To Live!

As many would know, spirit spoke to me about 5 years ago and said that I would die when I was 60. And as everything else that spirit spoke to me about has come true, I had no doubt that it would happen.
This left me to face some very big and entrenched fears in my life, and in doing so, thankfully, I have climbed and removed many walls in my life, understood the reasons behind those fears so that I am now free from their tyranny.
Don’t get me wrong, they have a very important part in our lives. In living them and enduring their pain, it shows us compassion and the ability to love ourselves as nothing else can.
So I find myself in a beautiful place in my life…so spirit decided it was time to look a little deeper…much deeper.
Spirit came to me and said (and I wasn’t even thinking of death or anything even associated with it)…’Who said you would not live again!’ And that was it.
It was so out of nowhere that I wondered if I hadn’t ‘seen’ something after all that death had so far shown me.

  1. Would I literally die, but come alive again. Like those stories you hear about people dying on the operating table but ‘coming back’?
  2. Would I truthfully ‘live again’ in the spirit world.
  3. Or would I ‘live again’ in another lifetime.

I have thought about it for a while and the one thing that it showed me promise for on my journey is…it doesn’t matter. And in realising that I’m comfortable that it no longer ‘holds me back’.
Maybe that was what it was for…to ‘see’ that we will all be alive again…once our walls come down <3

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    1. Thank you da-AL. It was a very confronting experience considering all else that spirit had passed on to me. But in hindsight now I can ‘see’ my journey and how I have stepped through the fears it had engendered πŸ˜€
      A long life it shall be πŸ˜€ But regardless, it is now a much happier and accepted one, thank you πŸ˜€ <3

  1. Mark, this post triggered in me the memory of a dream I had years ago in which I died. From that moment on, I ceased to be afraid of dying. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want pain in death, but to die, I am not afraid of crossing over. However, don’t misunderstand me, I have no wish to leave this planet yet. I feel as if I have much to still learn here. It is the journey which beckons me and the learning and sharing and connecting. I am grateful that we have connected and I wish you the loveliest of days β™₯

    1. Yes Misifusa, it is an incredible place to ‘touch’ and understand. And once we realise that it is only our fears of something that keep us forever ‘on guard’, and block us from truly feeling and experiencing that love within, the walls come tumbling down.
      I will never ever forget the journey that spirit took me on in ‘The Death’ post above, it was the most incredible place and showed me an understanding of such momentum that I released my entire outlook on what life is supposed to mean and truly began to live in such a way that I could finally see its purpose and understand that all that we experience always guides us back inwards, to finally remove those fears in life, which are in fact the only things that stop us from loving ourselves, and in doing so ‘see’ the why of our journey and finally love ourselves as we should. It is then that we understand unconditional love, it is in finding us that it is waiting for <3
      And yes, once this place is reached within we can 'see' that there is much, much more to be lived and experienced from a very beautiful place. We no longer 'see' the pain because we understand it, and we can see the beauty that is waiting beneath it and that there is still much more to learn.
      Love and light to you also Misifusa and thank you for sharing πŸ˜€

      1. Mark you so eloquently express yourself and I understand completely! Thank you! Your words are a balm to the soul and I appreciate your kindness and your understanding! Love and light to you! β™₯

        1. I try to express as well as I can, simply because a journey understood removes a lot of the fear. Yes, it still has to be experienced to fully understand it, but that is half the journey if someone at least gives you a basic map for guidance. You then fill in the details as life goes on, and understand each of the landmarks when you arrive πŸ˜€
          Thank you for your kind words Misifusa, may your map become clearer and clearer. Love and light to you also <3

  2. I felt very connected to this post. Spirit speaks to me as well. I have another blog outside of my primary blog, where I post messages inspired by Spirit and Source. I’ve faced the grim reaper a number of times and I’m still here, haunting this world. πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing this journey. It’s profound one that resonates with me. ?

