Reach Out!


Reach out, reach out, I will always be your friend,
always in my heart, a strength I will send,
don’t let those fears, be your lonely guide,
don’t let your heart, be burnt away inside,
don’t ever think, the things that you feel,
are not so important, they are not so very real,
when it comes too much, and everything a task,
you hide it deep inside, always wearing a mask,
the days become a struggle, it’s hard to keep at bay,
to take another breath, one more time in the fray,
but here my beautiful friend, let me give a plea to you,
I love you even more, if you ask to help you through,
I see your every turn, that black dog is lurking deep,
testing every part of you, the climbs are very steep,
I see your silent agony, please just call out my name,
you mean so very much to me, to watch you in such pain,
I know it’s so lonely, not wanting us to know,
but please believe me, it is my love I want to show,
I know it isn’t easy, as many a test will be,
but as your friend in battle, I’m here till your free,
reach out, reach out, I’ll always help you through,
with all the love within, I always give this to you.


Many of our family and friends, or even strangers that we know suffer in silence with depression and such emotional turmoil in their lives that we are unaware just how deep this is. I wrote this for those people to show that they can ‘reach out’ and let us know how they feel, how it is effecting their lives, and know that we will care very much for they are a part of who we are. They mean so much to us, and any suffering for them should never be silent, because their silence is our silence. Ask, someone who understands will be listening!

And for anyone who does not have anyone to talk to, please go to these sites below, they are for anyone who feel they have depression or for friends and family who do not understand it or how to be able to help anyone deal with it. Please…reach out! Namaste

29 thoughts on “Reach Out!

    1. Hi Eric, many thanks for the lovely award, it is very much appreciated. The awards are a very good community building and acceptance into the blogging world for some of the most gifted people I have had the pleasure to meet. And they encourage a purpose within an individual to go further, be more and open the muse within. Not that I personally don’t need that encouragement :), but I am currently not being my truth, and spreading myself a little thin with counselling, healing, web designing and life in general so that I have found my nights getting later and later. So I must apologise for not proceeding with this beautiful award, even though it is given with the gift of giving, and the love for which it was created. Many thanks for even choosing my blog for this award, and for that you have my gratitude and love for that consideration and kindness that you have shown me in presenting it to me. But I do hope that this award will go to many others and be shared further because I do feel its energy and it has been made from a lovely heart. Something like that will find its place with many more deserving people in this community. Again thank you, it is very appreciated, and I wish I could contribute further. Mark

          1. You are very welcomed. Many bloggers don’t want to participate… its fine with me too. I just hope to find the ones that need the boost and a few that don’t that they need to get them from. Its all in a good day.

            1. True. Yesterday was my first post in a month (Except a couple of rebloggs), and resorting to many likes and the odd comment (and that only because I’m actually on the computer), due to a very large database driven website that is currently testing my patience. Maybe I just need a coffee and a walk on the beach 🙂 Thanks Eric, I appreciate your reply. Namaste

    1. Thank you Skye. I think it was needed, as I felt that most people when they get into trouble within themselves find it very difficult to reach out. Like they would be looked at as failures or weak. But the truth is, those same people would hold their hands out to help others that are in trouble. That barrier needs to be broken and let everyone realise that it is with love that we all connect, under any circumstances, but especially in times of need. That is what makes us human. Thank you again for your lovely comment, have a great day. Mark

        1. Ah, an experienced traveller! I do think that it is part of our journey to feel these things as it allows us to really see inside of ourselves and understand who we really are within. So as you said, the right person may not come along until you really need that help from another. It is a very big journey and it will test you to such a degree that you will feel that there is nothing to live for. But as you now know, you break through that wall and realise that you are that beautiful, wonderful person within and begin to find that truth and worth that you will now become. I ticked a lot of boxes before I came down here but even I would have baulked at that one. But I think that is the whole point, that box would never have been ticked unless you knew you had the courage and the strength to see this journey as a building on what you are and the love that it finally shows in the acceptance of what our journeys show us, that beautiful spirit within and the love that is created in the understanding of that path. Thank you for the blessings Skye, and returned for the lovely (poetic) soul you have become because of your journey. Namaste

  1. Dear Mark, your heart has reached out showing others that we are never alone… Having suffered from depression in the past and a nervous breakdown… Your words are so important and your links a life line to those who need to know they are not alone, and there is help and others feeling exactly those same emotions that so often those who suffer try to hide behind their masks…

