The Journey of Awareness!

Our awareness can open on us at any time in our lives. Those times when we are working on something and that light bulb moment will touch us and give us that feeling of elation and happiness because we have understood and completed something, especially if it has taken considerable effort and been very difficult to achieve. And there are many moments in our lives where these wonderful things have happened, giving us more confidence in ourselves and an ability to set our goals even higher, to test us further in our journey and the happiness we seek.

But there is another awareness in our journey, one that may not be as obvious. One where it will touch us but we may only realise it as a happy moment or ‘just one of those things’ and let it go. They can be a ‘moment’ where we seem to come to some point in our lives where we feel this ‘synchronicity’ or ‘coming together’ of an unusual set of circumstances, leaving us feeling quite emotional in some way.

Like the moment where you meet someone for the first time and their energy on meeting can be quite profound or helping someone out even though it may seem something simple but will leave you feeling touched by it in that moment or even days later. These are those times where we are ‘touched’ by something else but tend to let them go because we are not sure of their label.

And as our lives go on and we are faced with more profound and quite difficult things to go through, those awareness’s take on a more subtle but also more lasting place in our lives. As each emotional battle is raged in our lives from breakups to facing the walls that they leave, something else is taking place in our hearts. The emotional turmoil asks us to judge and weigh our every decision, to find that balance so that we can become that happiness we have always sought. But with what do we judge it against? With what do we compare those emotions to?

Those many scars inside are an encyclopedia of those many things we have faced, and among them is the love we have built from those broken places mixed with the delight and wonder in those happy times as well. And our awareness created from this, is life in the many parts that we play. Each and every time we are faced with something that love is brought forward to ‘see’ if it has worth and measured against our own hearts to see if we find ourselves worthy…or not. To test it against where we are now at within our journey, especially that wall we hold to stop the pain in our life, in those many trials and encounters we face. And in those times we struggle, each time covering the scars with a new layer trying to find a way past what didn’t work before.

But the measurement is fixed, even though we have changed in so many ways before. It is asking of us to see but one thing and one thing only. To ‘see’ the awareness of what our love is built on, to really look deeply into those many scars and appreciate what our journey has entailed and built stronger and stronger within. To ‘see’ that we are in fact worth so much more than the walls that we build, understand that those many scars are building an unseen pathway in the beginning, one that is leading us slowly towards that very wall we hold between us and life. Until with much courage, we are finally at its front door, hand raised to knock and ask ‘why’ are you being held out, blocked from the truth of life being held behind its walls.

And in that very moment an ‘awareness’ will descend and touch us with an understanding of all that went before, from the love and awareness that had been built to now raise a blow to open that wall and finally see the truth that had been blocking each step in our lives. For in finally seeing and understanding what created that wall, it becomes powerless, rendered from concrete to dust in that moment of recognition.

And after that wall is removed by the courage, scars and love we have built, a new awareness will have been created, one where we will no longer have to measure anything, because we are now beyond that fixed conditional wall that we had before. For in its removal is created something that has no measure, has no boundaries and is as unconditional as the love it now represents. You have now become that ‘awareness’, no longer being ‘touched’ by it at different moments, but now living and breathing it in its entirety.

The peace and love that you have now become is no longer tempered by any hammer or blow because they no longer have meaning, for love is a shield by the very understanding of its nature. It is a total giving, rendering all negativity powerless.

You are now that beautiful awareness, no longer held back by anything. Standing in its truth is the achievement of enduring life’s meaning…to be conditional, so that you can understand it, bring its walls down, and becoming the unconditional we are meant to be ❤️

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    1. Thank you for your words. My apologies for the ‘sudden’ disappearance of your comment, my last post explains it. There seems to be a hiccup. I have the settings on ‘Manual Approval’ so that when I see them and comment back, only then will it display. It is supposed to say ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’ and you can see your comment, but alas, it appears to be making life a little difficult 😀
      Regardless dear lady, your comment is appreciated and approved of wholeheartedly, thank you ❤️

      1. Ohhh!! N I thought maybe I didn’t cmntd in actual .. was just thinking about it .. so I did it again .. 😂 I ws just about to ask you here , whats going on at your site .. If you have created some magic spell or smthng 😂😂..
        Thankyou for explaining me whats actually happening .!!

        1. lol…magic is at our command dear lady, as it is what love is. But as for technology, it is just something man made to test us to the limit, especially blogs 🤔 🥴 🤯 😂 💜

  1. Hey Mark, I’m going to see if my comments work by signing into WordPress from your site., and then I’ll try the way I usually do which is I’m already signed in and going on blogs.

