To See A Purpose!

It is those people that hurt us that guide us truly. They show us ‘us’ in all our painful bits. And that pain, it is a pointer to what we hold within. Those doubts and fears from our childhood and upbringing. From those we love and look up to. Yes, those beautiful people we call our parents.

But we can’t even blame them for it either, they are simply passing on, unintentionally, the pain that they haven’t resolved in themselves. Giving us our doubts and fears to carry forward. And it is those very people that hurt us that are showing us ‘our heart’ and what it holds. And it takes a lifetime to understand them, and they are meant to so that when we finally understand them we will in fact appreciate the journey. Because then, in understanding those pains, doubts and fears, that we will suddenly realize they are in fact the making of us.

There are many we are hurt by…but…those same things don’t hurt other people. We are the only common denominator, it is only us that are constantly, seemingly being hurt by those things that others don’t react to. Not all, but a sign that it is inside us, not everyone. We have to find that part of us to see how this can happen to us only, repair something that leaves us in a mess so that life can only be seen through fears glasses. And it is an amazing thing that when we experience something happy it glows within for a good while…but hurt, hurt is something that ever prods us and wanting a response. Coming up often to feel it lament that pain ever held within.

And it is, and especially the painful bits, that ask us to look within…and ask why. To keep treading that path of doubt and dare to look into our hearts when we realize we keep getting this pain from the same things. And it is in there that our answer lays. Dare it and follow it back to that childhood, understand that it is the mind of a child that can’t understand why they are being treated by those they love and look up so badly.

But that 4 or 5 or 6 year old child cannot understand that those yelling and screaming at you, or treating you poorly in many other ways…is them becoming angry and hurt…just like you now feel from those others around you that cause you such pain. Even just understanding that can heal much. And it all has a very beautiful and loving purpose, so that you can finally see and understand that in it all is just that child hurting from misunderstanding what is truly happening. To feel that it wasn’t them at all, but just the pain they went through in misunderstanding their own pain. It wasn’t an attack on you…but a love denied in thinking it was. For you and your parents there are a lifetime of doubt to resolve, to reach beyond the pain so that you can see and understand.

It is truly meant to take us on a journey inside us, to feel, react and slowly understand the wisdom of them all. To see that we need to know them all so that we can see…that from the very beginning a very profound love wants us to be where ‘it’ is. But like anything in this world they all require experience to understand. You can’t understand how to be a teacher unless you begin to train and experience hours (that turn into years to truly become good at it), and truly appreciate what being a teacher really means. And that is in understanding what to do…and what not to do in all of its art. And even reaching a point to where you might even throw it all in, in frustration. But all it takes is to see that understanding light come on in a child’s eyes to get that glow going again within, see something in that beautiful purpose and take another step, and another.

And love, that is a lifetime experience, so many incredible things to touch, feel, trip and stumble. Those many emotions of anger, happiness, hurt, elation, sadness and joy. They all guide us to that master craft of unconditional love. And after so much time it will be appreciated like nothing else, because one day we will think we can’t go on, can no longer tread this path because of its pain…but it is there that we will reach that understanding, touch something that was just beyond reach for so, so long…and now stands in a light. And in that one moment something will let us see…see that it all has given us something so profound, so beautiful, so loving that we will be glad of every moment we traveled. Understand that it isn’t us pointing at a cruel world for all we experienced…but a very loving teacher guiding us to something beyond words, leading us up hill and down dale, physically, emotionally and spiritually…so that over time we can see a purpose, a truth…and a pathway home.

Yes, it is a hard journey…but…if one day you took a journey, a very hard journey but found the love of your life on that very journey…would you be glad of that journey, regardless of its pain, to find what you’ve ever wanted. Or deny that journey and all it means?

