The Heart’s Journey!

Event’s…they all teach so many things about ourselves…bring us to that one truth within ourselves that is unconditional love. Ask yourself…which event in your life did you go through and not learn anger, pain and fear…and on completing this event, eventually feel the forgiveness, compassion and love (of self and others), because you began to realise those harsher energies were keeping you in that negative space. Too painful to bear within so you begin the process of change, with all of its mistakes and false starts, until you finally realise that it is in forgiving yourself that true healing begins.

All eventually lead to this place, all events allow us to create that beautiful understanding within. Painful….yes, but that is the journey or it would have no point. If you go through something that has little effect, you forget it the next day. But if you go through the pain of these things you feel, they are forever a part of who you become.

Especially from those heartfelt places like the loss of a loved one. The compassion and empathy that they create are immense. When you see another go through what has touched you so deeply within, your compassion is awakened and you now give from that place. You now understand, you ‘know’ their pain, so give from that place. If you have never been in that space before, you can give empathy, but it is not from that total heartfelt place from ‘knowing’.

So in going through that loss, that beautiful soul has released its earthbound body and deliberately helped us to understand the love within. They wanted to be a part of that creation and understanding within us. They loved us so much, they gave totally so that we may become that unconditional love, as they now are.

They have only released that body. They are still that beautiful soul that is eternal and infinite. They will always be a part of us, as we are of them.

This journey in all its extremes only leads to one place. Self realisation. We can struggle and fight it but we tire of this struggle, and when anyone is asked ‘what do you want?’, the answer is always the same, ‘just to be happy!’.

We all yearn to be in that place, away from those things that only bring pain and hurt. So an answer to all of our struggles is always sought, to find that ‘thing’ within that can bring us to that place of peace, of happiness and the love that we so wish for. And it is found, when we finally understand that what we project out into this world is only a reflection of ourselves. We project our fears and in doing so we actually create them, so that we can go through them and create that self realisation, understand why we have felt this fear within, and release the wall that has stopped us from loving ourselves.

And in that understanding, the wisdom, the empathy, the compassion and love, are also then mirrored out into the world, a reflection of what we have become.

May your understanding be a true reflection of who you are within.


16 thoughts on “The Heart’s Journey!

  1. What a heart felt post Mark.. And yes so many of us wish we did not have to go through pain and especially if we see another whom we love suffering.. I think sometimes we would sooner be the ones suffering…
    I know from nursing my Father at his home in his own last days..
    But I also knew as you did as I talked him across that there was no more pain when he crossed that threshold.. And he had his brother waiting I saw and felt him there..

    You bring so much wisdom and empathy to your posts.. We are blessed that you share the Journey with our hearts..

    1. Thank you Sue. It is a very hard journey, but because of it we feel that truth within and understand its purpose. It must have been a very beautiful thing to share your Fathers journey as he went home. To be a part of and guide him in such a way is a true blessing, it would change you to share such a journey and the beauty and peace that was shown within it. And in that connection you also now share your love from a deeper understanding because of what you have now become. Thank you for your kind words Sue, they show me the wisdom of your journey and the love that you are within. Mark

      1. I have found myself at 3 transitions and helping many who were lost in grief.. Seems the Universe at one point in time planned it that way.. As a succession of people sort my healing and counselling during the late 90’s during times of their loved ones taking ill and leaving lonely hearts as they took their own final journey’s ..

        But it was very privileged to be able to talk my Dad over.. He had put up a very brave battle. He lived alone.. And when the hospital could do no more he wanted to end his days in his own home.. So I took time out of work and looked after him with my sister.. We learnt more about each other in those final weeks than throughout our life time together.. And I knew if he fought his battle that day, it would only come up to meet him the next as he battled for breath with Lung Cancer..
        He has been back many times through other mediums and has given me my own proof..
        Its strange.. I only ever smell Dad’s tobacco when he is around, I think if he drew too close he would know I would get too emotional.. So he has come via other proof to show me and tell me what he is doing. Which confirmed my own initial thoughts As he was an animal lover not a people person.. More can be read about this story Here Thank you Mark for taking the time to reply in depth..
        Love and Blessings

