Absorbing Emotions!

Me being the cancer with a cancer rising sign that I am, and in the early days doing my Massage Therapy, I was always absorbing everything around me. At times I felt like an emotional magnet. Empath on steroids πŸ™‚

But one day spirit showed me a little journey, how I was always on guard to all those emotional people around me, and I was in fact attracting that to me because I was holding up an imaginary sign that said, ‘I’m afraid of emotional people’.

So spirit said, ‘the only way you can overcome any fear…is to step through it’.

So I said, ‘how do I step through other peoples emotions’.

And spirit said, ‘by releasing yours, by being totally open and unafraid of THEIR fears and giving out the love that is always within you. Standing in your truth’.

I said, ‘If I open myself up, I’m afraid of being hurt’.

And spirit said, ‘I know, and until you release that fear you will always absorb it. And the day you do, it will no longer bother you, and you will also find that because of that trust and love you are now giving out, other people and their fears will no longer wish to be around you because of that strength you now have within you. They will be afraid of the truth that you now show because they feel within that they can only heal themselves when they also step into that truth, but are not ready yet so will keep away’.

So everything changed at that point and I no longer fear people’s emotions. I no longer hold up my sign, and I just be my truth. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m in this world with all of its ups and downs and if something occurs that has great meaning to me, of course I’m going to feel it with great emotion, whether it is seeing the beauty of the birth of a child or the loss of a loved one.

But it is in understanding both those journeys that shows the love that truly is a part of all. And once understood they no longer cast a fear or our need to keep our signs aloft any longer.

We are the signs, by being the beauty of what that love has created within each and every one of us we become that understanding and shine that out into the world by being what we believe within.

It is in finding our own truth, stepping through those things that hold us at bay, that we finally release those walls within that were blocking that one thing that we all yearn for in our lives, the unconditional love that is right inside us, waiting for that wall to come down so that it can shine out and show all, the heart that is now totally giving and free.

May your journey show you the love and beauty within, for in truth, it is a beautiful destination.


34 thoughts on “Absorbing Emotions!

  1. So well said! I often tend to think in terms of resonance. And when I no longer resonate in a frequency of those around me, because of the work I’ve been doing on myself, their frequencies will want to change to match mine. But if, as you said, they are not ready to change, they fall out of my life. And a few of them have done so pretty spectacularly. However, when it comes to my son, who has difficulty with change, and is basically being forced to change, he tantrums, gets sick, whines, and the like (he’s only 11). Because this dynamic was recently brought to my attention, I’ve now been able to remain detached from all of the acting out (instead of becoming frustrated), to hold space for him, and talk with him about it all at his level.

    1. We usually ‘react’ to it instead of listening and teaching from that perspective. Mind you, we also have ‘our’ issues and life that get just as distracting. It’s a big journey and I think until we ‘find’ us, we can only give from where we are at. But in saying that, it is always from the attitude in which we give it. Be in a good space, then give from there. Your doing well, don’t be hard on yourself in any way as it is all a learning experience. Until you realize something you can’t act on it. Good luck, those dragons, as you said, are a delicate thing and never really respond unless given with love. Namaste

  2. I get to your blog randomly and am amazed reading the beautiful inspiration and wisdom. I am a cancer and I dwell constantly under the fear of being attacked by emotions. I am already an overwhelming emotional well and others’ emotional pull floods and sweeps me to distant lands from where there is no return. I keep on struggling to hold onto my ground of stableness. This emotional journey has become a mundane thing. Now, I think, you said it well @ “I know, and until you release that fear you will always absorb it. And the day you do, it will no longer bother you, and you will also find that because of that trust and love you are now giving out, other people and their fears will no longer wish to be around you because of that strength you now have within you.”

    I realize it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you beingeternal for your lovely comment. It is our early years that are the hardest as we learn the wisdom of stepping through our fears. It is a great teaching tool in the first instance of distancing ourselves from our fears…which reinforces them…so when we do step through them, the release and emotional let go is so truly felt within that the wisdom will never be lost. A long journey, but a very wise one. I’m also glad of your realization, that awareness brings many more smiles πŸ™‚ Namaste

            1. If they are done from the heart, they have great meaning. Anything done with joy is built into that creation πŸ™‚ Namaste
              (I found the word and meaning for it one day and felt the peace and love within it, so I use it regularly. It’s like Dr Masaru Emoto’s ‘The power of thoughts’, it is in the attitude.)

