The Language Of Love!

These last couple of months have been crazy. I thought I knew so much only to be touched again and again in such beautiful ways. Sorry, I’m just floating at the moment. I was shown something a moment ago while watching, of all things, the movie ‘Arrival’. The landing of aliens in a real world situation and everyone scrambling to try to understand them, their strange appearances, their strange language, their craft, their…just arriving. Many attempts at trying to find that common denominator so that a dialogue can begin.

And that is what we do, just in arriving here on this world, a very foreign world. Suddenly crying and screaming out into this new light, noise everywhere, and instead of that comfortable warmth a moment ago, a sudden cold to shock what we didn’t even know was shockable. The beginning. And then squawking with a noise unknown for so long, then tripping and stumbling just to learn to walk. And those many odd sensation at different moments inside us in each step we take.

We are those aliens, trying to understand what this world is. Reaching out in so many ways, physically, emotionally and even slowly understanding that there is even a spiritual connection within us. No wonder we feel so crazy sometimes. It is a big, big school, years and years of putting together something so incredible…but all the while feeling so broken. But we aren’t, not really. It just takes a long time to build perfection, and all the while adding bits and pieces and slowly seeing them come together as we understand ourselves a little more each time.

And we aren’t wrong…even a little bit. A heart has many strings, many beats to fulfill. Corners to turn and tracks unknown all adding to this creature. And ever with a balance to be found, testing so many sides until it swings full swing and we finally can see…and truly understand that this world isn’t a strange land at all, it just needed to be held, felt and understood…just as we do.

And slowly in among it all is built something quite profound…in that ‘held, felt and understood’ was something that gave such a rush of feeling that it would bring such tears, asking us for more. But all those trips and stumbles had built a safeguard so that we didn’t just dive off a cliff, but gradually test those waters and ‘feel’ it all. And in that hesitation something was born. A trust, the anchor in our hearts so that we wouldn’t drown in just nothing, but built with a strong rope so that we ever had something to hold. And yes, it gets tested. Wild winds and storms will test us…but that rope of hope, faith and trust is allowing us to gradually become something more, ever daring us to go a little further, a little deeper.

Are we aliens…yes we are. But slowly, even if at times those waves seem so big, we step out into this strange land and gradually get to know it, get to know us, and in that comfort realize we are ok. We have been building that trust of us, that building block of life. Anchoring that belief so that we can build more firmly as we go through life and slowly, truly begin to understand us. And in doing this a flower will open, not any flower but one created by all these very steps. We will touch it, feel it, even from that moment we landed on this alien world.

We have always spoken this language, even if a little unclear at times. Testing it in so many ways as it is a part of us in all we do. Imagine it not being there…we would be deaf in its silence, numb in its lack of feeling, and truly misunderstood as it would all be just…1,2,3, never a middle anywhere to find a balance. But I give a very profound thanks in that empathy, compassion and love that it all teaches me, every single day.

What I saw that brought me to tears was just one instant, one moment in time, where our many parts from all this time comes together and releases us. Finally giving an understanding after so much that it has taken to reach this very place. So much building to create something within ourselves to finally feel its truth…and ‘know’ that it all has purpose. All this time we ‘think’ we have it, but in more faith and hope, determined to win through even if that doubting tool within us keeps testing our waters. But, in all that I have ever felt, and the absolute trust I had even built in all that I had been shown, felt and understood, it wasn’t until I could see a purpose in it all, shown that it all has been for us, that I truly understood. All of it, each and every step is slowly building that love, and so powerfully that we can only understand those parts of that love that we experience and understand. Yes, we speak it in so many different languages, and I don’t mean because of literal languages, but because of those many experiences we have or not experienced, keep us at that level until we do understand. Until one day we will break through that doubter within us all and can finally speak, see and feel it truly as it is designed to do.

And become a very changed alien, ever becoming something so far beyond what we had begun. The language of love we can all see, just look back through your life to what you understood as a child, in those crazy teenage loving years, and on into a more mature and deeper loving place. It does speak all languages, even the literal ones. It is in a smile or a look, even if a french to an Indian. It crosses every barrier known to man…but it is in crossing those barriers that its language speaks best. And yes there is an emotional barrier…ours. And a physical barrier…ours. And even a spiritual one…it too is ours, even if helping us to break through them all.

