A Garden Of Trust!

Ah…trust! The builder of love. An interesting thing, when someone is truly open to you, truly trusting you so that in everything they share with you…you know them completely. Trust in that complete openness…is love. But the instant a wobble is heard or felt…it staggers. The ‘on guard’ of our fears (because of that lack of trust in some way), comes to the fore and a distance begins. We even hide it in so many ways…drugs, booze, avoidance. Shoot, we even work harder to avoid it.

But, this has great purpose…for each time it happens…you come back closer to the only person you can completely trust…you. Well, almost. So many doubts, so many fears. But this entire journey of relationships will do just that, it guides us to that heart of love within us. Even to the point where we ‘know’ we aren’t in a good place…and we don’t want that anymore. So we ask ourselves the age old question…why am I afraid to be hurt…in fact, just why am I afraid.

Every single relationship turns to dust…because our love isn’t happy, we ever try to find it in someone else…but they trash us. Because our fears want them to act a certain way (expectations) because of those doubts and fears…and they just can’t do it…because they are treading on their own fears. More hurt, more pain, never a cure to be found. Until we dare to ask those questions…why are we afraid, why are we hurting…why. Until we look inside and find its birth. And it is in fact to be found far back in us towards that early childhood time where our love is open…only to have it for the first time broken…our trust broken…and leave a scar in coping with it in such a young heart for the first time…a wall to block it so it doesn’t ever happen again. Blocked, even to us so we never feel it again.

Our relationship with those we love and look up to begin that path. They hurt us in our love with them…so we go on blocking again what is a horror to us…and carry it ever onward until we dare to go back and see its truth. And on the day we do, in there, in our childhood heart…is that truth. Understand it, and you too will be loved…by you. And in that one moment you will see and understand exactly why you have ever acted as you have. And in that understanding you will finally see you…and exactly what unconditional love is. That ability to love you with nothing in between. No fear, no judgement, no doubts…just you…and a love beyond words.

It is there, I’ve touched it. And carry its scar forever…a smile deep inside me, never to be moved. Find it, it will even call you when you are ready. Don’t ever give up. Let the years wander by, and as it does a much deeper appreciation of just what you do down here becomes a little more obvious. And that more profound love will touch you too, in that garden of trust you ever tend within you to find it 😀❤️🙏


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  1. Learning to trust ourselves is something all children should be taught because without that we will never trust anyone else. A good solid relationship can’t be possible if we don’t first trust ourselves.

    1. Well said Michele, our journey treads that very path. A childhood fear weaves among our trust and love like nothing else. That child’s heart hasn’t had much experience so has little wisdom to handle those doubts and fears picked up in those early years…and are held as only a child can do. The block of holding their arms across their chest and calling out nah, nah nah na so that they can’t hear the hurt. And that wall has begun. But I have to say in truth they are being taught something very profound. It is in seeking that loss of love and happiness later that digs out those very fears and doubts and shows us something very profound. To understand unconditional love by experiencing what it is NOT. Like having to experience sadness so that we truly are able to measure happiness when it comes along…and appreciate it all the more because of it. Thank you for sharing kind lady, I hope your heart has been opened, and your soul see that light that true love is 😀❤️🙏

  2. Fear begets fear. Thank you in abundance for this profound and deeply insightful post, Mark. It spoke to the wounds within me, that I have carried since childhood. We must learn to trust ourselves, first and foremost, to stop the cycle of hurt and betrayal. I’m so happy to see that you have posted your words of healing and wisdom, once again. You struck many resonant chords with this post, my friend!

