Feeling your way Home!

I know underneath that all of our paths shape us by that one immutable law of attraction, and we bring into our lives the very thing that is needed to teach us its wisdom. We deny it, struggle with it, dance around the edges till it’s time to face it.

And in saying that, you would think this world a terrible place, hardship after hardship grinding us down in ever changing ways. The day in and out of seemingly endless times of tears and pain, and at times becoming unbearable.

But it has purpose. Much purpose for it is the one thing in this world that constantly teaches us about ourselves. A journey, as painful as it is, to reclaim that beauty within.
It does not matter what we do on this planet, they all point back inside us. Whether it is a walk in the park, we feel good, a day earning money, we feel secure, an argument with your partner, we feel angry, a loss of a loved one, we feel grief.

Everything, and I mean everything, is a reflection of our constant feelings within. And we must feel each and every one of them, these feelings, to understand who we are. To truly know ourselves we must feel the anger, hate and jealousies of this world so that we can really appreciate those opposite things of excitement, happiness and love to allow an understanding that completes us.

To be complete is the wisdom to understand something within ourselves, an awareness of our journey that is built on as we go through all of these things. And in that wisdom is the understanding of that duality within, that treating of ourselves as being unworthy or not good enough for an assortment of things in our lives, so we put up walls, wear masks and deny these things of fear within us as they are too painful to confront.

But it is not until we face these things within, and accept them as something we had to go through for that understanding, do we realise that they are all something that was put there so that we could learn from them, see that what we had put in place does in fact allow us to see that non love of self, a belief of not feeling good enough, loveable enough, to be all we can be.

And on facing these negative beliefs, we then recognise they are in fact something that we no longer want to be. We no longer wish to be in a place that creates a place of no love, no belief and a constant reminder of that place. And so the struggle begins, to look inside and understand why we feel this way.

So the universe with all the love in the world realises it’s time. You have put it out there that you no longer wish to be that person, no longer wish to feel that pain any more and become something beyond that. Be something of value and worth within. Become what your heart has been yearning for, for a very long time.

You now attract the very thing that will allow you to face those fears, those negative aspects of self and become what your heart so desires. You face the one thing that will take you to that deep place within so that you can feel that depth of all those negative feelings so that when you emerge from this time, everything changes.

You really understand where you have been, you begin to see things from a new light, and you understand that it has changed you. You appreciate where you have been, so much so that many things that had meaning to you, no longer do. Your direction in life changes, and more so within, for you have now found that love within. You realise in time that you have found self, and it gives you a more peaceful, accepting and patient outlook. The understanding can be quite profound as it will alter so much that you held within.

Your now at the top of your hill. You’ve now come much further than you ever have…and…it is now up to you, your direction, instead of being pulled from pillow to post by the whims of the world around you. Yes, all these things are still happening around you, but they no longer have the pull that they did. They no longer have meaning as you feel you have stepped past this vibration of being dragged into everything.

You have in fact opened and now allow all to go through you, released the strings that held it to you. You no longer resist and attract. It is always the opposite to what we realise. Your journey has gone past it peak and that understanding within now shows you your new path, that path that takes into account that you are that love you have now discovered within, you do love that person inside with all that you are.

You are that unconditional love and you begin to treat yourself that way by accepting yourself for exactly who you are within. All the lumps, bumps and blemishes are irrelevant, as they are exactly who you needed to be on this journey, to show you the way home, to be that beauty within that is unconditional love.

It is a hard journey, but one of the most beautiful and heartfelt creations is its path.

May that awareness show you that self love and give you strength to endure.


21 thoughts on “Feeling your way Home!

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=707H8kSK7i8 – Here is a you tube that you may like. I don’t know your tastes so forgive me if this is not your ideal. They say “the greater wisdom” is only gained through suffering. I am not sure that is entirely true. What is true is that we are highly challenged in many areas of our lives while here on Planet Earth. A reason why the great saints tell us to liberate ourselves from rebirth. Fondly Eve

    1. I actually hadn’t heard of him before Eve. But I agree that the scientific world has finally come full circle and are beginning to ‘see’ what the Eastern philosophies have known for a long time. And as he says, it will be good to find a harmony and moving in the same direction to achieve a better knowing of our internal universes. I think I feel a post coming on ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you very much for the video, an interesting man. Namaste

  2. Hi Mark!
    Itยดs amazing how you describe and explain things, you have made me seen some things clearer..When I first red this I got tears in my eyes because some lines really hit my heart..and as always I feel good/high vibrations/energy from your words…Thankยดs for sharing from your experience and wisdom:-)
    Have a nice day / Elaine

    1. My pleasure Elaine. This journey has many painful things to touch within us. But in doing so we understand…us. Nothing could be more beautiful than to discover the love and beauty that is inside the hearts of us all. To struggle with and deny ourselves until finally that truth emerges. That ‘knowing’ and the light that it opens within is nothing less than the discovery of the beauty and truth of who we are. And as we slowly step into that truth, the unconditional love that has always been a part of who we are, opens within us. Yes, it is hard, but the magic it creates is beyond measure. Thank you for your lovely comment, and I’m glad that it had meaning for you. Namaste

