A ‘Shift’ from an Out of Body Experience!

After my previous post (Truth from an unexpected place!), with regard to a gentleman who had an Out of Body Experience (O.B.E.), I had a conversation with a friend (yes, Tammy), who suggested I should put MY experience into a post so that others may gain from the experience. Now my experience was quite different. Yes, it was an O.B.E. but not what you would call ‘in the classic sense’ of one where you are usually floating above your body and looking down on it and your surroundings. Mind you, others may have experienced what I did, I just haven’t come across one yet and have no idea what to call it. Let’s just say it was a ‘Shift’ for want of a better description.

It was in my early days of ‘spirituality’ and trying to find me. I was doing the meditations and had begun my Massage Therapy Course so I was just touching base with what I wanted to become, and reading books from all over the place to learn and explore other experience’s so that I may understand what it all meant. I suppose spirit knew I was ready for something that, even to this day, still gives me such a feeling of awe and majesty in just what is ‘there’ for us to be a part of.

A young lady (I’ll call her Sue), had joined the meditation group and after getting to know her over a few weeks we would spend some time going for walks and speaking about our journeys and what we had got from the meditations and just swapped information that we had learned from them. In the short time that I had known her she seemed a lovely young lady, knew her mind and the direction she wanted out of life. She also had what appeared to be a ‘depression’ that she was dealing with because of a breakdown in her relationship and was on some medication to help her through this time.

Now, over the course of those few weeks I did note that occasionally Sue would become quite angry and unhappy with the circumstances that she found herself in, and I would talk with her to help her understand and deal with her emotions and try to resolve how she was feeling. By the end of those weeks I saw that she was becoming quite agitated, and under the circumstances I thought I understood her emotional journey.

It was then that a friend told me that they thought that she had a Bipolar disorder, and she had gone off her medication. Well,  the only thing I knew about it was that it was a condition where your moods would alternate between being agitated and or elevated and that it wasn’t a very nice thing to have and it was a difficult thing to deal with at the best of times. And as time had gone past I was witnessing a deterioration within herself and how she coped with her day to day life and interacted with the people around her.

One afternoon we were having a discussion on the balcony of the place I was living in and Sue began a discourse on what she thought was the real problems that affected the world and her proposals to repair and heal the unfairness that was rife in the running of it. As the afternoon went on she started to really escalate and become angrier and angrier, and speaking more in terms that were becoming quite unrealistic, finally reaching a tearful stage into what I was now beginning to realise was a manic episode that is associated with this condition. I realised then how so unfair this condition was, the obvious pressure this had applied to her marriage and the current circumstances that she now found herself in. And all the while not being able to control it except for the medication that she had now stopped taking. My heart could feel her totally (and this ‘event’ showed me just how empathic I had become). I could feel her fear, her sorrow, her pain and the utter hopelessness she felt of the situation, and my whole being went out to her and just ‘gave from the heart’ all in an instant. It was an incredible feeling, an outpouring of pure love.

And then suddenly everything changed. And I mean everything. I was not sitting on my lounge looking out onto the balcony where she was sitting. I could not actually feel my ‘physicality’ on the lounge or in regard to anything around me. But the overriding thing about ‘me’ was that I now ‘knew’ everything. I did not have to ask, it was ‘just’ there, everything, all. Everything ‘was’ me. And there was ‘no time’. It did not exist. Time did not belong where I ‘was’. Everything was at my behest. But I did not need to even ‘want’ anything. There was no need or requirement or thought that I required anything. It was a total perfection as it was. It was the most all encompassing and total feeling of ‘I am’. I can barely describe it to give it any justice. In this place I was a total of everything that ever was, will be, all at once. I could see all around me but there was no need to ‘look’ at anything because I already knew it. But even so, all that I could ‘see’ was an olive green color. I never questioned it at the time because there was no need, but I think in hindsight that it was because of what I had become, that was the only way I could ‘view’ anything was because I was ‘seeing’ things through my senses, not my actual eyes.

My awareness had been raised to such an incredible level. I, with my brain and thought patterns, can barely grasp it now. It was the most all encompassing totality of everything. But this much I do know. I was given the most barest touch of what WAS actually there. I knew I didn’t have the ‘senses’ to understand the depth and vista of what actually was there. My mind would not have been able to absorb what incredible information was around me and I would have gone over the edge. I was being shown something so magnificent so that I could give from a place of understanding in what I now knew. It was the beginning of my connection within of my ‘knowing’ and bringing that understanding into my healing for myself and others. It was also a very important part of my truth, so that in feeling that I could give from that place.

