A Moment in Time!

And you will never forget that moment…all has led to this beautiful point. All the striving and hardships to achieve some unknown yearning, some direction or path that has meaning. And suddenly a understanding comes within…just a flutter, you try to grasp it, and it turns away. Release it and it comes back, opening like a flower. Sometimes it is difficult, but I realise now, that was because I was getting in the way. The mind trying to grasp something by the good old fashioned way of logic.

Totally useless when you begin to realise this understanding comes from within. It has always been there but life just gets in the way. It has taken me many years to gain this understanding, and like any journey there is a beginning.

You read and read, listening to others around you, all the while taking some things on board and rejecting what doesn’t seem to fit. And even coming back to them because over time you have changed, and you now have some pull towards them. At this point you realise you had to go through something, which changed you, and you now understand what you had rejected. A little more is added to the mix.

This goes on, bit by bit as you gain enough wisdom to release those fears and that interaction with life that block that understanding within. It is perfectly balanced so that until you reach that point of ‘wanting something more’out of life, you will stay on that path of the world. Keep trudging until that guiding sentinel within gently shows you something, a moment of understanding that sits you up and allows you to realise ‘there is something more’, and the change begins.

You hold it to the side, not speaking of it for fear of being labelled as ‘different’, but this is also part of the understanding. As you realise there is significance in these ‘events’, your attitude begins to change. You start to feel a purpose, a reason for being who and what you are within. Even though this begins a struggle with the world all around. For until you step fully into this journey, it will keep you at bay. Law of attraction, you hold it at bay, it will hold you at bay.

You are now developing your truth and integrity because of what you are now feeling. You are beginning to understand that you needed to feel everything that you have, so that you will understand these events as they come. You are now beginning to accelerate by letting go of the world, your understanding increases because you are letting go of all those things in life that block your journey.

And then one day you are just being…nothing more, and an understanding will come forward within. It will be so incredible that it will stop you in your tracks. The world around you will disappear for it will no longer have any meaning as you feel the truth of what has been revealed. The tears will flow, and gladly, for the beauty in this understanding will wrap your heart in the most incredible love that you will never, ever forget. You are free, and open to this love now forever. You also see that this beauty within has always been there, just waiting until you are ready.

As more time goes by and you come from this new place within, you see the truth of all your interactions with your life, within others and the purpose that it holds for you. Yes, just you, so that you may realise the beauty from within, and in doing so, give to others from that place because that is what you have gradually attracted. A love to self. A release of that life long ‘I can’t do this!…I’m not good enough!’, that has kept that duality, that non connection within. And in that belief in self, that beginning of that love for you, you stop blocking the one thing that has been trying to gain a foothold in your life, that unconditional love that is all around.

At this time you realise, yes, you are still on this earth, but it no longer has the drag of life you have endured. Your lessons in life and hardships, have reached their purpose, and you now stand in your truth, giving totally and freely within, as the understanding of that unconditional love unfolds.

Welcome to my world fellow traveller, I bid you wel-come, for even though it is a journey of much pain, it’s destination is one of such incredible beauty. Be strong, persevere and know that this path is one of completion, and the freedom and love gained will far, far outweigh anything that went before. Be at peace in that knowledge, for it is with great love that our creator wants us to be a part of all that is, that unconditional love, forever.


35 thoughts on “A Moment in Time!

  1. Facing fear, one by one, and finally saying NO MORE, then learning how to replace that fear with good, is a process many of us are doing right now. Glorious post, Mark!!! Thank you for sharing this. I really enjoyed reading this. Keep on doing the Great Work Within. πŸ™‚ <3

    1. Thank you Amy. It is a hard journey, especially the one that you are currently on. But your steps are those courageous ones where you face your fear and do it anyway πŸ˜€
      I’m very proud of you, the light that is opening is a beauty all its own my friend, and a self love is growing because of it <3
      Even the 'aliens' you found in your garden are waving at you, to let you know they're with you all the way πŸ˜€ <3

      1. Aw, Mark, ya gonna make me cry. The sh*t still is a pouring. Bless you for the pat on the back. This is probably the most difficult phase of my journey yet. Going to my Chiropractor today which should as a result give me tremendous relief. Too much pain from all the stress … major back outage. Again Bless you for seeing my Truth. Much Love to you! ???