    1. It is an amazing place to be MW, when we finally ‘let go’ of this world, and suddenly realise all that is gently waiting for us to do so. When it first happened I was stunned. It can’t be mistaken with the love that comes through with it, even though I have become used to it, it is still very profound in its meaning. I have no doubt it would be different for everyone but still wrapped in whatever way that love means to us πŸ˜€
      I have been taken on a journey in my post ‘The Death’ above, but I haven’t had a close encounter with the reaper, and I have no doubt that would seriously allow us to ‘see’ through most of what really doesn’t matter in this world and become the truth of what then has real meaning in our lives. Your journey has obviously taken you to that place and you have been forever changed because of it. There is no more beautiful love than the love we give ourselves. Thank you for sharing your heart, the one tested unconditionally <3 πŸ˜€

  3. Beautiful! I sure hope this means that 60 has come and gone and you’re still here, still living it up, doing what you do. It took me awhile to tuly understand the words I heard, there in that hospital bed that day. You know what I’m talking about. At the time, I didn’t really think about it because those words just brought me such a great sense of peace. It was only after the fact, that I thought………….oh, that could have meant I was going to die, but I was going to be ok, or those words could have meant that I was not going to die right then, and that I would be ok. I now understand those words very clearly…………………….Everything will be ok, wherever I am. I no longer fear death. I really never feared the act of death, it was fear of the unknown………..what would it be like? Would it be the way I’ve always imagined it to be? And, on and on……………………… doesn’t matter, because all I needed to know it that I will be ok, here….there…..or wherever I am. XXX πŸ™‚ Peace out!

    1. That very understanding of what was spoken to you is a beauty all its own my friend. When you are blessed with a contact like that, it holds you in its love because you ‘know’ where it has come from. You can ‘feel’ the beauty surrounding it, and the truth that it means. And because of that your fears are allayed, and a new journey begins. And yes, you may not know the actual event of death, but you now know the beauty and love that is within it <3
      And it is ok Tammy…very ok to just let it go and go on living that life of love tucked inside that is you, minus those fears that used to keep us wondering πŸ˜€ <3

      1. We’re some of the lucky one’s that have actually had this experience. I know some people think I’m cuckoo when I tell them about it, but you know what? I don’t care, and I’ll keep sharing my story because it’s true, very true, therefore, I am not afraid of what anyone else thinks. Too bad, they haven’t been honored enough to have had the same or similar experiences that we’ve had. If one slows down and believes, and pays attention to their surroundings……………..really pay attention….they might have a similar experience. I’m sure not everyone will be that lucky. We were just a few of the chosen one’s. I suppose that’s meant for us to share our experience with other’s………………whatever the case, it greatly affected me and made me look at things much differently. I know I have nothing to fear. Things will only be better, beyond Earth. I’m really secure with that thought, now. Hey, I’ll get to meet you face to face, or should I say spirit to spirit, soul to soul, heart to heart?????????????? I already know you, but can’t wait to re-meet you in the next realm that awaits us all. Hope your having a good day, my dear friend. Take care and as always, Peace out!!! XXX πŸ™‚

        1. I think our journey to ‘touch’ that contact is so we can show others ‘another way’. To be the change that it brings on for us, and in doing so, be a sign for others.
          We all struggle through our pain, and it isn’t until we take that step of conviction to ‘step through’ that pain, that we are shown the beauty behind it.
          And in doing so others can find that quite threatening, as we are then standing in our truth. And by being that truth, unintentionally, we are asking them to do the same. And if they aren’t ready, their reactions can be quite strong, even to the point of losing friendships etc. And that has purpose too. Those very actions ask us to look within and reaffirm or deny what we have found.
          And as you know, once ‘touched’ by something so beautiful, to deny it would be a loss beyond imagination. It is in fact a denial of the love of ourselves that we have found. Our entire journey is built on that, and on understanding that truth, we can now ‘see’ that others have to make that same journey, but in their own time and space or they will not appreciate the love that they also find. It can never be forced.
          So my friend, just ‘be’ the beauty and love you have found…nothing more beautiful or powerful can ever be touched on this world <3
          And we will see each other for sure…as will we all <3
          Take care Wild Flower, may your day be full of that love πŸ˜€ <3

  4. Maybe it’s neither of those things. Maybe it was a metaphorical death. Something about you or your life (those walls?) needed to die. And when they/you did/do…you will experience a new life in the here and now.

