The Force!

May the Force be with you…and it always is…calling, calling, calling!

Many times in our lives it will knock, just a light brush to see if your ready yet. Those odd moments when it makes us sit back and digest this occurrence because it is an event that doesn’t gel with our ‘logic’ and ‘science’ that this world teaches.

It will be just enough to ask that question…is it true? Was I imagining it? And our awareness has now been nudged.

We will let it go…but with an ear cocked in case it flirts with us again.

And it will…because we want it too. By being aware we have told the universe we want to understand this ‘thing’, see what it means to us and how it will affect our lives.

And after each time it knocks on our door, we gradually build a belief…yes, we begin to believe because it has done that magical thing that even in this world tells us it’s true….it happens more than once, even twice or three times…but by then we ‘know’…and the ‘knowing’ within begins.

And it will be exactly what is needed so that YOU can see it in action within your life. You begin to understand that it has laws, just like this world (‘as above, so below’). And the more you walk in your truth, integrity and love, the more you attract those things that you have always hoped for in you’re life. Because this world is full of its reverse, the hate, anger and fear.

This world will test you in every way it can…so that now that this understanding of another world has been shown to you, you will slowly see the wisdom of that journey, and realise that to have that happiness in your life that we all so earnestly seek, you can now trust what you have now been shown within.

All it takes is that first step…you know, the one that says ‘no’ to the infidelities of this world, the one that finally shows that you are now going to be loving to yourself by standing in that truth and integrity, and no longer stand in the fears of this world and say ‘yes’ to everyone else but yourself.

Each time you go to do something that you are not comfortable with you will know you are not standing in your truth. And I don’t mean using it as an excuse to not do something, it is the integrity that your heart also shows you each time in any circumstance. By standing in that truth and follow what you know within is the right thing, you also begin to attract that beauty back into your life.

And it is all being done with love, because by standing in that truth within you ARE giving that love to you, and that is what you will now give back out, and attract accordingly. It is as natural as the air you breathe in and out every day. It is a balance like no other, and you have total control of the entire journey.

Take a step….I dare you πŸ˜€

30 thoughts on “The Force!

  1. For most of my life I thought I had things figured out. Never mind that I was miserable, or that I was making the same choices again and again and expecting a different result (I know, insanity, right?). My inability to love myself came from the fact that I am my worst critic.I mean, I was merciless. So naturally, I had lot of negativity stored up with no place to go. And then a funny thing happened, I let go of the self critical evaluations that were weighing me down. My personal checklist started reading more positively. I was loyal, faithful, abiding, helpful, compassionate. Was I perfect? Not even close. But I stopped thinking that was a goal and started accepting ALL of me. And in turn, these became my expectations of others. I wanted people who challenged me, who provoked me in a positive sense. I wasn’t looking for perfection in anyone else, I just wanted them to be as real with me as I was with them.

    It truly is amazing what a change in attitude can do for your life.

    Great post, sir!

    1. Well done Cayman, and thank you. It is a big journey with many hitting our heads against a wall processes. I had become a professional head banger for many, many years before a little light went on upstairs. There was still plenty of shadows but slowly I began clearing the room of all that excess fears and attitudes that were blocking my journey.
      But these fears have purpose, they show what we don’t want, and in the process of removing them they teach love….our love of self.
      While ever we get angry at something, we know automatically WE still have an issue to deal with. I kept pointing fingers at the world around me for a very long time, but slowly I realised it was me.
      Yes, other people will do things, but I realised it was in how I reacted to them that I could see it was still my issue.
      As I slowly peeled back the masks that I had hidden my fears under, I finally realised it was my way of dealing with life so I didn’t have to face them. And I would do the most amazingly things to avoid them.
      But when the truth of what they were built on were finally seen…I understood them…and they lost their power over me. Sanity at last after so many years of pain and struggle.
      And I then saw the many times that spirit had spoken to me within, and shown me a journey that all I had to do was reach out and follow it.
      It is great that you have now seen the power of following your heart, no longer judging or driving expectations into your life to bury it Cayman.
      Thank you for sharing your journey, may it open your heart further in each understanding you make. Namaste

  2. Wonderful post Mark a very powerful message for all of us learning step by step to read within ourself and our souls is amazing that in a way we are forced from our past until we are facing our truths…,Love and light to you

    1. Thank you Carolina, it is a very beautiful journey in its understanding.
      The beginning is a very hard struggle, but slowly that realisation of how we are beginning to change gives us strength, and slowly we take control instead of being reactive to life, we begin to live it instead of being dragged along fearing the next step.
      Thank you for sharing my friend, may your journey be from that place of living πŸ™‚
      Love and light to you also. xo

    1. Thank you kindly Val. I shall embrace it always now that I understand this inner world that is sharing my journey.
      It is such an incredible learning path as we trip and stumble through life, understand its meaning and finally embrace that truth that is slowly building from each and every adventure that we travel.
      May your force also be with you, from that love that is within us all πŸ™‚ Namaste

  3. Am currently in A Course in Miracles course that emphasizes logic won’t get you there:). And for the first time, I really get that. And yes, the world is testing me in every way it can. Oy. Thanks for another great post.

    1. My pleasure Kay. It is a long slow process as we take each step, among finding a fear or two πŸ™‚ But slowly we become what our heart desires.
      And in each step we take we realise that inside we are feeling much better about ourselves, and the outside world no longer has that hold that used to keep us in its fear.
      I see your journey, and as each new step is taken the world will test you, but that is only so you can ‘see’ that you are gradually going past these things and you are on the path at last πŸ™‚
      Thank you for sharing Kay, may your path always be lit by that glow within. Namaste

  4. That force is waiting in all of us, but doesn’t get strong until we take that first long step, and it takes our breath away. Finally living in our truth is what fully being alive is all about. Wonderful post, Mark!

