A Path!

So far, after a great deal of time of my life, I am seeing the underneath fabric of all that connects us, and really understanding some depth into the journey and its purpose. Not all, obviously, but with much better perspective of something that I thought I knew from earlier in my life (for where I was at), but really did not. I suppose it is like using Tarot cards, they look like cards with pictures and writing on them, but after a while they begin to tell a story.

This journey we are on always follows the theme of the heart. One of struggling with a myriad of emotions that always come back to that one truth of unconditional love. But that understanding can only come after many, many paths that test us in so many ways. We at times wish it would all end, but in hindsight, begin to see the wisdom of the journey and how it has slowly changed us in such a way that we begin to see the beauty in our understanding of just what is really going on underneath it all.

When I first began to ‘see’, I thought I had cracked the secret of the universe and went out to heal the world, which (in hindsight) was exactly what I needed to do as I was drawing people to me that needed healing from that perspective. But as I understand more and as I have ‘opened’ more, I realise that in reality, I need to do less. Then I only attract to me from that perspective.

This journey we are on is set up so perfectly to attract exactly what we need within our lives to such a degree that it astounds me with the beauty of it. I can be helping someone, and as we go through the particular emotional turmoil they are experiencing, I begin to see exactly why they go through this experience, from whatever fear they are experiencing, to attracting exactly what is required for them to go through and release that fear allowing them to experience, understand, release the emotions and gain the wisdom from this path.

And all of this wisdom begins to show the truth within, the journey of understanding and the knowledge that we are all here to gain the beauty of unconditional love. The releasing of all of our fears is the main agenda for it blocks our ability to ‘see’. We put up our physical and emotional walls to protect ourselves from those fears but in so doing we are so focused on creating a life to avoid those fears that it closes the ability to ‘see’.

These emotional walls are very important as they cause us to struggle within with so many onslaughts of ‘what if ‘ and ‘should I or shouldn’t I’, that becomes a hard taskmaster but in truth creates a master within. Like a chess game. In the beginning you see lots of pieces that do many individual things and your focus is in close on each piece for what they do, but after a while you can begin to see that these same pieces can in fact be looked at from further back and moved in context with the other pieces. Your understanding of the strategy of the game becomes more complex but easier because of that understanding. You gain wisdom by experiencing the game and understanding it’s complexities.

So is life. As you begin to understand the way that you react to certain circumstances and understand that those fears are in fact ruling your life and complicating you beyond measure, and you reach a point within that says ‘enough’, you begin to step out of a strategy that you have had in place forever to cope with this fear, and begin to try another strategy, and another, until you realise that none of them work. There is only one way…and that is to go through that fear, face it head on, and then and only then do you understand why you have had that coping strategy in place, to protect you from it because you have been afraid to face it. But it was never going anywhere, it was just sitting there until you do face it.

So you begin to look deeper to understand why this has been in place for so long. You poke and prod in frustration until one day you see or hear something that you relate to, and suddenly you understand what it is that you have been afraid of. At this point you usually burst into tears from the release of understanding. The final checkmate that finishes such a long and drawn out process that the relief is indescribable. It’s done. Leaving you very drained, tired but out from under a burden that you have laboured under forever. There will be a lot of time needed to get over this as it is a hugely emotional drain, and unlike a physical drain, this needs much more recovery time.

After this journey is complete you begin to see this same path that others are taking and you have much empathy to those others because of what you have experienced. You begin to give to others from that compassion within that you have gained from your experience. And this opens you from within, as your journey has now shown you your truth. You are no longer hiding, evading or even lying to yourself because of that fear. You are no longer bound by the walls that you had in place for protection. You begin to give from your truth and in doing that the universe responds in kind, to begin another journey, but with this one it is from the opposite side of the coin. This time you start to understand the journey and give from that place of understanding.

As time goes on and you ‘see’ so much more, you begin to master your wisdom and realise that all that went before has purpose. It also enables you to ‘step back’ further and begin to really understand just what unconditional love means. You are no longer judgemental as you can now see we all have our own individual fears and are driven by those fears. And what a fear means to one person may not affect another at all. This in itself releases you for the simple reason that those judgements are based on fear. You no longer have yours as you have now released it, and you are now coming from your truth within, which is totally free from any judgement and no longer a load to carry around.

You now understand the complexities of what a fear can do. It has always been the reason from doing or not doing so many things. It integrates itself into your life, not just a side of your life but an integration of just who you are. That is why it is such a release when it is faced and released. It will feel like the world has been lifted off your shoulders. And it is no longer at the steering wheel of your life. You now give control back to yourself, your true self that has been behind the wall.

So now as each piece of understanding is gained you begin to ‘see’ further and further into your truth, of just what you are and the meaning that we have so been looking for all our lives. To realise that this whole journey has been only about one thing, even though there is a billion ways to get there, and that is to understand the path of self love, to find that truth within, remove that duality and finally become one with all that is, the beauty and perfection that is unconditional love.

