What if!

What if, when we finish our lives on this planet, we have learned to love, have compassion, create from our hearts, heal from within and understand unconditional love? What if, after many soulful lessons, from struggling through life, turning ourselves inside out, emotionally crucifying ourselves and left physically drained from all of life’s hardships, much understanding has been gained?

And God say’s, ‘Now you are wise!’.

What if, after God say’s this, that we finally do understand that we are a part of God, He is inside all of us, teaching, guiding, loving…unconditionally? What if, we then begin to understand our new ‘life’, one of being a part of the whole, but each an individual spark of creation, a birth of something new?

And God say’s, ‘Here is a new planet, it is called Gaia, now be that truth!’.

What if, as we realise where we are now going, we now become that guiding influence, that whisper to another’s heart, that truth from an understanding within, that creativity from deep inside, that love for another? What if, as we see the hearts within mankind below, we understand what went before so that we can now, with that unconditional love within, guide them on that same path?

And God say’s, ‘I love you…be that unconditional love within!’.

What if……that is our truth…..and our journey has only just begun?

47 thoughts on “What if!

  1. so 2 things happened when I read this, the first reaction was wow! wouldn’t that be wonderful
    The 2nd – oh jeez the humans are going to drive me completely meshugge, they don’t bloody pay attention, never listen – I hope they have an ‘extra patience stand’ in Gaia……otherwise I’m going to make a right mess of things…..

    1. Yes, very wonderful! And yes, looking within, I think I would also drive God nuts to get me to where I need to go. But…that is what unconditional love is…the ability to not go nuts and accept…totally…unconditionally. So apparently, this journey we are now on can be gauged by our ability to do unconditional! How are we looking? I think I may have a little bit of work to do! But, I have seen and felt it, and it is VERY achievable for everyone. I’m going to test you now 🙂 Go to my link up the top of my page and click on ‘The Love’. That story is my understanding from spirit on the journey of unconditional love. Hope you enjoy! (And it’s not too long for you!) 🙂 Namaste

      1. hmpf! I’m not good with love, mine is veeeery conditional, even has addendums!!!!! just because you asked nicely, I’ll read it – but I wont like it, no sir not one bit…….

        1. You may be surprised! When you understand something it gives an awareness. Starts your journey from a different perspective and allows the path to be easier because of it. Your only conditional because of any fears that have been created throughout your life. The beauty is when you have the courage to step up to the plate, so to speak, and not allow it to control your life in such a way that it is a constant misery or unhappy existence. The breakthrough when you finally step through those fears are amazing. The relief, the load that you have carried is gone, the freedom gained because of what it means emotionally to release it, is incredible. It is a big journey, but the prize is to finally connect with you, truly connect in such a way that you really do love who and what you are. It is that low self worth we all have of ourselves due to those fears. That is the underlying culprit that is created in our childhood (usually), and we spend the rest of our lives removing it. Once we remove that ‘separateness’ we are free, totally free to really be ourselves, and in that it builds so much confidence because the low worth is gone, the self love because of that belief in ourselves now rebuilds us to what we should be. That beautiful spirit within that will now shine forth for all to see. And for you, as that is what this whole journey is about. You can do it, when your ready, have faith in the beauty within. You already are going down this path by all that I have read that you have been through. That is no mean feat. Take a bow, and know you are finding that truth within. May it all be done with the love you are creating within. Namaste

  2. Wonderful thoughts and What if our whole purpose of going through our ups and downs as we begin to see how though holding our Lights as we come through the Mud of Darkness…

    There are billions of lightworker’s who intent is bringing us to realign and join with others knowing we each hold that Divine Spark.. Some of the consciousness shifts are only just beginning to occur.. We all chose to be here at this time… And it is a slow process of coming out of the mud. The mud wants to suck you back in. But like you say, our Journey has only just begun, and each now are awakening to the parts of the Whole we are.. And as we join in our compassion and temperance we unite in Unity Consciousness that lifts us from the Darkness we have been stuck into for so Long..
    So Mark, Yes our Journey is only just beginning… Brilliant Post..
    Blessings Sue 🙂

    1. It is a very interesting time Sue. You can feel the change in the air, so to speak. The feeling is one of a new understanding, like a peak or cathartic point has been reached. It makes you smile so much within from the bursts of understanding. So many things are happening that a lot of friends around me are commenting, especially this last 2 years. Everyone seems to be dealing with and peeling off so many unwanted emotional blockages. Yes, I understand that is a continuous process in anyone’s life but this is different. The speed and emotional strength are becoming stronger to be able to ‘focus’ on what is to come! The awareness around me has increased to such a degree I would not be surprised if we all throw off this world and start again from that awareness point within our lives. Here’s to that happy event 🙂 Always glad to read your comments Sue, have a lovely day! Namaste

