Come into the light!

This is in reply to a lovely post by Trini, Come into the light and her beautiful energy drawing many to her that not only take advantage of her but can cause great pain in their actions.

Mind you, she has a heart of gold so why wouldn’t everybody be attracted to a calm in the storm, someone who made them feel good about themselves even though they are in great pain emotionally themselves.

And being attracted ourselves to people we admire is the other side of that balance, to have someone who inspires us, gives us heart to take those steps to achieve our hopes and dreams.

A trick I learned, is in being brave enough to stand in your truth around everybody, only then will we attract like people. All else we attract will only test those fears we hold deeply. But that has great purpose, to break those walls of fear and set us free. Without those ‘bad’ people we stay in that cocoon of fear forever.

It is with great love (even though it causes great angst), that they are attracted to us so that we can, with great courage, face them, slay them, and become that beauty that unconditional love is.

We just have to crack that cocoon, become that transition to a butterfly and become the beauty that it creates. When we finally see and understand what is beyond that wall…it will amaze, bring us to tears, and in its understanding we will love the beauty we have now become…because we can finally ‘see’ why we had to go through what we did, and what we have become because of it. A balance of that inner light.

May that inner love always call you, regardless of its disguise ❤️ 💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝

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  1. ” is in being brave enough to stand in your truth around everybody, only then will we attract like people. All else we attract will only test those fears we hold deeply.” Just wow Mark! I have never thought about this before but oh my goodness, this is so true. These are words I need to write down and read every day. I had always been afraid of my truth and the results are exactly as you wrote. Thank you for blessing me with these words tonight.

    1. My pleasure Wendi. As children we are very emotionally immature in handling those things that cause us pain. So the only thing we know how to do is block, put a wall up…you know like when we don’t want to hear something from someone so we stick our fingers in our ears and go na, na, na 😀
      Well emotionally we do the same and even to such a degree, because of its pain, as we grow older we will even forget why we do it. But when the circumstance arises we automatically go into that ‘defense’ mechanism and block.
      That is the thing we have to break back through, find the ‘why’ of how it makes us feel and where it began. And it is there that our truth resides. We rejoin with that child again to see what they saw and felt, and 99 times out of 100 it will be a reaction to a parent (or both) or someone else we were very close to and loved and looked up to them. And also it will be a rejection of some kind even though that can be done in so many ways.
      The easiest way to find it is look at all your relationships and find how they treated you, what was the common denominator in how they hurt you emotionally by their actions, and within that, how did it make you feel.
      I repeat this a lot but it gives a good indication of what I speak.
      I hated my dad completely. I thought he was an %^&$*#. Now I will go forward into my relationships. In each of them I would pull out lots of chairs, give lots of flowers, compliment them in everything until one day they would all go whoooaa! Alright already, back off. I of course would get upset and I would point the finger at them and say ‘how could you not want these things’ each and every time a relationship broke up, blaming them for it.
      But in truth it was my fear of their possible rejection that caused it. I was drowning them in my fear and they could feel that. In fact we all do this by projecting our fears. We can’t help it because of that wall, it is like a shield and is the first thing that everyone meets. And it all comes back to me feeling rejected and unloved by my dad. And it all came crashing down one day when I was ranting and raving to a friend about how I hated my dad. She turned and looked at me and said ‘he’s been dead for 13 years, who’s holding on to what’. I got so angry at her (not realising because she had hit the nail on the head), I didn’t speak to her for weeks. But I went looking because deep down I knew if I didn’t I would cart it around inside me forever, I had to know why. And it was difficult because there are a few home truths in there that are quite painful…but also through there is a magic like no other. It is only by going through there that you can realise that inner truth, see something so beautiful in its understanding, even though it is so painful, that will set you free and show that love we have always looked for, that love and happiness we have sought ‘out there’ all this time has been waiting gently inside, waiting to embrace us unconditionally because we have ‘understood’ those conditional fears and let our hearts go.
      And trust me, it all has to happen this way so that at the end we will understand and appreciate what we have endured, and see that it is perfect from start to finish just as it is ❤️

