The Gift!

It takes a long while to gradually know yourself. You think you do…at 20 or 40 or even 60 years of age, but in truth you only learn that it is an ongoing process. You ‘learn’ how you went through this or that event and realise you have done it right or wrong, so you change your approach by the wisdom you have gained by that experience. And this brings about an understanding that you use in your day to day life. It gives you a confidence in your ability to go through or handle different circumstances. Some things you do well, others could do with a touch up here or there, so that you are happy with who you are.

On a practical, physical level it is one of those things that if you are interested in something you research it, look into it to see if it’s a possibility for you and then start to practise whatever your interest might be, which would, like life, have it’s up’s and down’s. If it is any holistic, spiritual interest, you would approach it the same way. Like anything that you do, it comes with a feeling of good, bad, indifference or even intense, which assist’s you on your journey.

So where does a ‘Gift’ come into the scale of life. Everyone has a ‘Gift’ in one form or another and it can be expressed in so many ways. That ‘thing’ within that comes from who knows where. Not studied, looked for or even understood in it’s early carnation. Beautiful in it’s ‘touch’ for it leaves such a lovely and peaceful presence after it’s departure. And by that, it is sometimes sporadic in it’s nature, only being present under certain conditions. Some are quite powerful, others much more gentle, but more powerful because of that. And the fact that it is given from such a ‘unconditional’ place within begs the question…’If I didn’t ask for it, where did it come from?’.

In hindsight, and only when we are ready within ourselves, do we realise it has only been in those moments when we are ‘there’ in that space or feeling within, that it makes itself known. Becomes an extension of who we are and what we believe within ourselves. It is a giving from a place within that has such purity that we connect so strongly to it. It is our love that we portray out into the world from that connection that we bridge to that duality within. In that beautiful, unconditional space within, duality is no more. We are one. And from that place we can move mountains, build empires, but most of all, we love from such a powerful place that the simple act of a touch or even a smile can move us to tears or allow our hearts to create beauty beyond description.

The ‘Gift’ within is a contact to that heart inside us all. Usually silenced by the fears of this world but slowly realised as we understand that this worlds truth is not a place of happiness. Not a place where smiles are freely given. Not a place where our hearts do not need the walls of protection so that we can give freely. But it is that fearless place that we need to discover so that an opening can be made. An opening of that defence to see how we are dealing with what the world throws at us to test this beauty within. And when we finally say ‘enough’ and no longer wish to be the slaves to these chains of fear, then and only then, we will step into that truth and begin to give from a place that is free and can truly be called love. For in doing so, we are loving ourselves.

And in that freedom, that connection within, we realise that we now ‘know’ that truth. We have gone past what held us in captivity, and now give from a place that is an understanding of what went before. We are free, open and giving with the ‘Gift’ of love that resides within. It is an expression of our individuality for the beauty that we are creating within, to show the perfection that is you.

Remember, at any given moment, you are perfect for exactly who you are. You are on a path of creating that beautiful creature within who’s awareness is becoming stronger. And enabling that ‘Gift’ to be a beacon of what resides inside to show the world that you have reached that place, and now give in all it’s beauty. You are that beauty. Embrace it, and let it be a sign to others so that they too, can be a ‘Gift’ to this world.

Love, light and blessings to all.

15 thoughts on “The Gift!

    1. Thank you Lala Rukh! It is when we find that truth within, and step into our truths that speaking comes so easily. It is like dancing, after a while it becomes second nature and then we really begin to create from the heart. I read your About page…sounds like it’s time…to find your truth within. That love for self that finally binds that separation, the lost feeling and lack of happiness within. The universe is waiting for you, as it does for all of us, to respond to whatever you put ‘out there’ in your journey. Time for you to change gears in that lovely Lamborghini you are driving (that body does go very well in first gear),…but it is now time to step up a level and begin to really find that love within that is hidden behind the emotional walls that we build from all of life’s fears we have created. It can be scary, but just put it out there and the help that we need will be ready and waiting. The universe, more than anything, wants you to succeed and become that final thing that we all strive for…the unconditional love that has created everything around you. And yes, it is there, I have seen and felt it. It is the most incredibly perfect thing as it has put us all here on our own individual, unique journeys to discover ourselves…and they are all correct…and interact, to finally create the beauty that is inside us all. May that journey allow you to find that love that is within, and waiting for you! With love, light and blessings. Mark xo

