Separation IIII!

My apologies to one and all. I did not define something properly in my last post Separation III and probably scared a lot of people. For that, again, my apologies.

Ok, I’ll just repeat a bit here for those that wander in on this post and haven’t read the earlier three posts.

We all know we ever search for that love and happiness in our lives because as time goes by we experience those opposites. And the experience of those opposites give us an understanding of what we do and don’t want in our lives. As an example, in experiencing sadness it will give us a much greater appreciation of what happiness is because of those experiences. So we want to be happy, so we aim for it in all we do. Our INTENT (and remember this word), is to find that happiness. And on through many, many variations of our emotions that this life gives, so that we can find that love and happiness we ever search for. We are ever that unconditional love, it is ever a part of us. The only reason we don’t ‘feel’ it constantly are those fears and doubts we hold. Those fears and doubts are the filters we use to view this world, like a pair of sunglasses they take the shine off everything, and until we understand those fears, only then will we let them go and finally, clearly, see and feel that unconditional love again.

Now, I want you to imagine a vertical line, and as you look at the line I want you to imagine unconditional love at the top, and its opposite of hell at the bottom, with us in the middle. Our experiences will take us up and down that line towards or away from that unconditional love…’so that we can see and understand just what unconditional love is’…or what it is not.

Now our experiences can be absolutely terrible. In our fears we can do some of the most horrid things…and we will go down that line, into a place where we will feel unloved, isolated and alone…because we are moving away from that love, the len’s of our sunglasses of fear are getting darker. But our INTENT is we want to still find that love and happiness, so we still go looking for it, even if our fears are still holding us tight.

But as our lifetime goes by, all those experiences are giving us those three big, beautiful understandings. In experiencing all those emotions we are ever gaining in that empathy, compassion and love…and those three ever keep us up that line. It is our natural goodness within us all. And with it is always that INTENT in all we do. None of us may ever go near what hell is, we will only ever go up or down that line in what we need to experience and understand what unconditional love is. All of our emotions are at varying degree’s in what we need to experience and understand. Mind you, I’ve thrown many a tantrum in my reactions and think I’m the worst in the world…but my INTENT is to try and understand why because I don’t want that feeling, it is unloving, hurtful and just plain wrong. So I will try to talk it out, find a solution, and in doing so build that trust, the core that love is, and heal me, us, and all around with it. It may take time, years even, but my and your INTENT is to find that love and happiness and not stay in that uncomfortable place. Is there a ledger for all these horrible things, or for that matter, all the good that we do…I don’t know. I’m just showing our ability to be that love that is inside us and keep moving up that line by that INTENT inside us.

But hell is that INTENT where we will want to cause and do the most damage that we possibly can…deliberately…and not care at all or just be so angry and negative and lock ourselves within it. It will, by its INTENT bring us down that line closer and closer to that bottom that hell is. Now again I must explain what I felt in that last post. And I know that you will not truly understand of what I speak, simply because I know if any other had touched this it would be everywhere. It is the most horrendous thing in the world to touch that void, that place of no love. There is no pain like it, emotionally, physically or spiritually. It isn’t anything like our normal un-love in a bad breakup or the loss of someone close (even though it feels so terrible because we haven’t got anything to compare it to). And the reason I know this is…I have now felt both, those opposites of unconditional love and hell…and we ever sit on that line somewhere and have that love still all around us, always. This loss of love is that extreme end at the bottom, and if I do not tell you anything else…DO NOT GO THERE…you have no idea. And you won’t, simply because we all want that love, ever face towards it and will take another step in that direction. It is ever in your hands, your INTENT, to find that love and happiness.

Just remember, as bad as anything may be, there is always that love. I have only felt one thing from Spirit that makes God not happy, not that this is the only thing but all I had been ‘nudged’ with…and that is murder. It’s like in murdering someone you have removed their ability to find His love so it doesn’t make Him happy at all. Is that the line in the sand, I don’t know. How do we then view war, does that too come under INTENT. Or Hitler and his atrocities, and even in those we are given the chance to go back up that line…again our INTENT. Something that Spirit showed me was these big events like Hitler actually do give huge experiences in at the least witnessing them so that people can see world wide those opposites that this world is so full of, so that we can try to understand. 99% of people cringe at firing a gun let alone kill someone…all because of their INTENT, that natural goodness within us all.

