Traits of an Empath!

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Just an interesting list to ‘see’ what traits you may have. We all have the ability, and it can be more pronounced depending where you are at in your life!

Traits of an Empath

Empaths as a rule are often highly misunderstood people who have the amazing yet intense ability to be able to sense emotions from; family, friends, animals and even complete strangers both in-person and from a distance. Empaths can also sense energy from possessions (such as photographs or someone’s ring) nature and also the earth’s magnetic fields. This is how more often than not and not unlike an animal can sense something coming, so to can the empath on many different levels.
Just so you are aware being an Empath is not the same as having empathy. We are all born with empathy and have the ability to empathize with another; Empaths have not only the ability to empathize with another, but also to understand another person’s entire emotional process which can bring clarity and wisdom to those who are drawn to them for help or healing in some way or another.

There are many as explained in a previous blog that believe the gift of being an Empath is a double edged sword, on one hand we could see it as such a gift to be able to help so many, but there are many without the tools and knowledge that also see it as a curse or even a mental illness.

Below you will find some of the traits of an Empath, each empath is individual but all empaths feel, so if you are an empath reading this blog it is more than likely that you will have a few aha moments when reading these or relate on some level within your own journey.
Traits of an Empath
The number one trait of an Empath in my book is their ability to sense emotions or feel the emotions of others. Whether they are close within a family circle or perfect strangers. It doesn’t matter if the empath is in the same room with the person or on the other side of the world they still have the ability to tune into said person’s energy much like one half of a twin.

It’s very important for an Empath to fully understand each of the human emotions since it’s sometimes necessary to distinguish between the emotions of themselves or another. Knowing where the emotion stems from helps us to control our feelings in a larger capacity, not over-react to them, and then set them free from our minds as quickly as possible.

Some of the many emotions each of us can portray at one time or another are – Affection, Anger, Angst, Anguish, Annoyance, Anxiety, Apathy, Arousal, Awe, Boredom, Confidence, Contempt, Contentment, Courage, Curiosity, Depression, Desire, Despair, Disappointment, Disgust, Distrust, Dread, Ecstasy, Embarrassment, Envy, Euphoria, Excitement, Fear, Frustration, Gratitude, Grief, Guilt, Happiness, Hatred, Hope, Horror, Hostility, Hurt, Hysteria, Indifference, Interest, Jealousy, Joy, Loathing, Loneliness, Love, Lust, Outrage, Panic, Passion, Pity, Pleasure, Pride, Rage, Regret, Relief, Remorse, Sadness, Satisfaction, Self-confidence, Shame Shock, Shyness Sorrow, Suffering, Surprise, Terror, Trust, Wonder, Worry, Zeal, and Zest.

For an empath the awareness of their own emotions and others, as well as the release of that which is not there’s is extremely pertinent to leading a happy, balanced and healthy lifestyle.

  1. Just knowing: Empaths just know stuff, without being told and seemingly out of nowhere. It’s a depth of knowing that goes way beyond a gut feeling, even though it could easily be described that way. The more finely attuned they are the stronger this gift becomes.

  2. You can tell when you are being told a lie almost immediately: If a family member or a close friend is telling you lies you just know it (although a lot of empaths try not to focus too much on this because knowing a loved one is lying can be a painful thing to learn). Or maybe you are in the situation of someone saying one thing but thinking/feeling something completely different, you just know.

  3. Being in public places can be overwhelming: Places like supermarkets, stadiums, concerts, malls, fairgrounds, the movies, any where there are loads of people around, can fill the empath with an overwhelming sense of emotions coming at them from all directions and without room to breathe to even focus on trying to work out one emotion from another.

  4. Watching violence, cruelty or tragic events on the TV is almost unbearable: The more attuned and knowledgeable of their gift an empath becomes the worse it is under these circumstances and may make it so they eventually have to stop watching the news, news updates and or reading newspapers, current events, violent films altogether.

  5. Constant fatigue or lacking in energy: Empaths often get extremely drained of energy, either from energy vampires or just taking on too much from others within a day/week etc, which even sleep will not help or cure. Many get diagnosed with a form of chronic fatigue syndrome.

  6. Taking on physical symptoms of another: An empath will almost always develop the ailments off another person (colds, infections, headaches, muscle strain, body aches and pains to name just a few) especially those they’re closest to, it’s sort of like going out in sympathy for another.