May you all stumble…often. May you all be happy…often. But most of all…may you know that beauty through it all, slowly, gently setting you free…often β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

P.S. Thank you Danielle, I read your post…and off Spirit went 🀣 Thank you for sharing that love that is you, your ‘purpose’ is moving forward in many ways indeed πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

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  1. Sending thoughts your way dear Mark, may your Christmas be a beautiful one . Much love your way and thank you for your wonderful friendship my friend.
    Happy Holidays β€οΈπŸ’•β€οΈ

    1. Thank you Sue, blessings gratefully received. And it has been a great year in so any ways with a beautiful friend like you, may next year be as good. I hope you and family have a great Christmas too dear lady πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½πŸ¦‹πŸŽ…πŸ½πŸ¦ŒπŸ•ŠπŸŽ„πŸŽβ›„οΈ

        1. Thank you Sue, I hope you all have a magic New Year too πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½πŸ¦‹πŸŽ…πŸ½πŸŽ„πŸŽβ›„οΈ

    1. Thank you kind sir, when understood it is an incredible journey for us all πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

      1. My pleasure dear friend! By the way please do visit my page also and share your reviews so that I can also improve myself!πŸ€—πŸ’βœŒπŸ’•πŸ™

  2. Wow, incredible. Some of your thoughts remind me of the course of miracles. But truly I can see you do come from a place from having lived and come to this understanding from your experiences. There are so many personal misunderstandings that lead to our hurts. You are πŸ’― when you say we eventually realize that we are the common denominator. I think of the tremendous Love that I NOW have for my parents. It’s incredible! I’m glad I get to experience this love while they are still alive (even though they live far away). This love, there’s nothing like it. And this love that I have for my child, there is nothing like it!! I love watching her learn and interpret and give her space for her emotions and also try to help with understanding. Help nudge her own development of understanding. However I know there will be misinterpreting along the wayβ€”I did it, we all do it. The love is still there underneath it all until we come into the understanding of our relationship with ourselves 😍

    1. Beautiful words Ka, there is a natural order of things. Like attracts like so we can see, no matter where we are within ourselves, to guide us so that we will indeed find that place we have ever looked for, that love and happiness. And where we are within ourselves points to that work we need to see. And yes, we try to block it in the beginning…ok, for a few years….ok, ok, most of our lives 🀣 But you would be surprised what we do pick up in all those steps. We are a sponge for love but that is why we are always on guard where it is concerned. It wants us to open, we, on guard, have a set of steak knives ready for any intruders. You know, those fearful people that can only love with many clauses in their contract…as we all do. But slowly it will take us to see ‘us’, the true us behind our ‘bits’ so that we will understand and finally set ourselves free. I will always remember that moment, a lady I barely knew had rung me for something and I mentioned what I was currently experiencing in a recent break up. She just said ‘follow that pain’, so I did. There are many pathways at many ages that we reach but they slowly rejoin back in our childhood. To show us what it is that we do for that emotional protection. So I got my steak knives out and started digging. It took quite some time because I had to test each bit of my feelings, and trust me, we have lots. But the dead giveaway is what caused me the most pain. And it was there that I felt like I had stabbed myself, saw in a moment what that trigger was…and the dam burst, I was in tears with a grief like nothing else, a lifetime was unleashed…because after all this time I now understood me…all of me from that one thing I had held tightly, so hard had I pushed this down that I could not remember it because I had pushed it away from my consciousness, I didn’t want to know because of its pain. I changed that day beyond anything I could even explain. It was so profound a ‘let go’ that I even began to walk differently, spoke differently, shoot I even began to think differently. We ‘hold’ ourselves so powerfully with our ‘on guard’ that ‘we’ grow around it. When that wall of fear came down, everything became relaxed, at ease, inner and outer. Even my sight changed, and believe me the view now goes on forever. I can even see others hearts as strange as that sounds. Once I stopped clenching life and only focusing on what was directly ahead of me on my path…the view physically, emotionally and spiritually stared to go on forever. Oops, sorry…nearly did a post. I get a bit excited when I touch that love I found. It is waiting inside for us all πŸ€£β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

  3. Thank you, Mark, for your wise and loving post. I was in my late fifties before I ‘saw’ how a pain was repeating through many other souls I drew into my circle. I finally asked myself what I was doing and I was avoiding repeated trauma from many years ago. Rushing around trying to mend others, instead of looking at my own pain, till I was truly brought to my knees. I see that moment as a gift and much has come from that point in my life.