Just be that love that is inside you, naturally. Yes we do get angry, point the finger at the world, stumble and fall…often…but we do get back up, we do want to find that love and happiness. We try so hard in it all, that is that love within you calling out your name. And trust me, at this lifetimes end is something so beautiful you will be glad at each and every step you have taken to find it. So just be you, and that void of no love will never need to darken your doorstep ever. Do we ever have to touch hell, I do not think so because our INTENT is not in that direction, simply because we touch that lack of love along that line to understand what we need in our journey. But if we ever have to I think it will only be briefly like me so we can truly appreciate that unconditional love when we touch it too…permanently.

Why did I touch it? Well, I did let rip at God a long time ago and in my anger asked Him to show me purpose in this crazy world (I was in the middle of a divorce and its emotional roller coaster. Beware what you ask for, words have great power). So I have had the privilege to go those extremes, and in understanding it, it is a very great privilege indeed…but…in seeing them I have truly seen the depth of that love and know its truth of it ever being around us. Yes, it scared me, hence the warning. You cannot touch something like that and be silent. But you will know within yourself that you are good, even if some days you do feel so rejected by that love, in whatever form it takes. But that is just the teaching of what you don’t want, ever asking you to look deeper, find the why of that lack of meaning within you and take another step. You aren’t being condemned by its lack, but being asked to love yourself by taking one more step. And yes it can be hard, frustrating and drive you nuts…but if it didn’t you would not appreciate what you have done, appreciate what it has all given you…nor the beauty at its end.

Trust me, on the day you finally understand you will indeed be so, so appreciative in every step you have taken, it is beyond words the beauty in its understanding ❤️🙏🏽

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  1. My experience of this continuum is slightly different. It is in walking through the void that I let go of my beliefs in not-love. It is a death of a belief I have held about myself (ego/fear) and that death can feel like what many describe as hell. As I walk through this valley (of the shadows of death), I can feel the love & support of God/The Universe/The All That Is.

    After walking through this void, I emerge w a newfound sense of faith and belief in love: having shed the part of me that didn’t.
    Again, this is my experience of the void; it is also here that I feel I can choose a new direction in how I wish to live my life; having shed something of the old.

    It is also my belief that God is Big Love; unconditional/Agape. (I have a post scheduled that refers to big love). And while it is painful to say, I believe all (+ and -) ppl are all here to help us experience the Big Love that is God… even when it feels the opposite. Finally, I believe it is we humans that cast judgment and make our lives more hellish – often out of fear; it is cast just as much at ourselves (if not more than) as it is others.

    Just my beliefs and experiences, kind Sir; sharing a different perspective yours to take, reflect upon or outright discard. Lovingly, Tiffany ♥️

    1. Never discarded kind lady, as you said this world is build on so many varied opposites so that we can see within ourselves. And I also belief we each have our journey to touch and feel ‘life’ in our own individual ways so we can see and be that mirror to others who it may, or may not, help as a guidance or even push them away whatever their path may entail. I have no doubt that we all will face many profound events in our lives and they are those things that shift us and change us in our beliefs.
      And yes, our judgements are always built on those experiences…always changing, always evolving, until we no longer need to be that judge. That inner love slowly giving us an understanding…to finally let it all go and just be…what unconditional love is.
      Thank you for sharing Tiffany, may we all in our own way experience it all and reach that place of unconditional love and finally be truly free ❤️🙏

  2. You have explained yourself completely and in such a way that I can FEEL what you are talking about…and I think maybe I understand it also because I feel I have visited that place…all of those places. I know the places I don’t want to go back to…I know the places I want to stay. And self-love seems to dictate the map…the guide…where we travel.
    Thanks, Mark. I know when I read your words that they open my eyes…open my heart. I didn’t fully understand your post after this one…and it sees that whatever happened on the kitchen floor you were still able to come back and be with us…so I hope if there has to be another “event” that it is one that allows you to continue to shine your light upon us!!!!
    Sending lots of love and light your way <3