We have been given a gift, though difficult to see for a long time. But with all that I am, all that I have experienced, felt and understood…I acknowledge that love. It has spoken to me in so many ways, and even acknowledged me in opening to me in its many ways. And in return I give at least a simple smile to a planet that sustains us so that we can ‘feel’ it all. And in that, we will all understand it, in each and every step we take, experience we share, and heart we hold…especially our own β€οΈπŸ™


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  1. I like this analogy of being an alien. It does often feel like that in life. Even though deep down we know this is home, we have to relearn that in so many ways. Love is the key though I agree.

    1. It is a very profound world dear lady, beginning as that alien with it touching us in so many ways. But that love is indeed the teacher, the guide in each step we take so that its path can be seen and understood. And a very beautiful teacher indeed, if a little hard at times. But through it is a place inside us, a destiny in understanding it, which we do in each step we take πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽπŸ¦Œβ˜ƒοΈ

  2. A beautiful post mark, I resonate with our journey being about discovering our alien selves and our common language of love! Oh boy, how long a journey it’s been and still I get times feeling alienated, or I’m missing some point… but what to do except breathe deeply and embrace my alien self and know all is well❀️😎 Thankyou for sharing and helping us all feel not so alone on this journey❀️ love to you x

    1. Ah Barbara, it is such a long discovery of us. But that does have a purpose. While ever it takes it out of us to achieve something, it is only then that we truly appreciate what went into it. Be it creating some craft or building a home, we appreciate them for the effort put into them. But…to find that love we ever look for…with a lifetime weight of fear and doubt and negativity of ourselves in doing it…and you finally see that rainbow at its end…I do not lie, the feeling brings you to tears, simply because you finally understand this journey, you see after so long a meaning, a purpose to it all. And in that instant, of all I have asked, they all said it WAS all worth every step taken. Not some, not most, but all…simply because it does take every moment up and down, good and bad to see our hearts truly. We are indeed building something wonderful down here, and truly you will be so glad of it all. And much love to you also Barbara, I reach out and give that in a huge hug, releasing that alien you were, for an understanding of that love within you β€οΈπŸ™

  3. I think we are all of us descendants from the cosmos lol…. We are only just now I feel learning to remember just exactly who we are and what roles we play and where we are from and where hopefully we are going

    I used to get a little pop up saying I am following you Mark.. Seems its no longer there and I cannot find a pop up that say to follow you anywhere.. So I may need direction in following you again Mark.. As I do not log into that email alert often.. And hopefully I can follow with my regular email xx <3

    1. When you are on my site, at the top should have a black strip with different links on it. At the top left click on ‘Reader’ (or however you can go to your reader), and on the next page on the right hand side it should say ‘Subscriptions’ with the link ‘Manage’ beside it. Click Manage and on the next page go down till you find me (HYHFW). At the far right should be three dots, click on that and it should open up a menu with switches to click to turn on or off ‘Notify me of new posts’, ‘Email me new posts’ (and click to choose instantly, daily or weekly), and under that ‘Email me new comments’. If that doesn’t work just let me know. There are other ways. I haven’t put back up on my site the subscription option where you enter your email and just click submit because I was getting too much spam. We’ll get there kind lady, even if I have to fly over and drop them in your letterbox…can I have a cuppa in your garden while I’m there? πŸ€£β€οΈπŸ™

      1. Oops, forgot to reply to your first part of your comment Sue…yes, we are all a part of this universe and coming back into that place within us. I can even imagine many other places, parts, and even selves. Simply because when I touched that unconditional love…it was everything, everywhere, all at once. We have just been sat down here in this ‘timed’ place so we can slow it down to truly understand it up close and personal…to understand and just ‘be’ in that way we have become. Many doors, many keys, are within it πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™

        1. It is almost like dropping a stitch somewhere in one of your knit creations Sue. Going back through it all to find the culprit, distracting your creativity until it is found 🀣 Here is hoping that it is all ok my friend and you can focus back on that love to you πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™

          1. A great analogy Mark.. Thank you.. I have some knitting corrections still in progress lol πŸ™‚ But my Art has been calling me more lately .. πŸ™‚ So just following the flow xx ❀️ πŸ™‚

  4. Sometimes I do feel like an alien. But I just keep flowing on hoping something makes sense. I think I need to re-follow you because I’m not getting notification of your posts.

