Another Wall!

Whenever you put up a wall, for whatever reason, it is to protect your heart! And you will carry it around forever, constantly on guard.

Face it, resolve it…and there is no longer any need to carry around a wall that weighs a ton, emotionally and physically. And it free’s your mind so that instead of constantly being on guard, you now begin to see life differently.

Suddenly you see…a flower, a bird…even a friend from a whole new unworried perspective, and a peace that is so….truly peaceful! Life takes on a whole new meaning…and can finally be lived from a heart that is no longer weighed down and stressed with the pain of that fear. You begin to see the landscape all round, no longer only up to the wall.

Give yourself that courage to ask for help, and share your pain so that others can give you the support to bring that wall down. We all have walls, just because mine is orange and yours is blue makes no difference, a wall is a wall, and its affect is the same, it blocks our view. And our hearts.

If there was a law against emotional blackmail against ourselves we’d all be in jail. Oh, wait a minute, we already are in jail…walls within and all round and not a key in sight because we are afraid to look for it.

Well, it’s time to go past those things that hold us at bay from our truth, and sets us free to heal. Forgive ourselves and start again. Love, and be loved for who we truly are within.

Invite in the engineer’s, go through that emotional blockage that holds you to ransom, and set the charges.

This baby is coming down….

26 thoughts on “Another Wall!

  1. Hi Mark- this rings SO true! Can’t count the number of times I’ve discovered a wall and needed to set the charges (love that phrase!). Strange how we build them to be safe and yet staying behind them is so dangerous. Thank you for this.

    1. My pleasure Willow-Marie. It is something we constantly do, it is a safety mechanism. But in building those walls it holds us at bay till we do realise that the only way out of our fear…is through it.
      And that journey, because of how hard it is, really lets us appreciate exactly what we’ve been through, and shows us what is really inside, and allows us to love ourselves even more.
      Those walls are the only thing between us and being able to express the unconditional love within us all. Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  2. many years of layers, placing each stone so carefully where nothing, no one can enter…..
    I think we carry an hour glass inside with us as we place the last stone…watching the grains of sand slip one by one to the other side….one day there is no sand spilling, does time stop, set us in suspended animation , as life passes us by? I think so…sometimes the winds can seep through the walls of stone…blowing the dust off of all those memories away….carrying the ones that no longer need to be….as they dissipate the hour glass tips, shatters and time escapes, was time wasted? or did we learn from the stillness inside that wall…..I think there is a need …a reason for the walls…its up to one to figure out if they want to play in the sand, or gather it and put it back in the hourglass, and repeat the memories that trapped them in the walls in the first place…it may take many times to decide…but the soul knows when it is ready….I had faith in my soul’s whispers….I am glad to play in the sand….

    I hope you are doing well Mark…I have missed your wisdom….
    Take Care…You Matter…

    1. It is a big journey maryrose. Placing those many pieces of our puzzle into that wall to make it as protective as we can. But like all walls, it works both ways. We may be safe, but we can’t go out and play properly either.
      So we learn to make do with what we have, and slowly we realise that parts of that wall is being attacked until it begins to crumble. But when it does finally let go and starts to fall around us, we are so shocked by what we find. Not the original reason the wall went up in the first place, but an idea that has always been there but made of false premises.
      We were guarding against something so fearful and terrorising, that when we finally do step through it, it bursts the wall that has always been there and for the first time we see…truly see that we have got the courage and the heart to believe in ourselves and go through that thing that has held us at bay forever.
      It opens us to see the true reason that is under it all, releases us from its bondage, and allows a light to show us…ourselves. To understand what really is inside us and has always been there waiting until we believed enough in ourselves to step through and finally come home. A home like no other….one that really loves us for exactly who we are. An unconditional love…the one love that IS us, that letting go of ‘I’m not good enough, I can’t do this, I’m ugly’ so that we truly love ourselves….unconditionally. And then give from that understanding.
      All those fears and non belief of ourselves is the ONLY thing that holds that unconditional love at bay….and God/the universe or whatever you wish to put in here, gives us every imaginable possibility so that we can face ALL those things that hold us at bay, forces us to look within, and find that so, so beautiful place and be free.
      We may think the world is such a harsh place, but it is in that harshness that we truly find ourselves. If the world was just ho humming along we would never look inside to go through these things and find that love of ourselves. We would stagnate and become a nothing. In this journey of pain, we are always asking ourselves to step forward, sometimes forcefully, so that we can become the best that we can be, become that beautiful place within, closer and closer.
      And then one day we reach that nadir, that place within where all has been let go, and you glow with such a purity. Your doing fine maryrose, I can feel your glow from here πŸ™‚

  3. Great post, Mark and a wonderful reminder for all of us. I’m happy to help others tear down their walls, but I tend to use those bricks to build mine higher. Working on it!
    Your imagery reminded me of a Shel Silverstein poem called “Masks”

    She had blue skin,
    And so did he.
    He kept it hidden,
    And so did she.
    They searched for blue
    Their whole life through
    Then passed right by,
    And never knew.

    Here’s to keeping our eyes open and walls down. Thank you, my friend!

    1. Thank you Michelle. That is a very lovely poem, it is so relevant to how we are in this world, trying to go with the flow of how it is run and never giving ourselves the chance to really look inside and see that what we are looking for has always been there, we just never believe enough in ourselves.
      Beautiful comment, thank you. Mark

  4. “Suddenly you see…a flower, a bird…even a friend from a whole new unworried perspective, and a peace that is so….truly peaceful! Life takes on a whole new meaning…”,,

    Beautifully said Mark we so often Self sabotage ourselves… Keep on bringing down those wall.. I so so agree.. Brilliant..
    Love and Blessings

    1. It is all there for a reason Sue, so that we can see that beauty inside and appreciate so much more that heart within. A hard journey but one that brings us home. Thank you for a lovely share. Mark

    1. We all have them coffeegrounded. Big’uns right on down to the step size. And even they can cause a hiccup or two πŸ™‚
      I hope you at least have a friend or two to help you through, or at least that unconditional love of a pet. They love you for exactly who you are, it’s just us judging ourselves that cause the problem πŸ™‚
      Have faith in that beautiful heart inside and the love that will pour on through as that wall comes down. You deserve it πŸ™‚

        1. Why thank you coffeegrounded, they are beautiful words and accepted with the love they were given. And my pleasure to give from that place that HE showed me πŸ™‚

  5. Hello Mark. I appreciate what you have written. It reminded me of the Berlin wall, and a segment of it which has now been painted, a slogan “more walls to tear down”. How true! Thank you for sharing. Regards.

    1. Hi gabbartrip, and thank you also for commenting on one of those things in life that do test us to the limit. But that limit has purpose as it allows us to look within and finally find that beautiful place within that is us.
      It is a hard journey, but if it wasn’t we would not appreciate what it took to get there and just shrug it off. All things have purpose for us, it just depends on the height of the wall to how much attention we give it πŸ™‚ Namaste

      1. So very true! The limit surely has a purpose and the destination (a beautiful place) would feel a little empty without a hard journey. Best Regards and Namaste! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Carolina, and yes it is true, and we all have those walls in many colors. And I’m not saying they are an easy thing to go past.
      But in taking that first step and facing it, even asking for help, can begin a journey to that freedom.
      Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

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