    Thank you, Mark, for how you write and share. ❀

    1. And thank you Jane. It is a difficult thing to see within ourselves, a lifetime of pain we ever block simply because it hurts us. But in every single thing I have seen, in myself and others that we all go through…it all builds those three amigo’s of empathy, love and compassion…for others in going through them, but finally showing it to us as well. Daring to look deeper beyond those walls we build from a childhood pain, not truly understanding but feeling a pain so shutting it away. But its beauty is when we go beyond that wall and understand us within it, and it is there where we find that truth of unconditional love. Finally ‘let go’ everything…and simply like all other understandings, we have found an answer so let it all go. And when we see it, it is in a very beautiful field of love with flowers, birds and butterflies everywhere. Forgiveness for us and others abounds because we can finally see its truth. We are only ever our own jailers, and that understanding peels away all those conditions we have ever made, on ourselves and others. A place we will all one day touch and finally be free, unconditionally free…I’ll meet you there πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

      1. Your depth of understanding is so loving, Mark and you express it beautifully.

        Rumi: out beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing there is a field, I’ll meet you there.

        I am grateful to have met you through Sue Dreamwalker, Mark. Sue created a beautiful butterfly painting for me and it sits above my desk.


        1. Another beautiful soul indeed Jane. Sue creates with that love she has found within and her art speaks it well. She gives in her words, art and garden…what she has become because she dared to look within and see herself. It is only then we can see another. And it was a beautiful moment when those words come to me, Rumi could speak from seeing within himself and it reminded me of that moment when I saw unconditional love. Words can never describe it but it ‘felt’ like all the worlds love touching me at once…in that field. It is something so profoundly beautiful that in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye we will know that each and every step was the making of us and worth every moment we have had down here to reach that place. I will look forward to that encounter Jane, to that love awaiting us all πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

    2. That pattern of pain is on repeat until we break the patterns and cycles. Parents pass it on to their children and children absorb it like a sponge. Pain is often generational. Love the imagery of taking a very difficult journey, but finding the love of your life on that journey. Wonderful post, Mark. 🌷

      1. Thank you kind lady, and they are indeed passed on unintentionally from those we love and look up to…and we try so hard to be just like them…fears and all. Our parents haven’t resolved their ‘stuff’ so know no other way but to be themselves in our rearing and unintentionally pass them on. But when I saw, really saw and understood, there it was…this big beautiful world, in all its pain, was preparing the way so that we could all understand His unconditional love. Their was waves and waves of effects by that love so that it will go to us exactly as we need to see that beauty. But it cannot be understood unless we experience all of those many emotions and their opposites. We can never truly appreciate happiness unless we experience sadness too, and on through those many emotions that we have. And in our doubts and fear they are the conditions we place on our love…so that one day we will see through them in those experiences to understand and feel a beauty beyond words, that unconditional love we ever strive for. Thank you for sharing, may you touch what is waiting for us all πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

  4. Powerful post again from you, Mark. THANK YOU! Yes it is those very wounds that lead to the light in sacred healing. Falling into our shadow takes courage for there you will find death, and you will feel death. How many people are willing to do that? All the base emotions are connected to these wounds and dealing with with them is torturous and fiery. My own journey began in 1984 and to be truthful with you, I hope with these higher frequencies people will be able to heal much quicker and easier. That Road that I took upon myself took me to the final collapse which occurred last Winter. There I fell into a cesspool of pain and I despaired if I could go on. I didn’t want to. Yet my Fierce Warrior prodded me to go on when I didn’t know how to. Little by little I arduously climbed out of that pit of filth towards the light I could see above me. I made it and from there I’ve experienced other Dark Nights of the Soul, but nothing compared to this.

    Today I am the free-est I’ve ever been. Clean and whole and no longer afraid to show the world who I am. This is the miracle of that story. In freeing myself in order to show the world my truth, others around me are being healed. Oh yes that is true!

