Fears…ours and others!

I was answering a comment to a post by Danielle, about those fears we go through and their impact. So in doing so Spirit nudged me to express it here as a post…

Going through our fears are what happens to us all, and on our own individual paths they can be a very painful thing to go through. But it is different for everyone, and as an example, its equivalent is when you see someone scared to death of a spider but many other would think nothing of it. This is the same in all our fears…born from many different paths, and, we will attract the very thing that is the most painful for us individually to face…or it would lose its impact, lessen its ability to make us face ourselves and go through something to break those barriers we build.

And this is why we are told to never judge another, simply because we cannot truly understand another’s path because it has a very different meaning for us because of our own experiences and environment so we cannot truthfully understand it. There may be many similarities but our differing experiences give us the strength, or not, to face them.

The only way we can truly understand ourselves, or others, is this…that fear we have for ourselves, that is what the other is feeling…regardless of its origins. All we have to do is remember how we felt in going through our fear, and give that compassion and empathy to another in their time of trouble.

We are all being asked to find that love inside us, whatever it takes to see our truth…His truth to find that unconditional love. And we are doing well, regardless of our journey, as whatever it is we face it is building that compassion, empathy and love inside us all. And in the end…it is the only thing we take back with us…what we have found in our own hearts in experiencing and going through it all ❤️🙏🏽

37 thoughts on “Fears…ours and others!

    1. And that we will Michele, this journey does indeed come to us with a great love. Not seen in the beginning but like any flower will eventually bloom into something magnificent ❤️
      Shine on dear lady, your light is shining well 😀❤️🙏🏽

  1. Oh facing those fears😩😬🙄🤣😂 we must indeed dare stand before them, feel them fully, embracing them, before we can realise it’s not so bad! I’ve got this! AND feel the disappointment at having spend so long allowing them to empower us🙃 We are reminded it’s about the journey, of feeling our own loving power expand and giving ourself back to ourself! Giving ourself courage to tackle more of those fears we see lined up! Spiders… what on Earth is this fear all about? AND the more love, the more we can feel for others… be there for them, holding a loving space for them to face their own life journey.

    Thankyou Mark for reminding us all how we all fit in to each other’s life’s… and not❤️ Life is indeed an art project🥰 sending love your way. Now off to your other post to comment💃🏼😘

    1. Ah dear lady, those fears are the bane of our lives…but incredibly they are the very things that make us…us. We need to see that we are afraid, we need to see we are good enough to go beyond them…but most of all we need to see that in doing so we are building a self love to move beyond it all.

      I always felt that world was out to get me, each step I took was such a mess…and so I dared God to show me where love could reside in this mess. Well, He did…by letting me fall on my face more…and often so in experiencing it all I could see. And then Spirit showed me even more profound connections within it so I could go beyond it all and share it with others.

      One of the most profound things we can all do is indeed go through our fears, it is the making of us. We always feel so much better when we go through anything hard…but our fears are something else, they want us to see that we are living a lie, an unintentional one but one that needs us to see its truth, know that we are not that rejection, unloved, not good enough being…by seeing it truthfully. And that courage to do so will build a very, very profound love in facing it. We must do that ‘conditional love’ to understand what unconditional love is…and in seeing that truth we will finally love the one person we have never been able to because of that conditional ‘belief of ourselves’, that lie that had built a wall to hold out the truth of that love of us.

      And in that understanding is our freedom, our ‘let go’ of this conditional world so that we can finally stand in the beauty that it is. A big hug dear lady, may this time, as hard as it is, allow you to see that beauty and set you free 😀❤️🙏🏽

      1. Thank you Mark for sharing your experience and inspiring me and others to ‘get it’ and help us feel more and more free to feel the love, joy and peace we truly are within🥰 much love to you x

        1. My pleasure dear lady, it is a hard journey and how could I not pass on the empathy and compassion that I was able to discover on this path. It was given to me unconditionally with a love beyond words, and waiting for us all to find on these very pathways that we walk. They may all be different, but the love is always its destination. Much love to you also Barbara, and a hug, a big one, you have trod a path that would test a saint. May its love show you that beauty within ❤️🙏🏽 xox

  2. So true Mark. No one walks in our shoes. And we do not walk in anyone else’s. No judgement. Of any kind. I have noticed how much people judge me since I have had cancer and my body and health have changed. Now that I appear weaker, people are much more apt to be unkind rather than kind strangely enough. Or give advice freely when they have no clue about what is going on.

