21 thoughts on “The Meaning Of Life!

    1. That it is Danielle, and covers the truth of it all. Good luck, sending you all of that loving healing for your health kind lady. Big hugs! 🤗🥰❤️🙏

    1. Oh yes Michele, an appreciation of exactly who we are regardless of where we are within that journey. It is in going through our ‘bits’, even if just seemingly small things, that show us truly who we are within. Dare to even open to someone, give up a habit or even just do ‘us’ in some way…is opening that love within us. All steps lead to love…even if seemingly bad…because they give us a feeling inside, each one leading to that truth within. Thank you for the lovely share kind lady, may the beauty of your words be exactly what others need to see…and go another step into that understanding within 😀❤️🙏

  1. It can sometimes take us to get lost first… Before we find ourselves… Only then can we face ourselves to really SEE ourselves…
    Not all are wanting to discover themselves… for they are afraid of what they may find.. Looking in the mirror is the hardest part… ❤️ xx

    1. It is indeed Sue, those long doubts and fears are ever daring us to look but those very things keep us at bay. It is that long time period of so many years that do though, eventually, give us such a profound appreciation when we finally do face ourselves. Find that freedom within from understanding them, and become something so beautiful.

      And yes, those mirrors truly ask us to look. So many reflect us back and dare us to look. We don’t like them, but it is through them that we do finally find the truth of our love. Great share kind lady, may we all go beyond those things and set our love free 😀❤️🙏

      1. I think many now are facing their reflections, Mark. As too we are seeing the world’s reflection being exposed. It’s not pretty, but a necessary task, in order we truly discover who we are.. ❤️😊🥰🙏

    1. I feel that love found kind lady, a treasure from daring to look and stand within it. Thank you for sharing that love found 😀❤️🙏

        1. Hang in there Karla, there is a beauty within it all. Some even have a lovely Miss Finn to snuggle with. Big hugs to you both 🤗🥰🤣❤️🙏

          1. You are so right, Mark! I’m hanging in faith and love! No other choice! Big hugs to you too! 💙🤍❣️💕💜

  2. I used to fear facing myself when I still believed all the lies I had internalized, but when I finally faced myself, I didn’t see a monster, just a hurt, damaged person. I knew I could like her! I grew to love her! I learned to be kind to her, and she grew, healed, then helped others!

    1. And beautifully said Tamara. It is about daring to look within and realize we are not those things branded in us from others, but what we find in daring to go beyond them and find that inner truth glowing beneath it all. It is all perfectly created this journey, hard though it may be. But in that very act of going through, we understand all those experiences and break free to become that incredible love waiting within. Great share kind lady, it does take a long time…but will be appreciated so much more because of that 😀❤️🙏

    1. That it is kind lady, given doubts so that we will look inside and dare to go beyond those very doubts. It looks a horror, but that love is asking us to find it beyond those things that hold us and find the beauty that has always been there. Thank you for the share MM, may your heart ever give that glow and light your way home 😀❤️🙏

  3. I treat people as I like to be treated; dislike hypocrites, despots and liars, and try to be as kind as I know how…Love, peace and hope are all. Sincerely Joy Lennick

    1. This life and the experience of all its adventures is showing us who we are. And you are reaching that place well Joy, I hear it every day. And it ever asks us to stand in that love and give from that place. Mind you, I do remember as the silver in my hair appears and the wisdom of those experiences show me ‘me’, I realize I was only ever ‘giving’ of what I had been shown, and shaped by, from others that I loved. And I wasn’t happy with that, because I also realized I was giving ‘their’ version of love and how I reacted to it, and those around me also reacted to me accordingly.

      I had to find mine first behind that fear I had learned from those others. And on the day I dared look into that fear and understood it…there was nothing to twist my love. And for the first time I understood that all our love is held by our fears. With mine finally understood and let go…I realized I could now love myself…truly, without that twist that was ever there in my anger and hurt that was a part of my previous love. Now without it…it is clear, open, and given from that place.

      I had finally faced myself, found the truth of who I was and now give from that place. We will all face ourselves, many times over…and slowly find that clearness as we experience it all. Thank you for your kind words dear lady, may that beauty inside ever become clearer and shared as you ever do 😀❤️🙏

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