I Don’t Know!

Triggered from a lovely post I Don’t Know! by Danielle, that moment we can admit in our hearts that it is ok to say this, to us or others…a more profound love we will not find in those three small words ❤️

An interesting thing happened to me on my way to find ‘I don’t know’, in admitting it, it built the attraction and truth of those things so that I would know what love is. And in those experiences of life, inside of me had slowly grown those builders of it, the empathy, compassion and love from a place not known, to a place known in that experiencing of it…but, in knowing each thing I then let them go, like anything we understand…and in doing this, something magical happened.

In letting them go…I no longer had anything ‘held’ against me, held against my love, so I opened further and further to that unconditional love. Holding anything is a condition, it buzzes inside your mind wanting to be released in that understanding. On the day you truly understand your fear…you let go, finally let go of you. And in its place is an opening within you to that unconditional love. It is a very profound moment to finally understand you, see for the first time that all you have been through, each and every step, is guiding you to that moment. To finally understand you…and let go into something wonderful.

And in that journey, never ever think you are not ‘there’. Each and every step is giving understanding in your experiences, even the bad ones, if not more so because of that ‘knowing’ of them. You become wiser, more empathetic and compassionate the more you understand. And the more you let go in that understanding, the closer that unconditional love becomes.

On the instant that Spirit showed me and I touched unconditional love…I suddenly held nothing, I just was. But in a contradiction of that, my awareness ‘knew’ everything. There was no time, I could touch, feel or go anywhere…but did not need to because I ‘knew’ it all. And the love…there truly are no words for something so beautifully profound, ever there, nothing blocking it, clear and sweet…it too just was 😀❤️🙏

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    1. And a very beautiful one Astrid, even in those hard times it dares us to see inside. Thank you for sharing kind lady, have a lovely New Year, may it bring the beauty of those steps 😀❤️🙏

  1. Mark, I love the way you are able to express your experience…because it is not just words. AT least not for me…I feel the profound connection to the Divine every time you write and I think that is because YOU feel that connection!! I have never had that true kind of experience before and yet somehow I understand what you are saying. Thank you for sharing the bright light of your soul…all that you are…all that just IS!! ❤️

    1. I have no doubt Lorrie that you have experienced those moments, those times you experience something or read about something where you suddenly go…wow, now I understand. You connect in a way beyond anything ‘normal’, especially those instances of a profound love where you hold and look into a newborn babies eyes or see the new found love in another. They always ‘touch’ us in that loving understanding within us.
      We ever put them down to just a great moment and let them go…but they are those teaching places where we allow ourselves to be in that place…then go back to the housework. But as time goes by we understand our fears more and more, let go those things we ever hold ‘on guard’ and slowly open our hearts more and more so that we will stand in that place I speak of. And just to give you an idea…in our youth we used to point the finger, dive into our work, and just zoom on and on…but we don’t do that anymore, we have slowed down and digest what we do, and in doing so care for ourselves more and then give from that more caring place.
      All we do in this world, good and bad, is teaching us those three beautiful things…empathy, compassion and love. And standing in them is that place I speak. I only go more open because it is my path, that connection with Spirit, wanting me to speak and share what my path is so others can see and understand. But you too have a path, you can ‘hear’ what I say and will then relate it to you as you follow your heart in your photography and blog and share that beauty that you have found…and create in yourself. It’s like (and don’t tell anyone this 🤣), I show you what chocolate is, you’ll go wow, great stuff…but you will like caramel and I’ll like choc mint. And others will relate to your choices and in doing as you have, you share with them the love you have found.
      Many think I am a teapot, simply because it isn’t their path. They will touch on many parts, but it isn’t time yet, or they need to understand something else. We meet those people all through our lives. Where we now are is exactly where we need to be. I hear you as you, loud and clear kind lady, simply because you are following your heart. No greater ‘connection’ can you receive from that love.
      It is in finally loving ourselves, going beyond what we were to become something so profoundly beautiful in seeing our hearts truly, and accepting us. No greater love can we give than by ‘being’ what we have found. Thank you for sharing that love Lorrie, as you always do 😀❤️🙏

