It’s time. This battle has been very big. The tide has turned, and I must go with it, face it, as the battle against the flow becomes too tiring. It is a journey we all must make. As each cycle in our lives takes us through so many things to create a more wiser, loving and stronger person within.

But in that cycle we become entrenched in our safety, our knowingness, even our routines that in themselves give comfort. But as each cycle is concluded we don’t want to release all that we hold, for it has been a big journey and we have gained much from it. And that is the point. We have learned much, and understood it. And we won’t go willingly because of that. But the universe needs us on another course, another journey to take our wisdom to, and guide us in our quest for that unconditional love within.

Things start to ‘fall apart’, our lives begin to wobble. The unmistakeable feeling of the build up of stress due to these changes are taking their toll and we begin to react in a way that only weeks before was unheard of. Responses from people around us goes into new territory, even close people, and our confusion becomes staggered as we deal with the many things on the radar.

Things that we felt WERE our security have changed. Lost jobs, lost finance, even lost relationships are all around. When everything seemed to be fine. The change, in hindsight, will be seen many months or even years ago. It is a gradual thing, though at the time felt like an avalanche. The universe is being gentle, but we hold on so tightly that what follows feels like a skydive. Everything rushing up to meet you.

Well, my friends, I am releasing the reins of this change and going with the flow. I had thought I was being pro-change by moving house and stepping into what I thought was my new direction. Little did I know. I have been tested from the core of my being. My belief in self, and giving from that core belief in what I thought was who I was within, has taken a hit. I gave from such a place of total acceptance, of that belief, only to have it thrown back in my face.

It stung, and very badly. It brought up much from the past and it was time to look within and understand why my reaction to this was so intense. After much soul searching it raised it’s head, and the mask that I had in place over it. We always wear masks when dealing with other people. Be tough around stronger people, gentle with not so strong. Even a different mask for those close to us. The real us only seems to be with those we are closest to. But in this case, and something we all do, I had hidden my truth from me.

I was giving from such a place that I thought was a genuine understanding of unconditional love…no expectations! Was I wrong. When a previous relationship had ended, it felt really bad, and I put this down to the obvious feelings of rejection, loss of that love etc, etc. And I did feel those things, even though they were quite tempered by what spirit had explained to me about that particular relationship. But when this new event occurred, it really stung AND brought back up all those previous feelings from before. I needed to go inside big time and search for an understanding of why I was feeling this way.

And it was a sneaky little thing. I kept re-adjusting the mask. Gave myself excuses for doing this or that. But I forced myself to come back to that original feeling of being so upset by their actions. And then it hit me. I WAS having expectations from all that I do. And I don’t mean I wanted bits and pieces…I WANTED to be accepted for what I was doing….my FEAR was in NOT being accepted…which all came back to my childhood years of feeling rejected by my dad. My thinking that if I did this or that…he would accept me for who I was. And here I was nearly 50 years later still in that time warp. The fact that my whole existence is given from a place of truth has suddenly been thrown out the door. I had been living a lie. Making out something that I was not.

It has rocked me totally. It may not have been intentional, but I believed in what ‘I’ was doing, and to realise it was done from this place of fear leaves a very sour taste. For me to understand that ‘I’ was lying to me, through my fear, really gives a feeling I’ve let myself down, let alone the others I treat. I know it has purpose, and like all else that we do, we put ourselves in these positions so that a healing can take place. And create a more truthful, loving and giving individual within.

Truth can be quite painful within, but I do know it brings a more open and understanding soul who can now be more empathic to others because of it. Time will tell if I have healed with no more masks on my path. Facing a truth of that magnitude has shaken what I thought I was within, lowered my confidence and taken some of the wind out of my sails. It makes you question yourself and try to understand what it means. In that journey I hope the unconditional love that I know is there in my heart, is no longer shaded by a fear.

I have been a little quiet, and I think I have a little more time to adjust to what I have learnt. For the wisdom that has slowly been reached also has purpose for my new direction. But for now I feel very drained and tired from going through this event. A part of this journey is to allow ourselves to heal, give ourselves time to adjust to a new understanding and become that new truth that we have discovered. It is only in denying this that reinforces the fear that kept it in place originally.

May your changes bring you closer to that unconditional love.