              1. Brilliantly said! Namaste is a Sanskrit origin and I love it. Dr. Masaru Emoto! I follow his thoughts and have been reading closely his ‘water experiments’. We are our thoughts and we can change ourselves by changing our thoughts. Glad to meet you. πŸ™‚

  3. This is a great post… I to am an empath on steriods… it can be debilitating at times but when you can step back and ask your self where are these emotions coming from… you can see it is not your emotions, but those of someone else in the air… which is a beautiful thing to be able to understand another.

    1. I think as we understood ourselves over time we began to ‘see and feel’ it was those around us. But in the beginning…I thought I was losing the plot…emotions all over the place πŸ™‚ But in saying that I think that part was a great teaching tool so that understanding and much more ’empathy’ went into any healing simply because we COULD feel and understand exactly what others were going through. Now, if I could just read others minds…mmm, then again, that might be biting off way more than I could handle πŸ™‚ Thank you for your sharing w.o.w., appreciated as always, as is the wisdom of your blog. Namaste

  4. ThankΒ΄s for sharing this about emotions Mark! I can recognize myself in much..Guess you know that the water signs; cancer, pisces, scorpio are the most emotional and inituative signs..we have to live with that:-)
    PS/ Nice to see the half of you! maybe the front next time?
    What a beautiful, sweet foal Bonnie is..just Lovely
    Have a nice day

    1. Thank you Elaine. Yes, it can be quite a journey going through this side of us. I suppose it’s like all signs, trying to find that balance in our lives so that we do give from a more loving place. We could be rock hard in our lives trying to find that emotional side, or like us, got waaaay too much emotion and needing more stability. With great wisdom from a life of trials and errors I think we will find that place eventually. A very old photo. I will invest in a decent shot and put it up in the future sometime soon. Thank you for sharing with me. Namaste

  5. Lovely post, Mark. So true. (sorry. I read here but rarely reply. I’m trying to change that!) I have been doing a LOT of the facing my deepest fears the past 13 months. It’s been quite a journey! Thankfully, looking back to Aug 2013, I can now see how far i’ve come and how empty my “Pandora’s box” has become. πŸ˜‰

    Love and blessings to you

    1. Thank you Michelle. We go through different stages in the Blogosphere. One minute writing feverishly, the next an observer. Then amongst that, life has the hide to interfere πŸ™‚ That is a beautiful thing to hear that you can now look back and see the progress in your journey. Emptying the ‘box’ is a big journey! And when you reach a point where you begin to see the bottom of the box you know you’ve come a long way, more wiser and more loving, to self and others, as it has left it’s mark forever. But you know it was for a purpose, as now the wisdom shows you what it all means.
      It takes great courage to step through those things that have held you in fear, but gradually you create that faith within yourself as you face each and every one. And be gentle with yourself, as when you go through times like this, it takes a long time to rebuild the emotional heart you have now created from the vacuum where once a fear held sway. And as you rebuild that strength you see what you went through in others around you, and you step forward as needed to help others through their box emptying journey. May that new heart you have created be a guiding light to you and others. Love and blessings to you also. Mark

  6. I just loved how your wrote this Mark.. I think we all at certain times have to step through emotion as we release our own.. Very wise words my friend πŸ™‚
    Blessings Sue

    1. Thank you Sue. Going through those things within that test us are also the making of us as well. And the beauty of it all is how we attract exactly what we need to go through to become that unconditional love we all yearn for. Thank you for sharing your comment…and welcome back! Has that garden and it’s lovely energy kept you blissfully distracted? πŸ™‚

        1. Yayyyy! But first, allow yourself time to re-adjust to this odd sensation of having ‘time’ for you. It is a long time to give to others Sue, and we reach a point in our lives that we realize that ‘working’ IS of this world, not our truth or our rightful journey but a passage within. Yes, it definitely is a great teaching tool to bring us to this point, even if it was something we loved to do, but now your path is totally for you, that love for yourself within, and the beautiful peace that it gives. Now find what your heart really wants to do, and from that place you will give to others, as yourself, unconditionally. Smile when the harvest comes in, as the seasons turn, and when your heart finally only knows that love always. May this part of your journey be always touched by that beauty within. Namaste

          1. Mark what a beautiful response.. Yes I have worked all my life baring 5 years when the children were young.. And then hubby and I worked around them.. πŸ™‚ I take on board your welcome advice Mark.. and know as I allow one door to close I leave room for another to open. πŸ™‚ Bless you for bringing me smiles..