And then I came back to sitting on the lounge, facing out to the balcony. Only this time Sue was walking back through the doorway saying that she was going home. I had no idea how long I was there. There was no way of understanding if it was 1 second, 100 or even an hour. It felt like it was but an instant, but it didn’t matter. But the one thing that I did know was I was as high as a kite. I was floating and feeling so light that whatever I touched was not registering properly. My perception of everything around me was totally out of synch. I could barely move to start with as it felt like my first time in a body. I was all over the place and didn’t dare try to get up or walk. I felt that I maybe I had projected myself or astral travelled for the first time and because I hadn’t done this before, it was taking a bit to get used to, to settle back into my body.

I was so relaxed and in such a state of peace that I deliberately let myself go back into what I had just felt and slowly went back over all that had happened. Absorbed this incredibly wonderful place so that I could savour it forever. Finally my awareness was bringing me back and I was balancing back into my body, so I slowly got up and ‘tried’ to walk and all those other things that a normal body takes for granted. It took quite some time (hours), to just walk properly. It felt like I’d been in traction for months and was taking my first steps. It wasn’t until then that I even registered that Sue had actually left.

After a good nights sleep (and believe me I crashed), I slowly got up, and yes, I was still quite out of sorts. My actions were quite slow and deliberate and I also found my state of mind was still in that ‘high’ of the day before. This went on for the next two weeks. The body slowly got back to working at nearly my normal pace, but the mind wasn’t going there. I realised I needed to ground myself or I couldn’t function properly.

I went to a friend who is a Reiki Master and told her the story and asked if she could bring me back and ground me so that I could bring what I had learned down into the ‘now’. It worked quite well and I could function much better after it, but I did realise that regardless of what I did, it had changed me forever, and I needed to begin my journey of what changes the ‘event’ had now created within me.

I now understand and realise that this ‘event’ was a forerunner to my path of spiritual healing and the understanding of bringing the ‘love within’ back into my day to day life. The healing of the heart within is just as much a spiritual as well as a physical healing of us in this world that we live in. It has it’s trials and tribulations so that we may understand our journey, but it is in the end, where many do not understand, that it is in loving ourselves that we are able to heal and finally create that beautiful place within, that unconditional love that no longer fears this world, and then begins to give from that place within.

With Love, Light and Blessings,


13 thoughts on “A ‘Shift’ from an Out of Body Experience!

    1. Thank you Mr Mel, it was an amazing journey. And a crossroads, like yourself, of finally taking a step because I wished to, instead of just being buffeted around by this world.
      Don’t get me wrong, we need to be buffeted so that we can then realise we are worth so much more, and want to take that first step 😀
      Thank you for sharing 😀

    1. My pleasure Heather. It was an amazing experience, and not something I will ever forget. The changes that it made within are what I share with this blog and the healing I do around me. It touched so many places within and guides me in all that I do in my life. I can still trip and stumble like anyone else, but I understand why and ‘see’ the beauty of the journey. Thank you for your comment, have a great day. Namaste

  1. That’s a really cool experience! Its wonderful when we are stretched from our experiences. I had a similar thing happen during a Reiki treatment I was doing for a client. However it was not a fun experience for me. I left my body and found myself in his experiencing a traumatic event in his life. When I can back I had taken on some of his energy. I didn’t know how to clear it at the time. I had just learned Reiki and I wasn’t taught how to handle this type of experience.

    1. It was a very beautiful experience for me, it gave me such an incredible feeling of understanding in what really is a part of who we are. But by the sound of your’s, it just goes to show the many things we still do not understand. I can only think that you resonated so openly with your client during the Reiki that you ‘immersed’ yourself into their energy. As you said, it can be a very frightening experience as you ‘know’ it isn’t your energy and it would ‘conflict’ with you when their energy became a part of you. I think this would be why we are supposed to protect ourselves before working with each client. And to be quite honest, I would think that most Reiki Masters would not have experienced that type of interaction ‘exactly’ as you have, so would not know how, to show you, how to protect against it. Don’t get me wrong, we should always create a protection around us and the client but I still think there is many ‘other’ things that are given to us for our learning. I think we all integrate into our ‘Gifts’ very individually so it is a very personal journey to find what works and what doesn’t on our path. Thank you Ned for the sharing of your experience. May that experience give you the learning and wisdom to use in all your future healing. Namaste