  7. Creative expression: From singing (all types of genres), dancing, acting, creating all types of artwork from scrapbooking to painting or writing an empath will have a very strong creative streak and a sometimes wildly vivid imagination.

  8. Always looking out for others: Anyone whose suffering, in need of a lift, in emotional pain or being bullied in any form draws an empath’s attention and compassion almost immediately, they simply can’t help themselves when they see or feel someone in need.

  9. The ever present counsellor to the masses: An empath can become somewhat of a dumping ground for everyone else’s problems friends, family and even strangers dramas and issues which, if they’re not careful can end up as their own. Self care is VERY important in this trait.

  10. A cluttered environment: This is something every empath struggles with at some point or another, whether it be in their own home/workplace or others, it makes an empath feel completely weighed down and blocks the flow of energy, leaving the empath feeling heavy and lacking motivation.

  11. Addictive personality: Shopping, alcohol, food, drugs, sex, are to name but a few addictions that empaths turn to, to block out the emotions of others, or to what i call band aiding the real issues, burying them deep inside with a big old bandaid over the top to try and forget about them. It is a form of self protection in order to hide from someone or something.

  12. Drawn to healing in all it’s forms, holistic therapies and all things metaphysical/spiritual: Although many empaths have the natural healing ability within them already and would love nothing more than to heal others they can end up turning away from being healers, after they’ve studied and qualified or been certified in some way, because when they start using their new found healing or channeling abilities they take on far too much from the one/one’s they are trying to heal or channel healing too. Especially if they are unaware of their empathy. Anything of a supernatural nature is of great interest to empaths and they don’t get shocked or surprised very easily.

  13. Digestive disorders and lower back problems: The solar plexus chakra is based in the centre of the abdomen and it’s known as the powerhouse of all our emotions. This is where empaths feel the incoming emotion of another, whether that be human or spirit, which can weaken the area if not looked after, protected and can eventually lead to anything from stomach ulcers to IBS and the list goes on and on. Lower back problems (amongst other things) are a big one for an empath, especially the empath that is unaware of the strong need for balance. This back pain is due to being ungrounded which empaths often are.

  14. Love of anything related to nature or animals: Being outdoors in the fresh air and within nature is a must for empaths and providing themselves balance. Due to the energy of others empaths tend to lock themselves away to protect themselves, nature is an important part of creating balance for the empath and pets are an essential part of their life. Pets show such unconditional love and for an empath that is so important to have, animals are very giving and that’s a nice balance again for the empath that likes to continually give.

  15. The need for solitude: An empath will get aggravated if they don’t get their quiet time. This is even obvious in empathic children. Empaths need that space to recoup from others energies, to bring balance to themselves and to just be in their OWN energy for a change.

  16. Finds routine, rules or control claustrophobic and will fight against it: Anything that takes away an empath’s sense of freedom is extremely debilitating and can even have a poisoning effect to the moods of the imprisoned empath.

  17. Finds it hard to continue or do things that don’t amuse them or fulfill enjoyment: It almost feels like they are living a lie by continuing something they don’t enjoy. To force an empath to do something they dislike through guilt or calling them lazy will only serve in making them unhappy. It doesn’t feel right to an empath to do something that doesn’t contain some passion or enjoyment for them.

  18. Is constantly searching for the truth: This becomes more prevalent when an empath discovers his/her gifts and has a strong identification with their empathic self. Anything untruthful feels just plain wrong to them.

  19. Always looking for the answers and the knowledge to back it: To have unanswered questions can be extremely frustrating for an empath and they will endeavour to find an explanation as quickly as possible. If they have a knowing or even a small amount of knowledge about something they will look for confirmation. The downside to this is an information overload and the possibility of endless hours of research if to do nothing else but obtain peace of mind that they have found the information.

  20. Likes the thought of travel, adventure and the freedom of large spaces: Empaths are definitely free spirits.

  21. Gets easily distracted or bored quickly if not stimulated: School, work and home life has to be kept interesting for an empath (a good place to help empathic children get creative to spur their imagination and keep things alive and stimulating for them) or they just switch off from it and end up steering off into space or doodling to keep themselves occupied.

  22. Lover of daydreaming: An empath can stare into space for hours over the smallest thought or picture they have created in their minds, in a world of their own and blissfully happy.

  23. Can sense the energy of the food they eat: Many empaths don’t like to eat meat red or white and some even fish products because they can feel the vibrations or the energy of the animal (especially if the animal suffered in their lives or even in death), even if they like or love the taste. To feel the energy of the animal suffering, can make the finely attuned empath ill after eating.

