and so we associate ourselves with it quite strongly. If we get something ‘for nothing’ or don’t have to participate very much into something’s creation it can be taken with ‘a grain of salt’ as we do not ‘feel’ it’s worth because we took very little part in it.

So this slog through life is a serious investment towards something that we will always cherish, (even though it may not seem so now), and we will always have a huge connection to it from the time, energy, up’s, down’s, love, hate and everything in between that has diligently gone into a creation that is far, far beyond the Pyramids of Giza, the smile of the Mona Lisa or even the building of Empires on this amazing planet we live on. This creation is the bringing together of all that has been felt, understood, built on further and changed each time something has been added to the mix. Each time you feel, each time you go down, each time you come back up, you integrate a little more understanding and wisdom to that creation that is you! You can ‘see’ this each time your going through something by looking back at what has gone before. Ask yourself, ‘what if I put myself back at the beginning where everything went crazy’ and you will see that the answer is ‘no’. Simply because it is a horrible time and you can now see that you have come past that stage and are in fact in a better place. Yes, it probably will be still crazy, and still hurting like mad, but you will have progressed to a point where you can now ‘see’ and understand that.

This is an understanding that I made on MY journey. Seeing, feeling and understanding a process that lies just below the surface and is there for anyone to find and use. Life gets you ready for this ‘awareness’ and when your ready it will knock on your door. You may not hear the knock the first few times or think it was just the wind. But eventually it will make itself known, in it’s own way, for exactly who you are. This is YOUR journey! I’m just a part of that, and it may be only a blink in this part of your life, but hopefully I can make it just a little easier by raising your ‘awareness’ to something that can make ‘living’ so much easier, and bring an acceptance into your life that can create a little smile, a little more happiness and the understanding that those things that seem so little, are actually the most powerful things in our lives, that can and do, change us and those around us. The part of us from before will seem like a dream when you look back and realise…

‘I’m Home…..finally….I’m really Home!’

2 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. It’s funny you know Mark, this week I have been contemplating all the work I did over the years which went uncared for. Unacknowledged or worse, someone else got the quodos. Etc. And I had been thinking those very thoughts why? Why did I do all this for nothing when others got something out of it all. I just don’t get life at all sometimes

    1. Those moment usually poke us in the ribs to see exactly what our thoughts are about something. If we react, then it is affecting us. Now ask why. Every little thing on this planet is poking us until it no longer matters. While ever we hold our fear…we are onguard against it…so we react. Now, if a volcano erupts of course we are going to worry if its going to come down on us. But if we hold onto things that is what we are attracting. If we steal from someone else that is what we are attracting. If we deceitfully do something, that is what we are attracting. Yes, it is upsetting to have your work stolen, especially after so much work. It would be like all of my site being downloaded without my permission and making out it was theirs. Very upsetting. And if you can do something about it you will, but, events is ‘always’ a two way street. Yes, we too will learn something from it, even if only after 10 times having something stolen from us to finally get the courage to call them out on it. And in that you have been given something very loving and profound. You have gained more love of yourself for having done that. They didn’t, they just reinforced their low self worth by resorting to that. Trust me, the more you have piled onto your plate, the more loving and free you will be. It may not seem like it now but ask anyone who has been through some very, very difficult times. They are more empathetic, compassionate and treat everyone, and themselves, much more lovingly because of it. The others are going backwards, not forwards to where that love is. And yes, they will be given many other chances so that they can break through whatever fear holds them in that way. We all have our chains, but never give up. We may stand on the side of the path for a while and get our breaths, but we never give up. Unconditional love wants us to be free, where it is 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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