Truth from an unexpected place!

I did it again. Pre-empting a night of ho-hum with my 83 year old mum out celebrating an early Christmas dinner with all her tennis chums, I assumed a night of conversation that would consist of the latest thrashing such and such gave to someone else, and how they got them in the final set would be the highlight of the night. Little did I know that the foreign gentleman across the table from me was going to fire a rocket across my bow and make me sit up and really take note of a truth from an unexpected quarter.

A general polite conversation had begun about the use of statin’s as a cholesterol lowering drug and the uproar that had hit Australian television a couple of weeks ago after a very respectable scientific show called CatalystΒ (Part 1: Heart of the matter, Dietary Villian’s, Part 2: Heart of the matter, Cholesterol Drug War), (these episodes have since been removed…I wonder why!), had done some serious research to show that the cholesterol came after heart disease, not before it. And the research that had determined that cholesterol was the culprit, was seriously flawed. As you could imagine that caused a sensation that is still reverberating around the country now. (By the way, I am not suggesting throwing your statin’s out the door, speak with your Doctor first, then do what I did and flushed the con job that they are down the toilet).

Anyway, this, believe it or not, wasn’t what threw me. The gentleman with the smile and twinkle in his eye quietly let the hubbub die down and he proceeded to tell us of his heart condition that he was going through at that moment. They had inserted a stent to try to repair the vein to the heart and reduce the strain on the heart wall muscle that, he had been told, the statin’s appear to have weakened. That went well, but his heart condition still left him quite weak. They also said that in his weakened condition they would not be able to operate again because he would not survive it. And he was still smiling.

A lady next to me said it must have been a terrible ordeal, to which he thought about for a moment and then said ‘Yes, it was. But while I was hovering above the surgeon watching him operate on me, it really didn’t matter, I couldn’t feel anything’. You could have dropped a pin, in the middle of a restaurant seating 150 people, and heard it roll over the floor. We all sat there stunned, myself included, by this admission from someone from the old school who usually kept those things to themselves. He went on to say it was peaceful and he could see exactly what they were wearing, what they were saying to each other and what everything looked like in the room. Even how they were doing the operation on him.

To say the least, he had all our attention. And finally spirit gave me a nudge (I was still sitting there in a daze), and gently got me to ask him, ‘after being a part of that, how do you feel towards life now?’. To which he replied, ‘everything has changed, things that were important, no longer are. Other things that didn’t seem to matter, now do. Life has changed’. (And where have I heard that before!). And as we all sat there nodding our heads and seeing the truth in his words, we all realised our lives were very artificial. Very keep up with the Jones’s. And full of stress for all the wrong reasons.

As I write this I even think that where I am coming from can still use a lot more changes. Changes in what I feel is important to me, and those things that I really don’t need. My attitude to a lot of things can still do with a lot of tweaking for the simple reason I still allow many things to come into them that in reality have no meaning. Yes, I need to learn those things but more to the point is in having the attitude of giving from a place that has meaning and truth. And I realise that I still have things that need to be expressed and let go to heal so that I can actually live the truth that I am, not the version that is giving, but with a layer of fear wrapped around my heart for protection so that my attitude is restricted by this layer getting in the way of everything.

So at the end of the evening, we could see that this gentleman was becoming quite tired, and even I was beginning to feel he was actually in quite a bit of pain, so with a little nod of his head to his wife they bid their good nights to one and all and made their way home.

I went out with the expectation of a dull evening, and spirit being spirit decided to show me what life was really all about. In the most unexpected place, from the most ordinary circumstances, life is alive and well. And from a place that seemed lifeless and coming to an end. He had a smile and a twinkle in his eye, and I know why. I now even feel that within myself because he was able to express his truth to us all. Life is what we make it. So what do you really want out of life? What really is important? This life is really but a brief sojourn, and in reality it is to those we love, ourselves included, that we should give from a place of truth and feel from our heart within. Too soon time has come and gone before we realise that maybe we should have done this or that. Now is the only time…forgive (for you may not be able to later), let go (for pain is the only thing you hold), hug (for it cares from within), say ‘I love you’ (for most of all, it means everything). Namaste

27 thoughts on “Truth from an unexpected place!

