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After receiving a YouTube Your Emotion Matters from Eve, I realised why spirit had been niggling me to post a topic that may rock a few boats. I realise all paths are right regardless of the journey. Their purpose is to help that individual understand and gain the wisdom to realise that unconditional love that is the reason for our journey. So the following is in reply to that video and it will be more understandable after viewing it. It’s only a 10 min chat. if you wish to do that now, just click on the link above. Then continue under here. Thanks! πŸ™‚

I don’t know what the final destination of what he says will do, but as it currently stands it will still take an individual to understand within themselves to find that true connection that brings that enlightenment and awareness of the unconditional love that is our destination. Maybe one day they will find it, and measure it, but it will still never achieve the connection that must be done from within.

Our journey is so perfectly balanced that all that we do comes together to achieve that end. We can have the process ‘discovered’ and taught to us, and that can have advantages, but it must always be experienced to understand it and achieve what is needed to realise that end.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is…to help our journey science may assist in that process…but what purpose does it to reinvent the wheel…AND…it would never gain the perfection that is already in place to attain that unconditional love. He is totally correct in the power we have within, that ability to understand and have control of our course in life by the power of those emotions and attitudes with integrity, and their use in our lives, but the final outcome is when we have felt and understood the lowest to the highest in our lives so that we can achieve that one thing that it always teaches…and that is the ability to discern those differences and realise the truth of the love within our journey. All elements of our lives have an emotional content, something that we hold within us as we go through the many things in our lives. These are finally tempered with the wisdom that we attain by going through these multitudes of life experiences.

Until eventually we begin to realise that underlying power within us, and slowly integrate that beauty we begin to discover as we go through our lives. We learn that we put out into this world comes back to perfect our journey so we begin to ‘see’ the love that is involved in everything that we do. We learn from our hearts the beauty of a hug or being pushed away, an act of kindness or deceit. This universe and all that is in it, has been so perfectly balanced so that we learn all the emotions that bring us to the destination of our hearts. And in everything that we do on this planet, the one and only thing that we achieve, and take with us when we let go of this world, is the love and the wisdom we have achieved in our journey.

Now I’m going to really throw a spanner in the works here. Spirit spoke to me and said, ‘we know EVERYTHING, but do not ‘know’ it’. I was stunned. All the spiritual books (that I’ve read anyway), all say that the spirit (or whatever name you wish to put in here), knows everything there is to know. But this is where spirit explained to me, and I’ve quoted before…

“I can tell you to not stick your hand into the fire but it is not until you actually do get burnt that you really truly understand and ‘know’ what is meant by it, and gain that wisdom. We as spirit, and all connected, know everything, but do not ‘KNOW’ it. That is why we are here, to experience and know all of those infinite number of things that lead to the many emotional experiences….that ALL lead to that final understanding of unconditional love. Of what purpose would it be to come here if we DID ‘KNOW’ EVERYTHING. We would all be acting in a play, on a grand scale, but have no purpose. It would achieve nothing”.

It felt so simple, but all things of the spirit are. And felt so heartfelt and, dare I say it…logical, to not be a truth. It didn’t feel wrong but because of all that I had learnt up to this point, it shocked me. But eventually I gradually realised that was why I could feel within everyone a heartfelt yearning to be that love. It drives everything that we do. Ask anyone the question, ‘what do you want out of life?’, and nearly all will say to just be happy, which nearly always entails to love and be loved in return.

Now spirit did not say this next bit, but I felt from the previous conversation that all of our journeys must be for an ongoing creation. An continuation of the infinite probabilities that could occur just on our planet with the billions that have, are and will be a part of humanity, contributing to that infinite source that is God. Like everything about our lives, it is always in motion, a constant change that also reflects exactly how the universe is constantly evolving. Never to be the same one moment to the next.