    1. Thank you dear lady. I have my settings on ‘Manual Approval’ so when I click approve you should appear like magic…not go through the shredder or forever lost in the ethers 😀

  2. This post and your words show so much insight, I feel as if it is allowing me a deep glimpse inside of you. Let’s see what I get and excuse me already for being so outspoken, but that’s just what you get with me.
    You are a dreamer, a romantic, someone that has had their share of heartbreaks and experiences. Yet you have never given up and you have gotten up more times than you have fallen, although it’s been a tough journey and left many scars. You have learned a lot along the way, but it also has left you vulnerable and self doubting. You are sorting out what is what and you are coming into your own. This requires courage as you can’t always stand with the popular vote and sometimes it even means standing alone. Your experiences have caused you a great deal of heartache and stress and maybe is even partly to blame for the onset of autoimmune issues.
    You are an optimist and you use humor to help you through the tough times. You have never lost your whit and despite your past, you have managed to stay positive. There is a yearning, a pain in your words, a longing for more that I pick up and it just makes me want to hug you and tell you to surrender and go with the flow. Awareness is great and yes it is a journey for sure, but remember that there are no coincidences. We are always were we are meant to be and when the student is ready the teacher appears with more synchronicities and lessons.
    Hopefully I am not complete off here and you are shaking your head. Just wanted to share my intuition with you and wish you a great weekend.
    Save some of that chocolate 😉

    1. And thank you kind lady, it can only be recognised by those that have been there, and those insights are very much where my journey has taken me. And again you are correct about the autoimmune issues. Your insight is a healers insight, that ability to ‘see’ where no path is present but the heart and its pain.
      But this is something we all face in our own ways, gradually releasing that inner pain in understanding what holds them.
      One more thing for you. Read ‘The Death’ and it will show why I am now an eternal optimist, smile at hand and no longer being held in fear.
      It was the most glorious encounter that I wish everyone could experience, but then it wouldn’t be ‘their’ journey, would it 😀
      And in my life when I finally ‘saw’ my lifelong fear, and understood it, the change was the most amazing thing. As a healer (Massage, Reiki, Spiritual Counselling), it allowed me to now see this thing in others and they too were treading this same path to find that joy and happiness, even though it goes through some of the most horrendous things. We really cannot ‘know’ anything until we experience them, and only then appreciate what our hearts have journeyed through in coming out the other side.
      Spirit asked me to express my experiences here so that at the least it may spark something for others, let them know that there really is something at the end of the rainbow ❤️
      May your Lamborghini have stripes, your chocolate endless and your heart the wisdom of ‘knowing’ it truly does have purpose ❤️
      P.S. Chocolate at hand, thumb out for lift kind lady 😎

      1. Thank you so much for your kind words Mark and for your detailed response. Finally I am coming around to respond back to you and thank you for your patience.
        You are right and it takes one to know one, to have shared some experiences in order to understand the path, present or not, much better. I am an empath and healer and my gut instincts and intuition have always served me well. Just like you I do Reiki work and energy healing.
        Thank you so much for the book recommendation “The death”. I will definitely check it out and I am a bookworm at heart. Especially those about self growth. Could you tell me who wrote it just to make sure I get the right one?
        I can relate to your message from
        Spirit to express yourself here. I feel the same and if I can make a difference for one person, I will have achieved what I set out to do. Although I hope there will
        be many more. Thank you for making a difference for me, wonderful chocolate man.
        Namaste ❤️

        1. Thank you kind lady, I knew I could only be speaking to another healer. Your words precede you with their energy and also give that smile that only a truth can give 😀
          My apologies, the recommendation of ‘The Death’ is a link for a post up on my top menu that I wrote. Mind you, spirit has asked me to put all I have understood into a book, and I keep promising I will but life is having too much fun with me. What, with all that chocolate and lovely ladies promising to pick me up in their Lamborghini’s is very distracting lol 😂
          And I also agree, once experienced and understood, it is a very strong feeling to help others on their journey once we touch those many heartfelt places, even if only so they smile in its understanding.
          May your energy, smiles and chocolate bring a smile to the many 🙏🏼
          Love and light to you also ❤️

          1. You are too kind my dear friend and thank you for clarifying the link. I will definitely check it out. Hey a book would be wonderful and I’d be the first to buy it. I’d might even behave long enough and not distract you with the Lamborghini until you finish 😉. No promises though, I said might which you know is the same as maybe. You’ll have to distract me with chocolate.

            1. Haha…chocolate is a distraction is it? I’ll have to build up a supply then 😀
              I will eventually get a book together, I’m just being busied by a website I’m designing at the moment.
              Thank you for sharing dear lady, may you have a beautiful day, a good supply of chocolate and a chauffeured Lamborghini in your journeys ❤️

  3. Your words are thought provoking…

    I was left with an image of emotions when one constructs a barrier, stone by stone over a lifetime. In doing so, the very idea provokes a sanctuary to ward off pain but a life in continuous fear. So much is missed and left misunderstood~

    To me, the mind feeds off this energy and can lead one to spiral into an abyss of nothingness~

    I was intrigued by the way you spoke of love ~ How this is the shield of energy that enlightens our journey and gives one a true sense of love for oneself and others~

    I am left with a moat around the remaining dust of my castle but I built a beautiful bridge ~

    Thank you
    for this journey ~~

    1. Thank you kindly Linda. And as you say, we are building a beautiful bridge, slowly one block at a time to join that divide that this life brings.
      And the power of that love is most certainly very strong indeed. We never realise this until we break free from understanding our fear and for the first time understand why we have covered it over and blocked it with a wall.
      Once free the enlightenment and awareness that it brings empowers us to really take control of our lives by actually letting it all go, for what we held onto was a lie and only dragged us down.
      The beauty of it all is realising that we can’t have one without the other, conditional is required so that when we step past those fears we will understand and realise what they were showing us…us, and what is truly within us all.
      And may your wall show you the way…by setting you free in its understanding ❤️

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