After reading a post on empathy called Opinions from a lovely lady across the big water, I decided I would throw in my journey with empathy and how it affected me over the years.

Empathy…it conjures thoughts of being at one with another, ‘feeling’ another’s heart by connecting and understanding what they are going through…and sometimes whether you wish to or not.

For those sensitive people a ‘connection’ can be like someone pulling a plug and that feeling of being drained with each step you take when you are with someone.

Now personally, because I can feel the energy of another, it was like that plug pulling exercise. Each time that I gave a massage to a client it would range from a zero to crawling out of the room at the completion feeling like I had been hit by a truck (they of course felt fantastic).

But as time went by and as I faced and understood my fears, that draining empathy while connecting to another receded until it now very rarely raises its head.

Why? I can still ‘feel’ another, in fact it is now very high. But as spirit guided me through my fears it soon became plain that those very fears were the culprits. They act as a magnet. We project those fears and actually create them by our actions, whether physically or emotionally. And in doing so we automatically attract that very energy back to us.

We open ourselves to others to help and guide which in itself can be quite emotionally draining, but while ever we are holding our fear we never quite truly ‘open’ . There is a reserve, a protection by that very wall we build to keep us from our fear, and that very thing is amplifying the drain we feel.

Now I must jump forward to explain that last remark. It is when I finally faced my fear, saw it and understood it, that it was finally let go. It had lost its power over me. And then a strange thing happened. Because I was no longer ‘holding onto’ those fears…I opened…and I mean opened. Each time I faced something that used to ‘hold me’ in its pattern, it now had no hold at all. To start with, out of habit, I would go into my old ways of dealing with things…but it was just that, a habit. Each time now I am not ‘holding’ anything, so each and every time I face anyone who is stressed or emotionally upset…there is nothing for it to hold, I am no longer a magnet to those emotions.

I, after so many years, was set free. I had released myself from that emotional pain by becoming fear free.

It is an amazing thing to stand with someone, feel the upset and emotional mayhem…and no longer be touched by it. Don’t get me wrong, my heart does go out to them, great empathy is generated from sharing such a moment. But it is now unconditional. I removed those conditions we place on ourselves from those fears. Those very things hold us in so many patterns so we cannot be hurt by them. But those very actions draw them, with great love (even though it is painful time), to break us free from their hold so that we too can be free, free to give from a well that is now always full, no longer restricted and fully open.

Let me put it this way…while ever we are carrying stuff, physically or emotionally, we will struggle even though we can do many other things at the same time. But while ever we are free, we will relax, be more at ease, more open simply because there are no other distractions draining our focus.

While ever there is a restriction in our lives it will act like those plugs and drains…restricting all that we do. When we clear those blockages, remove the plugs we have built, it becomes an open channel with nothing to hinder any flow that comes through.

Be free, clear and flowing…your heart will thank you for it โค๏ธ

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