Is It Really A Crazy World?

This is in reply to a young lady who needed a rest, a time out from WordPress and its busy, busy place of expressing so many things. A time to stop and dare to give ourselves that rest, that break we need from a world so fast. It will in fact wait for us, because it is us that make it so…


An interesting thing I found on this journey, is among the craziness, madness, disbelief and horror that this world has in spades, that their is a truth. And a very profound one.

The meaning of it all is in just healing my own heart. I don’t mean it selfishly, but in a simple rule that Spirit has shown me over and over. I can only give from what I am. If I don’t heal me, then I only ever give of a damaged version of what I have become to that point.

We are buried in guilt, doubts and fear in all our being brought up…and unintentionally I might add, because those that we love and look up to can only give of what they are. And when we are born and are raised by those people…they have not healed themselves yet so can only pass on that pain they still have within themselves. Hence when I say heal yourself first, in all those experiences we have…then we will heal others from that very beautiful and loving place.

Just to give you an idea…if I asked you to repair a space shuttle, you know you have never experienced a repair for that so you haven’t got a clue. If I ask you to heal another, that too will be only up to what you have experienced…in that healing love. And all those experiences that this world gives is shining and polishing a very loving beauty from the empathy and compassion that it gives in those experiences. So, yes, this world in all its hard, terrible, horrible things, in all its shades of grey…IS giving us a beauty beyond words.

Yes, it is hard, but it is perfect in exactly what it does. And yes, your heart aches and bleeds for what it see’s on a daily basis, simply because of how powerful the empathy and compassion you have created. You ‘feel’ so profoundly because of the love you have dared to stand in and it does sometimes become tiring and even a fatigue settles in from its constant battering. But beneath it all flows a beauty that no words can truly express. And ever in what you share, is a healing for many others in what you share. Never give up hope my friend, you will be surprised in what you share has given to another. In a word, a thought, a smile or even in your silence. It all can be felt by those many emotions in us all.

Take time off, have a rest, let go the expectations of you or others and take a break, and dare to love you by doing so. I’ll wait for you…but not because I ‘expect’ you back…but because I ‘know’ you are loving you, in whatever choice you make.

Big hugs to many a kindred soul, and thank you all for sharing the care of a bleeding heart…because I know it can only bleed from the love you have already created. And for that, thank you for sharing that very love in all you have written and shared. Thank you, always. Many a heart has been opened in that love you have given πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™


49 thoughts on “Is It Really A Crazy World?

  1. Well, my goodness, Mark, you had a birthday. I hope your birthday was the best ever! On your post, I agree, we can only give what we have to give. I finally figured that out after blaming my parents for so much. I realize that they were on empty most of the time and did their best. I like to say that I always have tried to give my best, but sometimes my best ended up being my worst.

    1. Thank you Michele, another year of blessings even if our world does seem a little crazy. And celebrated with aplomb…chocolate!🀣 And yes to those many empty cups we are raised by…but…we all do slowly fill them in many ways as time goes by. That is why those we love and look up to do have great loving parts within them…just wobble in some ways. Like there is a leak in the cup. And some have a hole at the bottom and ever seem empty. And for us wanting that love so desperately it seems like an echo in there each time we reach for that love. But the biggest hole is those fears, doubts and negativities they have unintentionally passed onto us. Once we see and understand what built it, we will let them go and seal our cup. And it takes many attempts kind lady, it isn’t an easy path…but that is why there will be such an appreciation when we do find our answer. You never give your worst Michele, they are all beautiful attempts to see where that love is. That is a big, big positive. In fact, even in those times where we seem to ‘give up’ is but a rest until that urge to find that love again begs us to dare it once more. Take a bow kind lady, it is ever a loving courage to become that love and happiness we ever search for. Big hugs kind my friend, may love ever tap you on the shoulder to come out and play πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ™

  2. Ooh as I read through the comments Mark.. I see a Belated Happy Birthday is needed.. I hope you had a most wonderful Birthday Mark….