    1. Thank you Lorrie, it was a very profound journey. It took me to an understanding like nothing else I have ever touched. And yes, we are ever driven to find that love and happiness, it is the keystone to our lives. Who doesn’t want to be happy. But to truly appreciate it we need to measure our journey on that path so that we can understand truly what we have inside us, touch so much in all we do so that our steps reach that place in our hearts. Yes, we will make mistakes but they are just as great a teacher also. Seeing both sides allows us to ‘see’ and in experiencing them we build that empathy, compassion and love to become that happiness and love we seek. Down here is a little hard to measure simply because we are still in this conditional world, but after all our experiences, trust me, when you finally touch that unconditional love it is beyond words. Each and every person I speak with who finally see’s through their fears would do each and every step again in an instant it is that powerful a moment. Even many other events in our lives is teaching us to become closer to that unconditional love. Most of us will gain a full understanding when we do ‘let go’ down here and touch that unconditional love up there. An understanding like nothing else will fill our hearts to understand we have indeed been given such a profound thing. Breath deeply dear lady, the glow of love already found within you is shining well. Even on those days we wobble the wings of love is there waiting to catch our journey to show us another step, dare to be free of conditional and come a little closer to something so very beautiful. Thank you for the share dear lady, may your wings enlighten those steps always…as they will. Sending much love and light in return my friend, thank you 😀❤️🙏

      1. This is a beautiful response, Mark, and it makes me so hopeful. Yes, there are days that feel like the antithesis of this magnificent love…and times when I lay in the bottom of a very dark, dank well. But the times that I feel this connection, and revel in this love light…beautiful golden and purple hues…are so all encompassing that I KNOW everything is going to be right!! My wings seem to change shape…some day full and luscious and I can fly and wrap them around life. Other days I struggle to see where they have gone. But once known, never forgotten!!
        Thanks, Mark. You make me want to write poetry and fly with Angels!!
        I am off to a kayak adventure with friends. I’m a little nervous, as it’s been a while and I don’t feel I’ve completely recovered my strength from my romp with Covid…but I expect it to be an incredible experience filled with the beauty and wonder of nature!!
        May your day be blessed! 😊💜🙏

        1. Thank you kind lady, it is only a truth given with a great love that I share. The things that are shared by Spirit is but that love for us all, how can I not share it here for one and all. It is a powerful thing and on touching it I want to shout from the rooftops to give us all a hope of something we ever dare to believe in. Take heart dear lady, it is a hard journey but believe it all has a purpose, a very beautiful and profound one. So with that in mind, raise your paddle in triumph, fall in the water often, and laugh till your belly hurts. Love, light and blessings returned in kind for a great adventure my friend, enjoy! 🤣❤️🙏

          1. Hahaha….I love it!! Yes! I belive there will be many laughs as I am going with a wonderful group of friends…and quite possibly a dip in water too!!
            I’m happy to be reminded that “it all has purpose,” Mark…because even though I have been working in that energy for a decade or more…it’s heartwarming to be reminded.
            I am getting ready…then off to see what incredible beauty God has in store for me!!
            EnJOY your day, Mark 😊💜

            1. I most certainly will Lorrie, even though the hour is 10pm on a Thursday night down under here at the moment 🤣. But it matters not, after a great sleep I shall be joining others in a birthday celebration tomorrow out in the sunshine drinking a hot coffee in the cool of winter. Have fun my friend, we will indeed spread our worlds with a laugh or two and make it heal some more. Have a good day Lorrie 🤣❤️🙏

              1. Oh my gosh, Mark! I had no idea where you live! Sending peaceful, loving energy for your slumber 😊 And have a wonderful time with friend tomorrow.

              2. I shall sleep the sleep of lovely dreams then dear lady, thank you. And you also have a great time 😀❤️🙏

  3. As I see it Mark, as to why we often feel something still missing, is that love is expansion, ever evolving in its experiences .

    It’s that we could never totally experience It’s totality, because there is always more to experience.

    The vastness of even beginning to comprehend that love is way beyond words. As is the void where it is lacking.

    Because we’ve always experienced some kind of love, as you say, even though it can be experienced as hate. .Some love to hate for that energy feeds them.

    Our human comprehension can not grasp what its not experienced, not fully.