    1. Yes we do feel quite ‘alien’ sometimes, never seeming to find that connection or purpose in our lives Michele. But I was graced with seeing it, finally understanding something that seemed so elusive. And each step you take, even though it doesn’t feel it sometimes, is building something very profoundly beautiful in your heart kind lady. And yes, we will love, sometimes beautifully so, in a birth or a marriage or a love…of anything. But truly, at its destination is something so incredibly beautiful that you will understand and truly appreciate each and every step you have taken, good and bad, because they are those things that open us in their struggles to find that love that is you β€οΈπŸ™
      And yes, I’m afraid after I moved to a new host, did a full new load of WordPress, I thought there would be bells and whistles all around…not a firetruck to put it out 🀣 A re-follow will hopefully reconnect us kind lady and bring a little sanity back into our lives. Thank you for sharing your path here Michele, your words from that path of love you have found πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™

        1. Hi Michele, I have just added a blue WordPress follow button at the top of the sidebar on the right hand side if you would like to try that out. And if you wouldn’t mind just let me know back here if it works ok, it would be appreciated πŸ˜€
          Thank you kindly πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™

            1. I ‘think’ that the follow should automatically do that Michele…but…when you make a comment on my site, as you are typing, a box should drop down with these switch options…

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    1. Hey Yvonne, glad to hear your voice kind lady. And appreciate your healing hugs profusely, thank you. And, alas, I had to dig you out of the spam folder 😡…but hopefully my lovely new site now recognizes you ❀️ It is still acting like a magpie protecting its nest and choosing who and what it will allow in to do…anything. I’m just hoping it will calm down and finally act like a blog. Much love and healing hugs coming to you also my friend, may your magpies be just singing in your yard πŸ€£β€οΈπŸ™

  5. I still have to go to Google Mark to find your post. No big deal, just have to remember to look for you!

    We’re all on a journey, looking for all kinds of answers to endless questions we have. I think we often look in all the wrong places. Perhaps we should look in our heart!

    1. Blast! I have no idea what is happening Ginger, I checked and you are still listed as a subscriber so you should be receiving posts, comments etc. I’m about to fire up a new post by tomorrow sometime so attempt No 5,682 will be the one…or I’ll sack the WordPress postman 🀣
      And yes, we will look in our hearts eventually, simply because this journey is teaching us to do just that. It’s long, it’s hard, but that is the very thing that will give a huge appreciation of when we finally see that love that has been gently waiting inside for that very moment. Hang in there my friend, ice cream is truly appreciated on those hottest days. That love, the unconditional one, will be very, very appreciated also, when it too comes in its time πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™

  6. The trek continues as we navigate our new arrivals. I wonder how many times I will have to arrive into a world I don’t understand? Into a world where I am alienated? My core knows what it has always known, but I find myself more and more β€˜alienated,’ not less. Those that have never understood the common denominator still do not. The circle gets smaller as time moves forward. My alien mind πŸ‘½ is receiving the signals you send out into the world, dear Mark. Arriving is an ongoing process that we can manage better when we don’t feel so alone. Thank you for the tether and the connection my friend. β€οΈπŸ™

    1. Hang in there MM, it does feel such an isolating, alien place sometimes, ever those moment facing times where we would rather be alone than facing those fears in our lives. And as time goes by it does seem to be harder, but that is because our lives are reaching the pointy bit where it all comes together so we can see why. But it has a very beautiful purpose, hard though it may be. It is through there that a beauty awaits us. It is hard but I swear with all that I am, the blessing at its end is truly beyond words. When you touch it…there are no words…truly. It is such an incredible encounter, one moment the world is out to get you, the next an awakening to something where your life is changed in an instant…all from understanding something. We have them in our lives in so many ways…an aha moment, where it gives a glow and happiness because we could see through it in that understanding and that understanding changes us because we now look at things differently because of that. But this one, this isn’t just an aha moment, it is so far beyond that to be…its just so huge…we are changed beyond words, all of us that is us…what we held…gone…what we were…gone…what we thought…gone…just us…gone. And in its place is something beyond words…we can now ‘see’, and I mean ‘see’ everything so beautifully connected…and us too. for the first time we are complete…doubts, fears, negativities all gone…because we now understand that love we ever searched for AND it completes us because of that. Hang in there soldier of love, He gave you a mission, and should you accept and complete this mission, this world will virtually self destruct in a very short 80 odd years and in its place another world so wonderful you will be oh so glad you did indeed trust that love within you πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™

