Where is your love!

Giving love to another will touch that person within, and change them.
Who will then touch another, and change them also.
And as this change goes on and on, eventually this change will come full circle and be expressed as love back to you…but changed in its journey by the love expressed differently by each individual.
Each individual helping another in their journey, loving in their own unique way.
Graduating in its wisdom by the many emotional ways of pain, anger, fear, gratitude, faith and love that is experienced in all walks of life.
To eventually reach that beauty of unconditional love, that place within when all is finally completed.
No more karma, experiences or lessons needed….perfection within itself.

For each and every heartfelt motion given from within, is for you, even though it is given to another. And in its perfection, when giving love to another, it raises you even closer to that love within, opens your heart from the fears and blockages of life, and with a glow unmatched by anything else in this world, brings out much that is hidden….your truth within. Those things that you only ever say to one that you love and respect, to let them feel that truth within that is the true you, so that they may feel the beauty that is inside, and know that it is with great love that you are sharing something so deep within.

It is a connection that we all yearn for, a connection that only occurs a few times in our lives but drives us ever onward to find that thing within that always seems to elude us. But it is only when we can remove those walls of life around our hearts that we can finally see the truth that has been within us all the time. It is a needed journey, so that we can appreciate what is really there, a journey to understand what that love really means, and bring us to that final acceptance of self.

When understood, this is the perfection of love, all else is but a guide.

Where is your love for self?

This came to me after reading a quote from the lovely lady from Soul Gatherings. Thank you Theresa!

23 thoughts on “Where is your love!

  1. Thank you for the wisdom and the message in your well written blog.
    I notice a lot of familiar bloggers in the comments.
    It is wonderful meeting up with a world wide community.
    All helping to bring a change for the better to the world._/_

    1. Thank you Jack. Your comment is appreciated. I always see your interaction with scottishmomus, the Bardess of Scotland ๐Ÿ™‚ and enjoy your replies to her poetry. You are part of an interesting group that I enjoy very much and I think we all do contribute to make that change, all in our own way.
      I have never looked at your blog, so I just ducked over and think I have been remiss. Many incredible images. You seem to have a gift for venturing far and wide.
      As I get time I will certainly have a wander around. Thank you! Mark

  2. How wonderful you explain this Mark! Give and you will receive, yes, it can be like a bumerang sometimes;-) Iยดm working (hard sometimes:-)) on myself Love, itยดs easier to Love others for some reason, however Iยดm on my way:-)
    Best wishes to you / Elaine

    1. You are always teaching yourself Elaine. As we realise that, we give from exactly where we are within, fears and all.
      Gradually we see what is holding us back and we begin to deal with them in such a way that we can then give from the truth of what we are within.
      Thank you for your lovely comment and blessings to you also. Mark

  3. Hello, Nice post. I don’t see your blog on the reader – ever. Not sure what is happening.. anyway, very best Eve.

    1. Thanks Eve. I’ll have a look, there has been some weird happenings on here with ‘follows’ disappearing and such and I’ve had to re-find and re-follow to get it going again. Might be another ghost in the works ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This is profound, Mark and I think we are sympathetic souls as this is what I work on myself. Love this blog, too! (Especially the colours!)

    1. Thank you Beth. It is a journey we all take in our different ways, and among those moments in life when something clicks, an aha moment, we look within again to see just what it means to us and feel the change that it brings. Whether from anger or pain, love or happiness, each has its part to play so that we can find that truth within.
      And thank you very much for your compliment, it is appreciated. Love and light to you also. Mark

  5. What a wonderful and powerful message. I’ve finally learned that it’s an oxymoron to love others with a whole heart that despises self. I’m not perfect there by any means, but working on it. A friend has often suggested that when faced with self-loathing, to speak like we were supporting our best friend or lover. She said it might feel corny at first, but with practice, it begins to work.
    I hope that you are doing well, Mark! Namaste

    1. Thank you Michelle, I am doing well and ‘trying’ to be what I write about ๐Ÿ™‚ Spirit gives me all this lovely information so that I can ‘listen’. This is also about my self healing as well as passing on what I have been told.
      That comment from your friend sounds like a very good way of realising how we are treating ourselves.
      One thing I was shown was the mirror event. Go to a mirror up close, look yourself in the eye (and I do mean literally in the eyes), and say, ‘I love you’. You will be surprised just how it makes you feel. And a very good indicator of how your self worth is. And understand that we all have bits to fix, but all are so that we can look that beautiful person in the eyes and ‘know’ that we are trying to realise that beauty inside. It takes time to realise ‘self’.
      So each time you get up of a morning, look in the mirror and tell that lovely lady that you do love her very much and your going to have a beautiful day ๐Ÿ™‚ Mark

  6. It has been brought to me six ways to Sunday, that my journey to self is really about self love. And your wonderful message confirms for me once again. Thank you!

    1. My pleasure mariner2mother. It is a slow journey as we touch the many different parts of who we are. But all eventually bring that realisation within that it all comes back to that self love. We block and build walls in so many ways and then focus on every other aspect around us hoping those ‘fears’ will go away.
      But the universe with all the love in the world will always guide us back to that love for self. Once touched and understood it all begins to change as we realise that worth of self, and then guides all else to us…finally ๐Ÿ™‚
      But it is a big journey so that we can understand and appreciate what we have experienced. Mark

  7. Well stated, Mark, as love is all about giving and receiving, in an endless cycle where it amplifies and refines in giving and receiving, and vice versa. The cosmic power is formless, infinite, undefinable, and love is certainly one of its visible expressions.

    1. Thank you Rajagopal. It is an amazing thing to be a part of something that always creates exactly what is needed, one moment to the next, and even more incredible is that it can give exactly what is needed for any individual and not affect those around them in any sort of disruptive way, it suits them in their own ways as well. Perfection. And as you so beautifully put it…formless, infinite, undefinable and expressed for us as love! ๐Ÿ™‚ Mark

    1. Thank you Theresa. And I must apologise, I normally ask before I fire up a link because sometimes the owner may NOT want to be associated with something. You never know, It may have been a recipe for a thick, rich, chocolate sponge cake, layered with thick cream and chocolate buttons all over it….and you wouldn’t want the world to see that, I know you have more control ๐Ÿ™‚
      But your words ARE appreciated, thank you, as all your posts are. They are very inspired, your heart is in each one, and I also take great pleasure in reading them. Inspiration received and greatly appreciated, thank you. Mark

    1. Many thanks Craig. I think that is the greatest thing about love, it will always touch where it is needed, mean many things to many people…that is its perfection.
      Blessings to you also, may love always be the peace in your heart. mark

  8. Wonderfully stated Mark.. the journey really starts with the first steps of loving ourselves…
    Long may you keep spreading your light and love for us all to share Mark..
    Blessings your way <3

    1. Thanks Sue. For some reason, as I was reading the quote from Theresa’s blog, spirit gave it a little nudge on the way through so I could ‘see’ something a bit deeper. It was lovely to ‘feel’ it as it came through and I wrote it down.
      Thank you for your beautiful blessings and love also that you spread from a beautiful (green :)) heart, I hope the love that you put into your green field is also spreading likewise ๐Ÿ™‚

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