    Anyway it’s late, and I will leave it at that, before I tie myself in knots lol. 🪢 lol
    Enjoy your day as I retire for the night 🌙 😴 🙂 💖

    1. The missing is just that full understanding of that unconditional love dear lady, and will arrive in good time. We understand now but cannot fully stand within it, we still have this conditional body breathing etc that holds us back from its full meaning. Thank you kind lady, your words are ever a wisdom and always welcome here. Your love found shared to all, and gratefully received kind lady, thank you. Have a great night 😀❤️🙏🏽

  4. You explained this so well Mark… its a constant Yin and Yang energy as we each try to find within ourselves that perfect balance, but in order to understand what that balance is.. We first have to tip the scales and it often can swing from one extreme to the other..

    Knowing ourselves takes us down many roads of discovering ourselves.. And we are tested over and over via many things as we learn to Trust and overcome self doubts as we listen to our inner compass our intuitive heart that gut instinct…

    Not many can feel the total extremes dear Mark… But your discovery in learning total Unconditional Bliss was to experience the total opposite .
    And in doing so, you fully appreciated even more the unconditional Love..

    You were indeed given a privilege in that experience, as unpleasant as it was. But it gave you even greater insight into the ALL of Everything and what it was and wasn’t… And just how the total absence of Love is indeed a empty void beyond words..

    Much love Mark… Apologies only just making it here… Sending Love and Blessings for all you teach .. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. No apologies necessary Sue, your heart is ever busy with that love found with your garden, craft or soul dear lady (and the world 😀). And yes it was something beyond words, I would never wish it on another ever. And it did give me such a profound appreciation of just how incredible that unconditional is on an everyday basis for us all. It is what we stand in, experience within and live with constantly, supporting every step we take. But in seeing it not there (or so blinded that it felt that way), was unbelievable.

      And something I missed until now just talking to you (and you explained so well), that love is our ‘feel’ emotion. Everything we feel emotionally is that love, in fact all emotions we feel is that unconditional love. It ever guides us to that destiny we choose, always much input to always guide our journey. And that hope of finding that love and happiness at its end. Only appreciated because of where that love has taken us so that we could feel it all and understand what it is not by those experiences and move towards what it is. That ‘gut’ feeling our connection to see a path towards that love. Even the bad feelings are a guide to that place, and they can be so terrible. But that inner goodness will always hold its hand high so that we will try again. Let us know that it can be done so take another step. But trust me, they do not even go near that void…that is the reverse of it all. That INTENT in that direction.

      There is still something not complete in this, but as I said, our love is never complete but ever awakening and opening to further beauty each step we take. It will come as it is ready. I still ‘feel’ there is some type of ledger, good or bad in all we do. And in that I mean we have to touch all those things we experience, and their opposites so we will understand ourselves and that unconditional love within it, in all those experiences that we go through. I suppose I shouldn’t call it a ledger but that gift of opposites so that we can truly see its beauty. If we look at any really difficult thing we have gone through, we end up having so much empathy and compassion in having experienced it. That is the key. Yes, it is hard, but it ever builds a love within us because of it. We cannot understand until we experience it all, ever guiding us to its destination of unconditional love…the one place where everything is let go, no worry’s, no stress, no anything but the beauty we have found in experiencing it all.

      Much love and light to you also kind lady, I ever look forward to what you share, it gives that ‘let go’ in how it feels and what is to come. Big hugs dear lady, and many blessings in what you teach us also ❤️🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

  5. I feel you can be happy in all your explanations Mark… helping us put order to our experience and realising what we truly desire to experience! Pure love in all its glory! Remember it’s very different to explain feelings, it’s just not on the human radar… but the ones who are ready to feel into the truth, will indeed do this! I salute you dear Mark, you are truly embodying all that we can now, here and experience grand things on the physical plane❤️🕺 much love x

    1. Thank you Barbara, And yes, it can be difficult to explain things so profound. But in hindsight I think that is so it will be a very profound moment for each of us when we individually touch and understand them. If I could truly explain something completely, it would take away from us that impact. Yes, we all are guideposts for this journey, but it is that true appreciation of what we have each done for ourselves in reaching that understanding. When we finally touch that understanding, it will bring us to tears because we will finally see and feel that love we have ever looked for. Big hugs Barbara, and thank you for sharing your words to me. They are very appreciated kind lady. I have touched many things in my journey but this one shook me. Again, thank you xox ❤️🙏🏽

      1. We’ll I’m just glad you survived it and can share with us your journey mark in all its diversity! It inspires me today to know I will most likely survive how I feel like I’m dredging the bottom of my being, feeling all the sadness ever lived! I think it’s time to write and share a happy story with everyone, let me ponder awhile😃 much love mark… wishing you a lovely sleep! (I believe it’s evening with you now)?