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  1. Hey Mark, thank you for sharing this very touching post. I think we’ve all been down this path before, well you know I have and I’ve appreciated every moment you’ve given to me, from that lovely heart within. We all wear masks along the way, on this difficult, but beautiful journey. You are always so busy helping and sending all that love and healing energy to everyone else, I think you may have been putting yourself last. You need to take some time for yourself, to reflect, and to experience your own journey and we’ll all be right here when you get back.. You have such a loving and caring spirit within. You’ve touched so many lives with all that beautiful wisdom that you are always sharing from within. I’ve learned so much from you and I can’t say it enough, I am so glad our paths have crossed on this journey. I couldn’t have come across this post at a better time. This is just what I needed to hear and at the right moment. I can’t thank you enough. I’m sure it was difficult for you to write this post, but I bet it felt good to get it all out in the open. Something drove me to your blog tonight. Now, it’s my turn to send you a ton of love and healing energy. You’ll know it’s me when you receive it. Sending the minute I’m done here. Namaste!
    Peace out,
    Wild Flower
    We are all changing and growing all the time, we just don’t always realize it. πŸ™‚

    1. And I thank that beautiful heart and the love that you sent me tonight Tammy. What you have written I feel very deeply within and it makes me realize I only need to be just me. No expectations, no ‘try’ to be something to be accepted. Just be me…and that’s enough. What happened did rock my boat and has wobbled my journey quite strongly, but as I have had time to see this now, I am slowly realizing some of my actions and attitudes were affected by what I went through and I am now ‘seeing’ when the urge to do something from that ‘need’ to be accepted raises its head.
      It is very humbling to read what you say, and in it is a healing in your words for what I have been through. You are right, the table has turned and you are giving a healing by the heartfelt way you are expressing this. For that my lovely friend I accept the love that you have given me in your words, appreciate the journey we have shared, and gratefully accept the healing energy you have sent. I hear the love within you that is speaking, and it matters only that it is from that place which means your journey has taken you to that truth within. You have gained much wisdom from a very long journey, and it is seen by the love you have shown me.
      Thank you Tammy, a very big and grateful hug for the love you have shared. May that love within always be your guide…unconditionally! Namaste

  2. I saw your reply to MamaMick and had to check out your blog. Sounds like you just had a wonderful (albeit painful) opportunity to shine some light on a shadow. And now more of you is able to be with you. Healing, opening up, and being able to hold a space of compassion for others is an awesome thing (I am working on that myself), and over the past few years in particular, I’ve seen the process in it. Noticing the unconscious reaction. Questioning it. Ferreting it out, and transmuting the feelings and belief. Currently, my biggest mirror and teacher is my eleven year old son.

    Within this past week I was reading that our purpose for being here in the physical is to bring in love. The unconditional, nonjudgmental love of God, universal energy, oneness, by whatever name we resonate with. Before that, I believed our purpose was to experience, for Source. And I now see the connection of being here in the physical, having experiences, and then we are able to learn from our fear reactions, eventually moving into the place of grace, peace, and love. In this process we bring more of our essence that might have been cut off, stuck, or trapped, back to ourselves.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

    1. Hi Susan. It is a big journey but it slowly shows us ourselves in all our glory. That big glowy light within that is smothered with life and all the walls we have created over time. In my case I thought I was in a really good place (well I was πŸ™‚ ), but spirit needed a spring clean to happen so I can continue on in my journey, a little lighter, brighter and not so weighed down. And your right, each time we discover a hurt, realize a why to our life, more understanding enriches our lives.
      MamaMick is an amazing lady, has the strength to put her heart on her sleeve and step out into the world from there. And by the sound of your journey you have been through many things as well and are in that space of just being yourself.
      Just had a quick look at your site, I must go find my crystal dragons too. They grew up and left the attic, in a mess I might add :). I did the best I could but I now realise that I DO give them their ‘yucky bits’ so they too can find that beauty within, find that damaged heart and be all they can be.
      Thank you for your comment Susan, much wisdom and love within your words. May your journey always be full of both. Namaste

  3. Mark this is indeed a most courageous admission.. Its amazing how many of us have our ‘Masks’ in place with a smile etched predominately across it.. And its also amazing when after delving deep within how much we uncover that we have buried from our childhood. That have shaped our thinking and awareness into concealing our emotional selves.. As we serve others and put ourselves last..Trying to please and yet never really pleasing ourselves..

    Changes I have found can often strike out of the blue hitting us hard, In hindsight, I now know that each hurt, each struggle, and every obstacle I have had to climb was there for a reason.. It came to shape my path, it came to help strengthen who I was and to mould me into who I have become..

