Finding the Beauty Within!

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Indigo Children, They are So Switched On toΒ Life

was such an amazing thing to watch and feel, especially where it came from. (See this video first so that you may understand the rest of this post).

It was spoken straight from his heart with not a trace of this world to begin his doubt, fears and the journey back to that unconditional love. We can sense it from him, but this world, and the fears we have created within ourselves, block it in us for fear of being open to it, and being hurt. Just as his mum was eventually brought to tears because of what she felt in the truth that he spoke.

Our minds and ego’s have had years of blocking things to protect ourselves from those painful things in our lives, but the truth is, it is when we do face those fears, we are free. It is by doing that, that we are loving ourselves, and that duality we have had for so, so long, is finally let go, and we begin to truly love and accept ourselves by seeing ourselves for who we truly are, instead of convincing ourselves we are this or that because of those fears.

That truth when we finally see within ourselves, without the walls of fear, anger or pain, is so enlightening. You finally see the beauty all around for you are no longer on guard, no longer afraid of what may come next. You begin to feel all around you in truth, as it comes, instead of what you think may be there through fear, and prepare for the worst which does not allow you to feel everything as it is, because you are so concerned with the next ‘what if?’.

You begin to see and feel in such a way that you begin to smile at all those little things that you just didn’t have time for before, and now can be seen for what they really are, part of the beauty of life. You are no longer set in your ways to be ready for anything, you just appreciate what happens as it does for you are now beginning to realise that this journey, is a journey, and not a work routine.

You begin to live by ‘looking out the window’ of your holiday transport and relax and enjoy the views and the experiences of what is a beautiful, natural landscape that can be truly experienced for the wonder that they are.

I will make one other small comment here. For those that know, it has already been seen, but for others on their journey it is in the recognition of the power, and I’m not talking about worldly power where you have control in some way over another, it is the power that is given ‘unconditionally’ from within the child. When you recognise, without fear, where it has come from, then you have begun to answer your truth within and realise the potential of giving from your heart and understanding the journey of unconditional love. The power that the child has is simply the fact that he does not yet condemn himself for anything, view himself wrong in any way or have judgement of another. All is given from a place within that only knows that unconditional love.

You too can be that child within. May your journey and awareness, from your courage to look within and release those walls that you have built, blossom from the love that you give yourself to remove those fears. For in that knowledge and acceptance you then find that you are very perfect exactly as you are, and the understanding of unconditional love begins.


22 thoughts on “Finding the Beauty Within!

    1. My pleasure. He was such a cutie. We are all built by life’s journey, but we learn the truth when we face those fears and break free! And the relief and openness it creates is indescribable! Namaste xo

        1. You will be fine my dear friend. The universe being the wonderful creation that it is, is just waiting until you are ready…just take one step at a time! πŸ™‚

            1. lol. And don’t we all find those things. They hang off tree’s by the dozen πŸ™‚ Just one step at a time, this whole journey is just about you finding that beautiful, loving being within…that is you! One day your chance will come…and you will take that step, and everything will change. Namaste my forest friend! πŸ™‚

              1. I’ve been on leave for 3 weeks and spent the time walking and being quiet and re-learning the things I’d forgotten. I grabbed a few Sonia Choquette books among others – so the re-connection has again begun……

                1. Well done my friend. You had something to learn so you were focused on it. We all get a little deliberately sidetracked in this life, adjust what we have gained in wisdom, re-balance and off we go again. And you will be surprised just what you find in the books that will now have more meaning and understanding for you. Some bits you will relate to, others just reinforce where you’ve been, and occasionally a yehaa! will light you up and amaze and delight, just to remind you why you are here. But above all that, just find your truth, what makes you happy in this path of wonders that are around each corner. And just smile in your discoveries…and they’ll wonder what you’ve been up to πŸ™‚ Namaste

  1. Mark, I loved that you followed up your last post upon this topic. We have much to learn from Children. and yet we subject them to so many conditioning thoughts as parents unsuspectingly transfer their fears onto them..
    My own 3 yr old Granddaughter is a Gem.. and a true Nature child… inquisitive and wanting to touch and feel.. I have taught her when she has been gardening with myself the value of life.. that All things have a purpose.. She has allowed caterpillars to crawl on her skin, she has gently picked up worms.. And last year we had not one but two bees nests in our garden, She was shown where they were and she played happily in and among them while they buzzed past to their nests..