        1. That it is dear lady, I am about to do the sleep thing now 😀 You will survive dear lady, always coming closer to that awakening, feel truly that love within you. Each layer peeled away in understanding until there is only that love we have ever searched for. And yes, it does feel like your at the worst possible place, damaged never to return. But there is a light in there as you let go those many things that no longer have meaning…and in its stead an empathy and compassion is building…for you, and all beyond it. But the ‘you’ part is refilling…not replacing…a more profound love in going through it. Slowly bringing a peace, and a love from a much deeper foundation. An appreciation of what your heart has endured in going through it all. Some days a firm step, others none. Sometimes just wishing for a rest. But always it is building them all so that you can see all those places it has taken you, and feel something so much more profound within you as time goes by, and finally be at peace in that love now found. Big hugs Barbara, love and light for that opening to set you free ❤️🙏🏽

  6. Mark. Oh my Goodness. I felt like crying as I read your words. Herein lies the Key …. when we know what the opposite of Love truly is, we no longer want anything else. As well, we align our Minds, our hearts, our bodies, our emotions with Love for in experiencing what Love is not, there is no darker space then not having that Love. Your explanation of your process that is where I wanted to cry for I know the horror and the pain that place holds. To make a commitment to know what Unconditional Love is, no matter what, is a huge task, one that takes years upon years. And then to stay there, not to stumble and fall, well, that is possible at times until another “lesson” comes along to drive out another shadow or heal deeper a wound that has festered a long long time.

    Allow me the Grace, dear friend, to tell you when you arrive at the Door that announces you have come to the Sacred Entrance of Love and all its Glory, what begins to unfold in your life will leave you astounded. No amount of planning or foresight can prepare you for what is to come as you in turn assist those around you to the Light leading to Love. Your Lesson learned, and then practice evolves to pattern and flow in the Direction you want to go, Love, the Universe sees and in seeing will begin to inform your heart the moment is here for YOU to step into your Fullness.

    Your life is about to change in ways, Mark, never suspected as such. And the Electric Feeling of Love that is constantly in you, around you, for you, you will not ever take for granted. Ever. I am so very excited for you!!! I can say without doubt that your life will mold to what you are destined for. Why do I know? Because it is happening to me. You will find yourself so emboldened, so confident, so self-assured, as you radiate and glow what is now firmly within you ….. and people will notice. My friend, welcome to the “Love Club” where Love is so very needed in this world to which you will give it. xoxoxoxoxo

    1. Ah Amy, thank you for such a beautiful share. I can hear the love you have touched in your voice, your photo’s, your home and all in and around it. How can I not feel such an opening, that touch in that awareness that truly lightens everything in our lives. I think the suddenness of that ‘opposite’ had two purposes. It allowed me to truly appreciate what unconditional love is, what it has in everything around us, and the support that many may not realize is ever there. We groan and moan in that seeming rejection that life gives us, but underneath it all it still has its arms around us. And the second to reaffirm where I really have been in this journey and understand how profound our journey really is. Seemingly simple things we don’t really notice are things that build us, one brick at a time, to become the beauty that this unconditional love is.

      And yes, it does take time dear lady. Each of those parts faced require us to dare those steps, chipping away at those fears within and bringing that light to the surface so that we can truly appreciate what we have done in doing so. If it was just a walk in the park its impact on us would be…like a walk in the park. But like all we have to work for, it does give a very profound appreciation because of what it has taken to go through it, and that beautiful answer at its end.

      And thank you for holding that door open, a rich soul for having been there, a loving soul for having understood it, and shared by you as only unconditional love can do. And I will indeed appreciate what it has given me dear lady, it allowed me to touch something and be given an understanding that is priceless beyond words it has touched me that deeply. Thank you again my friend, the lamp has indeed been lit xoxo ❤️🙏🏽

      1. What a lovely reply, Mark. Getting to the point when we recognize even those days or phases that try our patience or seem to pummel us, they are Gifts pointing us to what still requires attention. The more we kick and scream and resist, that is what will persist.