With love and light,


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  1. Your words definitely spoke to me Mark ๐Ÿ™‚ This was such a lovely read with many ‘I know!’, ‘yes!’, ‘exactly!’ as I progressed through your writing. I really liked when you talked about empathy and how we are able to understand and open ourselves because of something we have gone through. And indeed, each experience has prepared us for the present moment. Thank you for this, sending my warm wishes your way ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you Himani. It is an amazing journey, gradually becoming that beauty within. When we look back in hindsight we understand why we went through some incredible times, but now understand the beauty of what we had experienced. And as we integrate that understanding, we begin to give from that place. Just as you do with your wonderful, heartfelt poetry of which I enjoy immensely. Looking forward to more. Many thanks for your wishes. Namaste

    1. My pleasure purplerays. It is a wonder to behold each time another understanding brings a smile within on that path, perfectly balanced as it should be. Thank you for your comment. Namaste

  2. Hi Mark, I truly identified with this post. “To realise that this whole journey has been only about one thing … and that is to understand the path of self love, to find that truth within, remove that duality and finally become one with all that is, the beauty and perfection that is unconditional love.” I agree completely. I’m not surprised that we often meet on this path. ~ Dennis

    1. Hi Dennis, it is an amazing journey, and that realisation as our awareness of how we each come to that understanding is so many and varied, but still reaching that one destination. It encompasses everything to such a degree that the more I understand, the more amazed I am that it can be so perfect for everyone. We all begin by that split to a duality within, and the fears we then build around us, but that journey of going through that reconnection creates the most incredible love as we find that truth within. A hard path, but understanding the final outcome is a beauty worth knowing. I always read your posts about your journey with the homeless and their ‘path’, and it gives a very big understanding to others that most would not see, usually because they are afraid of it, and it has given me personally a much more deeper realisation of just what is behind a lot of their circumstances. It creates more understanding and empathy and because of that people are better able to respond to them. Keep up the good work, angels come in many sizes and you giving that love so that others may understand is a blessing you may not see fully but will allow others to follow who have seen your work. We will keep ‘meeting’ on this path, it is a great community of people on here who give from many sources and it is like a candle in the dark. Thank you for your comment and always sharing that understanding within you, of the homeless and their journey. Namaste

  3. Hey there Rock Star, How’s it going? I’ve been up the Rockies and down the Rio Grande, alright. In fact, been up and down there more than once. LOL Hope not to be taking a trip on that route any time soon. I’m glad to know I can come up with something to make you sit up and take another look at yourself. LOL You mean like being a rock star? LOL
    I am in a much better place at the moment and hope to continue to stay here. Mentally, that is. Physically, not so much. Just going through a rough patch with this damn fibromyalgia, but I’m not going to let it get to me this time. I’m gonna beat that monster down, some way, some how. Now, as far as walls go, I have kicked a few holes in a few walls over the past about 6 months or so. Relax, I’m really working on that self control issue. These 2 therapists of mine, really keep me in line. I think the only walls Wild Thang will be kicking for now on is that wall she built up around her over the years. She’s already kicked a big chunk of it down. It’s been one hell of a journey. It’s much more fun sharing it with people like you. Had I not started blogging, I really don’t know where I would be right now. I’d probably be in an urn 6 feet under. LOL Have a great day, my dear friend. Thanks so much for hanging with me on this journey. I’ll get there, one day. One day at a time, 2 steps back, 3 steps forward and repeat……………………..
    Peace out,
    Wild Thang:)

  4. Great post, Mark. I really enjoyed reading this. You know I’m right in the middle of all this, or somewhere in between, you know working on myself, finding myself, figuring out who I am and who I want to be, Where I’ve been and where I want to go. Knocking down that wall is not easy, but I am going in the right direction, so you tell me, anyway. Staying on the path isn’t easy, either, but the more times I veer off the path, the easier it becomes to stay on the path. There’s a lesson to be learned with each falling out. Just have to keep with it. I’m getting better at that, too. You know that you are one of the people that has inspired me the most. Thank you for always being here for me and walking me through this transformation. You’re a rock star!
    Peace, love, hugs, light, and all that other jazz,
    Wild Thang:)

    1. lol. Rock star…now I haven’t been given that status before ๐Ÿ™‚ I thank you for such a lovely comment though. And it has been my pleasure to be a part of your journey, even up the Rockie’s and down the Rio Grande. All beautiful for exactly what they are. (And don’t cost a cent ๐Ÿ™‚ ). It is good to see you feeling your way along and finding the bits that are your truth within. It’s like a bank balance towards something you really want, it gets closer and you can feel that good feeling inside because you are getting closer and have achieved something within to reach that point. I see your bank balance of understanding yourself is getting fuller and beginning to feel a more loving and accepting of who you are. You are perfect for exactly who you are, you give from that place, and it is gladly accepted by many, (from me too wise lady, I am amazed at some of the things you say that make me sit up and have another look at myself), just as you absorb things from those around you. Don’t worry, the walls are there for testing purposes only, when you finally understand something, they drop like melted wax. Enjoy the journey, may it show you more of you. Have a great day! Namaste

  5. I enjoyed reading Mark.. I have find that in order to find oneself, we often sometimes need to get lost in order to find oneself again.. That happened for me… Learning that Unconditional Love starts first with learning to love ourselves.. We hold onto so much fear which we take on board from such a young age too.. Its like peeling away the layers of an onion at times… but the tears we shed help clear our eyes, And along our journey we interweave with so many others whose journeys intertwine with ours, Some times our presence is meaningful along their path.. And people come and go along our tails.. But each one is meant to have been there…
    And as you have said in response to Elaine, everything has purpose in teaching us the lesson of Unconditional Love..
    Blessings for your wisdom and teachings..