  3. this really strikes a chord – it’s Thanksgiving (in Canada today) so I’ll be part of what I call a major clan gathering.Nothing like family to turn us towards the truths of our journey.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving Willow. Yes, our family does help create the beauty that we are. From all they teach us in childhood, right through the rest of our lives. Sometimes hard lessons but they all allow us to reach that beauty within. Have a lovely time, the spirit within them are the pillars of our journey, to find that unconditional love that is a part of us all. Mark

    1. Thank you Michelle. Our journey is a hard path, but as you say, it brings us closer to our truth within, and as such brings an understanding and many more smiles in that realization. I hope your smile supply is full from your journey ๐Ÿ™‚ Namaste

    1. Thank you Sheri. As each step is passed my inner smile becomes so much deeper, aware and more profound. The emotional weight of our fears from building all those walls, block so much light that after coming out of our self discovery and removing another wall, is like the difference of night and day. I just smile now, and that is just because I AM. No reason is needed any longer…the realisation of self is a blessing within itself. Thank you for sharing your wisdom…and being that guide for others. Namaste

  4. Mark, this is indeed a wise post into how we surface from the deep dark wells we sometimes water ourselves with. Learning to climb up, shed masks, alter perception, and forgive not only others but ourselves, is all part of our journey homeward… How else do we learn who we are, and can then understand another’s pain, if we have not experienced something similar..
    A wise and beautiful post..
    In Gratitude..

    1. It has been an interesting time for me lately Sue, and I know it was one of those lessons as its depth went way down to something that I had been covering over since childhood. And those are the ones we do not realise because as children our social and personal skills are very immature, so when things happen to us we can react in very unusual ways.
      But in general, anything that causes pain is reacted to by putting up one of those walls. And as we grow up we don’t even realise why it was put in place. We just know we don’t like something so we avoid it.
      The root cause doesn’t come up until much digging is done to gradually peel back those onion layers you referred to ๐Ÿ™‚ But that is the journey, to be that onion and reveal the layers as we go through life and all of its adventures.
      Many thanks for your wise words. Namaste

  5. Mark,
    You always have such a soothing and insightful way to break down daily life and put it into phrases that speak like a megaphone to me. My husband and I were at a college football game last night, leaning over the railing looking out over the parking lot full of purple and silver tailgaters. Noise and bands and cheers and suddenly it was just us–like a little soap bubble around the both of us despite the craziness in the air. Even after a rough year, my heart spoke for me in that moment, “Wow…we have a really great life, don’t we?” He nodded his head and simply said, “Yep, we sure do.”
    For me, appreciation for all that is good and great is that much sweeter after times of not so good and great.
    I loved this post, Mark. You are a gem.

    1. Thanks Michelle. It does give a whole new meaning to life if we have been going through those hard times. We really appreciate where we now are, and more so, we are much more empathic to what others are feeling as they too go through their hard parts in life, and we can help where it is needed. We become the wise old owls with our wisdom, even though it may not seem much to us, to others going through those trials it is breath of fresh air, a life rope in rough seas and brings new light into a darkened place.
      It must be that time of year. All of Australia stopped last night as our Grand Final of Rugby League was played last night. The energy was very high and I think it allows people to forget the world for a while and ‘feel’ the excitement and happiness that can be found when people come together. Mind you, the one’s on the field were coming together a bit too hard ๐Ÿ™‚
      Have a great day, enjoy that heartfelt high together and be in peace with that connection. Mark

