The Walls of Jericho!

Yes, those walls of Jericho were an amazing sight to the enemies of those times. Never to be breached as they were so well built to only allow friendly passage and not those who were against what those within believed and lived. Well, until the spirit of God arrived within the Ark to bring it tumbling down.

A little like those walls we build within, to stop that invader that would dare attack us, try to invade OUR space and force their ways on us. And to test whether those walls are there for the right purpose. Enable those that think like us free access, and refuse entry to those that hurt us and cause pain.

And those invaders are there to do exactly that. They are showing you your fears and walls that we all build to protect ourselves, and they have great purpose.

As you test those walls you realise why they are there, and understand that they were your only way of protecting yourself from what you felt was a very hard, unloving and hurtful experience in your life, so you put up a wall so you no longer get hurt.

And that is usually done as a child when your coping strategies were very immature because you were so young, so a wall goes up because you know no other way to protect yourself, and you then begin to avoid those situations like the plague. But when you begin to realise why you put those walls up and you start to see those coping strategies for what they are and how they are blocking your life, you begin to understand how that blockage is affecting you. And in that understanding that comes from your spirit within, after many, many years, you finally release something that feels like the weight of the world (and to you, it is), has finally been lifted and everything from that moment on changes forever. The change is so huge that you feel a little lost in the beginning because you have never been in this place before. Your life has never had such freedom and an ability to stop and smell the roses….literally.

We don’t realise that this fear has been so integrated to our lives that we are always ‘on guard’ in everything we do…from when we get up of a morning, working, playing or even scratching our nose, it has always been a part of who you were.

Now you are free, and it can almost feel like you are in shock because of that release. But it will be like no shock you have ever felt before. And when reached, you slowly make choices for you for the first time…and not from a place of fear where you are always second guessing yourself so that you don’t have to face that fear. It is a magical place that freedom, as it gives you unfettered access to that beautiful thing inside your heart….you…the true you, that has wanted to escape to a happier place forever. And now you are finally there.

As you release that fear you are no longer giving from a place of fear. We actually project those fears out from us everyday.

As an example, and this is me personally, I always gave to a lady with everything that I was….I would take them out, give them flowers, be courteous by pulling chairs out for them to sit etc. I would smother them in love….but that was the problem, after a while they would hold their hands up and say ‘whoa, that’s lovely but please just slow down a bit’. And I would be all offended, thinking I was being rejected for giving that love. I would point the finger and say ‘it is their fault, how could they possibly not want to be loved’. And because all my relationships ended like this I would always think that they had been hurt by some other man and found it hard to accept that love from some one. Any excuse in fact, bar the one that mattered.
Because I felt rejected from my parents as a child, and felt that total fear of being unloved by the very people that I looked up to and loved, I would bury my loves, with love, so that I WOULDN’T BE REJECTED.

And there lies the rub of my journey. I projected my fear onto all those that I loved. I wanted to be loved so badly, and not be rejected, that I led with my fear.
It is such a subtle thing these fears, and we do the most incredible things to not go through them, not realising that they are there for all to see…AND that they actually attract exactly what we need to go through them. How many fears have you avoided? None, zip, nada!

With great love the universe wants you to understand…you. And within that understanding come back to your truth. Not a wobbly version that is trying to avoid the pain that is carried within your heart for what seems like forever. But the real you within that is a very beautiful and loving person entirely. And as you break free and release that fear, and those negative feelings about yourself that go with it, you finally find that thing that you have always been looking for. That journey of seeking to find that ‘happiness’ somewhere and finally be at peace.

And it can be found…where it has always been, but hidden behind a wall of fear. That fear has great purpose, for it has led you to find this place…and finally understand, and appreciate the beauty that is within each and every one of us BECAUSE of what we have been through.

You are a beautiful soul…something that shines out forever. Believe in that, for at each turn in life a little more is set free and you begin to shine a little brighter each time to stand in your truth and release what you know is no longer you…and be that love that is always there.

Your walls of Jericho will crumble at a shout from you, and a determination within to seek the fear that holds those walls up. They will crumble in an instant when you find that truth that is you…and release you from their bondage forever, to finally be set free.

17 thoughts on “The Walls of Jericho!