  24. Has an intolerance to narcissism of any kind: Although kind, caring and compassionate and often more than tolerant of others, empaths do not like to be around overly egotistical people for very long, especially those who put themselves first and refuse to consider anyone else’s feelings or points of view other than their own. The more attuned empath will distance themselves further and further from a narcissist as they begin to realise they cannot help those who won’t help themselves.

Note to the empath – How can you tell when you are in the presence of a Narcissistic person who is an energy vampire:
All that you say and do is never good enough
Everything you say is spun around and turned against you
That gut feeling or natural instinct you have is sending up red flags or alarm bells non-stop
Nothing you do will ever please these people
You’re constantly made to feel beneath them or made to feel in-superior around them
You never feel heard, listened too or even validated
You speak your truth in love, they show sympathy and then moments later attack you for it
Every time you gently criticize their actions, your words are used against you to make you feel bad
Nothing you say or do to please them will make them like you or love you anymore or as equally as you love them.
They will use past situations and your insecurities against you whenever they feel like it and sometimes for no reason at all
You may feel trapped into an argument that has no resolution and that you didn’t cause nor want to be involved in from the start
It’s always your fault or the blame is always on you no matter what
You will be criticized and made to feel bad for sharing how well you might be doing in your life. That is seen as a slap in the face towards them and how they are doing.
When you finally do stand up for yourself they are sorry, then five minutes later or the next day attack again.
They constantly wear a mask and put on their best face to others, all the while you know exactly what’s coming next, what’s brewing inside and how that may affect you.

All of the above points (plus many more) you could possibly suffer from while being around these types of people, it generally will never change. They will sense your caring, giving heart coming a mile away, and will undoubtedly abuse you and use you much like a neverending drug. These types of people are known to say things like; “I can’t do without my (your name) fix”, or “I can’t do this without you” which is more often than not a tell sign that if you leave them or choose not to help them, that they will do everything in their power to; keep you hooked within their reach, making you feel small, unwanted, not very good for much else other than helping them and then ashamed for leaving them.
This is where you need to set loving boundaries and if that is not an option or does not work,
detach with love and RUN!

  1. The ability to literally feel what day of the week it is: An empath will get that “Thank goodness it’s Friday Feeling’ whether they work Fridays or not. An empath picks up on how the collective are feeling in the moment. A long weekend to an empath feels like bliss around the world, like the world is quite literally smiling, calm, happy and relaxed. Sunday evenings, Mondays and Tuesdays however tell a different story, with a heaviness and dread behind them.
  2. Excellent listeners, people often vent to empaths: An empath generally struggles to talk about themselves much, unless it’s to someone they really love and trust. They love to put their energy into learning about others and holding compassion and care around other’s journeys in the most sincere and authentic way.

  3. Can often appear moody, shy or disconnected to others: Depending on how an empath is feeling inside will depend on what mask they wear or what they will show of themselves to the world. They can be prone to mood swings that can often spiral out of control, much like four seasons in one day and if they’ve taken on too much negative energy they can appear very quiet, withdrawn, unsociable and even miserable within themselves. An empath detests having to pretend to be happy when inside they are sad, this only adds to their energy load. That ever loved catch phrase used especially in retail of the customers are always right and service with a smile can make life really hard for the empath when all they want to do is challenge the customer that is wrong and not smile when they don’t feel it.

  4. Will not choose to buy second hand anything or antiques: Anything that’s been pre-owned carries the energy of the previous owner, so you won’t find many empaths garage saleing especially if they are finely attuned. An empath will even prefer to have a brand new car or house if it’s financially possible, with no residual energy of previous tenants or occupants. Unless they have the tools of clearing the house, things that they live in, use or wear.

  5. Prone to carrying excess weight without necessarily overeating: The excess weight gain is more often than not a form of protection to stop the negative incoming energies having as much impact. If an empath is in a toxic environment or around toxic people, more often than not the area around their solar plexus chakra will expand. the moment the energy changes in the environment to a light one and happiness is in abundance, the weight seems to disappear.

  6. Greatly affected by the Psychic Vampire: Whatever the type of person, the pay attention to me, poor me, sitting on the pity pot, the talker, the friend greedy for your time or the biggy the drama queen. Empath’s tend to struggle in this area because they are so used to helping and giving, It’s important for the empath to create strong, firm but loving boundaries around their friends, family and even strangers.

