Spirits day off!

The Bardess of Glascow has teased me again to adventure into my artistic side and play with my mind and produce some poetry using a set number of words. I thank you momus for bringing me back into the illusionary world ocassionally, and hopefully enliven it a little. I know spirit hasn’t really got the day off but just for once, I’m wagging school 😀

The Hydrogen Process of Life (Well I had to use the word somehow, a title will do)

The key to open that stone, built to cover a weeping heart
Spare fears for casual traffic, revolving for its part
Around the block, giving a souvenir to one and all
Chapped with pain and tears, that journey before a fall
And when that fever breaks, from that wall built within
A beggar no longer, only memories where you’ve been

Anyone keen to try their mind, go to a wordle as outlined here. http://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2014/12/08/wordle-38-december-8-2014/
Use at least ten of the twelve words selected to create a poem or story.













10 thoughts on “Spirits day off!

  1. I missed this one Mark with all the Christmas rushing.. Your poem is lovely.. Yes when the wall breaks within.. we let loose the beggar.. for no more woe is me..

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year Mark.. wishing you blessings in abundance in Health and Happiness..
    Sue 🙂

    1. Many thanks for your wishes Sue. Christmas is always a bit rush, rush, I’m still coming back down. May your year be full of blessings also, and your gardens (blog & earth) be full of life. Mark 🙂

  2. This was beautiful, Mark!
    It’s not a surprise…poetry suits you. I dabble just a bit (on a less public site) and find that poetry can be a wonderful release valve. It’s a bit more vulnerable and raw. The irony is that it can appear less edited, though I’m sure we both fiddle and mess and move the words until they are just right. You did it like an artist adding and moving brush strokes.

    “Spare fears for casual traffic, revolving for its part”

    Gorgeous! I hope to see some more, my friend!

    1. Thank you my friend. I must blame scottishmomus ( We took turns to create Soul Seeker ),for my occasional burst of poetry 🙂 She of the wily words has always shown this flair and likes to see others come out to play. And I do think spirit had a hand in that as spirit and I are one and the same. Bit hard to put a cover over spirits eyes while I get up to something 😀 And I do believe you are right, it is a very releasing thing this poetry. It allows something to grab another part of you and seek its freedom. Testing and saving different parts and feelings to finally come out on paper. I may do some more as the urge permits and see if I scare myself and any readers 🙂 Thank you again Michelle. xo

        1. Thank you Michelle, I try not to, but sometimes what comes out can be scary 🙂 And thank you for your beautiful comment. Accepted with hand on heart and a very big smile, thank you. xo Mark

  3. This is so lovely, Mark. Like the answer to a riddle set. And you brought spirit to bear still in the process. Wagging school should be obligatory. You do it with style. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much momus, I may make wagging a habit then 🙂 And I thank you for bringing me back into your world for some fun. I think those types of play on words should be compulsory, they really test you. But I still bow to a master my friend, I cannot bring the beauty together as you do. Maybe in the next life I’ll come back as Shakespeare, that’ll test ya! 😀

    1. Thank you kindly Michele. It took a bit of mind crunching to get it there I tell you. But it’s good to stretch our minds occasionally and see what we can do 🙂

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