  2. Well, here it is. I have no idea how I could have missed it before, other than the fact that I’ve been so out of it lately. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful experience with us. I don’t understand why you were so hesitant. I believe every word you said because I believe in this sort of thing. I’ve gotten out of sync with my meditation, breathing exercises, and mindfulness, ever since I went to the hospital, recently. I’ve got to get myself back to that place of my wise mind. You’ve inspired me so much, again, that I’m getting ready to meditate right this minute. I hope one day I am able to experience something like that. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING your experience. I need a powerful and life changing event. I really think that would turn a lot of this negativity back into positivity.
    Peace, love, and hugs my dear friend,
    Wild Thang 🙂

    1. My pleasure Tammy! What I have found on my journey is, that all that we do IS a very life changing event. To realise this, look back 12 or 24 months and see how you were then. I bet you have changed a great deal. This IS your journey. Occasionally an ‘event’ will happen, but that is for us lazy sods that don’t believe enough in ourselves. You on the other hand get to do it the hard way, but in doing that, the belief within of that beautiful beating heart that you have, cannot be compared with anything. Just look at that picture you put up of the two of you and the baby. Grins and smiles forever. THAT is what it’s all about. It’s always about the love. Believe in that love. Have a beautiful day and enjoy who you are. Big gentle hug! Namaste

      1. I don’t want to do it the hard way, damn it, Mark! Life’s hard enough for me already. I’m over here in bed, sick all the time. That could be looked at as lazy and maybe I could get an “event”. I know. It was just a thought. LOL Once I can find that wise mind of mine, maybe I can get back to a more positive state of mind. I lost it and can’t seem to find it.
        Peace out,
        Wild Thang 🙂

        1. I know, it is a hard slog, but God always puts the people and help we need as we go through it. My ‘event’ was from a very highly charged emotional occurrence that triggered it. You might be that damned strong that you need an extra hit to get you there. Remove the ‘lazy’ tag or the universe will smell it and give you what you put out there. No longer a thought or part of your vocabulary. The wise mind is always there but you have to stop trying to do something and allow it to come in naturally. The more I try to do something like that, the more I get in the way. Music, calms the mind, picks up your energy and distracts you. Your positive bit will find you. You can’t practice patience by ‘trying’ to be there. Let it go, everything, and just listen to something that you love to hear…and I mean calming, AC DC will not do that. You must have something that you like and is of a calming nature. Which music brings a smile within like your baby picture? I listen to Deva Primal, because of her beautiful voice. It resonates with me perfectly. You need to find someone who’s music makes you drop off to sleep every time you hear it. It is saying that it allows you to let go…drop your defences…and allow it to take you away. sleep often, and sometimes it will take you somewhere else and tell you things from your Higher Self. Love and light Tammy.

  3. Now, i need to go find my glasses to write the following: (I can read without glasses but cannot write.) I relate to your experience of an 0obe. I had one on my 50th birthday some years ago.. (Like God was giving me a goofy type of birthday present, while reminding me time was passing.)

    I went to bed as usual on the eve of my birthday, 9th Nov. I slept deeply, then all of a sudden an odd dream came into my consciousness, showing me a house with bedrooms. Along the hall was a bedroom with a single bed, covered with a pink duvet cover.. At the moment I spotted the duvet cover, I seemed to lose the dream, and was instead, floating near my bedroom ceiling.. Wow! – What was I doing up there I thought?” – I knew that if I should go through the ceiling to the beckoning beyond, I would not return.. I felt rather afraid at the thought of not returning.. I instantly “willed” my ‘self’ back down to my sleeping body, lying on the bed.. With that thought, I turned vertical, descended instantly to the throat area of my sleeping self.. I felt myself re-enter my body – and with uncontrollable shaking, I awoke… I was rather terrified for the rest of the night. I have not had another experience like that.. At the time I too. was meditating often also much absorbed in my Eastern guru. (Not sure that was a good idea, in hindsight.) During that time also, I was having amazing dreams… I don’t write about this stuff much on my blog.. Maybe I should.. Anyway Mark, thanks for the reminder.. eve (I am busy cooking, best get back to the kitchen..) thanks for the break..

    1. Thank you for a beautiful share eve. The ‘events’ that I think we may all be touched by, may be very specific in who we are, and our connection that is our path. There is sometimes a common them, like the O.B.E.’s, but I think the imprint of what we go through and the meaning that it leaves us with, is a very personal touch. I am also relating to the shaking as you re-connected with your body. Only I was very peaceful, floaty and could not re-connect properly. But, as you are aware, it was an incredible experience. I do hope that others are able to add their experiences here or if they would rather be more personal, use my ‘Contact Me’ page above. I think that these ‘spiritual happenings’ may give more understanding to others that are on their path and wish to read of others experiences and how they were affected by such a powerful and life changing event. Maybe it would be good to share or at least write about your experiences for others to read? It may be a good for them to at least realise that others share their experiences as well. Namaste

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