Becoming That Love!

A reply to that lovely writer across the world Erika , to her post… ‘In retrospect it is not always about ‘why’ we started a journey, but ‘that’ we started it’… And I realized our fears tend to keep us hesitated, unsure of our steps. So I spoke of what I found in that final moment, after ‘all’ of those steps on that path, each finally understood as a purpose within itself.

‘I did find it Erika, it touched me so profoundly when I saw indeed that it was all we experienced to find that very place within us. It takes a long time…but that ‘time’ is the builder.

It’s like anything we complete that takes that ‘time’ and that has great meaning to us…a painting, building a home, a relationship…and very much more so, especially that relationship with us. We can’t see it, because we feel it…and for a long time we dare not to. But one day after all that prodding inside us a piece of our wall breaks open and we dare to hope that love we had always wanted was indeed inside us all this ‘time’ just waiting for us to allow ourselves to feel again, break through all those ‘conditions’ we place on ourselves and finally love in an unconditional place.

There truly are no words for it…but the feeling is beyond words…way beyond words. It brought me to tears, big, beautiful tears…and glad of every one I touched. All that went before was indeed building me to reach this point, it can’t be done without it. And why I never condemn what went before…for they are all the builders…and I mean all. Not one step, bad as it may be, is wrong. It is taking us to that point within so that when the ‘time’ comes we will ‘see’ it all. Then we can truly forgive ourselves and others…unconditionally’ ❤️🙏

And just a footnote to the above…many ask ‘why am I not there, I’ve gone through so much’. But unconditional love knows where it’s understanding is within you, It will only give what is required for that understanding. It’s like riding a bike, all shaky and wobbling, not confident at first. But one day you find a place that that balance is met and suddenly your confidence is raised and you start to really ride…and begin to enjoy every moment…because of all the scars and dents the journey has taken to finally reach that point. You are a very original loving piece in this world, and trust me, that unconditional love knows this and will share all that it can so that you will indeed find it within yourself…and become confident in who you really are within…and become that love you have ever hoped for.

And yes, it does take a long time…because you are a very precious soul. Unconditional love does not make mistakes, it is ever there and in that it encourages you unconditionally just by being itself, just as you wish by accepting it, so that you can see it’s love within you…yourself, in that understanding. No greater love will you ever find ❤️🙏

24 thoughts on “Becoming That Love!

  1. AND what a wonderful journey it is really… honestly 😂🥱 on one hand I see us all playing on the merry go round enjoying and the next sliding down the helterskelter numbing ourselves far away from the joy! AND through it all we feel the inner guidence, pushing us gently forward through the fog, trusting we are coming home… finally excited to rest a while!❤️ a great post Mark Thankyou… IAM catching up as I seem to have missed a few posts! Much love❤️

    1. You are doing well Barbara, our journey truly is building something wonderful. It may have a few puddles, a waterfall or two…but among it all the serenity of floating through it too is also there. And each and every stroke that we make is teaching us a beautiful thing, the beauty of that love that built it all. We are coming home kind lady, to a place where it will indeed make it all worthwhile. Hugs from down under kind lady, and lots of love too 😀❤️🙏

  2. This is so profound, Mark. And there truly are no words and yet the feeling is so incredible…so magical! Every step, like you said, whether it be good or bad or somewhere in between, is part of the journey. It all has to be there. I know that now. I used to question the bad things that happened, but now I try to not even give it the label bad…or good. Life is a beautiful journey and it exists for us…we just have to be willing to live it…live it fully…and live it in love.
    Thanks for your beautiful soul ❤️

    1. And I thank you also Lorrie, for just being you. Another soul finding that truth within and in doing so give that courage to another in finding it, to dare them to step once more. This journey is ever that dance to find us within it all and as that time goes by we do become better in our steps to find that wisdom that shows we are that love we ever look for. And to finally relax into it, finally appreciate that those many elements were teaching us who we are, building truly such a courage so that we will enter such a beautiful profound place inside us by understanding it…and set our hearts free. Thank you for sharing yours kind lady, may we all ‘touch’ and understand us in this dance of love 😀❤️🙏

  3. Oh my… What a beautiful piece of heartfelt writing this is Mark… Yes it does take a long while… Goodness, I have thought I have been there several times.. Learning to forgive others and myself.. And then Wham!… Some trigger brings up all of that trauma again and you realise you still are a work in progress.

    But it is only through the sifting out of those niggles that get under our skin, as we Learn to let go of those inner wounds those unseen scars that All of us carry, sometimes unconsciously as we forget how in our early childhood those 0 to 7 year early years influenced our adult perception ..
    Finding that inner love of self and becoming that Love is far from an easy journey.. But once we step onto that road of mastery.. Oh my… It makes such a difference to your world.. and how you view the world..