  7. Thank you for these beautiful reminders of who we are, how we are supported and what we are here to do and be: Love. Easier said than to do or be sometimes, yet it is so β™₯️

    1. It is a big journey, many pieces of pleasure and pain. But the one thing I know with a certainty is this…when I saw and understood (and I don’t mean everything), this incredible part of our journey down here…I could ‘see’ its purpose has one objective in sight, in the good and the bad, is to show us that love, that unconditional love. When it finally touches you, you can’t help but burst into tears, big beautiful tears because you now understand that all of your hope and faith after such a long, long time…have been met. You have finally reached that love and happiness we have ever looked for, and now found. Trust in that love Tiffany, it awaits us all. Thank you for sharing kind lady πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™

      1. Yes, i seem to get the doses in incremental ways. Sometimes, when i’m stuck, i forget that the β€œdownsides” are also the love sides that are unconditional. Interestingly, whenever i work through a rough patch, someone else enters my life (usually through work-work) who needs a compassionate ear and heart to hear them. It never ceases to fascinate me in some way when i see it. The more i β€œunstuck” myself the more it helps to support them. πŸ’œ

        1. It is indeed an amazing journey kind lady, ever attracting exactly those to us to help us heal. And it never ceases to amaze me also that when two people meet there is always a healing both ways, even if just to acknowledge that love found in that encounter. Thank you for sharing Tiffany, may your ‘encounters’ ever open you to that love πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™

  8. It is funny that you mentioned this here. I often think back of myself as a child or a teenager and how I saw the world at that time, and what I thought was true and important. But still, I feel the same ME through all of those years and opinions and developments. I still feel that me as I have ever felt it. This amazes me time and time again. I am still the same “being” when even I grew on many parts but the awareness part of me has always been. And how that I think about it, the connection never got lost. Sometimes I even got hiding in it and drew back from the outside world like a snail is hiding in its shell. Wow, you reminded me of a wonderful awareness again. The alien may be surprised and is learning but it is always directed and protected by ME.

    1. Yes thankfully Erika, we are indeed still ‘us’ inside. That ‘me’ that we all are, and cherish in the building of something so complicated, simple but ever profound in so many ways. With so much that has come together, even though at times it feels very confusing, eventually we understand. There are parts that even in our later years we don’t understand, but I think that trust and faith is built on things that did come together, so give a belief in what is to come.

      And I laugh at your comment of that ‘hiding in it and drew back from the outside world like a snail is hiding in its shell’. I think that is indeed a resting place for us all, a view from a distance so we can appreciate what we do truly adventure through in this big, big world.

      I thank you kind lady, for also sharing your language of love. It has many parts known, but many to dare us to test ourselves and go beyond what we were, ever closer to that understanding of that ‘me’ within πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™

      1. That “me” within, the most familar yet unknown being. $trying to understand us is often the most difficult thing but something we spend all our life with and the reason we are here. And love leads us since love is the core of that being within. And it teaches us that we don’t need to understand everything but simply to perceive and to let it work in us. Thank you for so much inspiration, dear Mark πŸ’–

        1. It is a very beautiful and loving being Erika, ever guiding us in our journey. The ‘us’ indeed is being taken on a path to enhance that understanding as we discover who we really are and become something so lovingly profound.
          And thank you for sharing kind lady, your journey is also doing very well indeed πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™

          1. Thank you, Mark. Your comments are always so precious – as the being within is. And the journey is so special, even more when you begin to observer it from a distance and see the path you already walked πŸ’–

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