Those Bits Called Love!

It is such a beautiful feeling isn’t it, that intensity that lets us feel something so intense and magical and wonderful! ❤️

But why is it that we can love so many but never all the same? Why do we love our brothers or sisters, mom’s and dad’s and even some friends, but all differently. Some more intensely, some as distant as the stars. And just to show the differences in intensities, everyone who has a pet is very, very connected to it. Why? Because their are no conditions on it, we are not on guard when it romps, flies, scuttles or slides up to us, we are always open armed , smiling and happy to see them.

So why the difference? Why that hesitancy with some and not others, that ‘on guard’ with some, not others. It is simply our ‘conditions and expectations’ we place on each person. Our love shielded from hurt or pain or maybe even worse, totally blocking what we feel will come from that person.

Ask yourself why, what is it that you feel from each person that makes you hesitate, restricts those bits or…dare I say it…is in you and not them at all. Look at what you feel is a way they treat you…and ask yourself why do I react in that way.

Dare to look, dare to feel and dare to be free. There is a love there that is nothing like any of the above. This love feels the same for them all, not needing to hold anything. Understanding it is only our fears that split our feelings in many pieces, guards what love we give and feel from the pain we think they hold. See it for what it truly is and understand that you are in fact loving yourself the same. Those very restrictions you place on yourself, YOU are only loving each one by those very restrictions you have.

Now find yours and open them. Set yourself free from those bars you hold and you will finally know a love that is no longer a bit but a bounty. Not a ripple on its surface anywhere, simply because you have ‘let go’ what you are holding in you, for yourself, and towards others. Be that love that is struggling to get out, set it free, and finally you will be too ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

13 thoughts on “Those Bits Called Love!

  1. So wise you are… opening our hearts to love is a practice, especially when it’s family, newly entered and can only find fault with you. Jealousy and possessive on their side, but there to help me open more to love BUT when this behavior continues, I have to draw a line and choose not to have this person in my life! Even when I know it makes my sister and myself sad and changes our life. All I can do is send love and shine my light, being an example of love from afar. Maybe in time, things change. Thanks so much for your writings mark… sending you love❤️

    1. As long as we can ‘see’ its truth dear lady. We can react so easily not realising it is still something way down deep. Mind you, when your in a place and do ask yourself that question, you no longer need that constant hammering in our minds. We are in the process of healing and even I have to admit, it comes back often to tap us on the shoulder to see if it still burns inside until one day it occurs and just no longer registers as what once was. It is an acknowledgement of what we have become. And yes, ‘they’ may feel rejected by your moving away but that is their journey, and usually it becomes louder because you are doing the one thing that hurts, but, ‘they’ created. You move away from that relationship exactly because of ‘their’ actions. It is in seeing it first that our journey truly begins, until then we are blind. It is a slow journey but we would never appreciate anything that was quick or easy, us humans tend to brush of those and move on. So it becomes persistent, painful and need to be endured so that it will hold us until we see. It is then that it is truly understood, appreciated for its gift and in that understanding create a compassion for others because we now know what it does feel to go through. We are that love, a lifetime of enduring until we finally give that love and compassion truly to us, understand that it is us that holds those painful things from our childhood and has taken many years to see through them for what they are…and let them go. All those people ‘out there’ press our buttons until we dare to face that inner pain…and finally in seeing its truth, are set free to love without those conditions that had bound us. Love and light to you also dear lady, may it allow you all to see what lays within your hearts ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

  2. I think it all starts with accepting and actually feeling love for ourselves. When we do this we are able to open ourselves up without expectations and be the love we so seek.

    1. Wise words Michele, we are indeed blockers in that love. Open our hearts and we can be nothing but givers of love, it will finally pour out as it should. Thank you for sharing yours dear lady, it is appreciated 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

    1. Ah dear sir, there is that magic word…allow. They do indeed allow us our idiosyncrasies as they are not as judgemental as we are. They live in the moment instead of wearying and worrying as we do and are so relaxed they can drop into sleep in a moment, not like us tossers and turners. Now if I could just be like them I think I would be swarmed by lovely woman from all around, we attract what we are. I think I’ll get me a pet, some training is in order for me I think 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 😂 🤣

  3. I’ll answer your question, Mark, because it is the exact same question I’ve been asking recently. Not all people have their hearts open to love and are not receptive to the love in my heart. I have become acutely aware of energy and when I feel the emptiness, hardness, coldness even, I know right there and then I will not gain entry into that heart. However, I still treat those people with dignity and with respect with a bit of reservation, for I will not get too close to those who do not understand the concept of Unconditional Love. The most powerful Teacher to others of what self-love is and what Unconditional Love is, is by how we live our lives.

    I’ll give one small example. I’ve returned to the gym. I work on machines that require free weights. I saw one machine I wanted to work on but there was a young couple on that machine. I asked the young girl how many more sets they had and I was told one. Great, I replied, I’ll wait. When they finished, I was all set to work on that machine. However, in looking at it, gym protocol had been ignored for these young STRONG people left 4 45 pounds weights on the machine situated where I would have had to bend deeply in order to take them off the machine. Gym protocol says all weights be returned to racks when finished with them. I looked at the weights. I looked at the couple. And very quietly I took my towel and water bottle and left. I refused to take those heavy weights off with the possibility of me getting hurt. The entire time I was there for the rest of my workout, I caught the young man just looking at me. Perhaps I taught him something, or perhaps I did not. But I know I caught his attention by doing nothing and walking away peacefully. That is how I live my life. If you do not respect me, I choose not to interact.

    Sending much love and peace to you this day!!! xo

    1. That is the one thing about awakening dear lady, we begin to ‘feel’ others in their fears and actually have compassion for them because we too were once there. We know they are going through a hard journey because we once were exactly where they are now standing. And you are right, some still have their ‘hardness’ in place for protection, not realising they are in fact pushing others away, actually creating the very thing they fear. But that has great purpose, to allow them, after repeating something for so long, to get sick of being hurt, rejected etc, and forces them to look deeper and try to understand why. You have asked the young man to consider his actions now and added to his understanding, even if the light doesn’t come on today it will add to that urge to understand and look deeper within himself. It is a slow journey for us all dear lady but as you now know, one day it finally breaks open, usually after a very difficult time, and lets us see that light we had been blocking for so long. Keep shining dear lady, especially with your pictures, they too ask us to look deeper to understand why they make us ‘feel’ them and in doing so ‘feel’ our own hearts. Love and light to you also dear lady, and a little healing energy for the ‘karma’ kick, I hope it is getting better and the message was with love 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

    1. The blessings through those ‘bits’ keep building our hearts dear Val, may yours keep shining it onward 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

  4. Mark, what a beautiful post of wisdom, love, and healing! You lose such great thoughts and caused me to ponder. It’s true that I love differently based on some past events in particular relationships; it’s “safe”. But I’m getting bolder and better at breaking barriers to the bars! I appreciate you so much my friend. Peace, hugs, and blessings to you! Thank you! 🦋🙏🏻🤗💜

    1. Thank you kind lady, and you are right. As we get older we realise we are holding so much that no longer really holds purpose, and we begin to let them go. It’s just some of those old scary bits that seem to stay the longest. At the best our experiences give us great wisdom, at its worst is those remembrances as a child that we had locked in through life. But…that journey is indeed the making of us. How could we appreciate love if we hadn’t lost it somewhere on our journey to here. It will give us wings when we appreciate just what our feathers can do. Thank you for sharing your flight 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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