      1. Wow Mark ! You have just said some very nice words that went straight to my heart……Loved reading your comment. Yes I think that too…May be it is the time to move a step forward…the beauty of which you have described already so nicely. Thank you for the great words…They are truly amazing. Love you and hope to see you around. You are a lovely person. Stay blessed !

  1. What a beautifully written and inspiring post Mark, You truly have a ‘gift’ with your expression as you touch upon our journey’s and how each may find that particular gift… Do we ever truly know ourselves? for me personally I am always discovering something new about myself.. This journey is one long Gift of discovery… From our failures we find strength.. from our sorrow we learn how happy we have been. And I learn every day how to open up my heart to the most simple pleasures , like yesterday morning watching the various birds feed from the newly filled feeders as they fluttered in and out of the bushes stopping by the bird bath to splash.. This gave me a gift as the sparrows in our area had been far and few between since some new developments not far away which had taken some much needed hedgerows away… So imagine my delight when I saw not only sparrows, but blue-tits, along with our resident robin, and blackbirds, but also a chaffinch, which I’d not seen for a few years in our garden.. Word had got out that seeds were plentiful 🙂

    Thank you for the Gift you spread…
    love and Blessings

    1. Thank you very much Sue for your kind words. We all do have our ‘Gifts’ and it is a pleasure to see the discoveries of these throughout our and other’s lives. And your right about life always showing us new things about ourselves and our journey on this beautiful planet. For me, I’m always gladdened by finding someone like yourself working tirelessly in giving to one and all and for this lovely land that we live on. I’m also happy that you very much understand the beauty of, what others may call, the little things around us. They are just as important as the rest. When they one day look out the window and see nothing, only then will they realise, but too late. May the life in your field of love thrive always. Thank you, and have a great day! Namaste

  2. words spoken within the language of Heart is your Gift Mark…
    and you share it very well…
    Good thinking post…one of those sit back and wonder how to unwrap
    the gift you have been given…
    Thank you for sharing you and your thoughts….
    Take Care…You Matter….

    1. Thank you maryrose for those beautiful words! It has been a wonderful journey, hard, but then all lessons are. It allows understanding of that beauty within and each and every little (or big), thing that we go through always points back to ‘us’ so that we integrate a bit more into who we are. Understanding who and what we are, with the pinnacle of that being the knowledge to realise, that it is in loving ourselves that is the end of that journey…and the beginning of another. To now truly understand you within. To ‘know’ that beauty and love within and give from that place. Yes, we are still in this earthly body, and we can still trip and scrape our knees, but it is with that wisdom of knowing and understanding of the spirit within and once we give that love to ourselves the gates of the heart are set free. And the more faith and love we have within for ourselves, the more our ‘Gifts’ shine for all to see. Thank you again maryrose, the beauty in your words are but the Grace of your heart. Gratefully accepted with the wisdom that they were given. Namaste

    1. Well done Ned. When we finally find that truth within, it all changes. The judgements, the fears, the not loving ourselves all fall away. We begin to live a renewal of life from that love within and our perceptions of all around us change profoundly. Glad to hear your ‘Gifts’ are awakening. Namaste

    1. Thank you V! That ‘Gift’ is within us all, it just takes a bit to find it. But most of the time we don’t look because the world has us busy with life. It’s when we finally have had enough, that we realise it is there just waiting to wrap itself around us with the love that it’s been created with. Love and light, Mark.

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