    Many thanks Mark for sharing your profound thoughts.. Good to be back and glad you got your blog website up and running again..

    Hugs and Much love xx ❤️🙏✨💖

    1. Hey Sue, glad to hear your voice. And In it, I hope you are doing well. And yes, it is a very profound journey, ever touching us to feel it all so that lovely place within us ever gets polished and refined to a truth our soul seeks. And many a rough step within it to build that very thing…even if some days a real break is needed so that we can take a breath, for just a little while.
      And you are right, those lock in years in our childhood seem to lock us out, but thankfully it is in that redesigning that we break through into something wonderful. And more meaningfully, it is that ‘self’, in doing it, that we feel that truth within us.
      And thank you, it has taken a while to get up and running again, new host, new WordPress load, and it still travels like a billy cart downhill sideways 🤣
      Ah well, that will test our love kind lady. Again, so glad to have you back. I look forward to more smoother chats, hopefully, and with a different loving light from across the sea. Take care my friend, see you soon 😀❤️🙏

      1. I am just hoping I get your updates.. You are coming in loud and clear in my notification bar.. LOL so that is one good thing… Sending Hugs your way… ❤️ 🙂 xx

        1. And hugs returned in kind Sue, thank you. And I pray I am still getting out there. Just now I suddenly can’t ‘like’ any comments on my own site. This is becoming ridiculous 😀❤️🙏

  4. Mark, your blog decided not to visit my inbox so I didn’t know you were here! I just decided to look you up in Google and here I am.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly that unconditional love is in all of us. Some folks recognize that sooner than others. I believe it sustains us even when we’re not aware of its presence.

    I’ve often wondered why we accept and give unconditional love from and to our beloved pets so willingly, but when it comes to fellow humans we seem to put up a roadblock. We are a weird lot!

    I just had some chocolate so I’m good! 🥴

    1. Hey Ginger, I knew you were here somewhere 🤣 I got lost. They lost my domain name into the ether’s for a few weeks when I was trying to setup a new host, then it refused to load, finally reloaded with a new WordPress…and it still works like a vintage car at the Daytona 500 (Do they still have that? 😂).
      And yes, I was shown that this love is always here…always. The only reason we don’t feel it at times is because of our pain. We block it and diminish what we feel. Yes, it is still always there it is just us, but that has a great purpose. Like we only ever truly appreciate happiness when we experience sadness too. So the same in feeling that lack of love gives a huge appreciation when it is there. I was shown that the love IS ever here, even if we are the Hitler’s of the world or a mass murderer. (Actually I’ve been nudged on another post for there too). God loves us all, regardless of where we have been or done. It’s that Grace thing, a hope, a chance, an intent within us to just find that love and happiness in appreciation of what we have been given…that place we ever look for.
      And that is of course where many people or pets come in, they ever give us their love. A puppy dog will ever wag its tail, show that love, even if it is in great pain. We can feel this from them…and so we open and give it back to them. Now the important bit…everything around us only reflects back what we give out…but…we are ever on guard to those humans because we are afraid of what they will do. So we block them. And just to confuse the issue, we can be as loving as anything to them, and they can react even more. Then that is their fears towards us. Now to decipher the difference, and that is what our life is for, to understand us, through them. A puppy dog always wags that tail, licks our hand, wants to play…almost unconditionally. We are not afraid of them. Mind you, they too have personalities but will still wag that tail. They may bark at someone but that is only a protection of those they love.
      I wonder what the neighbors would say if I sat at my front gate and barked and wagged my tail at everyone that walked past. Gave me treats and a pat on the head every day? I’d be the hussy of the block, but only because the neighbors would be jealous. Reflections everywhere…so we can see…eventually 🤣
      Anyway, where was I …oh, chocolate! I’m reflecting what I am becoming, my desire for it is slowly being rejected by my body. The more I grab for a block the more my body says no, no, no. My body loves me…I’m just not loving my body…but I’m working on that (aren’t we all? 🤣).
      Hey Ginger…I think I missed you, I’ve almost written a book here 😂 Oh, speaking of which, I’m supposed to be putting in more time on my book too 🤣
      Right, I’m here, sort of. I hope just a re-follow will fix it. Look after yourself, may the gremlins of WordPress be erased…halabazoo! 🤣❤️🙏

      1. The WP gremlins are alive and well. I still didn’t get any alert that you emailed me. I just took a chance and looked you up in Google again and lo and behold there was your response to my comment!