    1. The hardest part for many to see within this is…it is meant to happen. We must feel and understand both sides of love. Down here we in our fears block it with those self same fears, put expectations on it trying to stop that pain. Place many conditions on our love so that we don’t get hurt, blaming the world for it all.
      But…it takes a long time to see this so that when we do finally break through and understand its purpose…we truly appreciate exactly where we have gone…we will see that it is in fact the making of us. We must experience sadness so that we will appreciate happiness when it comes along, and appreciate it so much more because of that.
      If we keep a child safe and never let them experience pain, be it physical or emotional, they are lost…no understanding, no wisdom, no experiences to measure it against…and in fact they will be spoiled by it and then expect only that safety. And think the world is against them. Our childhood has a very profound purpose, it begins those questions that ever drive us nuts…but asks us to go beyond that pain and find that love and happiness we have ever wanted. And it is there…waiting…for us to dare to face us.
      This world has one purpose…to gain us those experiences so that we can finally see what is truly inside us. And it is there, I’ve touched it. There are no words for its beauty. But I, and many others I have spoken to who have finally stepped through their fears all say the same thing. We would do it again in an instant. Now considering just what that means, it is a big thing to say. And this journey is big, we just have to face ourselves, dare to go inside and face what we have become, and see that it has ever only been that child’s fear we carry with us.
      Me personally, I went somewhere I would never give another. And we all say that because it is this life that we do face ourselves and the hardest thing to do. And I have no doubt this is exactly where you now are, facing those things and seeing where there is purpose in your life in facing all these things, just trying to find you, that love that never seems to be there. But it is there, the only block is what we hold inside us. Find its pain and dare to ask why it makes us feel as we do. And through it I found two things. I had to face myself, really face myself. And then it was my intent in what I did with that understanding. Spirit/God took me to a place so that I could truly understand this journey, truly understand what love is by where I went.
      It is like I say to you…can you fly a space shuttle? You have never experienced that so you cannot express any understanding or wisdom of it. Love is the same, we must feel, touch, go through what it is NOT, so that when it does arrive in our poking and prodding, it will speak to us of its wisdom and in that truly appreciate it. Then you will be able to share something so profoundly beautiful. You will fly something so far beyond it. But having now experienced what it is, you can now truly share that very experience. Its like a first time with anything, we will make mistakes…but get back on and try again. Many exhilarating experiences to keep us going, but many falls too so that when we reach its nadir, its peak…we will truly appreciate it all because of that.
      Thank you for your share kind lady, almost did a post 🤣 Anyway, I feel your journey kind lady and it is pushing many a button. Hold your faith my friend, it may seem an endless task but truly it is the making of a love so profound. Big hugs, and definitely keep writing. Its direction will speak to you inside as the path unfolds. Just remember to write with your heart, detach from this world and let it all speak freely with that love that is there 😀❤️🙏

  3. Mark, your wisdom and love are awe-inspiring! Learning to love myself, letting go of the fear, allowing the scars to be marks of grace, and choosing to love again (because of the love by God), keeps me aligned to the Spirits’s purpose! Your words, “That ability to love you with nothing in between. No fear, no judgement, no doubts…just you…and a love beyond words,” touched my heart! Yes!
    It’s so good to “see” you and read your wisdom! Many hugs and blessings from Finn and I!! 💕🙏🏻🐾🏔️🎶☕️ 🐬

    1. Hey Karla, glad to hear your voice my friend, and thank you. It is a big profound journey but it is truly ‘made’ so we can find ourselves and that love within it through it all. I always sit in such a wonder in seeing how it does work so beautifully. It is the making of us, our ‘intent’ in all we do and that facing ourselves to feel that beating heart of love.
      And speaking of which, I hope you and Finn are going well, cuddling the Spring as it arrives and are well to contemplate a walk or two…or at the least a visit in the outdoors. Enjoy some of it for me, it is beginning to cool off down here 🤣
      Big, big hugs and blessings to you both and lots of love and energy to get you there Karla. Take care 🤗🥰😀❤️🙏

      1. It’s so wonderful to be here~you’re a blessing! Yes, a profound journey indeed! Finn and I are hanging in there, Mark. I’ll enjoy our Spring as the cool winds blow your way! We love you my friend! ❤️💚💕♥️🥰🎶🎶

        1. I love you guys too dear lady, to feel a beating heart adventuring through life to touch that empathy, compassion and love is indeed a sharing, a comradery through such pathways so that a beautiful love can grow. Big hugs to you both, enjoy the pathway even when it gets rough. There is always a place for some shade, cool water and definitely a hug from God in each step we take kind lady. Much love and light coming over from us all 😀❤️🙏

          1. We feel it, dear friend! And Kindly and with much appreciation, accept it! We are living on love here in our slice of the world!!🌍❤️🙏💕❣️💛🐾🤗🎶🎶

  4. Delighted to find your love note in my email box today mark! It has been a long time! AND suddenly everything works so I do have wonder what you’re got up your sleeve in this coming time for us all?!🫢🧐 Ah to trust yourself or even to realise the gift to trust yourself, is certainly what this human journey is all about and what guides us to wander deeper within ourself! Following the wounds and unraveling the scars, trusting we are near to burst the dam of pure love within… that soothes us completely! Not just once, but many wounds uncovered that release the sweet nectar of love and allow us to float in an expanded space of love, trusting others and ourselves, no longer afraid … allowing live to completely unfold and experience anew❤️💃 Mark Thankyou so much for your wise and loving words, always near to remind us to stay true to our heart, tending our garden of love. Sending love your way from sunny Spain❤️

