Curtain Call!

I have just read a great piece, En garde by candidkay, about our journey through our relationships and the choices we make in trying to come to terms with the decisions we have made in our life. Stay or not stay, go and live in the unknown or stay and put up with…um, something that is not so bad…I think.

These can be one of the most difficult things to admit to…let alone face. And even if we do the dreaded question comes up about our self worth. ‘Can I do this’ and ‘maybe I deserve this’ and our fears running backwards and forwards arguing relentlessly for a reprieve.

But it is part of the magic, to realise ourselves and begin that trek one step at a time to find that beauty that is inside us all. Bring out that confidence that IS in there, but only seems to peek from behind the curtain occasionally.

It is in finding that truth within that finally brings forth a new found confidence, and more than that, a beginning of understanding that in doing so you are starting a love affair with the one person in the world that means the most. You!

When you finally understand that, you begin to build within that confidence and courage because you are worth all that, and more. And as you step into that truth within, you begin to give out that confidence and love that you are beginning to build…AND…begin to attract that same energy because that is how it all works.

Give with an integrity and truth and that is what you attract right back.

The universe, in this, can be seen in its workings by what you are attracting. With great love it gives you exactly what is needed so that you may go past your fears and that unloving that you give yourself, until eventually you begin to see the journey IS all about you, and what you require to find that beauty within.

Once that understanding is reached everything begins to change, you realise self is very important in your journey and slowly you begin a path that will be outside what the world thinks is normal, but inside you will see and feel the change and the truth of what you have been through and what you now wish to become.

And the smiles begin, because you have seen and felt what it took to get here…and your self worth is slowly taking this worlds last curtain call for the last time, and beginning a new call for you.

10 thoughts on “Curtain Call!

    1. That is its whole purpose Willow Marie. It teaches an appreciation of what it took to get to that place within, and because of that, you really understand and truly begin to love you because of what it took to get there.
      If someone kept giving you $50 dollar notes to splurge at will, you slowly come to expect it and no longer really appreciate its worth. But if you have to really work hard to get that money, you do appreciate it, take care in how you spend it, and take care of whatever you have used it on.
      It is difficult to find that patience, but in doing so, you will see the understanding of what is inside you, gain an appreciation and love of what you are slowly becoming, as you gradually uncover a beauty beyond measure.
      I can explain this until I’m black and blue in the face, and it is a great guide for those unsure, but it won’t be until you touch those experiences within you that a light comes on, a realisation of what you have just understood, and that incredible smile within will lift you up like no other…and you just know you have taken another step towards that unconditional love. (Similar to your ‘Chance Encounter’ post that gave a connection you had with that lady, it is to show you hope and meaning, that there IS something there just waiting for you 🙂 )
      May your journey be full of those smiles kind lady, they are a beauty beyond measure 🙂

  1. So true, Mark. What you send out you will attract right back to you. It’s wonderful that while on this journey we realize what we have learned. Inspiring post 🙂

    1. It is always amazing to see this in action. As I do a counselling with someone and see the light in their eyes as that understanding comes forward, I can see the most incredible interactions that have taken place to bring that understanding to them AND others around them. The interactions are amazing to see. Not just that individual but the many things around them that so perfectly interact to bring ‘everyone’ to the place that they need to go within themselves. It is awe inspiring to see the beauty that it creates. Thank you for your lovely comment Michele, blessing to you and your journey. Mark

  2. Mark great wisdom within your words my friend.. And I have found there are no wrong choices only paths which lead us to greater awareness as we over come obstacles along the way.. Each stone or hurdle bringing a new found strength as we learn to pull ourselves over them..

    It may take us many years to appreciate ourselves… but each stage along our travels was a necessary part of getting us to the correct path we are now upon..

    Love and Blessings.. and thank you for sharing the link to to Cadidkay ..

    1. Exactly Sue. Even those choices we think were wrong in our lives are even more correct by what they teach us, all adding to the wisdom of what we are becoming. And as it all slowly comes together we gain more understanding that this life is a building block to what we want to become within. All pointing to that thing we always seem to yearn for but can never seem to be put into words…that love of self, that realisation that it is that acceptance of ourselves that finally brings us peace and a happiness that we have been searching for all our lives. Thank you for your lovely comment Sue, may that happiness always be a part of who you are within. Mark

  3. Thank you so much for the shout-out! I’m so glad what I wrote resonated with you. My favorite bit of your thoughts: And the smiles begin, because you have seen and felt what it took to get here. Oh so true . . .

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