  2. What a beautiful sharing of your journey Mark. Life gets in the way for so many of us, that we miss the love and freedom that has been there all along. Namaste ?

    1. Thank you Val. It is an interesting journey to find that love and freedom, and like all our emotions, we have to ‘feel’ the bad so that we can appreciate the good side.
      It may be a long trip but it will allow us to really ‘see’ those things that do have meaning in our lives, release what no longer serves and give us that wonderful freedom and happiness we have so long looked for πŸ˜€
      Thank you for sharing πŸ˜€

  3. It was wonderful to read this again Mark…
    This paragraph I have taken out as it still speaks to me..

    “This goes on, bit by bit as you gain enough wisdom to release those fears and that interaction with life that block that understanding within. It is perfectly balanced so that until you reach that point of β€˜wanting something more’out of life, you will stay on that path of the world. Keep trudging until that guiding sentinel within gently shows you something, a moment of understanding that sits you up and allows you to realise β€˜there is something more’, and the change begins ”

    πŸ™‚ We know there is something far more.. And once we have found it, we can not stop smiling..
    Love and Blessings my friend.. πŸ™‚ Good to see this post again.. And a great reminder that the Joy we all seek.. Is right there inside All the time…
    We just need to go within find the key and unlocked those blocked gates..
    Often those gates can be many as we peel back the layers opening those hidden corridors that have laid in dormant darkness, not only in one life time, but they can be there for many..
    Our Human selves have a knack of shelving, not dealing with things, and our preconceived ideas indoctrinated thoughts have over centuries stopped us from seeing just who we really are.. And who we really can be..
    Once the veil lifts.. and the mists subsides..
    The Light dawns.. And the Feeling within is fit to burst, like the Daffodils in Spring time.. πŸ™‚

    Wonderful Mark..
    Blessings Sue πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Sue. Someone had read it and liked it which brought it back to my attention, and it seemed like a good time to bring it into the light again πŸ˜€
      And well spoken Sue, you have articulated it very nicely. Our journey begins even before we think we’ve begun our journey, many things coming up, to which we usually block in the beginning because of the pain that they cause, until we get confronted by the very thing we try to hide from. And because of that long, long testing period, when we do break through, it is so much appreciated because of the understanding that we then see within it. It removes those negative patterns we have held about ourselves, and in releasing them we now look at ourselves so much differently, we no longer hold the fear of those feelings, and begin to love the one person we have ignored because of those fears….us.
      We were afraid to look at ourselves because of a lifetime of holding something negative, usually from our childhood, and carried on into all aspects of our life. Many moments play out until we really ‘see’ what has been driving those fears. The breakthrough is a freedom like no other, a moment in time that will leave an imprint like no other πŸ˜€
      Thank you kind lady for your very thoughtful comment, and the understanding you bring from understand ‘your’ heart, from facing your fears and finding that what is underneath is a blessing indeed…a love that is like no other πŸ˜€ <3

      1. Yes as children we do not realise what emotions affect us and how we carry them into our adult years .. When you finally do go within and and get to the core of yourself.. You begin to see it is our perception, fears and insecurities that build walls around us as we perhaps wear our masks, as shields.. Taking off the Mask and looking deep into our inner reflection can be painful.. But once you do.. Its like a weight has been removed.. And we feel so much lighter.. and Brighter..
        Thankyou Mark.. you understand perfectly.. πŸ™‚

  4. This hits home dear Mark. Such a profound, beautiful and heartfelt post! Loved and resonated with every bit of this. To that great Love! Namaste.