  1. Some people are bound by their own self image which is incorrect because of what they have been told or experienced (programming) and their own internal self talk which reinforces that programming. The image at Jericho of the external shout of God’s people to affirm and attribute true value and love to crumble the walls of the unbelieving heart so that it might begin to receive the love of others is a very appropriate symbol. Part of the problem is some people are so entrenched in their programming that human love and affirmation is not enough and therefore takes someone who is not human, someone like God who is Love and loves us unconditionally. The cross of Jesus Christ and the unconditional Love of God is on open display for all to see. The ultimate goal is for anyone to not only be able to receive love but also give it as well and to continue the healing process by passing the incredible gift of love on to others. Love in Christ to all believers and the unbelieving as well. Ken A.

    1. Thank you Ken. Your comment is beautifully written, and most certainly the journey that we all take.
      Thankfully, it is a journey to find us…eventually, and that beautiful unconditional love within us all.
      God gave us a mission…to find us in this conditional world, and become the unconditional that He is.
      I always thought as I grew up He must be a vengeful God (thanks to some attitudes in religion, and the programming you speak of), but in this life’s struggles, and finding my walls, I could finally ‘see’ that it was all done with a love like nothing else…an unconditional love, something we needed to ‘see’ in our struggle through the conditions we had created in this life 😀
      Thank you for sharing 😀

    1. Hi Michelle, not sure what happened to this comment but only a little splattering of about ten words came through to me 🙂
      But I know it was beautiful, you only do beautiful 🙂

  2. “And there lies the rub of my journey. I projected my fear onto all those that I loved. I wanted to be loved so badly, and not be rejected, that I led with my fear.”,,,,,

    So much of our lives we have held within fear even Love sometimes has got lost within the walls of it. We Fear rejection, we fear losing our loved ones, we fear so so many things.. We may not always demolish those walls all at once. It often comes by painfully removing one brick at a time.. And until we let loose the cement of fear that binds each brick its a long journey often we rebuild that which we broke down only to have to take it down yet again..

    But once we learn to let go.. We really do let those walls crumble.. and the views are great!… 🙂

    1. It is a very big part of who we are, those fears that we hold onto dearly. We do project our fears onto others because that IS who we are, but it is in having them constantly tested that we are brought to a place within that says, ‘I can’t do this any more, it is too painful, and I’m worth so much more than this’, and we begin to let go. Chip away at the mortar, loosen what has held us tight, and slowly crumble those things that keep us from seeing past them.
      And when we have those walls crumble around us and finally see from such a beautiful place within, then we project that new us….that new person that is no longer projecting our fears so we no longer attract them to us. We now project a peace, our peace that we have now found, and as each wall comes crumbling down our world becomes more peaceful, more beautiful and more glad to be alive and sharing from a place that is so beautiful, with views forever 🙂
      Great comment Sue and thank you for sharing. Mark

      1. My pleasure Mark… and isn’t life Grand! when we finally learn to LET GO! 🙂 Love and Light to you dear Mark.. I am so so pleased our paths crossed and sending Gratitude out to you for all you share. 🙂 Sue

        1. Me too, it has been an amazing journey, especially when we begin to ‘see’ 🙂 And I ‘see’ your words, thank you 🙂 Love and blessings to you also. Namaste

    1. Thank you Michele. Yes it is a hard journey, but it is needed that way to appreciate who we are within. And when found, a beautiful discovery it is 🙂

  3. I seem to remember reading somewhere that the walls of Jericho actually housed rooms, they were so deep, one lady residing within being the means of escape for the reccy pair sent out to assess the situation. I can see a wall around us with many rooms we have to explore, each housing different aspects of ourselves that we have built for protection. Perhaps in the tearing down of walls we do it one room at a time, each one requiring another shout, a greater shout as the possibility of dismantling the whole becomes more realisable and we see a way to penetrate deeper.
    Your description, Mark, of how you interacted with ladies reminds me of an analysis I once heard at an educational course on abuse. The course covered every possible aspect and I asked a question of the course leader based on some things she had said regarding emotional abuse. It was in reference to a family I knew who lavished love on their parents, always doing for them while th parents were very lackadaisical in their loving and care. My mother had commented on this, how that family were so thoughtful of their parents while we (my family) didn’t maybe give enough thought to how we could help.
    The leader’s response was very interesting. My mum took heed of it too. So did I. She said that most children have no need to seek their parents approval and love – they know it’s a given and that’s normal. This other family, the children, were desperately seeking (even in adulthood) that which had been denied. It put quite a different slant on why we do things. I, for one, recognised that a bit more thought would be welcomed by my mum while she realised that all the giving in the world from those other children could not negate the fact that they had been denied unconditional love.
    We are the product of our upbringing in so many ways. I suppose the best we can do is reflect on why we do as we do and learn to accept ourselves as lovable regardless of experience. Then give from there. May you find, if it is your wish, Mark, someone who would welcome the love you have to give. And may we continue to knock down a few more walls while we seek entry into the vast array of rooms we house. Always learning. 🙂 (Gawd, can I talk or what!)

