I sing a song, a song of life,
a rhythm from deep within
Ancient for its energy,
a tale of where we’ve been
Even to this very day,
our journey has never changed
We seek to find our purpose,
to find what was arranged
And as the road of life,
that bouncing bumpy path
Looks to find our inner heart,
amongst the aftermath
But the wisdom of our truth,
those pearls of yesteryear
Are bound to our destiny,
all of which we share
So hold your strength,
and face this world of stress
For even amongst its scary ways,
is a magic we are blessed
And when we feel the time has come,
to bid this land goodbye
We transform into another,
to begin again on high.


29 thoughts on “Life!

    1. Sorry Eddie, just realised I replied to you thinking you were at my latest post (‘Just a little sunshine’). You must have wondered what was going on 🙂
      Yes, it was an amazing poem, it just poured out in a kind of reflection of where I was at. I think that might be the key for me, just let it flow. Thank you for your comment. Mark

  1. Mark I so loved your poetic verse… and yes, here we are still upon our journey, asking and seeking the same questions… Learning as we overcome our obstacles in life.. growing as we move through them.. And learning to be thankful for the gifts they bring us..

    Dear Mark.. thank you for walking the path with me along our road of discovery… I am forever being surprised at how yet there is so much more we learn about ourselves when we peel back yet another chapter of our lives..

    Many thanks my friend for your kindness and support.. I appreciate you..
    Blessings Sue

    1. Thank you Sue. It does seem to be one endless conflict within ourselves. But we see each time we come through that another layer is gone, more light is coming through…but above all, that love that we search for all our lives shows itself a bit stronger until finally we begin to realise it is ourselves that we are coming to terms with…accepting us, those faults, cracks and wobbly bits that we take on board in our lives. But they have great purpose as they allow us to really see us underneath it all, understand, and then touch the one thing that we so diligently search for, that unconditional love that we are within.
      You’ve been through a very big time my friend, much pain and loss that never seems to end. But both of those people have given you a gift by being who they are. They have, with great love, asked you to look within so that you may understand those fears in your life, step through them, and be free. Free to now love that beautiful person within that has been encased in a fog struggling to find the light.
      The sun is rising for you Sue, allowing you to see further and further across those fields in life and the beauty that has always been around, but just clouded in by our own personal journey. Because of this journey you will now not be affected as much by those days because you now understand you, and their purpose, so that you can release them and give from a more open and beautiful place within. Mind you, you do that already so I may have to put a glare filter on my computer from the light you will now give off 🙂
      And I am also very thankful that we have come together on this path Sue, as you have also shared much beauty with me. It is so beautiful to touch your posts and begin a day with much hope from what you express. Whether that is a poem or photo from the veggie patch, or an exhortation to lift us or give us hope on our journey. Thank you for your lovely words, they are gratefully accepted and returned with much love. Blessings to you as you go through this time. Be gentle with yourself as you look within now so that you can see what you have become. That truth that has taken much courage to find. Take care, Mark xo

      1. Oh My………. Dear Mark, what a beautiful reply, so much so I had to catch my breath, and wipe a tear or two before I could respond.. Taking a big gulp of air and swallowing hard, I so thank you ..
        Yes I have often said within my posts I so know that I would not be whom I am today were it not for the dark patches in my life.. Without going through a nervous breakdown all those years ago, I would never have been able to relate to the mental health work I later took on in my Support Work role..
        And so much damage is done mentally when children are young and those insecurities take hold especially within their parental relationships.. The case studies I have done often relate back to infancy..
        I was always called the ‘Little Mother’ by my Aunt, as I would take charge of my four other younger siblings..
        My Aunts funeral is tomorrow Monday.. And I am reciting a poem I have written for her..
        Thank you Mark for your kindness, and support.. And yes I am being gentle with myself.. resting and not taxing my brain too much.. LOL. which shouldn’t be too hard! 😉
        I feel lighter of Spirit, and after tomorrow I know I will feel more complete.. I have been at so many of my relatives bedsides near to their transition time.. Even those I used to heal within my Hands-on Healing, I would find myself invited by relatives to be their for them..
        Part of my role I know her on Earth has been to help their transition time.. As I know my energy has helped facilitate their crossing easier..
        Now I have to learn that its time for my own inner healing.. This was a big shake up call for me.. As we think we with our Spiritual ‘Knowing’ should somehow be stronger..
        But I am so very thankful for my journey and the learning each new experience brings.. Including meeting like minded souls such as yourself Mark..