    Late Summer my Granddaughter’s home also had a bees nest up in the eves.. Now my daughter in law is frightened of Bees, spiders etc.. So I was not surprised on a recent spring day when out in our garden, a Large Bee flew past and my granddaughter squealed in fright, repeating her mums words of it will sting you…
    I spent 20 mins showing her how the Bee only was gathering food, and it was his wings which made the buzz… She then calmed down and let the bees do their work without being as fearful ..

    We humans pass on so many of our inbuilt fears.. While Children are fearless.. They are only taught behaviours from ourselves and we do so much damage inflicting our own limited beliefs into their magical world..

    If only we could find the Child within again Mark… How beautiful a world we maybe then have created..
    An excellent post πŸ™‚ Thank you

    1. Thank you for your spot on comment Sue. Our parents pass on everything they know, which will then get passed on again down the generations. It is a slow learning curve to remove those fears within ourselves, a generation of fears may take hundreds of years to change a belief that is passed on. But I do have much hope of a change that is now coming in at a faster rate, and that is the spirituality that is opening many more people. Whether from a religious or ordinary background it appears to be gaining quickly over only a few generations, of which I’m thankful for. Those generations are now beginning to come through and are starting to impact our day to day lives in places where change can take place for all.
      I’m also very glad that you have broken the cycle with your granddaughter to show her a beginning in life that she can carry within always, and not see nature as a bother, but rather the beauty that it does possess. I always remember a friend who I thought was so ‘odd’. She could talk the birds out of the tree’s, butterflies would always land on her and every cat and dog for miles around would seek her out. How I wish I was now ‘odd’ πŸ™‚ Well, maybe I am these days but just a different shade.
      Thank you again for your comments Sue, it is good to see the ‘truth’ of the world being spread as it should. A few more children will grow up feeling good about themselves and bring that change further into the world. Namaste

      1. Yes Mark I too feel everything is moving now faster as those seeking ‘Truth’ are awakening more and more to nature and natural phenomena around themselves.. I too would just love to be that ‘odd’ one who could talk the birds out of the trees.. We have lost so many of our Gifts along the way through what some call progression!. While those natural abilities have been lost ..
        Many thanks for your lovely reply Mark… Have a beautiful day and weekend.

  2. what a wonderful post to follow the video…
    your words feel good Mark…as if they were within a realm of somewhere
    we all need to be…
    Thank you for sharing as I will end my day with your thoughts….
    Thank you for being you…
    Take Care…You Matter

    1. Thank you very much kind lady! But I must give credit to the boy. His coming from within got me all excited so I had to make a comment. He brought me to tears to hear the beauty that is in us all, but we tend to be blocked by our journey through life. But gradually we find that truth within, after much tripping and stumbling, a lovely light begins to appear within. It gradually gets brighter, the smiles get bigger, and suddenly we are on this strange new planet…and we begin another journey, but this time with so much beautiful understanding. Every corner we turn is another discovery, and the beauty in the simplest of things brings a wonder and joy. Yes Maryrose, it is another realm, but it is right here, inside all of us. Just need to unwrap the present a little to peek inside…and watch the smiles begin. It is so perfectly put together that it comes into our awareness exactly when we are ready. And we are usually ready when all we do comes from the love within, to ourselves first, then give from that place. Have a lovely night Maryrose, your light has been on for a very long time. I feel it each time I read your poems! πŸ™‚ Namaste

  3. I knew you would do it. πŸ™‚ How could you not after that precious post? That child. And his mother. To be so ready to accept that infant’s view on life and value of life without giving him a hard time. To be the mum moved to tears by a child’s truth. It was precious. And so is this post, Mark.
    Unfortunately, I feel, the child heart and adult head do not work so well together.
    I feel the child. I know the child. I see the child. I understand the child.
    Then the real world intrudes. Invades. Smashes so much of what is beautiful and innocent. So much of everything.
    How awful am I to bring this down? I’m sorry.
    I am the child. I want everyone to feel what you describe. To be the child in that innocent video. And it just is not life.
    How do we make it so? Really. How do we make people retain the truth of that child while still embracing the grown-up world? How do we spread that message? And make it a reality? A desirable reality? One that people gratefully choose rather than the alternative where innocence and truth are distorted?
    I’ll stop. Maybe I should be doing a post on this rather than filling your pages with questions.
    But it gets me down. Not in a great place you might guess. πŸ˜‰ x