    1. Interesting. A need to release what no longer has meaning when I understand that all that is holding me back from that…is me.
      To finally ‘see’, and within it, become something else in that understanding. An epiphany to change what was, and become a new understanding.
      Wise words my friend, I thank you for sharing them πŸ˜€

    2. That is what I thought also. Dont most spiritual awakenings begin with the death or decaying of ‘something’ … an old lifestyle or an antiquated idea. But isn’t all change a type of death, so to speak. I know that in my experience major changes ( and a few minor ones) are usually preceded by a death rattle. A beautifully
      written piece. Thank you

      1. Your comment is a very well thought out piece Cheryl. I personally had not completely viewed it from your direction simply because of the impact of what spirit said to me the night I was told of my impending death. And I would think that it was meant to have the impact that it did so that I would journey as I have, and then be ‘woken’ up by comments like yours to ‘see’ another way. Spirit has very rarely come to me and hammered me with something that strong, it is usually a very gentle ‘knowing’ that comes through. This one was at 3am and it woke me up crying because of its impact.
        But in hindsight, it has taken me on a journey to further ‘see’ and understand the love that I have become because of it. Regardless of the outcome, it has shown me…me…and the beauty that is waiting for us all.
        Thank you for your insightful comment, may your journey also guide you to that love within <3

        1. “Regardless of the outcome,”… thats exactly how I feel about life as I get older and quieter. It may not be about the destination but, at least for me, it’s all about the journey. The learning, the seeking, and maybe someday the knowing. I dearly love reading your writings. Shanti!

          1. As we get older and wiser we gradually see through those walls we build and understand the love that is there Cheryl. And as you have said, it is the journey itself that creates that wisdom and in doing so, allows us to ‘see’ that the destination has always been there within, quietly waiting for its discovery.
            The ‘knowing’ is always there, it is when we understand the truth of our love and we begin to stand in that truth, no longer denying ourselves, that it begins to come ‘forward’ into that ‘knowing’ and helps us, and others, in our everyday life. You will be surprised in how much has come forward already, we tend to just put it down to ‘oh, wasn’t that amazing’ and then forget about it. When we stand in that truth within in our actions and thought, it flows through quite strongly. It is designed that way so that it is all done with love. Any fear or anger holds it at bay, we block it by being in that space.
            Many thanks for your comments, may your journey be filled with that discovery Namaste <3

    1. Thank you Himali, it is a very beautiful thing to realise that all that we go through, is for each and every one of us to find that love within πŸ˜€
      Hard yes, but it is meant to be, so that we ‘will’ find the strength to go through those walls and become that unconditional love that is waiting gently and patiently for us to discover πŸ˜€ <3

  5. During my awakening journey I felt the excitement to know that me… little ordinary me can rise above this life of suffering and victimhood… understand how life all works and fully embody my Master and Creator self, the true pure light being AM here and now move forward where no one has been before. I have a feel Mark you are beginning to feel similar times are upon us, but first we have to drop all fear and belief in lack and unworthiness…. I can see us all skipping along, jumping up in joy and embracing our graduation. much love mark x Barbara x

    1. Thank you Barbara, it is good to see your journey expressed for all to see also. It is an amazing thing to feel and understand that this ordinary life really does have a greater understanding within it, and be able to step into that change because it can be ‘evidenced’ by each step we take towards it. And we are reaching a time of change for us all, because when we reach a very trying time in our lives, divorce, loss of someone close etc, we are forced to look within and find what has meaning. Well, our outer lives, community, world wide is also going to reach a cathartic state as it goes through the birthing pangs that is being produced by the fear created by those that are running different countries around the world. It is stepping up a gear like may other empires before us…the Egyptians, Romans and Greek empires all eventually collapsed because of the corruption and fear created by their actions…but as each one ‘let go’, it created a better place. We can be the core of what will eventually break through what is to come, and create that nirvana that we all seek. Much love to you also Barbara, and thank you for sharing that kind heart young lady, may it be a beacon for us all πŸ˜€ <3

  6. Wow, Mark! Isn’t this journey amazing? I think that’s what Spirit was saying, “Once those walls come down, we will all be alive again.” It’s those walls that keep us from truly living. I know this has been very true for me. It’s comforting and peaceful once you discover the truths in our lives. So freeing, so wonderful.

