Unconditional Love (Part II)

Today was a day of amazing things. I began the day with an incredible collaboration of minds to create a lovely poem with the Bardess of Scotland (scottishmomus), and on here at my site, Soul Seeker, which was a first for me. Then I decided a little leisurely stroll through our local markets was just the ticket. The sun was shining beautifully, it was lovely and warm (it is winter here in Australia), and I was meeting the most friendly people all around where I was going (our school holidays have just begun). Little did I know of what was about to happen.

As we go through life we begin to see some patterns in our lives, and one of those is the synchronicities that occur around us where things will happen multiple times to get our attention. In this instance, 2 days ago, I had bumped into the lovely lady that I was in a relationship with for a year (look up on the menu bar or click here ‘The Love‘ for the story. This story also gave me an understanding of unconditional love (original post), but from a different direction). And she was still beaming that lovely energy of hers out into the world. So when I ran into her at the markets again today I could feel something within shift. I was not sure at first what it meant so I just let it ‘go with the flow’ as I knew it would come forward when it was ready.

I wasn’t quite ready for spirits ‘ready’, as I was driving the car when I was given the most beautiful, heartfelt message from spirit that brought me immediately to tears and left me quite overwhelmed by such an epiphany that I could only pull the car to the side of the road and just sit there and realise the importance of what I was being shown.

Spirit said, ‘You ARE unconditional love, you have never NOT been unconditional love, there is no trying, there is no achieving or striving to be unconditional love, you are already there!’. The more I thought about it, the more I could feel the love and beauty that came with this message. The tears would not stop. Even now as I am writing my eyes are watering from this incredible love that came with this message. And the understanding that was shown to me all comes down to this….we are going through a process of understanding as we go through the different levels of spirituality (and I don’t mean someone is higher or lower in levels, we are all on different journeys so we are going through them in different ways), and as we understand something we have an ‘aha’ moment, integrate that into who we are, and move on with that now being a part of who we are.

But I suppose, like most others, I have been just letting things go…being in the moment…and being guided from within, facing my fears and removing them to be ‘open’ so that at some stage I would understand something and then ‘know’ unconditional love. That HAS happened within the previous relationship in what I had been shown within that. And I had been doing everything from that place of ‘being open’ and just giving from ‘within’ with no expectation (I thought), and being in a place that had no judgement and the understanding of others journey’s because of that. But to be told I was already there came as a bit of a shock.

This I did not expect (and you know what expectations will do). Spirit gently told me that this was part of the journey, so that I WOULD understand when my time came. It has always been the reverse of all that we do. Like if you fear something, you always go the other way from it, but it is in facing it that it sets you free. But you must run away, so that when you do face that fear, it has a very big effect on you when it is faced, so that the change will have a marked impact on who you are within.

Today I’ve been ‘marked & impacted’. What more can I say. It was one of the most heartfelt moments in my life and something that will never be forgotten. It has altered me within quite significantly already, and like the many other ‘events’ in my life will take some time to integrate into who I am now becoming. Spirit has been asking me to ‘wait’ as there was something I needed to see before I began my writing for my book. I think the waiting may be now over. And here I was thinking it was just the move to my new home that I was waiting for. This is much nicer!

So I hope I have been able to express this part of my journey so that others may understand. How we take on board the many things that affect us on a daily basis, and the jewels that come upon us unannounced, but all the more beautiful because of that.

May your understanding of your path be always with the unconditional love that is always in your heart.

Love and light,


8 thoughts on “Unconditional Love (Part II)

  1. Amazing moments happen to us when we are truly listening with pure intention. We are often weighed down with emotions and tie labels around what we were taught to think of such matters. When we are able to let go, we arrive to our enlightenment of being. I’m delighted that you have arrived, for the best is yet to come! Much love and light to your heart ~?~

    1. Thank you Linda, and it was such a magical moment. I know we need to ‘get in our own way’ so that we will learn to ‘let go’ and see the truth that is already in our hearts. And because of that, really appreciate what it has taken to find that place and finally ‘see’ the unconditional love within.
      Much love and light to you also kind lady, it is because of this journey that I can now really appreciate the heart of your words expressed on your blog. May that glow be ever present <3

    1. Thank you Willow, and graciously accepted 🙂 It was an amazing day that day. Here I was, thinking I had myself lining up nicely with spirit, life going along in a great place…and have such a beautiful message come through and show me that I had in fact got in my own way…again (we are great at that…but…that’s how we learn 🙂 ). It was me ‘trying’ to be something, when I already was. What is that comment…’just be’, who I am truly, inside myself. It is in letting everything go, all the fears, all the ‘what ifs’, and you peel off the layers and become that beautiful, unstressed, relaxed, amazing…’I am’, that is that unconditional love underneath just waiting to be released. Thank you for your lovely comment, have a great day. Namaste

  2. Truly beautiful… there is nothing greater than love in it most pure form, it surrounds us, it maintains us and it guides us. Honoured to call you my friend Mark!

    1. Thank you Shane. It was an incredible experience, one that I will never forget. It had such an effect on me that I realised I had been hanging on to some things that needed to be let go of. So to understand it better I went to my usual spot at the Green Cathedral to meditate and sat in a very cool breeze for a while. I now have the privilege of my stupidity with a nice big sore throat and head cold for my trouble 🙂 Still got a nice body I have been given to look after, it also needs some love and attention 🙂 Also good to hear from you my friend, you have been very busy on your facebook and blog. Take care, Mark.

  3. Beautiful, Mark, both in realisation and expression. It is a marvel when something so precious is revealed. An epiphany. May the awareness live on even while the moment, always so fleeting, passes on. Your voice sounds lighter for it and full of wonder. I’m thankful you received such a gift. Your tears are testimony to its arrival. Soul seeker becomes true healer. Time now. Namaste.x

    1. Thanks momus! After our little collaboration this morning and now this, it has been a big day! I think without realising it I was still ‘trying’ to be in that unconditional space, when I ‘know’ to just ‘be’. Sneaky little things these emotions that we tag around with us. Obviously a lesson needed to be understood properly. I’m actually still quite floaty…it’s like another ‘event’ that happened to me. It was so profound that I couldn’t ‘come down’ from this incredible space…but I also wasn’t functioning properly down here on the physical plane. I had to go to a Reiki master to re-balance and settle me back down. And it also feels like I’m just being ‘touched’ lightly. Any more and I would be off somewhere else forever 🙂 Maybe they are the ones with that big, huge permanent smile on their faces 🙂 Thank you again momus for being a great friend (and a magical poetess). My time is now. Namaste and blessings to you. x

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