  7. Rough sports or violent activities can deeply affect an empath: For many female Empaths, the idea of watching violent sports such as boxing, rugby, football etc puts them off just as much as; newspapers, tv and horror/thriller movies. Just like some men, they don’t see the need for violence in any form as a whole, and often feel compelled to speak up against it.

  8. Feel compelled to tell it like you see it: Empaths aren’t a fan of negativity, feeling hurtful or nasty emotions from people, so more often than not struggle to lie at any cost, since lying in itself takes a very negative thought process to begin with. That being said, Empaths can sometimes get into trouble for speaking the truth all the time. How many of you have gotten into trouble for speaking your mind and then standing behind your truth? (unfortunately not everyone can handle the truth, in whatever form it comes to them). Empaths tell the truth because it feels good to be honest, rather than to just pretend it doesn’t exist.

If you can relate or have said yes to most of or all of the above then you are most definitely an empath.

38 thoughts on “Traits of an Empath!

    1. Hi Kristine, I’ve had a very interesting journey. Besides my computer, blog and spirit going into shutdown, I’ve had an interesting little destination, one that I didn’t see coming which I suppose should be that way or it would take away its lesson. I had to be ‘locked’ into the situation to gain its impact fully 😀
      There is a post hovering when I fully understand its implications as it took me way back, so far that all I could feel was that instant in time where I had shut down in my youth to cope with life and locked in that fear we all carry through our lives. Yes, it was that old faithful ‘rejection’ that I had from my father but unbeknown to me I hadn’t fully seen another way of being that was a part of me and I had just relegated to my reaction to a particular person, not realising it was in fact a part of how I was dealing with those situations.
      Confronting….yes. Expected…no. Solvable…yes. As I have been ‘dropped’ face first into the past…it’s like being in a situation that is filled with molasses…a slow, in your face, reliving instant of time that drags over 21 days…probably so I don’t spill a drop and miss absorbing its goodness, even though it feels like hell at the time. I’ve literally only arrived ‘home’ today, but it has affected me that much that I feel strange in familiar territory, almost like being in shock.
      Anyway…I’m alive and know I have gained much (when I finally understand it all 😀 ). So I thank you very much for your concern, it is appreciated with much gratitude and hopefully I will soon awaken to a post…if this is working and I’m not talking to myself again 😀

        1. Most certainly Kristine, and thank you for your kindness. As this part of the blog seems to be working it must be time for me to make some noise again…I think 😀
          Catch you all soon <3

  1. Being at a party or social event for me is often like trying to tune in a radio where the channels keep changing, fuzzy but every channel connects in my brain (or heart), and it is emotion rather than sound. It is why I don’t like crowds. If someone is having an argument around me I can ‘feel’ both sides of it. This is why I am triggered by meanness and true mental illness.

    1. In the beginning it can be a very difficult process to be around even one person who isn’t in a great place within themselves Cheryl. And personally I couldn’t figure out why I was not getting used to it as time went by. I then went through a very difficult time and faced my major fear (a rejection from my dad, and that took some digging to realise what I was actually projecting my fear in all my relationships), and after going through it I realised that I could now cope with the energy from others.
      They could bombard me, but because I had ‘let go’ my ‘on guard’ way of being to my fears, I was no longer being hammered by others. In fact, and this did take a while, I could now really sense what they were feeling and could therefore help them through some difficult times.
      I do spiritual counseling now because of this shift (hence the name of my blog), and no longer avoid the crowds etc. Mind you, there are the occasional times that still rock me. I had been asked to help a lady who had been attacked and almost died. As I walked into her hospital room the impact was something I will never forget. Not only how it had left her but the realisation that another human being could do this to someone.
      Life is a great teacher, as hard as it can be at times, so I hope your journey can ‘find’ the ‘sensitivity’ button and bring you into a more beautiful way of being. Maybe you are being ‘tuned’ to help others in some way too 😀

      1. Thanks so much. My sensitivity has to do with acceptance. I am always there for others but too often feel rejected when the understanding is not reciprocated. They need they want but expect me to not ever dip into a dark place myself. I have had people turn on me like rabid dogs if I showed an inkling of human frailty. I am sorry for your suffering with your father but am so happy you have found your place of peace with life’s challenges and are now helping others. My issue was with a mother who had such low self esteem she just shrank into depression slowly. That is what ultimately killed her. Not a disease but dis-ease.