    1. Thank you kind lady. It is all about that journey to take that first step.
      What went before had great meaning, it allows an understanding of what is now happening when we finally realise what has been within all this time.
      And then appreciated so much more because of it.
      Thank you for sharing Michele, may your breath be always taken away in the beauty that you ‘see’ πŸ™‚

  5. Dear Mark,
    I am printing this post and tacking it on my bulletin board. What a powerful message in just a few short paragraphs.
    Of all that resonate, this is the one that struck me most:

    “All it takes is that first step…you know, the one that says β€˜no’ to the infidelities of this world, the one that finally shows that you are now going to be loving to yourself by standing in that truth and integrity, and no longer stand in the fears of this world and say β€˜yes’ to everyone else but yourself.”

    Recognizing that discomfort as something which means we aren’t being true to ourselves. I often ignored that because I was usually faced with something I’m “supposed” to be doing…for everyone else but myself.

    Thank you THANK YOU for always providing such insightful words when I need them the most.
    You are a gem. xo

    1. My pleasure Michelle. We live in this world and walk a pattern of what we have been taught, and it is always taught by those we are closest to AND hold a very mature fear or two. And we take those on board.
      But they have great purpose, they show that side that is uncomfortable in its journey, so that when a beauty arises it is all the more appreciated BECAUSE of what went before.
      And in that it brings up a purpose within to break out of a rhythm that no longer expresses who we are.
      And the journey begins…first one step, then two…and soon we are no longer that person from before and we see and understand this path that we are on, and are set free because of it.
      And the more we listen to what we truly feel within, the more open, loving and free we become…and attract it right back to us.
      Follow that ‘knowing’ inside and just take one step at a time…and slowly that beautiful heart will be glowing as it should be πŸ™‚
      Thank you for sharing Michelle, and your kind words, they are very appreciated. xo

  6. A very beautiful post Mark.. so true… and that knowing becomes part of you.. growing stronger with each step you dare to take..
    He who dares wins, as a famous motto once said.. πŸ™‚

    Wishing you a Beautiful day.. and thank you for your wisdom and insightful posts..
    Love and Blessings

    1. Thank you Sue. And yes, it slowly becomes stronger and stronger, reinforcing that ‘knowing’ until it becomes a part of who you are on an everyday basis.
      It is that first step, not quite sure within yourself but determined to follow something that you just ‘know’ is the right path to take.
      And even then we will step out, but the old habits of doing things still raise their head, but that is only to show us where we are at in this journey.
      And slowly we become what we have felt for so long…and everything changes. We even wonder why we hadn’t done it sooner :), and yes, he who dares wins!
      Thank you for sharing my friend, your ‘knowing’ has graced your posts for a very long time, your heart is following its path nicely πŸ™‚
      Love and blessings to you also. Mark

      1. Thank you most kindly Mark… Learning to Trust in what we are opening up to often takes us a little adjustment of feeling secure within the knowledge of that ‘Knowing’.. But taking those steps, one after the other, embracing what we feel, shows us that if we really go within the flow, we are guided to where we are meant to be..
        I read something the other day that spoke of when we resist something it persists.. πŸ™‚ and in hindsight this was a great learning curve for myself.. πŸ™‚
        Many thanks dear Mark.. and may your Blessings be many.. <3 Sue

        1. That is a beautiful comment Sue, thank you. It is a an incredible thing to finally realise that their is a guide within…and trust that guide by standing in what it says.
          It is such a different but same world inside us, it has been guiding us forever but this world is too busy to allow us to listen.
          But slowly we have had enough of this world’s lies and pain and so we seek more meaning in our life, especially after a big event like a separating from someone we love. And that is based on our fears.
          The universe listens to us diligently and gives us EVERYTHING we ask for…and while ever we keep holding that sign up in our lives that says…I’m afraid of this….it gives it to us because in great love, it ‘knows’ that by going through it we will be healed and opened to that unconditional love of ourselves. We learn and understand our fears…and let them go.
          As you so beautifully put…what we resist, it persists. Even the good things, like a love of something we do, brings beautiful things into our lives, in people we meet or accolades for our work or even our own satisfaction from just loving to do something that our heart is so into and makes us happy.
          That Law within the universe is for ALL that we do…good, bad and everything in between.
          Thank you again Sue, your comments are always a treasure kind lady. Love and light to the Gardening Angel of the North :), may your wealth of love that you share be forever open for all to see <3

    1. Thank you Marie. It is a very mysterious journey, until we choose to follow it. Then it opens a panorama like no other.
      I suppose it is like a muscle that is never used, atrophied and weak, but the more we use it, the stronger it becomes, then the ‘knowing’ becomes a part of our everyday lives.
      Thank you for sharing, may your ‘knowing’ always be in your heart πŸ™‚

  7. ‘The Force is strong in this one.’ And in this post, as well as you, Mark. An exciting challenge, succinctly put and particularly apt today. Life is a journey, destination not quite known, but it calls us on. Namaste and thanks for being another who knocks and nudges. Reminders always welcome. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you kind lady. It nudges me on the more I’ve learned to listen. The force within your words is your gift to the world too Anne-Marie, and it is a love that it shares…your love. Beautifully shared and accepted in the many ways your words are written from within πŸ™‚
      And you are right….destination unknown, but that is its beauty too, for it doesn’t matter, it is in letting go that we really open and share from that place within.
      Thank you for sharing, may your words also nudge us ever onward πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Trini. I hear many people speak of it but afraid to say it out loud or really admit it to themselves.
      Not like you, and many others on here, you are already standing in that truth and know the journey within.
      May its blessings always hug you tight with its love. Namaste

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