    1. Thank you Michele, and well said. Our journey is the discovery of those walls, and the self love we find in bringing them down πŸ˜€
      Only then will we appreciate the life that is all around <3

  7. ThankΒ΄s Mark for sharing this informative and beautifully written post!
    So many feelings came up,and it made me think a little deeper…with some wonderings …
    Wish you a wonderful day πŸ™‚

    1. And thank you for sharing your heart as well kind lady. Our journeys take us through many levels…but all lead to the heart within πŸ˜€
      Have a beautiful day as well, may it share that ‘living’ as well πŸ˜€ <3

  8. Wow. Many times, I’ve wanted Spirit to talk to me but I’m not sure I could be as sanguine as you about those messages:). They’re hefty!

    1. Oh don’t worry Kristine, in the beginning they would bowl me over as well πŸ˜€ It is only because I can now truly ‘see’ the beauty in our lives down here that I can understand freely. It is like being nervous on your first day at school, but after a while it becomes second nature because you understand what is happening. Fear is only the unknown. And spirit does talk to you, but in the beginning we tend to put it off as coincidences or a fluke. What we need to understand is we are in fact being shown things, very subtle things, and when we learn to listen we can step it up by being more proactive in that listening. Meditation is learning to quiet the mind, let go the ego, and be open to spirit. And in the beginning it can be unusual or difficult or even doubt yourself in what you ‘think’ what the message is and to find meaning in what is being brought forward, but slowly you will understand and ‘see’ what is there. As time goes by my ability has reached a point that I am ‘listening’ most of the time, especially when I can ‘feel’ someone’s energy isn’t in a good place. But that is my gift to ‘feel’ in the healing that I do. Find where your heart loves to do something and listen to what you ‘feel’, you will begin to sense and understand what comes through at those times. And after a while it will become second nature. Just to give you an idea, how easily do you sense there is something wrong with your children. That is exactly what I mean by being able to sense, it is driven by the love that we are open to. The more you remove your fears, the more open you become, and the more you ‘feel’. And another way I do it is in my article at the top of my blog called The Dreaming. And anything that is coming through for me has always been with a great love, a sense of being shown or given something with a very beautiful unconditional love. Happy meditation…or sleep Kristine, your spirit is always there guiding you, and like any ability we just need to practice and tune it in πŸ˜€

  9. Oh, I haven’t had enough coffee to get my brain functioning to add a profound comment. I have never feared death because I believe there is always something more beautiful to experience. However, there are moments in life that signify a death of something…an action, a belief….acceptance of yourself instead of fighting against yourself helps to enjoy the journey. (at least that is what I always look for)

    1. And very wisely and beautifully said April. We do go through some hard things, but they are there for a purpose. Gradually showing us a self love and acceptance of us exactly as we are.
      Well said kind lady…maybe I should have come to you for lessons much earlier, would have saved myself a lot of grief πŸ˜€ <3

        1. No my friend, you are exactly where you should be. Because of what you have endured you are a more wiser and loving person. It’s like all that information they cram into you at school, it’s raw and unlived in your early days. It isn’t until life hones it with experience that it becomes more refined and begins to compliment your life. And in that constant good, bad and in between of everything, you build that love that you are. Some days will feel like it never ends, but underneath is a very beautiful person. You glow well April, even I can feel that from here. Take pride in that, you chose a very hard life, and in doing so are becoming exactly what you require in your heart <3 πŸ˜€

  10. I’ve had deaths, Mark, both literally and metaphorically in my life and with each one my life afterwards becomes new. Getting from the death stage to the new stage is not instantaneous as you well know. Beautiful post and I thank you for sharing it. ???