    Another short sweet story I leave you with …. I am the one who usually initiates hugs. One day a woman I know reached out and hugged me and my reaction? I stiffened. In that moment something connected within me and when I went home I realized that again my childhood contained another wound that I was determined to address. I did just that. The next time I saw this woman, I told her what occurred, and why, and she teared up. We hugged again this time without me stiffening. She helped ME to see a part of that inner small One that still was afraid. No longer true.

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey and speaking honestly and truthfully. You are such a good teacher to those who visit your blog. This is not a popular subject yet what I have begun to see, my healing is healing others spontaneously. My “prayer” that others do not go the Long Route to Healing as I did, is manifesting NOW. Much love to you, dear friend. xoxoxo

    1. Amy, this is such a beautiful story. Yes I know it is that ‘dark night of the soul’ but that is our teacher. To go through something that tests us beyond words is the making of us and you have indeed become something very beautiful because you have dared it.
      That pain builds that empathy, compassion and love like nothing else and we become it in that journey. And then give out what you have become.
      It is normally done so subtle in our day to day interactions, but just occasionally we go through something that wants us to really see what holds us back, understand that what we are holding isn’t protecting us but keeping us in its pain. But that has purpose to keep building that love inside us.
      And you sing my friend, with every picture you take, each moment you feel, you are just being you. The new you that has found that inner truth because of that journey. And because of it you are relating to the world in such a different way. You can see where before was blurry, you can feel where before you were numb. But as I said before, we cannot appreciate something unless we experience and understand its opposite. Happiness cannot be truly appreciated unless we experience sadness too, and you have experienced all of this conditional world in a lifetime of journeying, broken though those walls we build around our hearts and can now see and feel what unconditional means.
      That encounter is unconditional love saying you were ready, so that it could show you its beauty and begin to set you free. It does take a while to ‘let go’ those lifetime things…but you know now in your heart that you have indeed been set free.
      I feel for you Amy, huge joy and tears for such a profound journey and what now resides in your heart as you feel that new truth within you. And as I always say…there are no words…our language just cannot describe the beauty you have found. But you will show us all by what you have become.
      Big, huge hugs dear lady, enjoy it all and share, as only your camera’s and heart can now do πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

      1. Mark, I did not receive this reply in my notifications for I still to this day am having issues with WP. Good thing for my memory!! So I came back to your site and sure enough you left words that put tears in my eyes. My journey has been so long and so arduous! I believe at this present time that I have a Soul Contract to eradicate the karmic patterns I brought with me into this incarnation and to my knowledge I have and still am doing it. At first the reality shocks were huge, gigantic explosions within, over and over which plunged me into utter hell. Now these “shocks” seem to be aftershocks, not as intense (well …. some have been but they don’t last long thank goodness!) which in of themselves tell me I’ve made huge progress.

        I pray, Mark, that those I touch, those I affect, that their healing journey is much briefer than mine. In fact, in certain cases, I’m actually witnessing that. I’ve seen chains broken instantaneously in someone who has been so tightly bound and in a moment, light breaks through and laughter is heard. I look on in amazement, in such awe and gratitude. I do not wish upon anyone the journey I took for the intensity of it and the horror of it, many would not survive. In looking back I do not know how I did at times.

        You have a real Talent for putting into words what you experience and so many aspects dealing with the heart. Those aspects are infinite for as we grow our consciousness expands and takes in even more. Thank you for sharing that Gift with us, for those of us Seekers who will not rest until the totality of the Shadow Within is seen, understood, accepted, befriended, and loved. You keep on shining, dear friend. I send you so much love this day. So much!! xoxoxo

        1. Yes dear lady, those WP issues are making it very difficult for many on my site as well. And thank you for your kind words, I know the difficulty and pain of that ‘dark night of the soul’ so I share what I can so others can at least be guided. Spirit asked that I put my journey here so others can be guided. Everyone has to face themselves and their fears to break through those walls we build all our lives from a long life of doubts and fears of who we are, and yes, they are very hard. You wouldn’t wish it on your enemies…but it would be the making of them.