Anyway, that’s my understanding, and as I said in the beginning, there are many paths and these I see in the many, and they all lead home, not that we aren’t already a part of that by the connection that is within us all. I hope what I say has meaning, and at the least, an understanding of that journey that is our lives on this beautiful, big blue planet. Namaste

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  1. Every single second of our lives we are collecting experience whether knowingly or not. We are adding it to our “a priori” knowledge, and experiential knowledge is what becomes the most important part when explaining interaction between the global processes and our own internal processes. Nobody ever knows or will know everything as we can see in the model of circles of knowledge bordering the surrounding universe of unknown. The more we know, the longer becomes the line which borders with unknown and triggers more and more questions. This clearly explains why we can try to get closer to unexplained and unknown matters, but the outline of this circle can be infinitely long, meaning, there is no state when the knowledge is absolute and complete. This also means, the more somebody knows the more they will realize how incomplete their knowledge yet is and vice versa. The outline of this circle is very short in early childhood and never becomes really long for those who do not search for either truth or discovery and are afraid or too lazy to look for answers.

    1. My apologies Inese, scrap that first reply to your comment. Had a big afternoon and thought you were replying to my post ‘From Learner To Laughter’. My reply would have sounded like it came from ‘out there’. Sorry about that! πŸ™‚
      Ahem! Meanwhile in this world :), and yes, we will keep looking to at least find what has meaning in this world, and I hope as you say that our knowledge set will never be filled, for this universe is a changing place and I think that is its purpose. It will keep creating, just as we do, so that it does have meaning, in its infinite possibilities. Maybe the only thing that does bring that understanding and peace within has always been connected with that love within so that we are more accepting and balanced when we stand in our own truth, in conjunction, with this finite life to achieve that purpose of the unconditional love that is our destination. Thank you very much for sharing your comment, it is appreciated, and again, please forgive my ‘reply’. Namaste

  2. Glad I came back, all be it a day later than stated :-).. I was so pleased to see the video was a Gregg Braden one.. I so love the philosophy of this man.. And have many of his books.. Our Emotions are everything.. Its our thought and INTENT which affects the energy around us..

    This is why Mark I ‘Know’ and have this inside Inner ‘Knowing’ that we each have a personal responsibility to think and act in peacefulness and gratitude.. Learning to forgive ourselves.. That is why I ‘know’ that if enough of us can achieve this way of BEing.. we can then create this reality within the world..

    It all begins within.. It all starts with Self.. If we want to heal the world.. we need to heal out own world.. πŸ™‚ And Love ourselves and bring more compassion and kindness back..

    when we achieve that.. The world can be at Peace..


    1. Your always welcome Sue, in a day or infinite, I’ll always be here πŸ™‚ And what you say Sue, is so very true. It is our intent with that ‘knowing’ from within. And in all that I now ‘know’, when we do finally stand in our truth and give truly from that understanding within, the miracles begin as the walls come down. And in facing our walls of fear we open to the very thing that we have been searching for, that truth that can only be built on that self love and a new journey begins. When we begin to put that out into the world it is felt and attracts others who feel that yearning within themselves, and so the ripples extend. One day soon that saturation point will be reached and we will no longer be a part of what went before, it will be the beginning of that new time where that love will be an everyday thing. Blessing to you too my friend. Namaste

  3. Mark I am coming back tomorrow so I can view the Vid link.. as its getting late in the evening here now, so I am loosing concentration.. Enjoy your Evening.. Be back soon.. πŸ™‚

  4. So pleased you enjoyed the you tube Mark. πŸ™‚ – I am not a great fan of G.B., but I do find his you tubes interesting. He certainly has gathered a large amount of data over the years, most of which is compelling and which does offer hope to human-beings at a critical time in our history.. Very best Eve

    1. Thank you Eve. He is an interesting man and it is good to see many views on this world and everything in it, or else we become fixed and stagnant. It will be interesting to follow his work as his journey obviously has meaning to many, with such a large audience, and will attract whoever is on that path, just as you or I do with our writing. Mind you, I’m in a small pond but it’s ripples still go outward πŸ™‚ Thank you again for the introduction and lovely comment, very appreciated. Namaste