    1. Most definitely young lady, your words are singing in my folder, now to be released 😀
      And thank you for your lovely words too 😀

        1. Thanks Michele. I dare not touch anything though, my computer might start making coffee or something 😂

    1. She is an angel at heart Bernice, sent to lighten many who come across her energy and bring many a smile on here ❤️ 😀

    1. My pleasure Rhapsody, it is a pleasure to share something within us all.
      Have a beautiful day, may those lovely trails of yours always be in the light too ❤️

        1. Ooops, I found you in the spam folder. I shall have a word to my administrator and his settings 😱
          Enjoy your trails dear lady, may they keep you found and not lost…like my administrator 😎

  2. Always love to read your loving wisdom mark… glad you are back with us shining brightly… cause as you know it’s not always easy to remain shinning. That’s why I love being in the space of divine brothers and sisters who support each other through these great transformative times❤️. Much love and light especially for your computer😆

    1. Hey Barbara, thank you for those beautiful blessings kind lady, they are appreciated 😀
      I am currently still having a few hiccups with people signed in to WordPress but not being able to comment. And my computer has decided to lose a bit of its sparkle too. As a matter of fact there has been such a persistent ‘attack’ on my coding and technology I’m beginning to wonder if I’m not taking the hint from spirit and run away for a while and have a break in my life doing something not so ‘intense’ 😀
      Anyway, I’m still breeding a few carrier pigeons just in case 😀
      Love and light returned dear lady, and some blessings that your technology doesn’t go to sleep on you either 😀

      1. I feel it’s a bit of allowing whatever needs to be disturbing and playing elsewhere too❤️ hackers found their way into my website and we’re using
        it! It is a nuisance but I have a great hosting company SiteGround who assist me well🌈💃🏼 much love mark

        1. That is the proverbial pain Barbara having that happen. You feel like your heart has been ripped out because of all the love you’ve put into something has been trashed.
          I know we have to face even the bad bits, but this particular ‘bad’ gives an urge to find a hole and bury them in it.
          Sending love, light and blessings that a new start will be the blessing that it is so that other may come and drink from your fountain dear lady ❤️

    1. Hey Kristine, it is something we all have to do, to find that inner light that is just being blocked by our bits. Once we peel away a layer or two it gradually begins to shine again and as we go through them we will also attract the appropriate person (and that can be even a great friend or lover who treat us badly…actually what they do is done with great love so we can be free, painful though it is) and help us learn that inner beauty.
      So my friend, smile, even though we would like to hit someone with a brick occasionally, it is for our own good.
      Mmm, now where have I heard that before…that’s it, my mom when I was a kid as she’s trying to give me some medicine…’it’s for your own good’ 😀
      Have a great day young lady, may your ‘medicine’ create great inner love ❤️

    1. And cruising at a lovely altitude young lady. May your wings be ever gliding this beautiful world 😀

  3. Trini is such a beautiful soul, who cares and gives generously of her time and energy..
    Learning to step away from those who would dim our light is something of a lesson I think we all go through at one time or another..
    As we grow we need courage to detach and stand firm in our own light and truth, not always easy when we may wish to be friends to all.. There are always those who take advantage of such good natures..

    Take care Mark and wonderful to have no problems connecting here 🙂 lol

    1. Yes she is a lovely light, and attracting everything because of it. But as you said Sue, and her too, she will build that courage and love to stand in her true space and confidently share what she has become ❤️
      And also I hope my light is switched back on, my blog has been in the dark for so long with a few hiccups to tend with. I am glad to hear your voice too dear lady ❤️

        1. After all that, would you believe Trini couldn’t comment 🙁
          Mind you, she also for some reason wasn’t on my ‘follow’ list but she receives my posts. Weird 🙂

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