    I think I have been following your advice given here Mark. as I also took a blog break to BE in my own energy for a while… Away from the Crazy world at large…
    Wise words as always my friend.. β€οΈπŸ™πŸ’–

    1. Thank you Sue, blessings gratefully received kind lady…and yes, too much chocolate…but hey, it is but once a year πŸ€—πŸ€£
      It is great advice, a little time to balance what we are, in your garden, in your craft, and most certainly in your heart my friend. I hope you, hubby and biscuit are rested well πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™

  3. Happy Birthday Mark! πŸ₯³πŸ˜ Wishing you abundant blessings, an endless supply of your favorite chocolates and many reasons to smile throughout the course of your life. It was so caring and thoughtful of you to write this post for your blogging friend that needed a break. I know every blogger has been there and what we need in blogging often coincides with what we need in β€˜real life.’ Many people feel conflicted by the need for self-care. I was raised in an environment devoid of boundaries and self-care. Castigation was the response to my efforts to set boundaries and protect my well-being. Sometimes we just need to hear that we matter and that it’s okay to care-give ourselves. Your post sent that loving message out into the world today. πŸ™β€οΈ

    1. Thank you MM, blessings gratefully received kind lady. Another year of wonder and wisdom (when I listen 🀣). 65 years…there has been many miles of water under our bridges in that time and I think we all absorb some of it. And in that, even after a lifetime, we do begin to realize our worth. After so long of being in so much of where our lives seem devoid of any love or self care, we do reach a point of ‘enough’ and step beyond it. Real life has so many roles and rules, expectations to bury them, and self doubt and fear to keep us beyond the truth in our hearts. And it is a most beautiful and profound thing to see others dare to go beyond them and become themselves. Having never done it before they just need permission to be themselves and find that love of self. It is not selfish when we understand that we ‘cannot give from an empty cup’, and build that self love and belief of who we are. People then want to be around us instead of hesitating because of what we were. Thank you for sharing kind lady, of you and the wishes of that love in your blog πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™

      1. I second all of those thoughts, truths, and emotions! I have found that once we reach that point of enough is enough, we keep getting bolder in our quests to break free and roll with that forward momentum. That permission from others and ourselves really gets the ball rolling! Happy 65! Woot!! πŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ

        1. Thank you kind lady, your comment is beautifully written and gratefully received. And we will dare to go beyond and find that self love. Thank you πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™

  4. β€œI can only give from what I am. If I don’t heal me, then I only ever give of a damaged version of what I have become to that point.” The truth your words resonate deeply. We must take time to self-repair and set healthy and self-sustaining boundaries, before we can give of ourselves from a healthy and healing place. We are surrounded by humanity’s brokenness. It’s not easy to protect our energies in a draining world awash in fresh horrors every day. We need guilt-free time for self-care. We cannot pour out from an empty cup. Thank you for the validation and wisdom, my dear friend. β€οΈπŸ™

  5. A comment from my lovely friend Barbara Franken…(Alas, there are some who are still having trouble commenting on here)
    Yes in this crazy world it becomes even more essential to make sure we stay in balance. Mainly because everyone else is so out of balance in all aspects, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually!

    I even got caught up in it the other day as people acted out towards me and then my printer decided not to work and I received my tax bill! It feels terrible so after feeling it all I chilled for a day!

    At some stage we all must learn to listen to ourselves rather than others… and spread the work load and take time for self!

    Indeed when we’re burned out chasing our own tail, we’re no good to anyone!

    Thank you mark for your beautiful loving words of heart wisdom!

    1. Sorry Barbara, when I put your comment in I had copied the top line from a comment from Ginger and forgot to change her name to yours. I swear this ‘change’ that is coming through has seriously wobbled communications everywhere πŸ™

      But…to your lovely comment. And as I said, this change has truly asked us to go much deeper than our usual daily lives. Those moment where we would just ‘consider’ something has now turned to a gentle nudge into…everything. I can relate to anything technology too, my computer is truly doing its thing and as what happened now really is holding its hand up.

      And yes, it is a time to take some time out. After all you have been through kind lady it brings your heart to a place where you realize I must do me or I’ll just be in a corner somewhere in a mess. And you are doing so well even if those recent times are still testing you. To have the courage to just do you and take some time out is a greater love for self than those expectations of others.

      Thank you for your lovely words, they are ever appreciated kind lady. May the changes ever just be for that love within πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ™

      1. Unbelievable…I’ve even spelt your last name wrong…sorry about that too. (fixed). I think I might go to the beach for a chill out and do a coffee for a few hours, even though it is currently pouring down rain πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ™

  6. “I can only give from what I am. If I don’t heal me, then I only ever give of a damaged version of what I have become to that point.” This has so much truth!