    1. I have found that many people are unsure in how to respond to someone ill or even different from them, like someone foreign or even handicapped. And in fact driven by not wanting to embarrass themselves ‘because’ they don’t know how to respond. A fear I’m afraid, and probably because they have been in a situation where it has hit home and left them afraid to be in that situation again. Have sympathy for them my friend, they have still a long road to face and get through those fears.
      But more importantly, I hope you are going well, that journey does ask us to look very deep inside ourselves. Many things that had meaning no longer do as we realize an empathy and love for ourselves in going through something so profoundly. Much love and light to you dear lady, may only that inner love speak to you as only love can do. Big hugs my friend, and be well 😀❤️🙏🏽

  3. Pain as a part of the process has now taken on a new meaning for me. And now that I keep uncovering my own personal craziness (fears) I find myself relating to others with a bit more softness. I keep tripping on things but I’m nicer to myself due to some understanding as well. This journey is not easy – but the sooner I realize that beating up on myself is the very issue…the easier this journey becomes. Thank you for your guidance ❤️💜

    1. And thank you for sharing my friend. From where you have been Danielle, your discoveries are like scaling Mt Everest…every weekend. Be proud of that, it takes much courage to face something that has been ingrained from childhood on into now. And most certainly provided the very thing to find that empathy and compassion because of it.
      It changes us…profoundly. To find the answer asks us to go somewhere and face us, touch that place inside we had buried deeply and understand that…we too can be loved, beyond what we believed and into His love, the unconditional kind by letting go that very condition we held against ourselves and built our walls against. That is all He wants you to see and know…and you will be there.
      But it deliberately takes much time and courage so that it will be appreciated for what it is, seen for the beauty in all its steps that it is, and in its understanding finally stand within it. It is a view that goes on forever, infinitely, and there are no words that can do it justice. But when touched it is so profound it will bring your heart to tears, the good ones, and the acceptance of being home…truly home ❤️🙏🏽

        1. It is a big journey Danielle…but…in letting go that part of us that no longer has meaning, it changes us. Where before we held our body and emotions in a certain way towards life…that is all gone. You are no longer ‘reacting’ to life but ‘creating’ the new you. Where before you were ‘on guard’ to your fears, you have now begun to relax. A let go of our fears will actually feel strange, we have never been here before. When I let go my fear I walked funny, cleaned my teeth funny, and even talked differently…because I had let the old me go.
          Now…you begin to relax into what you truly want…a peaceful loving person so your intent will begin a new re-modelling into something that will now give out a whole new energy, a new way of being. So…allow your heart to be this new you, relax into the love that you now are, become that new love…by letting it all go…and…just…be…the…beautiful…you…that has always been there waiting. Welcome home dear lady, welcome home 😀❤️🙏🏽

    1. It is a hard journey dear lady, and most certainly full of that faith. While ever we can’t understand, inside us is that ever hope of finding that love and happiness we ever search for. That too takes courage and a self love in itself to guide us closer to that destination.
      May your faith hold that destination within Pam…in the meantime just keep, keeping us on our toes kind lady, we need to smile often too. Thank you 😀❤️🙏🏽

  4. We all have our own personal tasks to accomplish in order to advance our individual development “according to plan”. These tasks can consist in overcoming certain fears, strokes of fate, illnesses, disabilities, or whatever. But everything that does not correspond to the energy of love shows us that it is not the direction that brings us to love. Just as when we were looking for Easter eggs, we used “cold” or “warm” to show the children the direction to the gift.
    Breaking through the fears shows us the direction. Great post, Mark. Overcoming fears to discover who you are is the topic of my book I’m Free.

