From Learner to Laughter!

Life is a constant struggle. Always trying to satisfy something that is walled behind many fears, and covered over with…well everything. That need within, wanting to be fulfilled so we look everywhere but refusing to look beneath it all, so filled with anything to cover its voice and keep us busy.

And in reality an important part of the journey, until we realise what really has meaning in our lives, and only then realised when we go through a very bad time or event so that we do look within, to finally find the thing that we were afraid to look at, understand it, and finally realise what had been holding us back. Living from a false place by avoiding those fears…and release those bindings of chains so that we are free.

Totally, fully free to now begin something that has meaning and worth, a realisation that we had in fact been false to ourselves, not coming from a place of love because we were afraid to find and look within for that truth.

The relief and understanding when found is incredible. Grown men and woman bursting into tears when they finally dare look within to that fear…and touch it. The understanding is a floodgate of relief and released with the dropping of those walls that had been holding back those tears forever. The relief within them is instant and so profound, even though they usually are going through a very hard time and still are very tired and drained from the struggle, is like a calm after the storm.

The change is so dramatic that it can be observed by everyone. Even though, through habit, they still act in the old way but soon realise it no longer has meaning in their lives so it is dropped and forgotten.

At this point they can be very listless and unsure of what or where they want to go. Emotionally see-sawing trying to find some balance. And this is from removing that false foundation of fear. It has been the place they had come from in all things, all their lives, and now they have stepped into new territory so are not sure what they really want to do now.

And this is the good part, for now above all else, the need within is to be or do things from a place that has meaning, as that place before had none. A place where other people may become offended or unsure by their actions because they no longer wish to be that lie from before. Saying no to people where before they were eager to please. And this is because the fear (most fears), are usually built from a childhood fear of being rejected by a loved one (mother, father or whoever they were brought up by, of which THEY were brought up in the same way), and unintentionally they become eager to please or afraid to open their hearts through that fear of rejection. As a child they don’t even realise what is happening but develop a way to cope with what is happening around them and take that with them all through their lives. That is why, as an adult, it is such a shock to them when they finally touch that truth within and finally see it for the first time.

That fear has been the driver all their lives and without it, is like being a learner and getting into a car for the first time. Dials, pedals and switches everywhere and may feel very overwhelming, but gradually a familiarity is built and a confidence in who, what and where they now wish to be. But those first months are a bit wobbly as they test their emotions and the new person within as each and every moment is now tested from an unfamiliar place.

And gradually a new, confident and beautiful heart is rebuilt that has more meaning, more truth and also a new found awareness within. For this journey does open the one thing that has been hidden so that this journey can be completed and allow the discovery of that beauty within, and that is that awareness that has always been within us, travelled our roads, nudged us on occasions and always cheering us on. That beauty will now always be there, it’s warm glow within, the sudden bursts of laughter and smiles for no reason whatsoever as we become more aware of what our journey means. And just because it feels good to no longer be bound by those fears, and to really live…fully…openly…with a glow that is now, and always has been, a part of who you now are.

Laugh my friend, for when you find that truth, it will have all the meaning in the world, and you will know that what went before had much purpose, and done with such a great love so that you may find that love within. Namaste

24 thoughts on “From Learner to Laughter!

  1. Reblogged this on Diwata In Lalaland and commented:
    There are those I couldn’t write, I lack for words sometimes. I guess these words speak to what I was feeling lately. Mark, thank you for your words, it really touched my heart πŸ™‚

    1. My pleasure Diwata. Sometimes we are a little lost in trying to express something but our spirit within will always guide us to our destination, that enlightenment to awaken that truth within. Thank you for the reblogg Diwata, and I am glad it had meaning for you. Mark

  2. WOW! This was incredible.
    Confession: I tried to read this yesterday and was too distracted–by life, by a return back to work and reality. Your words deserved more focus and thought, so I put it away until this morning. I’m so glad that I did. With your inspiration, I find myself wanting to approach today different than how I did yesterday. Fear can surface as big or little and it seems to permeate much of who I am.
    What the heck am I afraid of? I never sit still long enough to really know.
    I wrote more here than I intended as your words and your kind commenters have said it all so perfectly. You have so many gifts…what a blessing that you share them with us. xo

    1. Thank you Michelle, I’m very flattered, thank you πŸ™‚ Those fears in our lives do have great purpose. They hold us at bay from many things so that we see the negative aspect of them all, so that when we do finally look within after such a long time of being that fear, the breakthrough into that understanding of what drove that fear is huge. It is like flicking a switch from night to day and the impact is very profound. And as we go through a very difficult time in our lives, and usually very hard like a marriage breakup etc, we go through this breakthrough because we are so very tired emotionally and physically that we are forced into looking at ourselves and releasing those things that held us back. A rebirth if you will, to someone who has now changed and their attitude to life begins a new journey. It is in finding that fear is the hard part. We usually cover them over as children and because at that time we are very emotionally immature our coping strategy it to just block it, but without the understanding of why. So by the time we are adults we have grown up just coping by avoiding those things that we feel will hurt us. And as you said, we keep ourselves very busy by doing anything to distract our pain. I’m thinking I should do a post on how we can look within and find the those things so that we can be free. But like all things spiritual, we will not understand until we are ready. If it is time and you have experienced all those things that you are here for, then you will see the beauty of that rebirth and know the understanding beneath your journey. It is not just the understanding of the fear, you now begin to see like me, those things that are all around us, their beauty in the perfection in how they all come together. When understood your awareness knows no bounds. You begin another journey but from the opposite side of the coin. You have learnt the negative, painful side, now it is the positive, happy side where you smile to see a butterfly, laugh at the tinkling of water and just learn to be you. A new set of learning but amazing to be a part of. Sorry, I too got carried away as it is a magical carpet ride. And like the Phoenix, you rise from those ashes to become the most beautiful creature in this world. Something to think on πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful day my friend, may it be full of the wonder that is you. Namaste