        1. They are big journeys to share something like that with our loved ones. Because it is built on the love that we have found within ourselves, that connection becomes much stronger because we have found that truth within. And all that was shared has new meaning as we understand what that journey really meant within and the total giving to another from that place. That unconditional love is always there, guiding us to find and understand it, and it is in helping ourselves and others that it blossoms and we can feel the truth of our journey. I read your post and commented, it was a hard but beautiful journey, and a completion in letting you know how he now truly was. A very wise man Sue 🙂 Thank you for sharing a part of you. Love and light to you also. Mark

  2. Beautifully written as always. I was able to quickly pinpoint two events (a flood and loss of a loved one) that led me to the wonderful place I am today. These events happened within weeks of each other and my husband and I both talk about that point in live that changed everything…eventually for the better.
    Keep writing, my friend. Your words touch many…me included!

    1. Those moments in life are always a crossroads. At the time they tear our hearts from the anguish and pain that they cause, but they always in return change us, allow us to really look inside and seek what really has worth in our lives and redirect us accordingly. It takes a while, and we can become impatient and frustrated by our journey (who me? 🙂 ), but it is the making of us. Thank you for your lovely comment Michelle, hopefully your mountain walks and self time is allowing your heart to find the beauty within. Mark

    1. Thank you momus. This cycle has been very strong. Much shifting from a way of being into who we wish to become. And of course has a few lumps within it 🙂 Eventually we start to smile again, sing a little and realise we are Ok. Now if the neighbours would stop complaining everything would be right with the world 🙂 (Apparently I have the voice of a worn brake pad on a car…lots of screeching 🙂 ) Love and light momus, believe in who you are. Namaste

  3. Dear Mark, what a lovely post! 🙂 I am just going to freely share the thoughts that popped into my head when I read this, if that is okay with you 🙂 For me, I felt so spiritiual so full of Love and Heaven when I was a little girl, but the outside world did not respond well to that at all. So I got confused and even though I never really left that place within, I struggled to accept that the outside world was not like my inside world. I truly did not understand how people could be so harsh. I tried and tried to carry my Love and my heart into the world, but it was not accepted. My softness did not go away but it felt sad, cause it didn’t find a place in the world. I missed heaven, I missed the angels, and I felt that I did not fit in in this harsh world, what I had to give seemed worthless to the people around me, and everything I was was judged as a weakness. Still, I never strayed from who I was. But I felt like I was no good in the world. So I had to start understanding that I was not the weak one, I was actually the strong one, that what I had inside was beautiful. and needed in the world. That it was the people on the outside that had been wrong. I mean I dont blame them, they had different paths to walk. But my journey has been about finiding the confidence to be in the world, to not hide away, but to carry my Love into the world even when that Love is mocked and stepped on and thrown back in my face, and have the courage to say: never mind, they are just scared or a little lost, you just keep shining your light on them cause that is exactly whay they need. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Very well put Line. We all do have our journey’s and as you said, it is in gaining that strength of that truth within that is the blessing. Believing in yourself when all around seem lost and angry.
      The wise ones say it is a lonely journey and it is in finding ourselves that light the way, for us and others. A truth cannot be covered because it is the light and instantly recognised as such. Those that react to it do so only out of fear. In being our truth we are asking them, not literally, but by just being ourselves, for them to look within themselves. It can be quite confronting.
      I have enough trouble looking inside on my own accord, but as spirit said, you cannot teach another until you ‘know’ that wisdom, otherwise it is formless, given without the benefit of true understanding.
      Be strong in your truth Line, for it is the foundation of who you are and what you have become, and with it your heart will always lead you with that love within. Thank you for sharing this, it gives me a much better understanding of the Angel from India 🙂 Namaste

    1. Thank you Susan. Probably from being in those senseless moments many times. I’m getting good at it 🙂 And thank you very much for your blessings. Love and light in your journey as well. Mark

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