        It took me a LONG time to understand that the repeating patterns in my life that tormented me, were there because there was something in me attracting them. Now that is at first thought NO WAY! It’s always outside of us or the other guy or the circumstance, yet the Gift arrives nonetheless and it takes a really wise person to acknowledge and say, “Teach me, show me, change me so what still is required of me to snip this pattern I get out and it stays out.”

        You’ve been set free in so many ways. Even if full understanding has yet to come, embrace Gratitude as you are and stay there and in so doing, Miracles will happen. Understanding. A-HA moments. A whispered knowing. Yep, NOW I get it. And in that, you are able to move forward in great confidence life is about to show you how special you are.

        Sending you so much love!!! You’ve got this, Mark!! xoxoxo

        1. Haha, thank you Amy, it will persist indeed. And yes we do attract it all. Some very hard, but balanced by much beauty too. Your camera and its user attest this so well by the love you put into it by being open to it all in that understanding my friend.

          It will take time to understand but it is in that ‘time’ that we will all struggle and create something wonderful. Because it is in those experiences that we build that empathy, compassion and love and in understanding them truly realize what unconditional love is.

          And I thank you for sharing your heart to me during this kind lady, it tested many parts within me but was made more powerful by the love and strength shared by you and appreciated all the more because of it. Thank you 😀❤️🙏🏽

    1. True dear lady…but I still hesitate. Spirit said there is more and because of that I’m still not happy that I have put forward something that is not complete. But love is like that too. As time goes on we ‘open’ to that awareness and love more and more. I suppose I don’t know where that line in the sand is, or for that matter ‘what is judgement’ in respect to a long difficult lifetime. But I most certainly ‘now’ do know that opposite of unconditional love. Just stay right where you are young lady, be happy, move mountains, and sing in the rain…what could be more right than that. Enjoy your journey my friend, that love is the driver of it all 🤣❤️🙏🏽

  7. “We are ever that unconditional love, it is ever a part of us. The only reason we don’t ‘feel’ it constantly are those fears and doubts we hold. Those fears and doubts are the filters we use to view this world, like a pair of sunglasses they take the shine off everything, and until we understand those fears, only then will we let them go and finally, clearly, see and feel that unconditional love again.” Yes, Mark! This is it! 💗🌸💗

    1. We will get there Ka, finally understanding that beauty waiting in our hearts. And truly appreciate it all the more because of what we dared inside us to face it. The day I understood a great weight lifted. The top of the mountain that always seemed to be so far up, was now under my feet…and the view went on forever. Keep going dear lady, that light is there to guide us onward, to a destination and beauty beyond words 😀❤️🙏🏽

  8. I say, don’t go looking for unconditional love, or any love, or even acceptance outside yourself. I think we all spend too much time worrying about this. Just be, and love and accept yourself and the rest will just come naturally.

    1. That it will Michele. We spend so much time in trying to be accepted, from those fears and doubts we learn in our upbringing, we then give out that fearful love…but…it is when we finally see what is behind it that we will ‘let go’ and truly focus on us. And it will attract accordingly. We will give much, but we cannot give from an empty bucket. Heal our hearts first and then we will give out that love found. We can only ever give of what we are. Great share kind lady, thank you. May your love ever be full 😀❤️🙏🏽

    1. Thank you Avigail. Hopefully I can now focus back on that love that is ever a part of us. We all go up and down that scale so we can feel what it is to cover over and feel like we have lost that love. And it will only take us as far as we need to understand that, and uncover the love we had covered over…and go back up that scale. And I have to be honest, I do not know what that line in the sand is…but…I do know I can feel most people and they are trying to find that love and happiness. And yes, sometimes we lash out, and sometimes badly. But that INTENT is still there. One thing I do know is I can feel something more needs to be understood. There feels to be something still missing…but like all things in our awareness, we ever expand in that awareness, seeing things to further understand that love. Considering the topic of love is so huge. Thank you for sharing kind lady, and much love to you also 😀❤️🙏🏽

      1. “uncover the love we had covered over” — beautiful line that provides much food for thought. Most of us humans are trying to find that holy grail of love and happiness, and fill in that gap where there feels to be something missing…so true and it’s such a primal, compelling force.

        Many blessings upon you for the gifts you share and impart…🙏❤️🥰

        1. Thank you kind lady, and yes, it is there for us all…it just takes a little while to see and appreciate its beauty 😀❤️🙏🏽

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