          And yes, we touch them at first and jump back, scared to go ‘there’ and only feel its edges. But as time goes by that unconditional love all around wants us to understand and be where ‘it’ is. So as time goes by we are faced with our fears more and more urgently (or otherwise we would continue to avoid them), so that we gradually build that inner courage to face them, finally understand them, and be free in that understanding. In hindsight we can look back and understand that we had been facing them, remembering those times where we were ever thinking about them and those doubts of what is wrong with ‘us’ and why do we ever get hit by them. But as time goes by they are the changing of us, building something very profound but difficult to see at first. But that is the journey, because we can’t see we have to start believing in ourselves, the one thing that our fears takes away. And like all things I mention, we cannot truly understand and appreciate something unless we experience its opposite. We cannot truly appreciate happiness unless we experience sadness too. So in this painful journey we are being shown so much ‘conditional’ in our fears and what we place on everything because of them. But in breaking through, in daring to face them, we are building and appreciating all their opposites so that we can finally see and appreciate that unconditional love that has been waiting in the wings for us to recognize it by going through its opposite of those ‘conditions’ we had placed on our love by our fears.

          It is a long and arduous journey Amy and as you said, once seen we can recognize it in others as they go through ‘theirs’. And you can’t help but reach out and share your empathy, compassion and love to them and help them go through what you know is so hard. I think the intensity of it is dependent on how they have faced their lives. Some, like you, it seems like an avalanche. But others may face bits and pieces as they grow up so ‘seem’ to be quieter. Mind you, our fears aren’t others fears. As in, I may be scared of facing up to people where others do that so easily. So our ‘little’ holiday down here has so many ‘conditions’ no matter where we turn, I doubt that a soul would not face themselves in some way down here so that they could see that love that is gently awaiting our loving understanding.

          And my words are literally just an understanding of my journey, even though I cheated a bit. Spirit would put me in a position to go through my ‘hard bits’ and afterwards I would get an understanding of how it connected within us. Mind you, my journey with Spirit and to literally ‘touch’ unconditional love changed me forever. You cannot be but moved so profoundly to touch something so wondrous. But I was given most of my other experience first so that I could experience it from those inner fears I hold.

          After that I smile, as you now would after you understand your journey. A calm descends, an inner smile always glows…and just sometimes you burst out in joy because you finally understand, you appreciate all you have been through to touch this beauty now inside us. And know it couldn’t be done unless we took each and every step that we have to find it. Hard…oh yes, but we now know the destination is worth every drop we have put into it. I’ve seen and felt your heart in so much agony and pain Amy. Going through so much, especially those words you were finally able to speak to your mom. That was your apex dear lady, to take that one step beyond fear and dare it in those words. And the walls began to break, light beginning to shine and give hope for each step afterward.

          Take a bow Amy, that takes much faith, courage and a self love like no other. And I too bow to a master, truly there are no words for what you have found within you…but a love that is waiting for us all. Love and light to you also my friend, may that be in all you now do. Especially those pictures, you have now opened…and can now see into another world…right here πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

  5. I think that every little step we take and every person we interact with is a step closer to who we are meant to be. So many lessons to learn. So much growing to do. Great Post, Mark.

    1. Yes indeed Michele, each and every step is indeed the making of us. And occasionally we face a larger step but it is only to help us ‘let go’ another piece of our wall so that we can see something very profound beneath it all. Show us a true love behind it so that we can become free and live beyond those dark lens’s that this conditional world shows us.
      Thank you as always Michele, you always share a bright heart and the love you have become πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

  6. Danielle is a great inspiration in what she shares along her own journey Mark.. And I was blessed when one of your posts led me to her blog.
    Your post is profound and true.. As we often grow into our adult selves not understanding the inner child wounds we carry which affect our behaviours and our judgements and fears..
    Learning to address those inner wounds and those hurts however unintentionally they were dished our way.. Is as you have said a painful and often is a slow process…
    For we may take years to recognise these inner wounds to resolve them..