    1. Oooh yes! They tried to put me on them when they first came out. My body went off like an alarm bell, would not tolerate them under any circumstances. And now there are many more articles saying what a crock of rubbish that they are. And just to reinforce that, they are NOW saying you should always ask your doctor before going off any medication (reinforce the hold the pharmaceutical companies have over the doctors), but are starting to back pedal on the statin’s ‘usefulness’. They will begin to come out with a why they did what they did pretty soon to cover their back sides as much as they can. It will be interesting what excuse they give to inform us why they conned us out of billions of dollars to keep their empires going on a lie. Sorry E.D., that particular item is a sore point for me. Better go and meditate for a while πŸ™‚ Take care, Mark

      1. you ditto the remark i heard yesterday.. I hope I’ll never be offered them! – sounds dreadful.. Yes, I can see your pain.. I don’t trust the doctors, because they are not the ones who are in care of our lives anymore, it is the drug companies. Not good news.. Hey, I like your song,, let her go.. nice.. πŸ™‚ eve

          1. so touched by your post, Letting Go. i have posted my own on the topic.. used your you tube.. and your last paragraph. credited to you and your blog.. You touched a note there with me. Should you feel wary about my sharing your thoughts, do let me know, i will delete. thank you eve.

  1. i liked your post cos you love your mum… so important.. I have a daughter that does not care for her parents – and it so hurts… blessings yvonne

    1. Thank you E.D., my mum is a lovely lady, and I have to admit I thought the night was going to be a little ‘quiet’ to say the least. Little did I know what was in store for me. Teach me a little humility I think. I do hope the breach in you and your daughter’s relationship may be healed. Sometimes it is not until they ‘have walked a few miles in your shoes’ that they realise where you have really been coming from for all those years. Let it not create a cement wall but of kindling so it may be pulled down. Love and light, Mark

  2. I really enjoyed this post, by the way. I was so concerned about not hearing from you for a few days that I forgot to tell you that this was a great post. I really believe in an after life and O.B.E. I’ve read some very interesting books on the subject.
    Peace out,
    Wild Thang

    1. Hi Tammy, just been a busy little healer. And yes, the O.B.E.’es are an amazing subject. I’ll have to do a post on mine one day. Thank you for the song and I will be going over for a look see but it will have to be a bit later. The power company is doing some maintenance and I’m losing power in about 10 min for the day. But I shall return πŸ™‚ Have a great day! πŸ™‚

      1. Breathe, Wild Thang, Breathe……………………………
        I just went to hit reply and the message disappeared. You know that gets my blood boiling. One more time. As I was saying, you had an O.B.E.? I would really love to hear all about it. I, myself, find that such an amazing subject. I truly believe the people that experience that are the messengers to reassure us all that there really is something beyond here, on Earth.
        Then I was messing with you, as I always do, and saying maybe next time you should charge up your battery before you get your power shut off. Then if you are like me, you might get an hour and a half. Better than nothing. Oh, well. Take care. Hope you’re having a good day and I will talk to you soon.
        Peace out,
        Wild Thang πŸ™‚

        1. Right, I’m back. Electricity flowing, computer going and I’m knowing! Give me a while and I’ll come over to see the songs for us who need to ‘live’ a little bit, thank you for setting it up for our pleasure πŸ™‚ I may have been incorrect in my description of an O.B.E., but then again maybe not. Where I went was unbelievable, amazing and so beautiful that it took me over 2 weeks to ‘come down’. It left me in the most incredible place within myself and began my journey within. I’ll think about the post on it! Namaste

          1. No, no thinking about it. Don’t tease us like that, mister. Just go ahead and post it. I thought O.B.E. was an out of body experience? Is there another meaning? Unless you went on one of those drug induced ones? LOL Fess up. Let’s hear it. 2 weeks must have been some good stuff. Just sayin…………………………………………
            Now I didn’t get to Black Sabbath and Ozzy and all those I’m going to post just for you, but I did get Wild Thang and then one of my other favorite songs. I’ll be looking forward to that post about your O.B.E. experience. That will be a great one! Get busy.
            Bossy Wild Thang LOL πŸ™‚