    1. Haha, this is fantastic Erika, a brilliant way to describe this journey indeed. And yes, it does do that hot or cold to guide us ever towards that beautiful inner love. I’m still smiling, I couldn’t have explained it any better dear lady, thank you ❤️🙏🏽
      And I’m looking forward to that book then…does it have any Easter Eggs in it? 😂🤣 But I’m Free is indeed a profound title, exactly what our journey does, in heart and mind. Good luck with it and many blessings for its arrival ❤️🙏🏽

        1. Ah confusion. I thought I saw somewhere that you were ‘writing’ a new book and out soon called ‘I’m Free’…and I assumed it must be a part 2 of the previous book.
          Mind you, I still have not read that one yet, I shall shuttle it to the top of my list kind lady 😀❤️🙏🏽

          1. I have written kind of a sequel but so far it only exists in German. I need to focus on the translation first but that is far away. Currently I am working on an extended quote book, with affirmations and inspirational texts for every day of the year.
            I know it is not easy to read all the books that have accumulated on the shelf… lol

            1. Somewhere in amongst it all…I’m supposed to be doing mine. One day dear lady…one day! 😂🤣❤️🙏🏽

  5. So true Mark each has to find their own way back into their hearts. And sometimes hearts are broken before we can mend them or heal them.
    Each soul is different, each lesson learned is not the same for everyone.

    Overcoming our own inner fears that often we do not understand where those fears come from. Can be hard in overcoming them, until we understand them.

    Facing those fears is the first step.
    Spiders a prime example one of my childhood fears.. ☺
    I later learned to overcome. Now I can catch house spiders and put them outdoors..
    Where as one time I would not enter a room until it was caught .

    We also amplify our fears often groundless, by giving our attention to them constantly, so we then draw those fears to us for us to experience.

    Like focusing on world situations we can do nothing about, instead we should be creating our own dreams .. And in doing so, we then help the world as we manifest those dreams, not our fears..

    Thank you Mark for these reminders we all need at times to let our fears go.

    Much love my friend. 💖💕💖

    1. Ah dear lady, do I detect a heart which has traveled this road? 😀
      Very wise words dear lady, we do indeed have a long struggle to even understand our own let alone trying to understand others fear.
      And yes, I used a spider as there are very few that do not hesitate to react at their appearance and so my statement would be understood 🤣
      And we do ‘focus’ on our fears because we don’t wish to be caught off guard in its appearance, and because of that we ‘attract’ that very thing so we can face it, see it for what it is and in that understanding be free.
      As time goes by we do touch them, sometimes from a distance, sometimes full on, but slowly and surely we build that inner courage so that one day it will knock on our door and ask to be understood. On that day we will indeed be set free, into a love that will finally bring something deep within, and we will ‘know’ we have finally found that love and happiness we have ever looked for.
      Welcome to that world dear lady, may that inner smile ever shine from your eyes 😀❤️🙏🏽

      1. Thank you dear Mark. Your inner light shines brightly as you illuminate all who feels your presence.
        I’m honoured to be travelling along such a road, illuminated by your wisdom. 🙏🙏🙏💕💖🥰

        1. Just sharing something beautiful I was given Sue, how could I not pass it on. It’s like coming upon a fantastic view that is so spectacular we just can’t wait to tell everyone about it.
          So is this amazing part of our journey, may your views go on forever too dear lady, thank you 😀❤️🙏🏽

  6. I love how you write that we cannot truly understand another’s path. It’s really why we have to give so much space for compassion for others and also why we nourish it within ourselves, in our own walk. As you have written, what we walk through helps us to relate to others in their time of need.

    1. Indeed kind lady, very well spoken. We must experience and understand our own fear to see it in others, and even then not realize it truly. And as you have said, we give ourselves much room to see our own fear, in that too we must give others that room also.
      It is a long journey, but it is that ‘time’ thing you mention that allows us to slowly understand that power within our hearts.
      Thank you for sharing yours 😀❤️🙏🏽

        1. It is indeed a wonderful sharing world dear lady, so many souls, so little time 🤣 But enough for us all. Thank you for sharing 😀❤️🙏🏽

    1. Thank you Val, it is indeed required to keep experiencing many things and realize that love is always there inside us.
      Many things isolate us, especially our beliefs of ourselves. But slowly an acceptance is found to free us of those beliefs and truly, fully, stand in that unconditional love ever waiting in our hearts.
      Thank you for sharing dear lady, may that love ever hold you in its light 😀❤️🙏🏽

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