  3. Hi Mark,
    I have read your posts: The Journey, The Heart, The Beginning, The Reverse, The Fear, The Love, The Truth, The Dreaming, and The Death. I wanted to read more. Each post is heartfelt. I feel much love and wisdom in your writings. I will read them again. Thank you for posting your experiences.
    Love and light my friend

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Vee! It has taken a few years to understand and if I truly wanted to seek the truth of my path, I just had to ask spirit to show me, and spirit did. So as a part of that understanding, I put much of it here for others that wish to take this journey. The next part of my journey is to put it in book form for others to find and help them on their path. I’m glad you have enjoyed reading them. Namaste

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Vee, and I’m glad that it gives you that peace within. As it came to me I found it gave to me such a feeling of contentment to know there was more. Blessings and love to you. Namaste

  4. What if! You describe what is coming in a very beautiful and understanding way Mark..
    when we go behind our ego and find our higher self and see the beauty we have within we can also see it in other people..a divine spark that we can develope, also together…

    1. Thank you Elaine! Yes, it is a journey to finally get behind the ego and truly see inside. And much interaction from what we attract to us so that the path we follow is always given with love. The feelings and understanding of this post brought such an incredible feeling that we are all a part of that divine spark and can help us together reach, and create from that place within. A lovely understanding that you have Elaine, from a journey deep inside I would think 🙂 Thank you for sharing that here. Namaste

  5. You said it perfectly and that’s exactly what is happening… we are the new standards… humankind moving on together… IAM so glad I found your blog and I hope we can be great friends and enjoy each others journey… Barbara

    1. It was an amazing experience, I was just floating along contemplating my journey when this gently flowed into and around how I was wondering ‘what’s next’. Namaste

  6. I really cherish these words….thank you. They’re so positive and uplifting. I take a lot of comfort in thinking my journey has only just begun.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Leila. This came to me while I was just thinking about what happens ‘after’ our life/lives on this lovely planet and understand that beauty of unconditional love. I’m glad it has touched your journey, and given that comfort within for what is a hope for us all. Namaste

    1. Hi Michelle, and thank you for that lovely comment. A truth from within always brings a smile, and my heart was smiling as I wrote it 🙂 I’m glad it has touched your journey. Namaste

  7. God is like the ocean, we the fish. He is above us, below us, beside us and in us. There is nowhere he is not.. Though when will that truth be understood, God only knows! smile, eve.

    1. We all will one day…but in the meantime while we are swimming around down here, we just have to get used to the fact that there is another world up there somewhere. We get into the shallows sometimes and can see a vision of it on still days, things moving around, even things up above the water. Stories say that one day we will be on this world and be a part of all that is….one day…but maybe that’s a tale the elders tell us to make us think. One day I heard that Mr salmon was having a mid day lunch when suddenly he began to fight and fight against this invisible enemy…it slowly took him up, and up, to the surface until finally…he just vanished…never to be seen again. They say he is now part of that world. I don’t know…it sounds frightening…maybe I should get back into the deep, it’s safe there!
      Sorry Eve, while I’m in this ‘What if!’ mood, this seemed appropriate. I suppose there must be different levels and cycles for everything on this planet, all slowly reaching for that understanding! Thank you for your lovely comment. It is very true and one day He will be glad of the final understanding that we get. Namaste

      1. I always thought Sai Baba said it best. Now I know he has a dreadful reputation but he did say a lot of stuff that was ‘on the ball’ He said, and he is not by any means the first to say it. We are like light-bulbs, we come in different shapes, sizes and wattage. The power though/in all light-bulbs is the same power… Some light-bulbs, like people, have more wattage. Some may have only 10 watts, (talking about spiritual advancement) – others have 100 watts, others still, the saints, have a thousand watts…. but it is all the same power. Here is the you tube – from last year telling as much… best eve.

  8. Bright pictures of what might be. It sounds so beautifully attractive what if there are still questions , can we still come , or are we not ready for Gaia? Just a thought. Thank you Mark
    Blessings. Susan x

    1. Hi Susan, I think like all else in this amazing universe, if there is still questions then you will attract the answers perfectly too you! God has this incredible ability to give to us perfectly for who we are. Maybe test us within to find our truth within, but never leave us feeling we are not loved because of it. And never left out, because we will reach our nadir, that peak of perfection…and go on…and on…and on. Blessings to you also, may your journey create that peak. Namaste x

      1. I don’t know why but you almost had me in tears Mark. Many thanks for your reply – it has obviously reached a greater truth than I at first thought about. Some meditation is in order I feel.
        Susan x

        1. Because it is a deep truth that we are an incredible beauty within and there is much, much more for us to be a part of. I hope your meditation gives you that peace within. Namaste

    1. Yes, I do think it is where we belong. This little sojourn down here teaches us all those things so that we can understand unconditional love. Once understood, everything changes…and so will we! Thank you for your lovely blessings maryrose, they do matter to me for they are given from that place within, that place that we already know but are now understanding. Love and light to you also. Namaste

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