Soul Seeker

Right…it’s done! I have moved into my new place and have begun the contemplation of just what this move means for my future. The urge to restart my healing from a better place and also have space to find the soul within, without the struggles of life constantly knocking on the door.
So while I was in this mood of regarding my place in life, a Bardess of renown came knocking on my door…well, a comment anyway…and being also in the hold of a thought on what is life, proceeded to bring my soul out to play, and convince me it was time to express myself using the words that were tumbling within.
So in collaboration with scottishmomus, the poetess of the highlands, here is our poem to begin a new journey, one of hope and healing for the future.

Soul seeker,
journey far in waxing, waning moon…
Heart healer,
words of healing, life in tune…
Believe then, in magic,
writ by silver’d stars…
And belief within,
Life open, without bars…
Hush, spirit, listen well,
heed that aching need…
To find the truth,
the beginning of a seed…
Be still, in the knowing,
Let silence fill your mind…
A gift from up above,
a wonder you will find…
No magic be cast here,
Mere souls in perfect tune…
With love and a sharing,
Perfect harmony with the moon…
Be faithful to the aching,
The voice that cries within…
For in that understanding,
is a love that’s always been.

Many thanks momus, it was a pleasure to ‘come out and play’ 🙂


17 thoughts on “Soul Seeker

    1. Thank you thespiritkeepers. It was a sharing of two minds to create this poem and express something from within. I quite enjoyed it as I had never done anything like that before 🙂 Namaste

  1. I really liked the line “be still, in the knowing” – it resonated. Over time its become a centre point of consciousness for me, the starting point and the return. Thank u Mark…reminders are always good.

    1. Thank you Willow. That was an incredible day that I shared with scottishmomus. It all just flowed like it had been waiting for us to happen 🙂 It does touch something deep, and in that it is good to touch base with ourselves on this journey, and know we are okay, regardless of where we are at. I suppose it is an acceptance, reaching a point of understanding that allows us to release the world’s control, and finally see it for what it really is, a path of love and wisdom. Thank you for your sharing. Namaste

    1. Hi Himani. It was an incredible moment when our highland lass scottishmomus, wanted me to express what I was feeling during my move. So she began by throwing a verse at me, and so I replied until we ended up with a very magical poem that seemed to really hit the moment as it were. I had never ‘shared’ a poem before and it was a very meaningful creation that seemed to be a truth shared from within. Thank you for your lovely comment, as I also look forward to, and enjoy, the expressions of your journey as well. Namaste

  2. Soul Seeker ~ This was just amazing written, the words fall so beatiful, in perfect harmony, it´s like healing for the heart to read them. I think you and scottishmomus has done a really beautiful masterpiece here!! You get *****/***** from me for this 🙂
    Take care and have a wonderful day Mark!

    1. Thank you very much Elaine, it was an incredible experience to do something like this. I had never been involved in a shared verse before. Scottishmomus said ‘let’s go for it’ to celebrate and welcome a new beginning from my new home. We were so open that the verses were practically floating into place and left us feeling quite amazed by the whole experience. Thank you also for your lovely words, and the 5 stars each for our creation. Take care and thank you for your wishes also Elaine, gratefully accepted within. Namaste

    1. Thank you Theresa. Gratefully accepted. I’ve never done that before and momus was a persuasive teacher. It was a good way to bless the beginning of a new journey. Namaste

  3. Love this one Mark – had the pleasure of reading my big sister’s posting of this earlier and have to say you both are extraordinarily talented (haw sis, send the cheque toute suite!!!!) x

    1. Thank you seangirl! It was an interesting experience, your sister being the lovely lass that she is, dragged me kicking and screaming (well, a little coercion anyway), into something that was, in the end, quite enjoyable! You guys must have had an interesting upbringing…bet she kept you on your toes…or does it run in the family 🙂 x (and punters to boot 🙂 )

      1. Lolz – she can be very persuasive can Anne-Marie! And oh yes, we had a very interesting upbringing – I couldn’t ask for a better sister or friend – my life without her in it would be very much poorer. x

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