        1. It is a hard enough journey just trying to cope with our ‘bits’ Cheryl, but to understand them too really puts us to the test. But it is in finding ‘us’ among the walls that we build that we create our freedom.
          Your heart is in a good place by ‘giving’ as you do, it is in understanding the ‘why’ behind the giving that will show you your truth, and a beauty like no other.
          That was my ‘bit’, to realise that I was giving much love to others, but hurt by their rejection…I was thinking that no one could possibly reject me if I gave them tons of love…but they eventually said ‘stop’, ‘whoa’, ‘your burying me’, ‘back off’, and I would get all offended and point the finger at them. But one day I saw what it really was…I was so afraid of the thought of being rejected, that I ‘led’ with that fear foremost in my mind and it showed in all that I did. And because that fear is ingrained from childhood our ability to handle such an emotional impact is very limited with a very young and immature mind…so we just build walls and block the truth because it is so painful (who wants to face that pain). And in doing so we even forget the real reason that we have put those walls up.
          But finally, and with help from a great friend, I chose to dig into that pain and finally ‘see’ what had been gently waiting for me for a long time, but that too has purpose. For when I finally ‘saw’ what I had buried in pain, it now showed me with such love because I had dared to look, and in understanding my pain it lost its power over me, and released the wall that held it, and gave me a freedom like nothing else I have ever faced. Life, and I really mean all of it, changed in the blink of an eye. It all changed because my fear was always ‘held up’ in front of me in all that I did, always ‘on guard’ in case it came for me, and it affected everything. The change is something I will never forget. Suddenly I could ‘see’, and I mean what had always been there but because of what I was constantly doing I could not ‘see’.
          As an example…if your in the middle of studying for something, people can come and give you a coffee or say something to you, and later you find a cold coffee or someone agitated because you haven’t responded to what they have asked. That is our fear, it sidetracks us to everything around us to such a point that we cannot ‘see’. But when it is removed….life is like nothing else that went before, even the smell of a flower takes on a beauty like nothing else <3

          1. Thank you so much for your honesty and compassion. I am in a metamorphosis which is more freeing each day. A big part of it has been not taking on guilt in every situation as though I am responsible or able to fix everything I am being more honest before I reach critical mass and learning to love me because I can’t fully love another if I don’t. I have spoken many loving truths to others but hesitated accepting them for myself. Thank you. Its been so nice chatting with you. It does my soul good to know someone who is healing.

            1. It is a beautiful journey Cheryl. And as you have said, the hardest part is giving that love to ourselves. But it will happen as we face ourselves. And this of course is why we have so many other loving souls around us, they (with great love), force us to look within and find that love inside us. You will find that truth, even though there are many bumps along the way 😀
              And thank you for sharing with me, it isn’t an easy thing to do baring our hearts, especially with the pain it entails, but it is a healing within itself to speak our truth <3 😀

  2. Except for the fact that I don’t overeat and I am very organized and tidy, and don’t mind talking, every single other trait applies to me! Very interesting.

    1. It is an interesting list. I think we are all empath’s, some more so than others, and as we go on in this life those ‘gifts’ become more tuned as we go. But for those individuals that are already full on from the start it is a serious journey to find ourselves amongst the mayhem that we feel as a constant input. But gradually we become more balanced and give back what we were given in the beginning….the love to share. Thank you Beth 🙂 Mark

      1. Yes, I agree, it is a continuum. From very early in my life, I could sense suffering and always felt everything around me was “animated”. I think that was the original impetus for becoming a vegetarian, very young. It is actually difficult to be so sensitive but it has only increased, so I manage it. 😀

        1. Always changing we are, to find that incredible balance within. Just a tad difficult with that cacophony of feelings all round. But as you say, gradually we understand and when we stand in our truth and finally open it no longer becomes a chain around our necks, but a way of life. Thank you for your comment Beth 🙂 Mark

  3. I always believed myself an Empath as I have so many of the traits. Recently I learned of HSP’s and that is so completely me. I don’t know if all Empaths are HSP’s and vice versa, but I suspect so.