  5. I’ve been a fan of Greg Braden’s for years now. I’ve learned a lot from his work. Interesting what he says about language in this (am thinking Steven Pinker). Thanks for this Mark…time to re-read “Walking Between the Worlds”

    1. Thank you Willow-Marie. It was an good video, I’m going to look a little further into his work as it seems he has been around for quite some time. I must have been busy πŸ™‚ Thank you again for sharing and increasing my reading list (Walking Between the Worlds), if I’m going to be busy it may as well be with something interesting πŸ™‚ Namaste

  6. The more we think and try to capture the knowing with our thoughts … The more thoughts come in and prevent us from ultimately accepting the truth of what is there.
    The knowing doesn’t come from the mind and trying to figure it all out …
    Sometimes simply taking a full breath and coming into the present moment with the sensations of our living breathing body and the living breathing world around us can break through the agitation of the mind …. So we embrace the knowing beyond thought.
    Still the mind and the truth will reveal itself.
    Thanks Mark for creating a place for me to reinforce something that is important for me to share!
    Val x

    1. Thank you Val. Yes, it took a while to realize until I got out of my own way the ego would still be the ruling party. It was such an amazing world when I let it all go and touched what had been waiting for me. And the ‘knowing’ began. That acceptance gives a beautiful peace, detachment even, and the understanding that everything is as it should be. Thank you for sharing that wisdom. Namaste

  7. The realization you write of is powerful! What really resonates is,”all our journeys must be for an ongoing creation”. I embraced that thought many years ago, but people I was encountering, in general, seemed to have no idea what I was saying. At that time , I was also in an emotionally abusive relationship…everything that was inside me was crushed over a period of 13 years. Emerging from that broken state, and embracing the very truths you speak of, helped to bring me out of that darkness. People who work together toward a common goal can change the world.

    1. Thank you Army of Angels. I found it to be very comforting to know that we are part of this incredible place. On an ever increasing understanding of that truth in our hearts. As I am shown so many different aspects I am so amazed at how it all fits together. Cycles within cycles, and all fitting so perfectly. And one day that common goal will be realized, and a new journey will begin to bring about that change.
      When we go through such painful times as you did, it brings our fears to the surface so a breakthrough can occur. This is the moment we embrace the truth of who we are within, step past our fears, and realize the love of ourselves by doing that. That path we take changes everything. We think so much more of ourselves by taking that plunge, and begin to realize our worth and a belief that will never be broken. Take a bow my friend, you have achieved something that will be with you forever and worth more than all the diamonds in the world. Namaste

  8. Lovely. Yes, there’s a BIG difference between knowing (facts, data, info) and KNOWING. You reminded me of something I was told last year by someone I call Earth Mother. Not exactly a spirit guide. More an extrusion of creation yeah, I know. Weird description? lol She said, “The brain is the tool, but the heart is the connection.”

    1. So very true Michelle. And we are guided by both until we realise that time has come, to step fully into our truth, and we begin another journey, but this time guided from a much different perspective. Most definitely not weird, just another path towards home from a guide that is helping your journey for an understanding that is specifically for you. If it is coming from that feeling of love within, then nothing more beautiful could be found in this world for that purpose. Thank you for your comment Michelle. Namaste

        1. Glad that it has resonated with you Michelle. There are many directions in this life but the one singular is coming from that place of love. Have a great weekend πŸ™‚ Namaste

  9. Greg’s been interesting a real asset I think to western (and My own) eyes understanding and meshing the science and spiritual ideas. like you say, it’s just reinventing what already is, like the buddha said- the ideas and words are the boat that take you there. good post, thanks for the reminder – fewer words and more feeling is all that’s needed in my life. take the boat ride and enjoy. thanks πŸ™‚ mikey

    1. Thank’s Mikey. I think it’s a great idea to get everyone going in the same direction. It may make life a little bit more interesting going towards something instead of against each other all the time. A word that seems to have been lost in the vocabulary of the world….’co-operation’. But like all cycles it will return again when its time. And as you said, the ideas and words to get you there…but we must step within to find it. Thank you again for your comment. Namaste

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