    We can not move forward without change.. If we didn’t have change we would become stagnant .. and not progress or grow..
    Thank you Mark for your honest post..
    I send you energy to shape your future into the grove you wish it to take shape… And I am sure as walk your path, Your journey will grow in strength and light..
    Many Blessings sent your way Mark.._/_ Sue

    1. Thank you Sue. As I go through life those things that we hide have a habit of bobbing back up at unexpected times just in the nick of time to save us. At the time it feels like being hit by a brick wall, but it saves us none the less. Those masks are surprisingly strong, I suppose they’ve had a lifetime of hiding something so they are pretty good at it πŸ™‚ But most importantly is in having the strength to face something and not push it back down, realise their is a fear lurking beneath our actions and have that strength to turn and face it. Not an easy task but as you say, it is the making of us and how we wish to change and become something better for ourselves. Self love it’s called πŸ™‚ Something we all seem to struggle with. Thank you for your lovely comment Sue, it is a big truth and exactly the journey we all need to take. Namaste

      1. And Mark We all of us at some points travel a similar path… And yes the masks often place themselves firmly.. I still peel them even now.. I call them my onion layers.. each once may bring tearful reminders.. But as we peel them one by one… We shed the skins that we allow to cling to us… And as we do.. We become lighter as the loads get less as we learn to let them go… Letting Go I think has been and IS one of my greatest Life lessons… And even now I know I cling on to memories I should had shed long ago… But I am Human.. on a Human experience.. And without the pain and hurts we allow to wound ourselves with.. Would we grow? Sometimes the Dark clouds are there so that we appreciate the Sun..
        Blessings your way.. Sue

        1. So very true Sue. Cannot know happiness without anger, cannot know love without fear, and they all have purpose. The human experience is our journey, and thankfully it is tempered with lots of happy and loving bits in between πŸ™‚ And in your case, even a garden of love πŸ™‚ I hope your season in it has been a good one. Namaste

          1. Yes it has been very abundant Mark… I took some photo’s today as we wind it down over winter.. We still have lots to reap from it.. but already are thinking of next year as we plan to plant an apple tree and pear tree and crab apple… So new ground has already been dug by Hubby.. While I kept the weeds down with constant hoeing..
            We had a very dry Sept… But today we had lots of rain.. ALL Good here.. Thank you.. πŸ™‚

  4. I have wandered in several times…each time i read you, a layer of paint on a mask chipped off..
    I wondered in our last talk why your energy felt different, but being in my self absorbed pain, I didn’t want to ask…Your words have always make me in a place where I feel okay to cry…and to dance in my hearts song so to speak…
    I don’t believe you lied to yourself…maybe denied something to yourself….
    I have so many thoughts running through my mind write now..I am afraid i will trip over words…
    so, just know I am thinking of you…rereading your last email…now with more questions again πŸ™‚
    I hope you know I am thinking of you…and sending whispers as you do ….
    I will be back..just stumbling today ( again)
    Take Care…You Matter…

    1. I would think our masks are a denial. It is in hiding that fear, that denial of truth that keeps us from facing things that we are uncomfortable with maryrose. We all have them in all shapes and sizes, and as I found out, sneaky little things as well. I thought I was very comfortable in who I was, and gave from that place. It was still giving from my heart within, with all the love in the world. But when something like that rocks your foundation it shakes that belief very strongly.
      And more importantly (in hindsight πŸ™‚ ), it has allowed me to release something, clear the deck, and see who I am from a clearer and more open place. It’s called healing, and it has great purpose because without it we cannot understand what empathy or even love is.
      Being in those darker places allows us to ‘know’ and then appreciate and see the truth of those lovely places BECAUSE we have journeyed through them. If we are treated poorly, we become that treatment…until we realise our truth…that inside each and every one of us on this planet is the most beautiful, perfect soul ever. And we learn to accept this truth, this self love that is so hard to come to terms with…by going through these difficult and testing times…to create that understanding within.
      I understand the journey, but I am not excused from going through that creation, nor would I want to. To realize after going through and releasing something like this, that I am now in a much better place, and because of that giving from a truer perspective, opens my heart further so that I can be all I can be.
      You never stumble maryrose. You may feel the occasional brick wall get in your way, but that is just an understanding waiting to blossom within. They can be difficult to go through at times, but the beauty they create is always so heartfelt.
      It is ok to cry maryrose, for it is a healing within itself and allows you to express that moving from a darker place out into the light. To release all that no longer serves so that you can move further into your truth.
      Your blessings are gratefully accepted, as is the healing in your words. The power of your heart is beyond this mortal world and is always felt with the love that it is given with. Dance in the love that it was created by.
      Love and light on your journey, may it be blessed with the love that it was created with. Namaste