    1. My pleasure Amy. It has been an incredible journey to step over the rise of each mountain and see such a grand vista in the discovery of what we have endured to get there.
      But those views each time are so much more refreshing because of that journey, and the realisation that the beauty has been within all along. It just needed us to believe in ourselves, take those fearful steps, and become the change we are seeking.
      Big hugs my friend, may there be more beautiful vista’s within to discover <3 πŸ˜€

  11. Perhaps the old you is ready to pass on, and the new you fully emerges in this lifetime Michael. Spirit, like dreams speaks in metaphors and images as words are so limited.
    Whichever way it turns out, it is an amazing journey that you are on… and will continue.
    We find true freedom (no matter what the circumstances) when we feel the Oneness of it all and let go of fear.
    I love the last sentence. ?

    1. Thank you Val, and wouldn’t that be an exciting transformation…to fully release and stand as that butterfly in this life…or any stage for that matter πŸ˜€
      From what I have been blessed with so far, I have no doubt it would be a very beautiful experience my friend.
      Thank you for sharing Val, may that metamorphosis to Oneness be ever wrapped in the love that it is built on <3

  12. I have a friend who was told she’d die… that was 3 years ago now? She did, her life altered so much, she changed so much, that friends met her months later and said, “You’re a different person.”

    I’m so glad I get blog reminders, because I needed this today as well. I’m going through a mini death of me at the moment. Needed reminding of rebirth. <3

    1. Yes Michelle, those moments take us to the heart of things…literally. It finally allows us to ‘see’ that much of what we hold really has no meaning. Don’t get me wrong, those things are guiding us, but in that realisation of knowing we may no longer be here, we can ‘see’ what really has no meaning and allows us to focus deeper in what does. That love and happiness that is behind all that we do. And more to the point, going beyond those fears that hold our negativity and blocks the self love, that love we have denied ourselves all our lives. Once those fears are understood, it blossoms within like a flower…and as you have said, a rebirth begins, unfolding that truth in our hearts a little further reaching for that unconditional place that awaits us all.
      Thank you for sharing your journey, may that mini death unfold your bloom a little further within <3 πŸ˜€

  13. This is a wonderful perspective that you have now come to in understanding..
    Life has no end.. Only we view death as the end.. Yet as the butterfly well knows, the transformation from one form to the other ..
    Once we face those fears, it is amazing how those walls fall down..

    I have had the privilege to be at several passings the moment they transcended.. Each one different, but each a beautiful experience.. As the peace was felt as they finally let go and stepped through the door awaiting them

    My thoughts on I am Home.. recently published on my Blog Mark, were the visions of such a transition, from one world to the next.. I am home refers to the Spirit World, which I know is waiting..

    Many thanks Mark for sharing your profound experiences with us..
    Love and Blessings my friend
    Sue πŸ™‚ ?

    1. As the journey that you share with us Sue, touching those profound moments so others can see the truth in what awaits us. It is always a beautiful thing when we touch and understand those moments, bringing a new perspective and way of being, forever changed because of them. And as you have said, the peace it brings to finally ‘see’ and understand our lives, which brings that transcendence and the ability to truly see the meaning behind it all.
      Love and light to you also kind lady, may your journey always be that awakening <3 πŸ˜€

      1. Always welcome Mark to share thoughts.. We are constantly learning as we let go of the trivia in our lives and SEE what truly is important.. And that is to live life in love, deeper within ourselves as we open up our hearts to self, as we also allow that love to spread out into everything else. <3

  14. It was not an easy thing to know and it still isn’t but yes we, as Muslims, believe that there is a world after this, the real one, permanent and everlasting.

    1. This journey has been quite profound Paras, with many beauties hidden behind those walls we build. But our purpose is to find that unconditional love and in doing so, become the true spirit we are within.
      Thank you for sharing kind lady, may your journey find that love <3

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