    1. You are in exactly the right space momus. You are feeling it, and questioning it. That is more important, as a lot are not ready to do that yet. Here is a truth. The child must be brought down into this world, with all its bits of anger, pain and especially fear, for without it he will not have the struggle, not find the understanding and not come through many fears that he will create in his life. You will understand this, look back on your life…which times in your life that you were going through a rough time…would you go back to. None, because you are now more understanding of them, able to handle those situations better each time they occur (till you actually no longer allow them to affect you). And the main thing of those times gives you great empathy for another that goes through them, and we help them because we feel their pain. In that it creates a great love within ourselves, a closer perspective of what unconditional love means. If you go through something and it doesn’t affect you in any way much, you forget it soon after, but if it seriously gets in your face and lasts a long time, the outcome of how you handled it leaves an imprint of that understanding within. Until eventually, as each fear is let go and you open more and more, you begin to see your journey for what it was. It shows you great understanding because as you remove each fear in your life, you relax, begin to enjoy life, and start to see in others what you yourself have gone through.
      Actually the child, coming from a beautiful truth within from his heart, was expressing something so profound that his mum realised this and it brought her to tears. To hear something like that you know it has come from within and it was specifically for his mum to hear for her understanding. And now, many others who see and feel what the child said. It has great impact for the watcher because without realising it, they are hearing a spiritual truth coming from a child that has not been corrupted by life. We yearn within ourselves to feel, touch and be a part of that truth again. And we will be, by going through all that we have down here, does create that outcome. Yes, it feels hard and grinding like it will all never end, but in truth it does in fact give more understanding until we reach that place within that knows that unconditional love.
      I now know it. I have seen and felt my journey from the lowest to the highest, and the last 10 years has been WITH spirit in my healing. (Don’t worry, I never got out of anything, dropped into life like everyone else THEN spirit bobs up and says ‘how do you feel’ πŸ™‚ ). I was specifically told by spirit that if I wanted to understand this journey and just what unconditional love meant (read The Love on my menu)…I needed to go through life, as it teaches the most profound things for that understanding. It is an incredible thing to go through so much and then realise it has all been integrated and flows along with everything with us all the time. We just have to decide within ourselves what we want to do, how we want to deal with things, and the universe complies with that love. Because it knows that for each thing that we go through, we step a little closer to that final place in our hearts.
      (Talk about getting carried away and should write a post πŸ™‚ ) So momus, you are a very beautiful lady, and in your comments you are showing just that, the urge and need to see and feel that beauty of love that should be far and wide. All that is needed is for you to care as you do, but not take on the worlds grief (as hard as that can be sometimes because within we don’t like to see a lot of things), and become that change you would like to see. It is like when you walk into a room and at one end is someone angry and yelling, and at the other end is someone smiling and laughing. Who are you attracted to. Be that person, live that reality, and your journey has begun.

      Have a great day my friend, sending a laugh and a smile your way,


  4. What a beautiful beautiful post!! I watched the video twice yesterday and once today. I was such a child when I was little, but unfortunately I was not met in the same beautiful way as this boy was. So I learned to hide myself away from the world, I loved to be alone so that I could be myself, my spirituality was expressed in the forest with the fairies and in my creativity and make-believe games. I think I learned to think of the world as an unaccepting and foreign place where I did not belong. I lived within, not without, outside I conformed. But as I grew up, at some point in my teens I started looking for kindred spirits, and slowly I started finding places to be free πŸ™‚ I still enjoy being alone though, and I still hide within when I am in a “hostile” place, but I have always known, if I may say that, that I was right, that the place within was the truth, not the place without πŸ™‚ Animals, trees, the ocean and the angles have always been there to give me comfort and they have always told me, in their own way, that I am beautiful! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Line, but I am impressed by your journey. They always test us to produce that lovely outcome of unconditional love. It’s just the getting there through all the ups and downs that is the trick. But without that we would be nothing. It is the perfect way to create that which we become. Many the path taken but always with that wonderful outcome at the end. It amazes me to see such incredible variations in the lives of many but always reaching the same destination. If that isn’t perfection I don’t know what is. Thank you for your lovely share of your path, it is something to look back on and realise its purpose and the beauty it creates. Namaste

      1. Thank you Mark for your loving and encouraging comment!! πŸ™‚ Yes, I feel truly blessed, and my journey has been amazing (and still is)! πŸ™‚ Life is beautiful! πŸ™‚ And we, who are living it, are equally beautiful! Have a wonderful afternoon!!

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