    Learning to dive deep within, is not for the faint hearted either, for it churns up yet more emotional baggage which takes some sieving through..

    But I can testify to the rewards if one puts in the ground work of diving into your shadow aspects of self, and learning to find that lost lonely hurt and wounded inner child,
    And as you learn to nurture and forgive those who wounded her, you release the pain and the hurt, and you let go of the guilt and anger, and the wanting to know why me… And it may take many years, too, as you think you have cleared out the inner pain, only to have something trigger a memory and the pain begins again…
    And yes, lots of tears maybe shed in the process, but those tears too are cleansing as they wash clean the heart-ache which was never your burden to carry…
    And those who hold onto the bitterness and victim modes through life, while holding compassion for their struggles and pain… We are the ones holding onto those pains…
    As you said, our pain is not visible and others may not see our pain as pain at all… because our inner wounds are personal to us…
    But I can say with hand on heart.. Once you let go, and hug that inner wounded child and tell them they are safe, and they are loved… and you truly begin to love and nurture yourself..
    Then your life opens up to joy and happiness… And the freedom then one feels as we release the weight we have carried is a lightness of BEing as we open our hearts to truly love and forgive..

    See what you do Mark… ??? As I write a post in your comments LOL
    Many thanks Mark for this insightful post my friend. and thank YOU for being such a wonderful friend who has helped me see who I am along my own journey…
    Love and Blessings dear Mark.. β€οΈπŸ’›βœ¨πŸ’›πŸ¦‹πŸ’–πŸ™

    P.S. Mark to my comment.. I forgot to add, that if it were not for those wounds, and hurts I carried I would not be who I am today… So I have learnt to thank those who inflicted the words as I forgave them and myself for holding onto them..
    Again.. I thank you… ❀️ πŸ™

    1. Dear lady, it is a post you have written because you understand your journey, can see that it all does indeed have a great purpose so that we can find us truly within it all.

      Like you, the more I see and understand the more profound this all becomes. On the day I saw what is behind it all I was so astounded to see that each and every step shows us ‘us’, in ever single nuance and ways of being. Each and every emotion is showing and building something within us that is so subtle until it truly begins to poke and prod to ask us one more step into something that seems a terror in that ‘dark night of the soul’, but in truth is the greatest light we can know.

      And then we can look back and see that it wasn’t the horror of living with some of the most terrible people…but being guided to find that inner pain, look and understand that it isn’t about them…but us.

      Not selfishly, but in understanding that we only ever give out what we are, share from a place that still lives in that shadow of doubt so can only give from that place. Heal us, clear that shadow by understanding and we become a love like no other. No longer giving out that conditional love that we have ever held.

      But as you have said Sue, we must experience one to understand and appreciate the other. In this crazy world we have indeed been given something so beautifully profound among its darkness so that when we reach that light it will be a joy like nothing else, an appreciation like nothing else…a love like nothing else in its understanding.

      And I thank you too kind lady, in going through our ‘stuff’ it teaches, there is always answers for both in an encounter, even if but an acknowledgement of what we have now become. Those interactions is love speaking so subtly, gently, openly, forcefully as only something that wants our hearts to open and see its beauty. And as a child, grown as we are, we will fight something we don’t understand. But slowly that understanding is making us into something very, very beautiful.

      Welcome home sister, and thank you for sharing such a wondrous light as only that love found can do πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

      P.S. I hope you don’t mind, I tacked your 2nd comment onto the end of your original πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

      1. Thank you Mark for adding my Post Script to continue on…
        And you are absolutely correct it is all about US, our growth, our awareness, in understanding who we are, and what we are.. And ultimately showing us what LOVE really is…
        If I were to sum up the feeling in one word.. I think Expansion comes to mind … Expansion in that it encompasses ALL…
        In Love and Gratitude Mark.. β€οΈπŸ™βœ¨πŸ¦‹

        1. It is indeed an Expansion Sue, a heart opening bigger and bigger to that love. Much love to you also dear lady, may your heart ever keep opening πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