      1. I just read your response for the third time, Mark. The first time was yesterday and I just let the words flow over and through me. Now, this morning, I just read it twice and I am so enveloped by the love that is inherent here. It is truth and authenticity of heart and soul…that is what I read here. It is walking on the journey and meeting friends and keeping what they share…and it is also walking on the journey and knowing when to turn away.
        I just feel so blown away by the truth of LOVE. And you are right, we move along and we taste chocolate…and yet we like caramel (so funny you said that as I have been addicted to salted caramel ice cream this season!!! 🙂 and that doesn’t mean that chocolate isn’t good…right…it’s absolutely perfect for some. I am so grateful for your absolute support and the kind words you always offer. I feel like I have been walking this journey and even though in the beginning I had almost zero comprehension…I still knew that I was in the exact place that I needed to be. Now, I have uncovered more, and so have a bit more understanding, and yet there is still so much to learn…to feel! When I come across a soul, like you, who is up ahead on the road and you speak things that I have not directly experienced…and yet KNOW them to be true in that place between my heart and my soul…well…it’s just exciting…and confirming. And the love energy is so bright that it takes my breath away and I get choked up and unable to speak.
        Thank you for recognizing that I do, indeed, follow my heart. I have so many things I want to do/write/create and sometimes it gets overwhelming…but that is when I come back to Spirit and connect in perfect love and then listen to the voice that I hear in my heart.
        Life is so wonderful and I am Blessitude to have our connection.
        May your week ahead be filled with lots of love and heart messages ❤️

        1. Lorrie, those words make my heart cry. Your words are beautiful, thank you. To know in your words that you are accepting of what you feel inside you, and know that there is indeed a very beautiful purpose to it all…even the hard bits, if not more so because those parts ask us to go through those parts that we block…and unconditional love wants you to be that unconditional love.
          And it is only that I found that purpose and became so excited that I just wanted to help share that path. And the most amazing part of it all…I can guide, but we must all find that place within us individually…because it is like anything, we will truly appreciate what we have put into this exploration to find us. If it was just given to us we would appreciate it but nothing like we would in going through it. And like I have spoken before, it is gently waiting inside us until we are ready, and there is no such thing as a fail. Simply because our intent is always trying to go beyond our pain and become that love and happiness we ever look for. There are some who cannot do that and aim with an evil intent, and from what I understand they too get a chance to go beyond their pain…but, there is a line in the sand. I do not know of where that is but it is always in that intent we aim for.
          Thank you for sharing kind lady, to hear your heart is seeking and accepting of your journey gives me more hope that together we can change the world, simply by changing ourselves in that exploration.
          Big hugs Lorrie, enjoy the sunshine and rain this world ever gives us on our journey. It’s destination goes so beautifully beyond it all 😀❤️🙏

          1. YES, Mark!! Yes! It gives me hope also because I know there are times when I notice the evil (and I say “notice” because I don’t want to SEE it) it can be discouraging and feel like no matter what we do on the light side that it won’t be enough to light the dark. And when I start to feel that way it takes me off my path…and creates doubt in the whole process. And I much prefer hope to doubt…and I also much prefer to SEE with love and kindness…and PEACE!
            It is inside us…isn’t it? And it patiently waits for us to wade our way through the muck and find the path that leads back to our true selves…to the love and light that Created us!!
            Sometimes I am so FULL and just want to cry from my soul…not tears of pain…but tears of JOY! Just having these conversations with you helps me to keep my focus…and make my intentions very clear…so I thank you, Mark.
            May you walk in peace and always feel love <3

            1. It is indeed waiting inside us Lorrie, we are the one’s that block it. BUT…that has great purpose so that we will appreciate what we have gone through to find it within us. And it is only this hard so that we will dare to love ourselves by going through it, go beyond our fears and negativities, and finally touch it so profoundly beautiful within ourselves in doing it. And understand us, understand that love, and understand it is given with a great unconditional love. I touched it…I saw that every single step I took, good and bad, go into that understanding so that we will find it within our hearts 😀❤️🙏