  6. Dear Mark,
    Thank you for this lovely post ๐Ÿ™‚ I am pretty good at the self-love part ๐Ÿ™‚ And to love ourselves unconditionally we must, like you say, also love the human parts that can get angry or frustrated or sad. Actually I believe, even these parts are gifts to teach us valuable lessons, not only about ourselves, but about human nature, lessons that can lead us to be more understanding and tolerant and better citizens of the world ๐Ÿ™‚ I dont like when some spiritual people call anger or sadness lower emotions that will make you vibrate on a lower level, and attract negativity. I don’t think that is the right approach. Then we can come to fear these feelings, and fear leads too often to hatred and more anger, and we might even start hating other people who are angry or sad, beacuse we fear these feelings so much. I want to tell you a little story: These last couple of days there has been a festival called Durga Pooja here in Calcutta where I live. This has been celebrated by blasting super-loud techno music day and night for 4 days. The speakers are only 20 metres from my bedroom window, and I am super-sensitive to sound, so this has been like torture for me.It has really really been horrible, and i have been so frustrated that I have felt like crying in distress all the time. I even caught myself thinking thoughts like: How can they think this is spirituality? What has this loud techno music to do with the goddess? Thoughts that came out of frustration. Judgemental thoughts. I was not very harsh on myself for thinking these thoughts, cause I know I am just human like everybody else. I knew I had been pushed to the extreme, and that I was exhasuted and over-tired. But what I did think was this: If I, a higly spiritual, loving person with quite good self-insight can be driven to feel like this in just a couple of days, imagine then what other non-hindu groups have been feeling after living their whole life in india. There is a lof of conflict between religious groups in this country, especailly hindus and muslims who both have a very visble and pronounced religious practice. I have never quite understood this conflict, and yes, I have judged it. But now reflecting upon my own behavior, thoughts and feelings, I no longer judge it, I mean of course it is not a good thing, but it is complicated, and goes deeper than we think. My point with all this is that when we learn to lovingly observe all our feelings from a soul-perspective, accept them and reflect on them, without giving them any power of us, they can teach us very very valuable lessons! That is my favorite part about the story of Jesus, that he was fully man and fully divine, that he came here to learn about being human, so he could have full empthay even with those who did bad and mean things to others, and in order to do that he had to be brave eneough to feel and acknowledge all the human feelings, also the anger and the sadness. This comment is turning into a post!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I better stop now! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a lovely lovely Sunday Mark!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. And it is a very lovely mini post you replied with at that ๐Ÿ™‚ Your thoughts are always welcome Line. It is a journey of all those things, and within them find the balance that they all bring together. And I very relate to your overload music and how you reacted to it. I have also just been through a 6 week period of an inner ear infection, loud tinitus (ringing in the ears), constant pain, blurred vision and not able to focus very well. All in all it was like a slow, gentle torture until I thought I was going to go insane. By the end of it I realised it was only where I was within myself that was escalating it into a very frustrating and painful experience. (And interestingly enough, it seemed to be a reflection of what I had just been through emotionally and spiritually ๐Ÿ™‚ ). So I decided some balance was required so I shut my mind down with an hours walk every day and meditated as I did it. Sanity returned and the rest for my mind was beautiful. A little spiritual balance in this world was just what the doctor ordered. Now I just need to keep that balance, mind you it requires that unbalance so that we can experience the range of human experience.
      Beautifully expressed Line, and gratefully accepted, thank you. Namaste

  7. So beautifully described Mark. Instead of fumbling around trying to explain so many things , you have cut through the oft times confusion and made everything so clear.
    Thank you for making the journey so much easier to understand and explain to others.
    Susan ?

    1. Thank you Susan. From out of the mire comes understanding. But what a journey ๐Ÿ™‚ And I know that without those long hard bits we really never appreciate where we are at. I am in a much better place within after this experience and found that it has released something that is no longer needed.
      I see it now, and the purpose of the journey, so that I can release that fear, the wall that was keeping me from seeing myself truthfully within. It is quite a confronting experience, but as I said before, needed so that we can appreciate where we have been so that we can love ourselves more openly, and give that out into the world, be that change and begin to create from that place.
      But in all that, I keep shining the flash light within to see if there is anything else hiding behind my lungs or the kidney’s ๐Ÿ™‚ And I think that has purpose also, it allows a more thoughtful and gentle approach to the world instead of an overconfidence and shouting from the rooftops. It is no longer needed as that Law of Attraction will bring what is required to those that seek. Blessings to you as well my friend. Namaste

      1. I think we need to keep shining that light so that we can be the light…. if we become overconfident, ego sneaks through the gaps and we are back to the starting point again.
        It’s a strange thing that humility is so difficult to offer others, for others to accept…. it is always thought to be hiding something else – or so I have found so far. We appear to have become untrusting of ‘good’ and are too ready to see the ‘bad’ when things are rarely so black and white. It really shouldn’t be so hard to hold out th hand of friendship and help without being looked at with a jaundiced eye.
        The Universe abhors a vacuum so with LOA around, it shouldn’t be empty for long ๐Ÿ™‚
        I will remain a work in progress for quite some time I should imagine. For now, that is enough ๐Ÿ™‚
        Blessings, Susan x

        1. Yes, the world has become an un-trusting soul, but I find that if I am standing in my truth it is accepted from that place or if they are not ready they move away, emotionally or physically. It is in the realisation that this journey is all about me…not in a selfish sense but if I concentrate on standing in my truth and coming from that place, then I am in the best place I can be. For others it is in seeing that, realising that significance, and if that is their journey too they will create the change within them to reach that place.
          You’ve just given me an idea Susan…if I create a vacuum you change your vibration. Which means you now are attracted to or attract to you wherever your then at. I wonder if death works on that basis. If you reach your nadir, your total truth, the body is no longer needed, you become too ‘light’ for the body existence and release it. Just a thought.
          I’m most definitely still a work in progress. I just spent 3 months at a stop sign ๐Ÿ™‚ Thankfully the traffic is moving again ๐Ÿ™‚
          Take care my friend, may your traffic flow smoothly ๐Ÿ™‚

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