    1. And very beautifully spoken at that momus. It has given me further food for thought. That course has shown one of the main things in most peoples lives. That rejection that even the parents are unaware…and usually because that is how they were brought up. The only thing that I would add to that is, in what I have seen and understood, is our immature emotional coping strategies when we are young is quite fearful so we tend (not all), to shove that pain down very deeply because of the pain that it causes, and lose sight of the why. Yes, we plead for that love but don’t recognise it as a lack, but a rejection of those we look up to and love. We (and yes, I include me :)), seem to cover the why of the pain and just want it to be all better by trying to get that love back, that acceptance to release that rejection that we feel.
      In nearly all of my healing, the utter shock when they realise the why of how they have been acting, and what had been driving their actions is very profound. It is like discovering something so far outside their thinking that it amazes them. And again, I include myself, for when that rejection came to me it threw me so far that I was stunned. But that impact is needed to jar us out of a lifetime of blocking that hurt from those we love, and bring our awareness to what we have held underneath so that we then understand what had really been driving our actions.
      I also do want to be in a loving relationship, but only under the truth of unconditional love, not a fearful one as it takes over your journey and keeps you ‘on guard’ from the fears that we hold. That is why the unconditional love is so freeing, it is done from a place within that is not fettered with the fears and pains that we hold so close in our journey.
      Plus, and this makes it even harder for me, I have seen and felt the unconditional love and beauty…very gently touched it a couple of times in my life which left me floating in a bliss I could barely describe. Once touched I knew it was within me…all else is a guide to that place. It is in healing ourselves that brings us to that place.
      And a big yes to entering all those rooms and seeking who we are…and learning our own truth, to give and share that love we discover in all our paths.
      You are a great teacher my friend…that is a very great privilege of which you do well. The healing I feel in your blog is an offshoot of that teaching and it is always given with a great love…I bow to you as you are healing those young ones in our lives and giving them a start that that can make this world a better place. Be proud of your journey momus, for our children it is given to a small number to guide them truly. Mark

      1. Thank you, Mark, that means such a lot. The why and how are so closely intertwined in the way we do everything. If how I do something helps others find their why or why helps them find their how – if you know what I mean! – then that gives me pleasure. And I know that learning the same from others has guided me on more occasions than I can recall. We’re all in it together for sure and that is an amazing part of the journey – that we continue to learn from others all the time. I, for one, am thankful for the wisdom I find here on your pages and around the blogosphere as well as in every day life. People are incredible! Get on my nerves sometimes but still incredible! 😛
        Keep on with your guidance, Mark. That journey within is one we all need a map for, so those who have travelled there have invaluable advice.x

        1. Thank you very much momus. And it is a big thing when we can come together in community, here or elsewhere, and help each other through those many things in life. We are all in this together and hopefully we show others what it means to give from a place of love rather than fear. Be the change we wish to see in the world.
          Keep on being you momus. It is a blessing to us all in what you bring….and attract…and yes, even those lessons that we cringe at occasionally 😀 ,but they have purpose too. You have shown me much my friend 🙂
          We shall keep on drawing our maps and being a guide to those that are attracted to our lights 🙂 xo

    1. Thank you Kay. It is literally a shout. When we suddenly realise what is hidden underneath and driving our fears, the release is an incredible experience…we cry out, shout and even have an incredible internal release of energy which reduces us to tears and does shock people because of what it all means within. That realisation from what we find within is like the crumbling of those huge walls that we have built from a lifetime of holding back.
      Thank you for sharing your lovely comment. Mark

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