    1. Hi Tracie. They argue about it all over the place but I do know that you cannot be an empath without being a HSP. Mind you, that also entails a spiritual perception as well, which we all gradually become better at as we discover our inner selves through life.
      And I will also add that your ‘gift’ is a perception in itself. Your photo’s are a very high perception of seeing something ‘just so’, whereby most others just go click :). You can ‘feel’ the shot. If that isn’t from an empaths perception, I know nothing 🙂

  4. Highly vibrating energy *** Giving from Heart *** Helping/Healing *** Love *** Divine
    An Empath often put others before himself and sometimes need someone to say like I do now:
    Do think about yourself also Mark, take time to do something you really like, spoil yourself with something, because you´re worth it! You where there for me, at the right moment, with the right words when I really needed someone and I will always be grateful for that:-)
    Wish you all the best

    1. Thank you Elaine, I appreciate your words a lot. It is a big journey for just our own emotions and feelings, let alone the sensitivity we build as we go through those times in our lives that give us the wisdom of empathy and compassion for others.
      I’ve been through some big events recently as well, and your words are full of much wisdom.
      Accepted and being put into practice my friend 🙂
      Wishes gratefully accepted, and love and light returned to a new lady, reborn with much love and wisdom from her journey.
      Thank you! Mark

    1. Thank you kind lady. It is a powerful thing to understand something that leaves most confused for a long time. In its right time it can be matured and used with great purpose as they begin to associate it with life. Mark

      1. I know exactly what you are saying… in a depth that I myself had to endure painfully, which created a thinking that I was insane!!!! it is so empowering to find out the truth and then everything becomes so clear!

        1. I do think it is given in that way, slowly, so that it can be understood and we not go crazy. Even though it feels like it at times 🙂 It IS a very big path to integrate it, and takes great strength to understand.

  5. If I were to make an educated guess, I’d say you were definitely an Empath, Mark. Though it can be draining, I think it’s a fabulous gift and love all – okay, most – that comes with it.
    I think there were only a couple of items on the list that didn’t apply to me. It was striking. Thank you for such an informative article. Have a great week, my friend!

    1. Thank you my friend. Yes, I am an empath and it is an incredible journey. Many years of taking on everyone else’s feelings, not realising they weren’t mine. Nearly drives you crazy until you realise where it’s coming from. The road begins to keep yourself open but not get dragged into the feelings. Interesting journey.
      I still have the odd days where I can’t. The one thing that spirit did say to me was to be ‘open’ to those feelings. And I said ‘WHAT…are you kidding me’. And spirit said that ‘there is the problem’. Your holding up a sign that says to the universe ‘I’m afraid of those feelings’, and that is what you attract to you.
      Let it go, step into those feelings and go through them. Don’t brace yourself, don’t react to them because that is holding up the sign. Let them go, they are not yours or your responsibility. Yes, you may help and give from a beautiful open place within, and do it with all the love in the world. But the moment you have a problem with it, you are beginning to place expectations on it, them or you and you attract accordingly.
      And those expectations are always from within yourself and how you react to the world around you.
      Your life and what you have learned, take you on a journey so that you when the time comes you can see just what those things inside you are, release them by understanding them, and come closer and closer to that unconditional love within BECAUSE there is no longer any expectations. You’ve removed the very thing that blocks it, those fears within and the expectations that they build.
      Thank you for your lovely comment Michelle, and I just realised that spirit had something to say by the length of this reply…almost a post 😀 You have a great week too Michelle xo

        1. Thank you Michelle, but I can’t take credit for this one. It is a reblogg from another site.
          Mind you, I agree with pretty well all that it says. I came across it in my wanders and since it spoke so eloquently on the subject I thought, why re-invent the wheel 🙂
          My thanks for your lovely words though, very much appreciated. Mark

    1. I do. I see you in your beautiful words, as they can only come from one who has been there within.
      And as each of those numbers on the list are ticked, closer you come to self, until at last you can see, feel and know another just by thinking of them 🙂
      It is a big list though eh! 😀

    1. Hi Kay! We all have the ability but life just seems to bury us and block the ability to really ‘feel’ those around us. Woman are much better at it naturally (sorry guys), but only because they are taught from birth to be aware of the emotional aura of the people around them. Plus that inbuilt instinct that only a mother can do with their children. Guys tend to be told to ‘get up’ and not be ‘brought up’. It closes them down (but that is their journey). I personally, being a male of the species, was blessed with being a Cancer (touchy, feely with a strong female side), with a Cancer rising. Double whammy. So that I could ‘feel’ my way through life and begin the journey of removing my fears and being even more open and aware so that I am able to heal by being able to ‘connect’ with those I’m around. Mind you, that gets really highlighted when spirit wants me to especially connect with someone. Most pregnant woman I can feel from a thousand yards, their energy is so high that I can sometimes feel it even before they are aware. And such a beautiful and amazing energy. They ‘glow’…literally 😀

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