    1. Many thanks Sue! As you have said, it is a continuous peeling away to that pure core underneath. Great journey, even though it can be very hard, but that is the making of that incredibly polished finish that is unconditional love. As I read your blog I can see your journey is polished very nicely ๐Ÿ™‚ I enjoy your path very much! Looking forward to more. Namaste

    1. Hi Elaine, thank you for your lovely comment. I’m glad that it touches you within and brings a smile to your heart. As I understand more in my journey, it can do nothing but bring happiness, as I see the beauty that is woven within everything and the purpose of teaching us the path of unconditional love. Thank you for your wishes, enjoy your day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I think it is beautiful that many individuals are on a journey to realise and evolve into their higher selves or a higher level of consciousness – becoming more well acquainted with themselves, as well as with the world around. At the end of the day, the destination to everyone’s journey is peace and happiness. That said, everyone’s peace and happiness could be defined differently at the various stages of their lives, and realisation. It is great to be able to take off the “blinkers” and finally, “see” so much more ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you for a lovely insightful comment Shirley. It does finally come down to that understanding of our higher selves and the peace and happiness that discovery brings. The ‘blinkers’ have so much purpose, even though we feel we are groping in the dark most of the time. But gradually more and more light is allowed into our lives and the struggle becomes easier and the journey takes on new meaning within. I find it such a contrast to now go for a walk and ‘see’ so much more, that had always been there, but I had just not been ready yet. Namaste

  7. Very nicely written, very timely. As I am allowing my own path to come under my feet, and the lamps along the way to be lit by others. I too will light some as I go, I will mark this day as a memory moment.
    Good and meaningful post.

    1. Thank you for that lovely comment John. I’m glad it connects in such a way to be meaningful to you. And I agree, it is such an amazing journey that at times we have our paths lit, and at others we light it for another. Many directions does the beauty take and I am glad to be gradually understanding the awareness that it brings. May your path also bring the love that creates it. Namaste

  8. Very wise words, and so true of a thoughtful person. Many people spin their wheels without ever reaching this awareness. So wonderful to take on helping them out of the ruts their spinning wheels created. We all need a hand sometimes. To love, embracing imperfection is brave and pure. Inspiring post. Namaste, Brenda

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Brenda. It is a long journey and I feel that if I can just raise a little awareness and make it a little easier, even though we must experience it for ourselves, that understanding may allow us to embrace our truth and begin to live a more open and happy life within. With that, everything changes, and our path takes on new meaning and life loses that ‘have to’ affect so that we now step out and begin to ‘allow’ our path instead of struggling with it. Thank you again for sharing your comment. Namaste

      1. I’m trying to lose that ‘have to’ affect, what a marvelous notion. Thanks for sharing your inner journey and your revelations. This kind of dialogue can really help people. Namaste, Brenda

        1. My pleasure Brenda! It is a way of doing things, an attitude, and it allows more freedom in your life because you no longer view it as a burden or trial. Glad it has meaning for you. Namaste

  9. Mark, this is like another chapter in your journey and so resonates with me in mine. It also speaks to me of others I know who are struggling. Bless you for this post. Namaste. x

    1. Very much a chapter scottishmommus. It slowly opens as I go through and understand it’s purpose. I’m amazed at it’s perfection so that we all can feel our truth as we venture through our lives. And the understanding that even though it feels so testing, it’s real purpose is to show us that unconditional love that is just waiting there for us. It is all done with great love, for us. Thank you for your comment and your blessing! Namaste

  10. I enjoyed this article Mark. There is so much truth in it. I have evolved greatly over the years and I am grateful for the lessons because I am so different from the shy, introverted person I once was. My passion for spiritual truth led me to create a blog and has given me a voice.
    Love, light and blessings

    1. Thank you very much Vee! It is a hard journey but the lovely polished being that comes out is beautiful to behold. A creation like no other. And I am glad to have met you on your journey of creating the new and spiritual lady who now has a voice and expresses it beautifully. May your journey be one of humble truth and a great passion because of that! Namaste

    2. Ah Mark! Your honesty is refreshing – once you “know” the Truth it will set you free and the one who is set free is free indeed. Thank you for sharing your journey – here is a thought, the truth is closer than we all think, ever present and patient, always standing at the door waiting to be invited in.

      1. My pleasure, and I thank you for your wise comment. It does indeed wait patiently, with the incredible faith of unconditional love. That love will wait forever (hopefully it doesn’t take me that long), for we are so much worth that love by just being the beauty we are within. Thanks for sharing Shane! Namaste

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