Monday Meeting — Anything For Love

The love of true friends!

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Monday Meeting — Anything For Love

Posted on March 31, 2014 by Theresa

In February 2014, one of Gerdi McKenna’s friends wrote an e-mail requesting a photoshoot for all her friends, as she had been diagnosed with breast cancer a few months before. Here is what happened among the friends at the photoshoot:

Video Credit: Albert Bredenhann, YouTube

12 thoughts on “Monday Meeting — Anything For Love

    1. It did make a big impact. To do something like that was a sharing of love deep within between them all, and it was beautiful to see. I’m sorry to hear your sister died of breast cancer. It has become so prevalent in society and the numbers don’t seem to be dropping. Hopefully they will find something to remove this very emotional and painful illness from us forever. Thank you for the comment Dennis, your sister will always be in your heart, that cannot be removed by anything. Namaste

  1. Absolutely amazing … This was a very precious gift to give their friend… Our hair is our crowning glory.. And they all showed their amazing Love for their friend ..
    My sister had breast Cancer and also lost all of her hair… So I truly connect with this video Mark and thank you for sharing it with us here..
    We who are healthy all have a truly amazing gift… one we take so often for granted..
    Bless you for sharing..
    Sue xox

    1. Thank you Sue. It was a reblog from Theresa at and I freely admit it brought me to tears. An incredible show of love from such a close group of friends. To share something so deeply was a moving thing to see.
      I’m glad you could relate to it with the journey you had with your sister. It is a very hard journey but it must make it feel just a little better to know the love and support of a sister (or friends), to help go through such a testing time. It must bring a closer bonding of love to share in such difficult circumstances. And I do agree we take our health for granted and we tend to ‘overload’ the body with scant regard for the future…until the future comes knocking on our door. Namaste x

      1. Yes Mark my tears flowed freely too… I am happy to say my sister recovered from her mastectomy and chemo with love from her family which gave her the impetus to fight it and get well.. She had this happen age 36 with 4 young children… She will celebrate her 53rd Birthday tomorrow! 🙂
        We each have many tests… She now understands she played the major role in healing herself from within.. She would sing each day… ” All ways look on the Bright Side of Life”.. And she does.. That makes a whole lot of difference to healing of ones self..
        Love and Blessings Mark.

        1. Good stuff Sue! And I laughed to hear of her singing that song. It has always been an uplifting song and always associated with laughter, the biggest healer of them all. Your sister is an amazing woman. Namaste

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