              1. Just beautiful. Just beautiful…
                Yes, Mark. I see it…I feel it…and the one thing I know is that it’s so very difficult to find/feel/see within when we DON’T LOVE OURSELVES! This healing journey that I am on…this journey back to myself is based on/in LOVE and if we don’t/can’t feel it for ourselves, then it will be harder to find that unconditional love that is from our Creator. Sometimes I get really sad for the wasted years…the years I not only had little self-love, but lots of self-loathing. But then I have to bring it all around back to EVERYTHING IS PERFECT AND IN DIVINE TIMING. There is comfort in that statement…yes. I’ve been thinking about comfort these last few days and I think I will settle right there…for right now. 🙂
                Thanks for the connection and banter…thoughts and love!! Sweet Blessings, Friend ❤️

  2. “And in that journey, never ever think you are not ‘there’. Each and every step is giving understanding in your experiences, even the bad ones, if not more so because of that ‘knowing’ of them. You become wiser, more empathetic and compassionate the more you understand. And the more you let go in that understanding, the closer that unconditional love becomes.” I really thought that I replied here and on this post. Maybe not. What you write is soooo true. Even experiences that seem unrelated to lessons are lessons. Take for example, I was driving today and my windshield was struck with a pebble right near my left eye–and the windshield splintered from the impact! Image how grateful I am knowing that I am protected by the windshield, and that it was a close call. I feel closer to unconditional love because of it.

    1. Very profound words Ka. We do not realize those split seconds in life can and do take us to that place inside, explaining that love in an instant…with a scare, a fright or even a joyous moment. We come closer to it, understand that all those ‘other’ things we stress over really don’t matter…but that the love truly does. Even the slow going times have those aha moments, working on a painting, the gift of a flower, arms wrapped around nature, it all speaks of that love, fine tuning our hearts so that we can ‘feel’ from that place within us clearer and clearer. Thank you for sharing kind lady, your journey in that twinkling of an eye, so to speak, spoke to you well 😀❤️🙏

  3. It’s empowering and cathartic to say “I don’t know.” Letting go of the expectation to know or pretend to know is a great relief. Our ability to rethink, learn and unlearn is a valuable tool. Much appreciation to you and to Danielle for sharing your insights and life wisdom. You may like the book “Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know” by Adam Grant. Sending many good wishes your way. Very happy to see your posts in the reader, my friend. 🙏❤️😊

    1. It does indeed take the pressure off MM, those expectations that can drive us. Sometimes positively but alas, sometimes negatively…but…they all give understanding, even the bad ones. And your comment of ‘Our ability to rethink, learn and unlearn is a valuable tool’, is indeed a powerful ability. That flexibility allows us to go beyond the basics of life. But we must realize that this is a great power and must be used with integrity to which I think its destination of love builds that. Yes, we can go off the rails and go in its opposite direction…but if we can’t see that, then I think something is broken within us. You are most certainly not broken kind lady, that integrity lives well within you MM 😀❤️🙏

    1. Hey Michele, that is great to hear after all the kerfuffle from before…and I haven’t done anything. It’s like those AI in Worpress had to sniff me out first to see if I was welcome or not 🤣 Mind you, I shouldn’t laugh, that is getting a bit in your face these days.
      Anyway, thank you for your lovely comment kind lady. It is indeed very important for us to have the courage to reach out when we don’t know something and be open to understand more. Love has no boundaries. Thank you, and welcome aboard 🤣❤️🙏

    1. Indeed Pam, they dare us to go beyond them and ‘see’ that even among the hard stuff there is a very beautiful heart being polished to feel it and understand it all. Thank you for sharing kind lady, may your journey polish your understanding well…like in your posts 🤣❤️🙏

    1. In the beginning most certainly, but as we get older and wiser we will understand and let go those things that no longer serve us. It’s sometime is like those really hard puzzles, they frustrate and stress us until suddenly a clue opens it a little wider which gives us confidence, opens things up a little further until as we get closer to the end our hopes and faith get stronger and brighter…then that last piece will fall into place…and we sit there with a big beautiful smile on our face…because we did it, we dared it, we completed it. No greater love will we find in that moment kind lady, be it a puzzle, life or the love at its end…because the one common denominator, is that believing in ourselves in doing it. Thank you for sharing your belief Tiffany, with much greater to come 😀❤️🙏

      1. yes & i was more responding to the beginning of the final paragraph where you mentioned the contradiction, i just added to it the word paradox.