  7. What you wrote here is exactly the breakthrough experience I had with my father. He was very difficult and we were rather afraid of him. However, I was already an adult and mom myself. When he treated one of my little kids the way I was treated, all of a sudden, my inner child lost its fear and I stood tall and steadfast between him and my child. I was like a wall, strong and solid. No weakness, no fear, no tears, no insecurity. And all of a sudden, his repeating tries to confuse me with his rethoric skills, became blurried, and I realized that it had never been about me but always about him. From this moment on, I was in peace with him, although we never discussed it.
    On a different note, a different part of your post reminded me of the saying: Love your enemies. I only understood later, when I figured that our worst enemies are probably the most loving souls. Because they dedicated themselves to support our growth no matter what. I had to meet some that kept bothering, manipulating, and controlling me, until I changed something in me that took their grip.
    Awesome post, dear Mark!

    1. They are a very profound moment, to see, really see what we are within ourselves. To understand that we are in fact being shown something incredible, a light of understanding by seeing one side of us so that we will understand when we come out the other side.
      I hated my father with a vengeance, years of my life spent mumbling and grumbling of all these things he did to me. Until one day, at the grand old age of about 40, I was rambling to a friend about him, and she turned to me and said…he’s been dead for years, who’s hanging onto what? I was shocked, so badly that I wouldn’t talk to her for weeks. Until I finally saw that she was right, it had been me holding that pain to me…so I could see.
      And also in that one moment, all my grumbling, anger and ‘stuff’ in my attitude…I was teaching my children. They loved and looked up to me, wanted to be just like me. And now…I barely see or speak to them, because they ‘are’ now just like I was, because I wouldn’t speak to my father. I went over and over this a billion times until I finally realized…this is our journey, this is all meant to happen in all its different ways so that we can ‘see’ both sides of love, and like all our emotions we cannot understand and appreciate one side without experiencing and understanding the other. If we did find an answer to stop all this we would be lost, the urge to understand would be gone and all those experiences would leave us meaningless. Hard, yes…but a gift so priceless in what it gives within us. A love so profound. And as you found dear lady, that understanding is such a ‘let go’ a release of a lifetime of holding something like a shield against the world. The one we had been taught by our parents, unintentionally, but we do nothing else because we know no other way. Our parents are our guide to the world, and strangely enough, their ‘bits’ are a very profound thing in this journey…so that we can experience and ‘see’ the truth of what we are beyond it.
      And it is wise to love our enemies, they all show us ‘us’, so that we can truly see that pain within, understand it and be free.
      A beautiful share and reply Erika, thank you. It takes great courage to look, let alone drag up so much stuff that entwines literally everything in our lives. But as you have found, the light through it is a ‘let go’ in its understanding like nothing else πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

      1. I think we all come to that point where we don’t seem to have a choice other than to let go. We are pushed with out backs towards the wall and the only way we can move is forward by pushing away from the wall. So, yes! We would never find the motivation to break out of our pains we constructed in the past if we already knew what’s behind. Or in other words, if we knew we would not feel that pain… but that is why we came here, to gain awareness. I love this game of forgetting and remembering, this breakthrough and there are still so many ahead πŸ˜‚

        1. Yes indeed Erika, this journey is the most incredible awakening. To be asleep to it all so that we can see and feel something so powerful is beyond words. That moment that I was shown unconditional love left me speechless…and that takes some doing 🀣 But I cannot express enough the beauty and power in something so wondrous, it left me in tears to feel something so profound. I keep saying there are no words in any language to describe it, it is so beyond what we are here. And in that something so simple, you ‘just are’ in that moment…but can feel everything. A contradiction? No. But something once seen and finally understood leaves you so moved to be beyond words…as only love can do β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

          1. I can so relate to the feeling you are describing here. I was in tears when I realized that I don’t need to fear anything or anyone because nothing can happen to me – regardless of what others think.
            No contradiction at all. You totally speak to my heart here, Mark.