  5. How intresting to read about the Change, Mark! ThankΒ΄s for sharing directly from your Heart and what beautiful, wise comments from women here :-)..You are worth it all!
    I donΒ΄t think you have been living a lie, making out something you was not. At that time that was your truth and reality and you acted out from that..
    As you are looking deeper you can see/experience things different and clearer and your opinion/understanding of your self ( and others) have changed, then you act out from who you now have become. We are not static the same person, we alter through the journey of life, hopefully to become the most beatifully souls we are meant to truth and love

    You have been so kind and giving unselfish to others..I think this means itΒ΄s time for you to also be kind to yourself and allow you to see the lovely human being you are!

    Take my hands full of undconditional Love from my Heart and send/blow to you ! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Elaine. That has been my main contemplation. Where have I been coming from…and your words are very much to the heart. You are right in I was coming from the truth of who I was…that has now changed and coming from a new understanding, a new direction…as we all do as we take on more and more of our truth as we go through those ‘events’ of life.
      And I have been wobbling in this process because of the shock of realization. This is something spirit constantly reminds me of…I cannot heal unless I am healed myself within. Looking back I can see the journey to bring this to such an impact in my life so I can release it and move forward. I constantly write on how the events we go through must have impact or we will brush them off and give them no thought. And if I was aware of it previously, it would not have had that impact.
      Your words are given from a very heartfelt place Elaine, and are gratefully accepted within. I thank you, for they have calmed an aching heart and a brought an opening back into my path. I am humbled by the truth and wisdom of your words and heart. Namaste

  6. Dear Mark, I have read through your post three times, and I have to admit that I am little scared to comment because I am not sure I have understood everything in the post. But I just felt moved to say this: The Love you have shared is eternal and pure regardless of how it is received. It is what you give, the Love that you give, that matters. I believe that to Love unconditionally, to give unconditionally, is the purest act of devotion, and the purest act of soul, no matter what the outcome is. I believe that what you give is yours forever, and what you hold back is lost forever. I dont know if this makes sense to you at all, but I just wanted to share this with you. It is just the way I live my life πŸ™‚ And we all must find our own way, right ? πŸ™‚ Sending you lots of wishes for happiness! May your heart be healed by the divine Love that shines from your precious soul! πŸ™‚

    1. You are such a beautiful soul Trini. Always giving from that lovely place within. And you are right, I have always given from what I know is my truth within. I just did not realise that underneath it was this little boy wanting his dad to accept him for who he was, and it has been something I have carried with me for a very long time, and covered over as I got older and created into a ‘must do’ to be accepted for many things that I did. But it was still from a place of fear, and until I understood that, I wasn’t truly giving from my heart of hearts. It was a big shock as I believed I had removed all those fears and was finally in a great space within, and gave from that place. Spirit deliberately gave me this journey to see this so I could reach that unconditional love within. Yes, my intent was to give from that unconditional love that I ‘know’ and understand, but like all things in life, I am still understanding my journey, coming to terms with the many adventures, experiences and events that have challenged me to become all that I can be.
      And you are right Trini, in how we do try to give from that unconditional space within, with all the love we possess, but it is in the learning to come from a place of fear, and removing those walls within, that we do get closer and closer to that truth within. Our fears block it because we are afraid of something, and hold ourselves back because of it. When we go through a fear, we let go, become more open, and can then touch the truth of the unconditional love within. Fear is conditional on something, unconditional love is not. Don’t get me wrong, I try with all my heart. My intent is all that I am. But I cannot reach that nadir, that totality, until I am truly ‘open’ with no fears or walls to block it. I suppose what I’m trying to say is this…as we get older, we love differently. We love more openly as a child but the world teaches us our fears. We love more intensely as teenagers as that first rush of love hits us, but again is blunted by those agonising feelings of loss. Then in adulthood we love again, but more maturely, but also with many fears because of all we go through. Then we find ourselves and begin to know true love of self as our awareness increases and we begin to remove those fears as we build the new us. The fears don’t just go overnight. We need to understand their meaning for us so that when their truth is known, our love for ourselves can blossom as it always should. This journey is needed to create that love within, or why else are we here. Spirit told me ‘you cannot really ‘know’ anything unless you experience it’. You can be told a thousand times of the wonders of being a mother, but until that day when you are a mother comes, it is an unknown. Unconditional love must be felt, but it can not be until we take our gloves of fear off, and let it in to our hearts.
      Sorry Trini, almost turned this into a post πŸ™‚ I am very, very happy that I was tested in this way, because I truly do now appreciate the true love for self that I do now feel because of it. It has allowed me to go the deepest I have been within, through great pain and touch something very beautiful. And it has a loving purpose.
      I do thank you for your lovely wishes, they are gratefully accepted and returned in kind. And I know that you also give from that lovely place within, with all your heart. I have never known you to do it any other way. And my heart is healing because it has gone through something that has had great meaning for me, and in doing that I will be more open to that unconditional love within. Namaste