        So I will have to train myself to keep checking your blog through Google. At least we can communicate again.

        Stay well my friend. Be happy. Behave!

        1. Grrr, it’s like trying to talk underwater with a mouthful of grapes 🤣 What I might do is re-register your email address again and see if that stirs the pot a little Ginger.
          Oh what? Behave? Does chocolate taste nice? 🤣😂😀❤️🙏

  5. You light brightens the gloomiest of days. Keep on illuminating, my dear friend. It’s a blessing to be on the path with you. Peace, love, and chocolate 💝 🙏🥰

    1. Yayyy! Oh, for what you said…and the chocolate 🤣
      Thank you MM, I cannot but give what I found. To suddenly realize that this all does have a very beautiful meaning this path we tread. I cannot do anything but try to share what I found. It has truly given everything such a profound meaning to each and every step I take and I can’t help but share it so that other’s can feel what I felt too. I think…I’m like a kid in a lolly shop…so many lollies, so little time 🤣❤️🙏

  6. What a wonderful post, Mark! I think it is THE (re)discovery that the love we have been longing for and searching for has always been within. Maybe that is the reason we are so longing for it because we remember it. We remember how unconditional love feels and that’s why we miss it so much. I think if we never knew it, we would not even miss it. It is that essential part of us and love finds its ways throughout our lifetimes to lead us back step by step. As you said, it does it fitting our state of consciouness, our readiness that its lessons are recognized and can sink deeper. Again, wonderful post, Mark, thank you 💖

    1. And thank you Erika, and your words are so beautifully said kind lady. You are truly opening, your words truly ‘connect’ as I read them. No greater love than a truth, and your words ring so true. Our journey is indeed that ‘coming home’ to something we still feel within us, that guidance in our hearts to go beyond this world in so many ways. Beautiful dear lady, and thank you for sharing something that brings that smile within a little closer to the surface in hearing it 😀❤️🙏

    1. Hey Kristine, you have been able to sneak in a comment. Yay! Glad to hear your voice kind lady. May we ‘sneak’ a few more. And I thank you for your lovely comment, one soul to another. It is a big journey, but the depth is…something else. I came, I saw, and I broke something…and it was the most beautiful thing I found through it all. May that sunrise greet you in its warmth too kind lady 😀❤️🙏

  7. “That” we started…and look at this journey we’re on now, here, in this space. And all you’ve done to keep it going! Much love to you from Finn and me. We’re waving with hope and blessings! 🙌🏻❤️🫶🏻🌈☕️🎶📖

    1. And waving with much love returned to you both Karla. Much hope and love also coming over for your journey dear lady. You are going through much, but I know what you will find is a blessing beyond words. Each step has meaning, all of them, even if some feel so small, they hold a love beyond words. Big, big hugs to you both…and a ‘knowing’ of the beauty already found in your heart, and the freedom it gives as only unconditional love can 😀❤️🙏

      1. Thank you, dear friend! Your words always touch my heart and soothe my soul. I find blessings constantly. My friend, I’ll post one more time and then be MIA for a while (I didn’t want you to worry). I’ll have great pics to share as I take a much needed trip (with friends who will bubble wrap me lol). Headed to the Grand Canyon after several visits and tying up many loose ends with appts, blood draws, drs orders,…coming back to prepare for my life changing surgery the end of October. I’ll find some peaceful days and will need injections to boost me before they can operate. All will work out as should. God has it. I take a deep breath and try to rest and stay as healthy as possible. I hope you do too, my friend. ❤️🙌🏻🙏🏻🥰🫶🏻

        1. Looking forward to the goodies from that post, it sounds like a beautiful trip. I’ve heard so much about the Grand Canyon and when it is seen in different documentaries etc, it truly stands out as a complete wonder. It would just hold you in its arms seeing it in its glory, words wouldn’t do it justice I don’t think. But please try 🤣
          Anyway thank you for all that Karla, now I know which time to focus and bring to bear His love all around you during this pathway. Lot’s of love and hugs coming at you both, and may all those ‘bits’ leading up to it go well and keep your heart shining dear lady. Energy coming at you, chin up, music in your stride and ok a bit of bubble wrap in that energy as well 😂 …oh, and a couple of chocolate’s coming your way too 🤣❤️🙏

          1. Energy, chocolate, love, and hugs? What else does one need? Aww, it’s my pleasure to return it! Happy Monday dear friend. Love and hugs!🥰🤗💕💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🎶🎶🌈🌈🎃🎃🍁🍁☕️☕️📖📖

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