The Truth

Where do we begin!

Ok, what IS truth? You know when, as children, your parents ask the dreaded question ‘did you do that?’ to the fact that there is now crayon plastered all up the wall or you’ve created many enemies in the garden so you’ve used your sword to cut every flower head off mum’s prized roses or even later in life where you don’t want to look silly or embarrassed in front of the new friends by something you have done, so you ‘bend’ the facts to suit. Like ‘they did it’ pointing off to who knows where, or ‘it was (insert brother/sister/other friend here)’, or ‘I don’t know, I just got here’. Now after doing this and realising that ‘hey, they believe me’ and ‘I’ve got away with it’ (probably because mum/dad/friends love me so I get away with quite a bit), it reinforces the belief that if I do it this way it works so I persist and learn this is the way to go.

So, the seed has been planted.

Now the reality of this seed is that throughout your life, depending on how you’ve been brought up, will be influenced by, initially mum and dad but with more input by friends, lovers and relationships, all makes and models as you grow older. This can come out as people seeing you as being a really nice trustful person, as being ok but not really sure or an out and out wouldn’t trust them if they were the last person on earth.

Let’s say you’re the first type of person, the nicer type that will do anything for anyone. People know your nice, trustworthy, easy going, will do most things if asked. Beautiful if your coming from your truth. This person will say yes even if they are tired, sick, or really not in a good space. And if you’re giving to people on this level, that is not your truth. Why…because you’ve missed out on the most important person…you! Your truth is when you can honestly say to someone ‘I would love to help with (insert action here), but I’m not able to because of (insert reason here)’. Now this is the important bit. That reason MUST be the truth and said to the person with integrity. Not yelling it, not mumbling it, just telling it from the heart because it IS your truth and the real reason that you are not able to help.

Now the first time you do this the mind is screaming it’s head off, I have to do this, I can’t say no, what will they think of me etc etc. And to compound this the other person is probably firing guilt trips at you by the dozen. So you relent and off you go. Feeling really lousy because you have denied your truth. Think about it. How many times have you been in this position and wished you could have spoken up. And feel like you’ve failed even though the other person is overjoyed because you agreed to whatever they want. Now don’t get me wrong, helping people is great, but it must be done with your truth, your integrity and a balance within who you are. One sided is not a balance, and no I do not mean you only do it Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Friday’s or for this friend only. It is meant as what you truthfully feel within. The real reason you would like or not like to do something.

As for the guilty feeling because you didn’t do something, that is just a conditioning response that you have been taught all your life. That has been seen, felt and tuned in as a child way on up to adulthood. There’s 100 year grandparents still feeling it because it is all they know. So what do you do each time this ‘guilty’ screams inside your head? Very simple…you ignore it. If you KNOW within that you’re not really supposed to be helping someone or doing something. You know within yourself that if you have offered to do something and you pull out from the offer, then of course you will feel uncomfortable if you let the other party down. But if it’s for a legitimate reason, then give them your truth, the real reason you have had to pull out.

The basis of all this is that all of us find it very difficult to love ourselves. We feel unworthy of love or don’t deserve love. This too is a lifetime of being treated in this way and tuned in. What we are trying to do is tell yourself that YOU are loveable. Every single inch of who you are. By giving your truth you are loving yourself, loving who you are, being respectful of yourself. And because you do that it will be seen and felt by those around you. They can’t help but see and feel this change in you because it radiates from within you. And in this process of finding the new you and giving from that place a lot of people will begin to come closer to you because of what they feel. This also works the other way as well. Friends you’ve had for ages will drift away because they will see and feel that truth within you and they are not ready for that yet. Let them go with love as they also have their truth to find. They can even get quite upset at you because of what you are becoming and the loss that they feel from losing who you were. But that is ok, let them go with love, one day they will understand.

This journey of finding your truth and realising that when you begin to live it by your actions on a day to day basis, it begins to amaze you when you start seeing and feeling everything begin to change around you. People begin to see you in a new light. They treat you from a different perspective. And then the universe has it’s say. You begin to attract to you what you are giving out. It is such a natural process that it will let you finally understand what it’s all about. That truth is an intricate part of who you are. In the beginning you gave out a very bent version of who you are. So that you may learn and understand who you really are. As I have said before, you must know hate to know love, you must know what you were, to know what you want to become…truth! And all else will be added!

So, are you ready…do you wish to change who you are…see what may happen…and be the person you know is in there, and live that truth?

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