      1. Oh, thank you so much for sharing your lovely and very insightful thoughts and feelings!! πŸ™‚ It was wonderful to read! πŸ™‚ It also made me understand you a little better, so thank you for that! πŸ™‚ I still feel like I love like a little child, so maybe it has not matured like it should, I dont know, but at least I know that I love without expectations, I mean I dont need anything back. God fills me every day with Love! πŸ™‚ But I have been told that I should sometimes let people know if they are being mean to me, beacuse, for the sake of their own growth, I should not hold back something that can help them to become a better version of themselves. So I do try to gently show people that there is a better way if they are behaving in a mean way πŸ™‚ But mostly I just believe in loving people more if they are mean πŸ™‚ I hope you have gotten some help to sort out the issues with your father, I am sure he had issues with his own father, maybe no one ever taught him how to love?

        1. Thank you Trini. And yes, my father was a product of his environment. Back in those days were much harder and an expression of love was not like it was today. My dad passed away many years ago so it has been an interesting journey to understand who he was, what I have become because of that interaction, and how I now choose to deal with me. I had, I thought, made my peace with him and forgiven him because I realised I was judging him for his actions. In understanding what I had been doing, I had forgiven him, and myself for doing that, and released anything that I was holding between us so that I could go forward without being held back by those ‘fears’. So when this all happened it has taken me by surprise and made me realise I had not in fact dealt with it properly and it was time to do so. Thankfully it is time to release something that obviously was a part of my learning, to be in an understanding of what I had been doing AND truly forgive and move forward.
          As for you young lady, your heart IS childlike for the very simple reason it IS open fully and letting it out into the world without any expectations. You ARE being your truth and showing it by being who you are within. And yes there is a need to say if someone is being mean to you, just do it with integrity, gently, and then let it go. If you reply as they do, you are reaching down to where they are coming from. Do as your heart feels, with love, and they will feel that and know they are not coming from a good place and need to think about where they are coming from.
          Loving people is a teaching in itself, and you do it marvellously Trini. I felt that I had been coming from that place as well, but I obviously needed to see something within, and be guided by it. Over the last six months I have felt a distinct change occurring which has come to a head over the last few weeks. They usually mean a shift within, and even without, and in this process can be quite tiring, emotionally and physically. But this I do know from within, this change is for a different learning, a new way of seeing and feeling our journey so that I may be like you and give from the truth of an unconditional heart. I look forward to being able to smile within as you do with your posts and words in a way that only produces that love and happiness within.
          Thank you for caring, and sharing that care in your comments. They are gratefully accepted, and very much needed, while I have been absorbing this event. May love and light be always within your heart. Mark xo

          1. Thank you for sharing from your heart Mark! πŸ™‚ It is so wonderful to hear about your journey! πŸ™‚ and thank you for your very sweet and encouraging words to me! πŸ™‚ I appreciate you so much! πŸ™‚ Sending you lots and lots of Love and Light!! πŸ™‚

            1. Thanks Trini, I always appreciate the beauty of the imprint you leave with all your comments and posts. And it always leaves me smiling as I reply to you. Love and Light accepted and returned in kind my heartfelt friend πŸ™‚ Namaste

  7. What a powerful and moving reflection Mark. Thank you for this gift.
    Facing a truth of this magnitude shakes us to the core. As the core breaks open we find what is beyond the raw vulnerability and pain. We find love. When embrace it unconditionally within ourselves, we can share it unconditionally with the world.
    How wonderful for you to break through and break free.

    1. Thank you Val. It was an incredible realization of what I had been doing to hide this fear. But I think that is its purpose. The shock value alone creates the change needed, or otherwise I would have shrugged it off, straightened the mask and continued on in my fear. And yes, the love was waiting in the wings for me to pass this point. A break through and freedom it is, the relief is amazing. Namaste

  8. Good Morning Mark,
    This was such a touching post , your words really hit home! “We always wear masks when dealing with other people. Be tough around stronger people, gentle with not so strong. Even a different mask for those close to us. The real us only seems to be with those we are closest to” how this is!!

