Mirror, Mirror!

I find that if I’m with someone I trust, I can talk about my fears. This has the purpose of helping me to find out why I have these fears in place, understand what is the driving factors behind them, try to resolve them, and release them so that my life is more balanced and not being driven by those fears. (You will be surprised just how a fear really integrates itself into your life 🙂 ). But in doing this you must be gentle with yourself. We have small fears and big ones. The big ones are usually what is called ‘life’ issues and should be dealt with, with someone who can really support you through such a big event. (Mind you, the universe will put exactly who you need in front of you, to go through it).

They are very life altering on going through these events and should be approached with that in mind. My biggest event that I went through was with a nice lady that I had only just met…but she was the right person for it…and she helped me to look deep inside. I ended up on the floor crying my eyes out and releasing the most incredible grief, of a loss within myself, of actually not loving myself because I didn’t believe I was worth it. (And on the surface my fear didn’t seem to have anything to do with that.) And the result is something like, suddenly finding out that your parents aren’t your real parents or without warning, your partner, the man/woman of your dreams, has just run off with someone else.

Your whole life suddenly seems like a dream, no reality, because you have believed something so solidly for so long which has now been pulled out from underneath you. You begin to try to rationalise it within yourself, but initially it is very difficult because you have nothing to now pin your life to. The foundations have been removed and your walking around in a daze. It is then that you realise that this ‘fear’ was holding up so much of your life, in such a way that it was totally a part of who you are…and it is now gone.

You are left with this emptiness. A part of who you were. But…in its place…is the realisation that it is gone…that ‘on edge’, ‘on guard’, ‘always ready’ feeling that has always been a part of who you are…is gone…left the building. Your left feeling quite tired, emotionally spent and not very focused. And a period is now needed to digest this, and balance yourself with a long period of rest, and I’m talking months, or even longer here. We’re talking about the removal of something that has been a large part of your whole life, something from childhood, and to recuperate from something like that takes quite a while.

But in that process you will come to understand what that fear did to your thinking and actions in your life. And in its place will be your decisions based on what you now want out of life. What now has meaning, and what doesn’t. Allow yourself to find ‘you’ again and begin what you will now find is the ‘truth’ of who you want to be. Find what has meaning for you…and release those things that were only propping up the fearful you. The change can be quite dramatic, and most people find they now swing a bit hard in the opposite direction to where they were, but this is usually only to find a balance from where they were previously coming from. This will gradually come back to a ‘middle ground’ for you.

These events always teach a very big lesson. And they will nearly always come back to how you feel within, about yourself. They are put in place and built on, even though we avoid them, and really integrate them into our lives. (In reality this is the Law of Attraction, we are always thinking about them, as far as the universe is concerned, THAT is the sign we hold out in front of us all the time so in the total love that the universe is, it gives us what we need, the love to go through those fears). And as such their impact is quite strong, so that when we finally go through them it is a very big event. But there is a reason for this…if you go through something and it is easy or doesn’t test you in any way…you will forget it by the next day or the one after…but if it is a serious test in who you are…it will leave an imprint…and that imprint is to realise your connection with that love within and the total self worth that you have now discovered.

It is that realisation of that love, and the realisation of that connection within, that now builds that new relationship with yourself. Which in turn is now how you relate to everyone else around you. You are no longer coming from a place of fear, an untruth, a complete projection of something you are not. You have now reached a place that is clear, and can now build from a place of truth, a projection of the real truth within, with the confidence that creates. The change is quite dramatic and you will see it in people who have changed around you because of what they have been through to come to that understanding.

If you find it hard to believe me…(and I mean this seriously), go up close to your bathroom mirror, look into your eyes and say ‘I love you with all my heart!’. You will look or swing away, laugh or even just pull a face. Even not be able to do it at all…especially if someone else is around.

And that says it all. The day you can do that, and believe it, is the day that all your fears have been dealt with and you are now free, and understand what unconditional love truly is within.

May you find that place within, and be the beautiful being you are, for all the world to see.

But most of all…let it be for you!    ❤️


8 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror!

    1. The difference between the free and normal WordPress software is like night and day. I finally found the buttons, the one’s that are not in the main dashboard settings that controls everything but buried deep within the WordPress dashboard that overrides all my other settings. Bizzare and very frustrating. And to make matters worse I use computers all the time, I pity someone starting out for the first time. Its like the first time you play chess, everything can go anywhere as long as you play by the rules…but you can’t find the rules 😀
      Anyway, enough of that mayhem, how are you dear lady. I’ve missed I don’t know how many rabbit, rabbit’s I’m looking forward to catching back up ❤️
      And thank you for your lovely words

      1. Rabbit Rabbit to you Mark! May you have a lucky July with your whole life – including the technical parts! All is well here. Keep shining! ♥ 🙂

  1. I think sometimes the hardest thing for most of us is to accept ourselves for who we are and to feel we deserve to be loved. When we don’t feel good about ourselves life is miserable because we feel we just don’t deserve to be happy and cherished. I think everything starts in childhood from the negative situations we have encountered. It’s a lot of work to repair all the damage that was done to us by others and ourselves, and to relearn how to think differently. I agree it is a long road but so well worth it. A terrific post as always my friend. xx

    1. Thank you kindly Michele. And you are right, a lot happens to that innocent mind in childhood. And their only protection to cope with the pain is to build those inner walls to protect a tender heart.
      But it all has purpose, to gradually find that inner place in going through the hard bits will allow them to appreciate who they really are inside. And in that discovery a new love blooms, the unconditional one that we have always searched for but not believing it is there.
      In this world when we build something that is very difficult, we always appreciate its outcome after all that we have put into it. How much more will we appreciate something we build inside that means so much more to us.
      Thank you for sharing kind lady, may your walls crumble, your love grow, and that beauty you have built within be shared with us all ❤️

  2. “It is that realisation of that love, and the realisation of that connection within, that now builds that new relationship with yourself. Which in turn is now how you relate to everyone else around you”

    Oh how true that is Mark.. And as we change we see others in a different light too, it can often bring us to that awareness where we are distancing our energy from theirs, or drawing others energies closer..
    This journey is never dull, and those wounds often go far deeper than we realise.. I blubbered like a baby too, to my acupuncturist no less.. Who has also been instrumental in my own healing process;

    I hope more look deep within their own mirrors Mark.. for we truly need to see just how transformation Love is when it reflects back at us.. ❤️

    Much love your way Mark.. Take care

    1. Thank you dear Sue. It is a wondrous journey, to go through such turmoil and suddenly ‘see’ what is gently waiting underneath it all. A lifetime spend trying to find that love and happiness ‘out there’ when all along it was waiting for us inside.
      You have most certainly done well my friend, and that one soul that allows us to finally break free and end up in crying mess, is the one healer we need who we understand will listen with their heart and not their fear.
      The lady that helped me over that step was almost a stranger, we had only met in that last 2 weeks, but she said exactly what was needed to allow me to step past my wall and finally ‘see’ what it was built from 😀
      And the journey has smoothed so much since that understanding I can now ‘see’ within others their struggle to find that love, the pain that must be faced to give birth to something that will forever set them free.
      Much love to your freedom too kind lady, may the love it created be that beacon for others to dare to be free too ❤️

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