        Many thanks for your added energy you have sent my way..

        1. May that time bring you peace and a sharing with all around. A time to catch up and re-affirm those connections with the many that have been a part of your life and allow a time to express those feelings within that this time brings.
          Take care Sue. A gentle hug from down south. Mark

  2. Lovely Mark. I enjoyed the poetry very much and the message therein. I will be away in India for two months from next week. I do hope you stay blogging. 🙂 Might add I never see your blog on the reader – to be honest I don’t see many of my favourite blogs on the reader anymore. I like to keep in touch though, so thanks for your little stamp (like) on my blog, which allows me to return.. Eve xxxx

    1. Thank you Eve. I have been a little quiet with posting as I have been distracted with my work but I try to at least put one up every month or so, just to let everyone know I haven’t disappeared off the planet yet 🙂
      I always at least leave a ‘like’ on your photo blog as I do very much like your shots (and creations) of the flowers. Very nice. Makes me miss my wanders with my camera. I just have to finish a little more work on a job I’m doing and I can get back to ‘playing’ with my camera again. Enjoy your trip in India, I think it would be a beautiful place to see. Mark xo

    1. Thank you Michelle. I had a moment of clarity and decided to fire up that something inside to see what would come out 😀
      I think it’s a bit like bungee jumping….that moment where you look down and the adrenalin is pumping…and then you jump.
      Ok, maybe not as much adrenalin but it still feels good to ‘let go’. Thank you for your support to ‘jump’ 🙂 xo

      1. It makes me want to jump back into some poetry as well. I keep some on a less visited site, but I haven’t been over there in a while.
        Some time poetry just works where prose doesn’t. You clearly found that space in this piece. Bravo!

        1. Thank you kind lady! I have to admit to being brought up with the poetry of rhyme and is much easier for my logical (male 🙂 ) mind to cope with. . Mind you, there is some incredible prose that I have read and it flows quite beautifully. One day I’ll have a crack at it.
          Are you getting ready to ‘come out’ 😀 Sometimes that’s all it takes (says me), to break that fear barrier and just do it. I was very nervous way back then, until you and scottishmomus made me realise, it’s just me being me, and something I would like to share. Now you can’t shut me up! 😀
          Belief in self does the trick. You have a gazillion followers because they appreciate just who YOU are. Just be you! Looking forward to a MamaMickTerry expression from the heart, coming to a post near you! 🙂
          Thank you very much for your support Michelle, and there is much of it here when you decide to fly 🙂 Mark

  3. This made me think immediately of a song my mum used to sing, ‘The Song Of My Life’ and I tried to find a link from You Tube, but frankly, none I found sang it as well as she did.
    I’m glad spirit came out to play, Mark and found music, muse and poetry to express ‘Life!’ With a capital L always. 🙂

    1. Thank’s momus. Mum’s always have one of those songs that would heal anything from a cut finger to a broken heart 🙂
      It was something that had been humming along in my head for a while and I decided to sit with ‘pen and paper’ to see what was happening in there.
      It got interesting as it flowed out…took me all of about 5 minutes. I think my inner spirit had something to say.
      Is that why you do 50 posts a day, you seriously open to spirit and out it comes 😀

    1. Thank you for that Quiall. It did have a great balance as it came out.
      It seemed like it had been waiting for a long time but when it came out it was ready.
      I know that sounds odd but that was the feeling that came with it.
      I quite enjoyed the process, it was a great way of expressing something within 🙂

      1. I understand completely! Things will often percolate in my head and then burst forth fully formed. I mean words not icky horror things. . . .well . . .

    1. Thank you Shirley. Momus said just let it all come out…so I did 😀
      It is touching something we all have within…spirits chance to express something through us.
      It gives that connection we all strive for to find that little bit of love and peace within that is who we truly are.

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