Heart Breath!

Another chat with Danielle over there at The Daily Addict has fired up another post. I have this funny feeling this year is going to be different 🤣

Indeed kind lady, when you understand God…it all stops. We become heart centered as He is. The learning has some wobbles so that we can see each end of His love’s spectrum…and slowly find its center…where a beautiful, calm heart can hear and feel it all.

I was trying to make my heart do something that was not natural, I was holding it closed in my fear. That is why when we do something beautiful for someone or fall in love…it feels so ‘right’ and makes us smile, on the outside and inside. We have ‘let go’ our bits of fear or worry that normally holds it closed. It is the teacher until all we do ‘feels right’, that balance that is as natural as breathing 😀❤️🙏🏽

15 thoughts on “Heart Breath!

    1. Yes to all three dear lady…but especially to go beyond our fear of loving ourselves. That is unconditional love. Thank you for sharing kind lady, may your love ever find that freedom 😀❤️🙏🏽

    1. But it loves us so perfectly Pam, by waiting for us to find it and become what it is, in that understanding. Unconditional love is just that, when we understand and ‘let it all go’ we become that love…naturally, peacefully, perfectly. But first those ‘bits’ that bind it and changes our view so we can see the difference, feel the difference and want to go beyond those bindings.
      Almost like being teased by a chocolate, we know it will taste good, be delightful in eating it…but some fool put them all on an island ringed by crocodiles. BUT…do you know how much that gets the brain working to get around it 🤣 The crocodiles are our fear, and we will try anything to get around it. And when we finally understand that it wasn’t ever the crocodiles that were our problem…but the chocolate in my mind dragging me hither and yon ❤️
      Aaagh, what have you done? It was me, always me. I can’t blame the world anymore. Nooooooo 😂

        1. It is knowing that there is a purpose in all we do Ka, in the beginning its just the whole world against us…but no why or reasoning. Its just us trying to live let alone find a purpose. But on that day I found a jet ski to get past those crocodiles…I actually didn’t want the chocolate any more, my purpose had changed in understanding it 🤣❤️🙏🏽

  1. Love indeed is our Greatest Teacher Mark.. and I love the words you left Danielle. I think it is all about HEART… connecting, empathy, compassion, and learning to do all of that for oneself too not just for others…
    I learnt that no matter what I gave, in my perception of Love , I never felt loved, even though I was.. Until I learnt I had to learn to Love myself first..

    Its as easy as that… and yet its perhaps the hardest thing we ever do, as we have been so conditioned by multi-layers of emotions throughout our various lives, it often takes us multiple layers of peeling back those inner wounds before we can truly look ourselves in the eyes of our reflections to say I Love You..

    Once you can achieve that, and mean it…. The heart expands and we find that inner Joy and peace within..

    Another brilliant piece of advice,, I am certain Spirit have always nudged your words in the guidance you give.. I know I have certainly benefited from receiving them… ❤️

    Have a Lovely rest of the Week Mark.. 🙂 Much love ❤️

    1. Thank you kind lady, and yes, that final layer of understanding is that moment we can say ‘I love you’ to ourselves in the mirror. It is a big journey, a loving journey even though confusing because of its pain. But that pain is needed so we will be dared to go beyond those fears, even forced beyond our safe zones and be changed because of them. Only then can we understand and set ourselves free. And your last statement is very true in how Spirit guides me. In that opening through going through my fear, I have learned to open into that love and so much comes through…my higher self, Spirit, my soul, God…all is that love. I can tell if I am getting in the way (ego…mind you, many years hard labor with that guy can leave its marks I tell you 🤣), that level of loving purity, a selflessness, a total giving and a love beyond words…it diminishes quickly because I am no longer standing in it. When I was standing in that unconditional love up there, it was nothing like what I just spoke of, it was so much more profound to be beyond words. I think us in our natural state diminish it, simply because of all those conditions that we are. To breathe is a condition, this world is a condition in all we do. So to ‘stand in it’ as I said, is because I have let so much go…but while standing in gum boots, a sun hat, and with sunglasses on…tends to diminish it somewhat 🤣
      Thank you kind lady, for allowing me to share, just in hearing your heart opening is a beauty beyond words. You are giving so much more back into the world through that opening within. Thank you 😀❤️🙏🏽

  2. Love does not let us get away with it. It doesn’t let go until we look it in the eye and see its full depth. In the end, whatever happens is love, showing us the way to love – this or that way.

    1. It does indeed guide us Erika, but ever allows us to choose. That was something that always ‘poked’ me. If we are forced in any way it takes away that love, it is only a rule somewhere that we all seem to cringe at. But if we make a decision for us, it is from what we feel is best for us…a love in its choice…even if in the beginning it is swayed by our anger, fear or even a happiness. It is indeed a guide in all we do. Thank you for sharing kind lady, I do hope ‘your’ choice of a holiday was a loving break indeed 🤣❤️🙏🏽

      1. It always comes down to accepting and including what was into what is in order to become.
        Oh, yes, it was good to have a little more time at hands. For once I could work with no pressure which made me achieve even more.
        Have a wonderful day, Mark 😊

        1. Ah, there’s your self love in action again. As soon as that ‘have to work’ goes out of the equation it all changes. I can never forget in all the jobs I have done they were all a drudgery, because I had to, money to live, etc, etc. But on the day I did something I loved, the remedial massage, everything changed. I wanted to go to work and yes some days you are tired etc. But the other guys in the place I worked couldn’t understand why I was happy all the time and rocked up early or left late with a smile on my face. I think it is in the giving that changes it within us. Have a great day too Erika, may your giving give you more 🤣❤️🙏🏽

          1. I can totally confirm what you said, Mark. That reminds me of a quote that said: Choose a job you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life. (Confucius)

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