    We are ALL One and need to reach out to others who need help… Thank you for that profound healing poem as you held out your hand…
    Blessings Sue xox

    1. Thank you very much for your words Sue. I think it is knowing, within myself, that at these most trying times in our lives we feel that we have failed, ourselves or others, or not good enough to reach out in fear of what others may think of us. And that is so far from the truth. We always help others when they reach out, even when we are under great stress ourselves. It is human nature to help and nurture another in times of need. I just wanted to break down that barrier, that fear of reaching out, so that it doesn’t come to that last resort of giving up. The beauty that is still within is so much worth it. Thank you again for your beautiful comment and blessings Sue, it has come from a place of healing within, and I gratefully accept it with the love that it was given. Mark xo

    1. My pleasure for the words but more importantly the encouragement they give. I’m glad that they make you feel better. If you are in a situation that brings you to that point, please do reach out and share your heart with someone. Sometimes they might not react well but that is due to their own inner fears or just don’t know how to help someone in that space. But friends are there because they care and at the least look at the links below the post as they give a great deal of information to help those struggling to deal with their situation. It is not an easy journey and I defy anyone to say that their path has been an easy one. Namaste

  2. Mr. Mark, I really love your poem and you know it’s these exact words that have helped me. You know how very much YOU have helped me and continue to do to this day. I can’t thank you enough, you know Wild Thang isn’t shy. I put it all out there. Remember, you’re a rock star! LOL You’ve earned that title. It’s a compliment, by the way.
    My new thing is to stay off the computer on Sundays. A little tip from a friend. She said she started doing that and it has really helped her. I get on here and can’t get off, so I need to make myself take a break for just one day a week. I’ll be back on Monday. I hope you are doing well, my dear friend.
    Peace, love, hugs, and all that other jazz,
    Wild Thang:)
    Once again, GREAT poem!:)

    1. Thanks Tammy. And thank you for your lovely comment. I do hope it encourages an openness that can bring it out so that help can be obtained for ALL concerned. It is such a painful thing to feel that loss all around when maybe at least a kind word or a hug from someone who cares can make such a difference. And I have enjoyed our little journey my friend, because as I say on my site, it is always a shared journey, there is always a learning experience for both. And I can confess to now being able to give distance healing with one hand behind my back 🙂 I may now take your advice and give myself a days rest from the computer and let Sunday be a day of rest as it should be. Thank you for your blessings my friend, have a great day and enjoy its freedom! Namaste

  3. This is beautiful, Mark. I was reading only the other day of one person’s attempt to take her own life. And how many other people commented. More prevalent than we know perhaps. Certainly depression is that black dog and the darkest night may test anyone. Knowing there are people to reach out to may make all the difference. Truly beautiful, my friend. X

    1. Thank you momus! I think it is a lot more prevalent than we think and I hope it will bring it out so that anyone in this position may give it some thought and be open to that change. The loss, when all it takes is to reach out, and just talk. I hope this can make a difference, even if to just give it a little different perspective. Namaste

  4. How sad! I am so sorry to hear that! I have also been by the side of people suffering from depression and being suicidal, but sometimes I think, they are so lost in their own sorrow, that perhaps is rooted in something from their childhood, that all the love in the world cannot help, they need professional help. But that should not stop us from reaching out and being supportive and loving. I mean these things are complicated, and there is no simple solution. But what I have heard people who suffer from this say is that they feel like a burden, and that the world would be better without them. So I think the best we can do for every human being, specially children, is to make sure they always feel special and loved and valuable so that it never gets so far as to become a severe mental illness.

    1. There is no easy answer but I think at least they should feel that it is ok to be open and ask those around them to talk or at least let them be a friend from that perspective. Most close friends are there for you through thick and thin. Yes, it does test friendship boundaries sometime, and I’m not just talking about depression, I have friends that test my boundaries but that is because they love me for who I am and it is always a growing relationship and it needs that type of growth to progress into a closer and better place. Thank you for your comment Line, hopefully this allows some thought to go where it is needed, on both sides. Namaste

  5. How beautifully written! 🙂 I hope a lot of people read this and think about it. It is a very important piece you have written here!

    1. Thank you Line! It was from hearing about someone going through the turmoil and I wasn’t sure if she had any sort of support before she took her life. I feel at a loss to think that if it would take just one person to ‘reach out’ and make a difference. It was such a shock and loss of a beautiful precious life. And that means anyone, anywhere is precious beyond knowing on this journey we have down here. Namaste

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