            1. Yes, it is an Out of Body Experience, but my experience did not look back at my body in some way from another place. It was an incredible awareness of what is. I still could ‘see’ things but it was the ‘awareness’ of all that is, that was the most prominent in my experience. That may have been because I am a ‘feeler’ and I ‘sense’ which gives me a knowing of all that is, rather than ‘see’ as much. No drugs needed, just a willingness to know the truth. I’ll put my mind to a post. Namaste

              1. I’ll be looking for it tomorrow. LOL or you can just send me a private email if you would prefer. take your choice because you’ve got me so curious and anxious to hear about this wonderful experience you had, please Kind Sir. Look, I even call you Kind Sir all the time. Maybe it will help me. I need all the help I can get, Kind Sir. Can’t wait to read it tomorrow. LOL
                Peace out,
                Wild Thang πŸ™‚

                  1. I’ll be patiently waiting for it, wherever it ends up, on your blog or in my email, either will be fine. Just think about how much it could help me. I am serious, now. I need all the enlightening I can get, I’ve got some issues that are haunting me, so please enlighten me or ELSE! Relax, that’s not a threat, well it is in a jokingly manner. You should know that by now. You could go ahead and start writing it out on paper right now and work on it as you have time and then it should be ready real soon. Right? I’m in a manipulative mood tonight. LOL Just in case you hadn’t noticed. It’s 2:46 a.m. here and I’m getting quite delirious and can’t seem to shut down the ole laptop. I’m on a roll this morning. It’s hurting my eyes with this vertigo and the room keeps feeling like it’s about to spin with the slightest movement of my head and the nausea is way worse than my “usual every day nausea” just another one of my blessings. I’ll get over it. Had it for a week now. Have you ever had it?
                    Peace out mister,
                    Wild Thang πŸ™‚

                    1. Working on it miss Tammy! As for the vertigo, I’ve had little bouts of it and THAT isn’t very nice, so I can see your vertigo is not a good place. It seriously makes you very ill. Good energy coming at you for a removal of vertigo and SLEEP so that you can build the healing within. Gentle music, if you will, to let your mind and body become calm and balanced for you. Sending distance healing in 1 hour so that you can release and be in that space and heal. Namaste

  3. An interesting read.. I know many on Statins and to be offered them becomes a little like a must have or else this is the consequence …The pharmaceutical industries have a huge interest in promoting drugs ( profit )..but had not heard the Australian version of events over this drug ..
    Loved the fact of the O.B.E. though, and can well see how such an experience puts into perspective what is REALLY important in LIFE… and we take none of our material with us, I always say what we pack for our Ultimate Journey is not of this world, but what we carry within our Hearts.. The Love, the deeds done and kindnesses shown… These are what counts… Live Life in the NOW Moment, for we can not change what we did an hour ago, and know not what the next hour will bring… and while we worry about both, we fail to live in the Gift of Now, thats why it happens to be called THE PRESENT!
    Namaste Mark, be well and Happy and enjoy every moment of your Nows

    1. Hi Sue! It was an unbelievable story on just how greedy the Pharmaceutical industry has become. Their research was totally based on a lie. There is no other way to describe it but us as a cash cow for the system that has integrated itself, manipulated the doctors and us, for the one and only benefit of greed. Anyway, I’ll not go further as it has, thankfully, become a topic that will eventually come back and bite them. The only part that worries me is the fact that it will get swept under the carpet and on they will go. The O.B.E on the other hand was a lovely tale from the gentleman and I was very pleasantly surprised on the evening. I have another friend who died from a heart attack, came back and told this amazing tale of what it meant to her. Maybe I need a page dedicated to the subject. And you are very right on what the story means in regard to the NOW in our lives. We live in such a way that it feels like a drudgery from dawn till dusk instead of ‘living’ that life. I think it is needed, as in to feel that ‘drudgery’ so that a full understanding is obtained when we finally begin to live instead of just ‘being’. Truthfully I would love to get into the schools and teach the children ‘life’ and it’s truth. All they do is maths, english, economics and every other ‘modern’ classes but don’t give them any tools for living that life. It is all a training ground for the ‘dollar’ above all else. Thank you for your lovely comments and I will enjoy my ‘nows’ very much. Love, light and blessings to you! Namaste

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