            1. As you always do to me kind lady, all our interactions are teaching, sharing, opening and giving us something wonderful. It may be painful but it is just asking the terror of that child to step out into its light…and be free. Thank you Erika, you always prompt that child with love πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

              1. We need to prompt every child in everyone. The more accept to feel and embrace it the more love this world will experience again. So far, a lot of this love is still locked up… but I am positive that more and more unlock it. So, much love to you, Mark!

                1. And we will indeed Erika, it is a journey par excellence to unlock it πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

  8. Pain is a very difficult teacher isn’t it?

    Who did I discover on my journey? “if one day you took a journey, a very hard journey but found the love of your life on that very journey”

    I learned to see myself for who I am, a valuable person who yes, makes mistakes! I learned to finally like and then to love myself!

    Years ago I had 4 people approach me with the same message, that I had agreed to all my troubles before coming into this life. What sane person does that I questioned? The person who seeks wholeness, for it is only in facing our shadows that we discover they aren’t real, mere projections from others and from our fears.

    It was the scariest of times to face those shadows, but was the source of my freedom. freedom to finally love myself and in extension to love others more completely!

    1. Wise words Tamara, this journey down here does have a purpose, a very loving one to find ‘us’ among it all. To test so many boundaries so that we can understand and see that truth within us.
      And it takes great courage to take these steps, but it is that courage that builds us from the inside out. From such simple things that can be so incredible to a wisdom so profound.
      I look and look at this world and it does so much, so incredibly interwoven to be beyond words. All from that love, that guide post as we go looking for that love and happiness ‘out there’ to finally realizing it is waiting within us.
      A big journey but so very appreciated when we see its beauty in that understanding light.
      Thank you for the share kind lady, may that understanding light ever grow by our side πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

  9. Pain is a part of our existence and we can run from it or we can embrace it and learn. We can also choose not to cause pain to others. We can choose to love.

    1. Beautiful words Pam, and said from a heart found. It is a painful world (mind you, the chocolate takes the edge off it 🀣), but it is that very thing that urges us to find a happiness and love beyond it.
      And find it we do, slowly realizing it isn’t ‘out there’ but waiting within us, finally understanding that no other can love us as we can. Only we know us truly, and our pathway is to find that love that goes with it.
      Thank you for sharing kind lady, you have ever kept my heart happy with what you always share with us all πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

    1. And I thank you kind lady, I read your post and suddenly Spirit wanted a post written. Your words inspired something that only love can share.
      This world tests us in so many ways but it truly does have a very beautiful outcome, to find and understand that love in us…and after all you have been through you have dived into its depths and found that beauty within. It takes much heart and pain to go where you have and dare to become something beyond it. I cannot personally attest it…but I can feel it…and the one thing in all my healing I find, is on the other side of that journey something very, very beautiful is found within. God’s love has always been there, whispering, encouraging, and ever with arms around you, and through all you have experienced is the very thing we seek, that love and happiness ever calling until we find it inside us.
      Thank you for sharing your pathway Danielle, there are many who feel it and are encouraged πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

  10. So well said Mark. πŸ’πŸ™πŸ’–
    Pain is our most valuable teacher, yet we avoid it and try to numb it or reach for pleasure time and time again. Forgiving our parents and seeing them through the eyes of compassion and understanding heals the pain and frees our soul. Facing our pain and opening our hearts is our life’s work.
    … and then helping others along the way.
    Thank you for being here my friend πŸ’•

    1. Thank you Val, it is a hard journey but as you said, that pain is indeed a very profound teacher. It constantly shows us both sides of everything so that we can see the beauty through it.
      And it is a slow journey but I think that is needed so that we will appreciate what it has taken to find, understand it truly from what must appear to be on a repeat. But it is needed or as you have said, off that path we will go to find those pleasurable, sidetracking moments constantly nagging our path (chocolate…who…me? 🀣).
      And that helping of others is an incredible part of this journey. By being who we have become it allows others to see what is there, what can be done to find that peace and love within themselves. We only ever give out what we have understood, and attract accordingly. A very profound thing that love is, that ability to give us exactly from where we are at, always offering understanding in so many ways.
      Thank you for sharing your found wisdom kind lady, may that light ever be your pathway πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

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