      1. You know…I need a book of Mark-isms that sits on my desk. Like the daily calendar you flip to find the next words of wisdom and inspiration.
        Are you still working on a book? You help so many people…I just want to shout your praises from the mountaintop!!

        1. lol πŸ˜€ Now that would be an interesting direction, I’ve never thought of that, my own desktop calendar. The book has gone on the back burner for the moment as spirit has got me going through something that is showing me a depth that I haven’t touched before. It is testing some long held belief’s and showing me a future direction. Oh, and of course it’s showing me…me πŸ™‚ Always doing that so that we can evolve and be changed. I suppose it’s the same as always cooking a recipe one way and someone gives you another recipe for it, and it tastes fantastic. Being open to fatten your horizons, so to speak πŸ™‚ I thank you for your lovely words Michelle, and always sharing that beauty within to the world. Have a great day, may it be full of smiles. xo Mark

  3. Always intresting to read your words, Mark:-)
    But I canΒ΄t agree with your first words “Life is a constant struggle”, now and then I really enjoy
    life too;-) Think that when we begin to more and more listen to our own Heart, lean on and trust in our selves we can get many answers that makes life flow more easily..and sometimes we have to make big changes and we are not sure which way to take, for a while we can be like out in the unknown but I believe if we have trust in our selves and Universe we get the signs and answers which way to take:-) Sometimes we have to take many small steps and another time one big
    step:-) and everything goes out from within and comes back within:-)
    Wish you a nice 2:d Advent

    1. Very well said Elaine, and very wise words. Life is a learning and each time a lesson arrives we begin to realise that it does have our hearts in focus, and with great wisdom. The beauty it creates as we learn is priceless and gradually we become that lesson within, the unconditional love that we all yearn for. Thank you for sharing and your blessings, may you also have a beautiful Advent also. Namaste

  4. This totally resonates with me, and my blog, The Art of Fearless Living. We should be seekers of truth and not escapists of truth. Only then we will discover the true value and meaning, as you rightly pointed out. In the process, we will even find ourselves. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Shirley. It is a long journey but as you say, it is only when we have had enough of a life that seems to be one long pain filled path, that we finally begin to look inside and find those truths that we have spent so long trying to not face for the fear that they create. But in finally doing so, we are set free, to really begin a journey from the heart. The very thing we had been looking for, for so long. Thank you for sharing. Namaste

  5. Mark I am laughing along with you.. as we face our inner demons which have gripped us with Fear for so long.. Learning to face our fears, learning to let Fear Go and TRUST in our selves lightens our load we thought we needed to carry upon our shoulders.. It is such a relief to KNOW that there really is Nothing we need Fear… Even Death .. it holds no fear… And when we learn that lesson.. we then can talk hold of our hearts and give ourselves a hug,, Learning to love ourselves all over again.. as we Laugh at ourselves for being so stupid, so asleep, for so long.. When we let go.. We then start to LIVE..

    Wonderful post Mark.. Keep Laughing.. I do… each time I pass the Mirror! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

    1. Beautifully put Sue. And it is good to ‘see’ what went before, so we can laugh…and be free. That part before where we have taught ourselves to act in a certain way so that we are no longer ‘rejected’, is seen for the falseness that it is, and the relief to know that we had been living a lie that has now been seen for what it is. It does bring laughter for we are no longer its puppets and are totally free to finally step into that love that is our truth. I see you my friend, and a heart that has been set free πŸ™‚ Namaste

  6. It can be a scary place to look within and confront our own vulnerability and fear…. yet it is is the way towards peace and joy πŸ™‚
    Thank you for sharing Mark!
    Val x

    1. Thank you Val. Yes, it is a scary journey, but thankfully only strong enough to build something, so that when torn down by seeing our truth, it shows the meaning of that love within. So beautifully balanced so that we do finally see after many years of blindness. Thank you again for sharing. Namaste

  7. Fear is such a debilitating factor in life. Learning to laugh at fears, knowing that we all have them, a release. Especially if they are grounded in the irrational and conditioned. Wise words, Mark. Namaste.x

    1. Thank you momus. Those fears do have purpose so that when we finally face them, the beauty we find within that had been hidden by our walls are like magic. One moment we think that this is how the world is, and suddenly everything changes in an instant, and that true understanding begins and changes everything. Thank you for your share my friend. (With love and strength to continue your amazing book πŸ™‚ ). Namaste xx

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