    1. Hey Barbara, I can feel that sunshine from you wholeheartedly kind lady. It has indeed been a long journey for you my friend with many a scar. But I know that garden within is slowly being built into something wonderful. Many a neighbor will be jealous of the incredible flowers you are now displaying from the work you have put into you over such a long time.
      I am watching your new path with a very proud nod to see you daring to go through it all and find you again in that change. There will be still many turns as you reach different forks in the road kind lady, but I have no doubt the courage and faith from it all will guide you beautifully.
      Big, big hugs Barbara. Keep the flag flying, the garden tilled and fertilized, and enjoy those flowers opening to the sunshine and the inner love you are moving into my friend 😀❤️🙏

    1. Yes I saw that Danielle, great minds think alike 🤣 And I do hope your little trustful holiday ‘wander’ is/has been enjoyed by all. Thank you for sharing my friend and it has built a little trust within 😀❤️🙏

    1. It does need to be earned Pam, it is a very delicate thing as love is to us all. The only blocker is that fear we hold and it takes a little more courage and faith that we can do it, go beyond what it holds and set us free. May your poems, paintings and posts be that victory beyond it my friend, and the love you share with us all within them. Thank you 😀❤️🙏

  5. Another profound truth dear Mark, as you post touches those deep mistrusts of wounds we all of us have and do carry.. We instantly put up shields, find excuses, so that we will not be wounded again..
    Those who have been successful in learning to trust, in ourselves and especially to relearn how to love ourselves, understand the new found freedom to BE, who we were always meant to be…
    It is far from an easy road.. and along the way we can still pick open those scars we had thought healed… But when we do find that self love, it really does open up our hearts to that ‘deeper appreciation’ of all our experiences…

    Thank you Mark… Lets Grow LOVE in the garden of our hearts xx ❤️❤️❤️

    1. It is a long journey Sue, but thankfully because of that it gives a very profound appreciation in what we find at its end because of what we have endured to find our answer. It was such a profound thing to understand, from what seemed to be such a simple answer. But what childhood is simple. So many things we go through in that growing up, ever just wanting to be loved. But that one thing that scares us, pushes us closed, begins that journey to try to find that love again. And as you say, many a scar along that road.
      But thankfully, in finally seeing it, realize it is a gift even though it is such a hard journey. And we will tend that garden that is our heart kind lady, just as you do. Each in its time, fertilized naturally with that trust and love we create in tilling that soil to build those beautiful growing conditions within us. Some seasons a little dry, some too wet. But always a receiving of something and an understanding for a future crop 😀
      Thank you for sharing kind lady, as you ever do with your garden 😀❤️🙏

      1. Thank you Mark… and as I have always said. a big thank you for those times when the scars were picked.. You helped a lot in the healing of wounds.. 🙂 xx 💖

        1. Thank you Sue. It is a loving gift to open and share them in itself, to trust even more something so raw…and for trusting another with that love. For that, thank you also xox 😀❤️🙏

  6. So good to hear the voice from your soul Mark ❣️
    Unconditional love is beyond our human relationships … but once we touch it we being more love to the world. Keep sharing the love my friend 💐🙏💖

    1. Thank you Val, I have been a little quiet. And it was actually amazing that I had been working on the site offline, woke up the next day and it was online. Not me, Spirit decided it was time to come back. Not sure why yet, but something is happening ‘out there’ somewhere 🤣
      Regardless kind lady, there is indeed a love beyond words awaiting us to find. It may take a while to go through those hard parts of our lives but what is awaiting us in its understanding is indeed worth every step that we take.
      Thank you for sharing your garden of love too kind lady. After all is said and done, in all that I see, there is a very beautifully profound moment waiting for us all 😀❤️🙏

  7. Lovely post with your usual words of wisdom, Mark. In similar fashion, I always told my clients that their “soulmate” was actually themselves rather than another person. That love and trust need to come from within…

    1. Hey Theresa, it has been a while and glad to hear your voice. It is my first post in a long time. I think I was resting my soul 🤣 And yes, I think we are indeed ‘touched, encountering, sharing’ that soul that is us. A recognition in a part of us so that we can see in that moment much clearer and go beyond it. A thinning of the veil if you will for something more profound in our learning. And yes again, and maybe a reflection of ourselves, to feel that trust of love within us.
      Great to hear from you Theresa, I hope all is well, life is speaking to you, and that love within more beautifully opened in your journey 🤗🥰😀❤️🙏

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