        1. It is indeed a paradox Tiffany…there I was, not able to compute what I was feeling. I was in that place of ‘just being’…but in that place of knowing everything too if I wished. We are only human and have had it all slowed down and separated so that we can see and feel it in all its parts…anger, happiness, frustration, sadness and so many more. But up there it is all together, all those conditions in that understanding we have found down here…are all let go to become something completely different. We can do it all, touch, feel, be…because there is nothing left to restrict us in that unconditional place. I truly cannot explain it properly because I’m trying to use something finite to explain something infinite. Almost like us trying to decipher cave paintings on a wall or a caveman trying to explain a computer, it is just beyond where we currently are…but…one thing I did ‘know’ was it was all a part of that unconditional love, I was it, it was me. That I will never forget, there is nothing like it. Thank you for the share kind lady, may we find that beauty in our journey…from here to there, wherever it may be 😀❤️🙏

  4. “Never think you are not ‘there’ “
    I needed to hear that very thing!!❤️🙏I keep chasing something- ha! Not all the time but – enough to where I feel it still. Damn…that was good – thank you ! Sorry for the bad word – but it just hit me ♥️🙏 thank you Mark.

    1. Thank you Danielle, your words seem to give from a love you are finding, and shared beautifully. And we do keep chasing something, it is that love and happiness we ever search for. And yes, our journey is ever delivering much wisdom and understanding in that journey, of that love within us, slowly opening that protective wall so we will allow that unconditional love to breathe that is within us. I know it is a protective measure for so much we do in this world…but…it is so we can learn what conditional love really is, and in knowing it, finally understand that unconditional love waiting behind it. Take a bow my friend, your journey was truly hard…but…with a great love it tested that very covering to free you in that understanding to truly touch something so profound that was gently waiting inside you to set you free 😀❤️🙏

  5. Reading your words, I suddenly saw a picture of someone holding a shield and dropping it, feeling relief and all of a sudden room that got instantly filled with love. Looking at the shield he couldn’t remember against what he used it for protection.

    1. Oh Erika, that is so profoundly said. An image I’ll never forget and one you should use in a verse (Spirit said that, not me…but I agree 🤣).
      We do indeed protect and protect, not realizing it is also holding us away from the beauty of that love we ever search for. Ever holding it up in life instead of having that courage to say ‘I don’t know’ and let it down and hold our hearts out to allow others in.
      Don’t get me wrong, we must see the opposite of everything so that we can understand them both. Like when I say we must experience sadness to truly understand and appreciate happiness too. We MUST experience our conditional love so that we will finally understand and see unconditional love. Our lives do touch many things, ever bringing us closer to it in their understanding…but that one fear is the final frontier. Step into and understand it, and your world is changed forever. Beautifully, profoundly, lovingly changed.
      Thank you for sharing kind lady, may your shield have shown you both sides…and now lovingly but a memory of the path you have shared 😀❤️🙏

      1. It is this proverbial wall we are building around us for protection reason until we realize that we are excluded from the world. The experience is truly necessary. And what a breakthrough when you realize the powers you kept imprisoned for so long 💖

        1. It is all a very profound moment to see and understand that it all does need to be experienced so that we can see beyond it, a cathartic path bringing together it all in that understanding. Thank you for sharing that path Erika, may it ever speak to you 😀❤️🙏

          1. And I think it is in the deep understanding that all that happens to us is for the sake of experience which is the only way of becoming and achieving who and what we wanted and are meant to 💖

            1. Indeed Erika, all of our experiences speak to us in such a way to give incredible understanding. Even in ways that we don’t realize but come up while experiencing other things. It is a powerful tool for us so we lead with that ‘I don’t know’ to dare to go beyond what we are. Thank you for sharing kind lady, may we ever ask the question in each step we take…as we do 😀❤️🙏

  6. Such a beautiful post and Danielle has often in my opinion held such wisdom within her posts she inspires me within each of them.