    1. Thank you for your kind and beautiful words Himani. It is a hard journey, but in the end when we finally touch that understanding within, it all becomes so worthwhile. It is so interwoven that it doesn’t matter which path or direction, it will perfectly come together for you, exactly who you are. Once I realised this, the enormity of what I was seeing and feeling that is this incredible world we live on, left me speechless and with a profound love and respect for what we are a part of. And even though it appears to be so physically and emotionally painful, it is for that one purpose of understanding the unconditional love that drives it. Exactly the same as a child learning to not put their hand in the fire, much wisdom and love for self is gained even though it is also with great pain. Blessings to you also my friend. Namaste

      1. You couldn’t have said it better, Mark. Thank you for sharing those thoughts! It definitely is a hard journey, so many trials and tests but all a part of the purifying experience. The Truth keeps unfolding at every step. We just have to be patient and accept with that peace within. I believe that with the presence kindred souls like you, the journey becomes worthwhile. So thank you for being a part of mine πŸ™‚ Truly honored. May we be blessed with clarity and understanding as we walk each other home.

        Much love and blessings x

  5. ItΒ΄s like My Heart is dancing when I read your words, Mark! In fact your words was flying directly into My Heart:-)

    Many thankΒ΄s for your fantastic way of sharing and expressing it ***
    with Love

    1. My pleasure Elaine. And I’m glad that it touches your heart. It is a re-connection to that truth within you, acknowledging your love of self. Feel that beautiful sensation within, follow its path each day by being that truth, and by giving from that place, you can only attract it back. May you know that understanding and you will open further and further to that blossoming within. Namaste

  6. Mark what a wonderful post as I catch up with my back log of posts… This is so true… We gather to us the many bits of knowledge.. I remember well way back in the 90’s things were coming to me in forms of information and in books which at the time I was not ready for.. I put them to one side and later like the gathering and putting together a giant Jigsaw.. Those pieces I had put to one side once again slotted into place making more sense of the whole picture..
    We are each of us gathering together now the missing links… and finally I feel many are piecing together the jigsaw of life…
    We still have many pieces yet to turn over and find… But the edges are in place.. Thank you Mark for this insightful post
    We are growing together on step at a time… All we need do is enjoy each moment in it.. Love and Blessings
    Sue xox

    1. My pleasure Sue. It is such a wonderful journey, even when we look back at what seemed a pointless process in life, and see that it all has great meaning. Slowly understanding until eventually we step into that truth…and are reborn to that understanding. Everything changes and our lives begin to have a definite purpose and our journey begins anew. It doesn’t matter what went before, that separation, for now we are part of that one connection, all moving in the knowledge of that truth. Thank you for your lovely comment and ‘welcome back’. I hope you had a good break as we need those times to balance ourselves and come from a much more refreshed place within. Take care, Mark xo

    1. Thank you so much Skye. It is something that I have been urged to write for some time but I have balked because I thought that I may not do it justice and write it in such a way so that others may understand. So your feedback is most welcome kind lady, and as you may know, when the Lord gives you something with such love and understanding, you feel it with such a beautiful and loving feeling within, but to put that to words can seemingly not do it justice. That feeling is forever etched within and to be truthful, I don’t think the unconditional love that it was given could be put to mere words for it is the language of the heart, and only a heart can know it’s truth.
      My thanks for your lovely words Skye, have a wonderful day. Mark xo

  7. So beautiful Mark. What a fabulous way offers describing our path to understanding. You phrased everything in such a way that I could hear the chimes as you struck each note to perfection. You have made a difficult day so much more beautiful. Thank You.
    Blessings. Susan ❀

    1. Thank you Susan, and it is such a beautiful time. To finally understand a journey that has seemed a never ending path of pain with nothing at the end. Heed those little things inside that seem of no moment for it is the whisper of a very beautiful, loving guide within.

      It is you…and when we begin to listen, that separateness starts to move away, and our relationship takes on new meaning. We discover a truth by the love that it creates and the beginning of a new path. One of more peace, more belief in self, and more understanding of all those around us. And in that realisation we start to give from a more unconditional place because we now understand what they are going through, as we now ‘know’ that path.