    To unmask our true selves to others means to show vulnerability and for myself that is so difficult for me to do. Vulnerability equals pain, a 50/50 chance of getting hurt and I guess that’s why I keep people at an arms length. I’m an observer at most, a friend to a fault ….life experience has awakened my awareness and foresight to those around me. As much as I want to believe the goodness in people it’s so hard when certain people let you down.

    Wishing the best for you ………………and when I started to read your post I thought this was a goodbye blogger friend post, thank goodness it’s not!

    1. Hi Jolene, and no, I wouldn’t do a runner. Mind you, I do think a little spiritual retreat is needed about now. Time to adjust to a new way of being, and I also feel a change within, something has moved, something that has been waiting for me πŸ™‚ (I can’t explain it properly yet, but I will :)). As for the unmasking, that was the shock. I have been stepping into my truth and acting exactly as I feel within, and no masks, no say this but feel that etc. It is in coming from that truth that you attract that to you (which it did by hitting me in the face with what my fear was), so I could release it and attract a more open, truthful and loving space to be in. Our fears always keep a healing at bay, it is not until we step into and through that fear that we are free’d and released from our prison. It is amazing how well we entrench our fear walls within. They are a part of everything we do. Like someone who fears heights. Always on guard in case it comes up. And in being ‘on guard’ it is always a part of who they are. That is why stepping through is the only way to release that burden. Not only does the mind change emotionally because it has released this thing that has been there forever, but it now creates a vacuum so it can be enriched by something more to your hearts desire, instead of the fear and worry. The difference IS almost a shock and so profound that it changes who you are, top to bottom, inside and out.
      As hard as it is at first, but living your truth is the only way. In all of our lives we always wander around wanting to be loved and accepted by everyone so we do the mask thing to be accepted. It takes a long time to finally realize that it is in removing those masks and being in our truth is the most loving thing we can do for ourselves, which in turn IS GIVING that out to others. and they will accept you all the more because of that. So it is in clearing the slate that will bring you into that space. And the reality of that is, if you do your truth you begin to realize that those around you are only living and reacting the way they are because of their fears. You realize that and drop your judgements because you understand what they are going through and become more empathic and relate to what they are feeling. Be gentle on yourself and slowly step into what your truth is, it hasn’t got to be done by tomorrow, next week will be fine πŸ™‚ But seriously, just do a bit a time and watch the change.
      Thanks for the wishes Jolene, gratefully accepted, it was a bit of a ride, never been in a Lambourghini before πŸ™‚

      Mark xo

  9. Beautifully and honestly reflected! “It is only in denying this that reinforces the fear that kept it in place originally.” -this is truly profound. We are habituated to live with our masks on all the time in fear of being identified raw. But we are not what the world sees, we are what when no one is watching us.

    1. Thank you for sharing this beingeternal. We do wear our masks in so many situations due to our fears, the small and the large. It just took me by surprise because my life over the last few years has seriously walked me through my fears and shown me many things. I had in fact thought myself in a good place because of that. But I suppose, like anyone else, we use our masks to hide our fears, and for something that big to stay hidden must have had a great impact on me. Gladly I faced, and hopefully have stepped through this, fear from childhood. I have found I am now questioning myself in my actions to see if it is done with integrity or fear. Namaste

      1. My Pleasure! You have put it the bestest way possible. True, we wear masks out of fear, as we are identified with our fears. “if it is done with integrity or fear”- This is completely worth pondering. I think, most of my deeds were and are tainted with fear. I am just learning through your journey.

        1. It is in having that awareness that allows the wisdom to face our fears. In that truth, our self awareness speeds up because we are no longer blocking or avoiding that which needs to be faced. Most of our journeys are with fears all around. It is in admitting them, and the journey to go through them, that our hearts really begin to bloom. Thank you again for sharing. Namaste

            1. Thank you beingeternal. Wise thoughts they may be, but I trip and stumble like everyone else to gain that wisdom πŸ™‚ A hard journey but the love for self in the end is such a blessing. To realize its purpose gives many feelings. Initially shock, then a grief (surprising initially, but then I realized I was releasing a part of myself that was no longer needed. It had been a part of who I was for a very long time), and then the freedom of that release and knowing I no longer had to drag this weight around my shoulders any more πŸ™‚ Namaste

              1. My Pleasure! I understand this completely. “Love for self in the end is such a blessing” This is very intense. I am in total love with your thoughts on life’s journey. πŸ™‚

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