    There is so, so, much we Don’t know Mark… in acknowledging that I completely relate here with the words held within your post..
    When you let go of that fear of external judgements, and you truly honour the being within yourself… There is a kind of release mechanism which explodes and shatters the weight which we think we should be carrying…
    No words as you say..
    The only thing we should get to KNOW, is ourselves..

    Sending Love and Blessings dear Mark.. And YES!! I got your update…. Yeah…… 🙂 xxx ❤️

    1. Danielle has been somewhere even I would not dare to tread. You cannot go within to such a place and not be changed by it…and realize that love through that fear. And as you know kind lady, it takes great courage and faith to step past those things that hold us. But beyond them is something so profound, in that moment of understanding that it all does have a great purpose.
      I look back, you know, that hindsight thing…and see all those moments of doubt and fear, but now understand that they all do indeed have a great purpose, to help us see what unconditional love is. I jump for joy when I see or feel that understanding in another, simply because I remember my moment where everything changed so profoundly.
      And you say it beautifully when you say of those judgements…they are only of ourselves in what we believe in our doubts, fears and negativity. And yes, there is indeed a release mechanism…understanding of those very things we hold against us…and in that understanding we release it all. And as Erika said, we drop our shield that protected our hearts…but…in that very act of holding it up, blocked our love too.
      This journey all gives us that understanding by going through it all…and it is hard, or we wouldn’t appreciate what we have gone through. If it was easy we would barely remember it, but because it is a lifetime of sometimes very difficult things, it stays with us, it changes us, and shows us a beauty beyond words.
      Thank you Sue, your words ever appreciated kind lady, as is your posts, garden, and wise owls in your family 🤣 Thank you for sharing them all 😀❤️🙏

  7. Mark, l have never been a fan of Halloween, but there must be some magic in it because today is the first day your post appeared in my inbox! Hallelujah! I didn’t have to search Google for it!

    It’s heartwarming to hear that you have found unconditional love and that your Spirit was with you every step of that long and arduous journey. You must feel reborn, as it were. I have found that as I’ve aged it’s easier for me to let go of those tangled webs….maybe because I’m closer to the end of my life, not the beginning.

    But not to worry Mark, I ain’t letting go of my chocolate! 😳

    1. Yayyy! Hallelujah! Finally, the WordPress postman wasn’t in the pub all night 🤣 And yes, I was reborn. I have heard that word ‘reborn’ so many times Ginger, and fobbed it off as a commercial for religion. Until it did touch me, and I finally understood what it did mean. And the only way I can explain it is this…do you remember doing a math’s formula at school (or something that was really difficult to get your head around), and you suddenly ‘see’ it, finally understand what it is doing and the relief after struggling for so long to get your head around it…well times that by a thousand. After a lifetime of trying to find some meaning down here, find some purpose in a world seemingly gone mad, you suddenly see something, touch something that finally gives that happiness we have ever looked for.
      We get close when we fall in love, happy as can be…until that ‘other’ touches our sore bit. But that too has a purpose, the one person we have finally opened to is mirroring us back so we can see (I’m a male, that takes a…ahem…couple of tries to ‘see’ it 😂), and on that day, in tears, broken every which way that is possible, I saw my fear and understood that it really does have a purpose. It ever held me in that conditional love because of that fear of stepping beyond it…but on this day I saw that it was exactly as everything else that I had seen. We cannot truly appreciate happiness unless we experience sadness too…or with what would we measure it by. And unconditional love cannot be seen and appreciated unless we experience this ‘conditional’ love that we hold first.
      And your right, as we get older (you must be really old by now…35…36? 😀), we see the wisdom in this in many ways and do get closer to that unconditional love as we open our hearts and ‘let go’ those things that have no purpose in our lives. It is just that main fear that we still react to that ever seemingly blocks that understanding.
      Mmmm, did another post Ginger. You do that 😂 And no, alas, I still hold my chocolate too…we have to have maybe one or two bits we have a weak spot for…unless it is holding us back from that ‘let go’. Thank you for sharing your chocolate kind lady, and always gracefully received 😀❤️🙏

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