      I hope your move has been going well, all is being found (I can never find some things after I unpack), and the excitement of a new home is taking hold! Look forward to your return (unless this is it? πŸ™‚ ). Take care, Mark xo

      1. Oh No – this is a temporary and annoying intermission πŸ™‚ I’m sneaking a few minutes since we finally have phone and internet connected (Yahoo!).
        Thank you for the response, it truy resonates – back to blogging soon….. can’t say itchy fingers, they are too sore πŸ™‚
        Blessings, Susan xox

        1. Then take care guys, may your journey only bring smiles. Ok, and maybe a little soreness to the hands πŸ™‚ Gives credence to how hard you have both worked. Look forward to your return. Love and light (just in case you can’t find the batteries for the torch πŸ™‚ ). Namaste

  8. You seem so serene in this new found awareness, Mark. Like a light being shone and shining out. Incremental growth is always so hard to grasp until the bloom appears. So glad you found . And share. Namaste.x

    1. Thank you momus. It is an amazing journey and does bring a sense of serenity because you realise their is a purpose to all this down here. To finally understand it brings such a peace within. The world is still there, and things come up, but they no longer have that tag of…’it’s the end of the world’. It is usually the first step is the hardest, because it is a step of faith. You have felt it from time to time underneath but it does not respond until you do. It’s that law of attraction thing. Give truly from within and it comes right back. And even I at one stage thought, hang on, I’m doing all this stuff but no reply, what’s going on. It was then that I realised I had put expectations on it, expecting all this great stuff to happen to me. It was then that I realised I just needed to let everything go. And it was amazing, things just went where it was needed to go. No more ‘what if’s’ flying around in my head every second to stress my brains out. Mind you, life still throws things at me, I still have much to learn. But my attitude has changed and gradually just go with life. Mind you, I still look at the radar to see if it’s going to rain on a picnic I’ve set up. We are still bound by the laws of this physical planet, but by balancing it with the spiritual within, it all changes, and becomes so different. The paradise it was meant to be. And it’s been here all the time, we just needed to learn to be in that space. As we are doing every day. Thanks momus, look forward to more of YOUR muse within and those pages and pages of beautiful poetry πŸ™‚ xo

    1. Thank you Jolene. Hope all is coming together for your community after the tornadoes. It has been on the news and in papers here and that usually only happens if they are pretty bad. Just from what I have seen and read it must be very traumatizing for all involved so I hope that help is coming to assist everyone that has been affected. Love and light coming to you all at this time. Mark xo

      1. One thing that I have learned in the past 24 hours is the true meaning of community.I always heard that Southern people treat their own like family and boy does it show. Strangers aren’t strangers…they are family. Our little town is one of those towns that everyone knows everyone pretty much and they are so friendly…..so it’s hard to see such destruction. I haven’t been able to make that very short (less than a 1/2 mile) drive to our little downtown to see it for myself because cops are blocking incoming traffic but I guess MSN was correct in stating that Vilonia looks like a atomic bomb hit it. ~ Thank you for your support!!

        1. Yes, I have lived in a community like that, and it is when the chips are down that you see the truth come to the fore and a groundswell of helping and sharing that in itself, is so uplifting. The blocking is mainly for safety so that no one else is hurt and the dangers of explosions from gas leaks or power lines down etc will be still quite possible. It is when that stage is done that community leaders will call for anyone to help those that are homeless and just need someone to care for them, even just to be with them so they don’t feel the loss so keenly. Sharing is a showing of that love and even though it can bring them to tears, that in itself is part of healing to allow them to express their pain and hurt from the loss they have suffered. You are an angel Jolene, an opportunity may present itself to be a part of your community from a truly giving place. Take care, Mark xo

  9. What a wonderful and inspiring post to start the day. I, too, have been blessed with a few “stop you in your tracks” moments. For those, I’m forever thankful.
    Beautiful, Mark!

    1. Thank you Michelle. They are forever etched within. To know and understand that there has always been something inside, waiting, with a love that is timeless. And you finally do take that final, beautiful fateful step…and ‘know’. Truly know, how it all comes together. As each step opened and I understood, the tears flowed with a wonder and happiness that I could never explain truly to someone. And that is how it should be. It IS your journey, and it is in your finding that truth within, that wonder and beauty will open to each individual, for them, exactly how it should. So glad that you have also been touched by that beauty. May it always guide you and keep that smile within. Namaste

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