  7. Hi Mark,
    I really enjoyed your article. I used to take on others’ emotions and made them my own. Thank goodness that doesn’t happen anymore.

    Love, light and blessings

    1. It takes a lot of those events, of feeling everyone around us, to finally realize they don’t belong to us. But rather than being the monster hiding in the cupboard, we gradually become that fine tuned emotional radar to help others. And thankfully, not let them affect us as badly as they did in the beginning. Sometimes when we don’t realize it, we take on too much emotional stuff, and it is a reminder to do it from the heart and not become emotionally connected. Usually a sign that we still have things to deal with within ourselves. Glad that your in a great place within Vee, and good to hear from you. Love, light and blessings to you also. Mark

    1. It’s a wild ride, especially in the beginning. Especially us poor cancerians πŸ™‚ with our (and who knows who else’s), emotions on our sleeves all the time. But the final understanding of the wisdom that it holds is priceless. A long journey but it is a learning process to polish that understanding into the gift that our lives are now integrating with all that we do. Thank you Michele for being a fellow cancerians empath to my post πŸ™‚ Namaste

  8. hold back my heart
    until the truth steps forward
    then truth and heart shall not ever part

    your words sit on a page to me here…waiting for those who feel as well as see read them
    taking them within, mulling over the chance of that choice to put down that heart made sign….
    I enjoy your energy Mark…within each time I am here, I wander away with a knowing smile, I am going to like how your words feel…
    Thank you for sharing you….Your thoughts Matter as You Matter…Take Care…
    long night, I am headed to bed…

    1. That is a lovely verse, thank you my friend. I have to admit to doing the same with your writing maryrose. Each time I read your posts there is always that recognition, a relationship unfolding in our hearts journey. The words reminding us or calling to us an understanding of what we feel and touch within. Your wisdom and that connection within is a gift, and its sharing by your writing is a prize to many for the truths that they touch. May your sleep be visited by your hearts guide, and the peace of its touch. Sleep well! Mark

  9. “Empath on steroids”…oh my, yes!
    It’s so strong with me that I can ‘feel’ it in strangers, especially those that are in close proximity. To the point that I got my emotions mixed up with theirs.
    It used to worry me, drain me and take energy that should have been reserved for those closest to me. Then I tried to ‘manage’ that empathy and in doing so, likely fell into the space you so accurately described–I even avoided happy events because the groundswell in a room would be completely overwhelming.
    Happy to say that it’s all good now. Now, it’s balanced and authentic and full of unconditional love. Your last two paragraphs say it all…thank you for the confirmation.

    1. Hi Michelle. It is an incredible journey to finally realize after many, many years that we aren’t going crazy, and it is the energy around us. That constant questioning within that we don’t seem to be handling life very well, and that constant swing from happy to sad, in the space of a minute, between one group your talking to at a party and the next, and over all that is that constant buzz where you just want to be in a quiet spot so you can handle what is happening. Then the big breakthrough when you realize it’s ‘them’ and the next part of the journey is trying to understand it and not allow it to control your every move, AND figure out how WE are actually feeling inside and trying to deal with our own stuff. Everyone can do it, it’s just like anything else in life, some are more sensitive than others. Glad to know you are ‘balanced’ in your life these days, probably due to that lovely grounding in that garden of yours. People do not realize that the Earth is negatively charged and us lovely humans are positively charged. We ‘balance’ whenever we are connected to it. But our modern lifestyle has us walking around constantly with rubber insulated boots and shoes every day so we in fact are not grounded. Ask yourself why it feels so great to dig in the garden or walk barefoot through a park or on the beach. I read somewhere on here that they put our blood under a microscope before and after a walk. The difference was amazing, even to the point that the blood no longer ‘clumped’ after a walk. I can feel another post coming on πŸ™‚ Thank you for your lovely comment Michelle, may your dirt give you balance πŸ™‚ Namaste

    1. Thanks Trini, we are all prone to those emotions and they are a part of our journey so that we may find that truth within. Then they become unconditional, and we are free πŸ™‚
      Been watching your journey, from rooftop to rooftop (well, your place is right up there on the map πŸ™‚ ). Glad your happy, home and probably dancing! πŸ™‚ Namaste

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