    I see bloggers sometimes feeling very guilty about having their own needs, feeling they need to always be providing material for their readers to read, and worried they will lose interest if not fed daily. Whew! That’s exhausting! During the pandemic I was posting daily affirmations and positive thoughts, but afterwards it became too much to keep up. I had to give myself permission to dial things back and to post at a rate that was manageable for my busy life, to have true emotional, spiritual AND physical balance in my life that made sense.

    We cannot give from and empty cup, and we never should give and give so much we are depleted and have nothing to nourish ourselves with! It isn’t being selfish to set our schedules to be more manageable, just practical and sensible!

    1. We do ‘feel’ an expectation to give so much, like not being accepted if we don’t. And within that a habit, a way of being in almost all we do…until that day we start to see that there is something else, a light, an appreciation after facing that last crushing emotional uproar in a break up, or the loss of someone close. A dare to look deeper and realize we are truly worth so much more than we have felt forever…even of what we have been branded for so long. And in that we finally listen to reason, see that we cannot do this any longer so dare to do us…and see within it a love that we thought was lost. And yes, fill that cup that was ever empty, and see our worth clearly for the first time. Great share Tamara, a little time out to refill that cup is indeed loving ourselves so that we can give from a much more loving and healthier place. Thank you for sharing your cup kind lady πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ™

  7. A comment from my lovely friend Ginger…(We usually just do an email…but I had to put this comment in 🀣)


    Mark, the only thing you might be bigheaded about is your stash of chocolate! Lol!

    You are open and honest about your own experiences and I appreciate that. One size does not fit all when it comes to love. There are so many kinds of love. We love people, animals, food, colors, movies, books, tv shows, a particular pair of shoes, but we often leave ourselves off that list. Love can be so complicated at times and so simple at times. I wonder if we overthink it sometimes.

    We all need a break from our daily routine now and then. Often we feel guilty taking β€œtime off”. We need to treat ourselves better. We only go around once, as far as I know!

    Ginger πŸ¦‹

    1. Who…me? Chocolate? Never! πŸ€—πŸ€£
      And yes Ginger, one size most certainly does not fit all. Many the adventure, many the pathway to find us. And especially chocolate 🀣
      But it is true that our fears keep us off that list of love, but thankfully this journey down here slowly guides us onto that path. And I think we do overthink it, probably because it affects us so much in so many ways. But sometimes a rest is just what the doctor ordered, a break to just be ourselves…and in that, that loving of ourselves.
      As for going around once…Spirit has never mentioned it…but…always a feeling that I can see it does take a long time to love ourselves. Does it need more time to understand, would we want to come back to this crazy world, for within it is some incredibly beautiful and magical times too.
      And the chocolate! πŸ€—πŸ˜‚
      Thank you for the share kind lady, hopefully these comments come through to you πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™

    1. When I finally saw such incredible depth in all we do…I was just astounded. It brought me to tears that ‘I’ was being given such a profound gift, ever up to me to accept it, unconditionally. That very act created it…and…just…left…me…speechless. To be accepted, loved, and cared for so beautifully is beyond words. And that love we never seem to find for us…it is there, it is giving us every experience it can so that we can indeed find it…find us…and become it in that understanding. It isn’t even possible to fail because each step we take IS for that love and happiness we ever search for, it is as natural as breathing air. May each breath you take ever leave it closer within kind lady. Enjoy the journey Ka, there is not another like it πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ™

  8. I too had a similar thought, to take some times off the rushy fast paced world. Life seems to be moving so fast and we might be swayed by the energy that doesn’t align with our souls, but as you said it’s all for love, whatever we do is for our highest good and other’s too. All we’re going through is part of the process, all we need is to align our minds with our hearts… allowing things to be but also allowing ourselves to be. Much thanks for your wonderful message

    1. We tend to hold a path in our focus, even seemingly enjoy it. But that balance is missing, that loving ourselves enough to take a break. Mind you we sometimes really have our heart into something, an achievement built from a love that we really are at our peak. It is in knowing the difference and give that rest with the integrity of that love. And most certainly yes in your comment, it is all done for love. It all shows us ‘us’. In a previous post ‘The Meaning Of Life’, it is summed up in one line….’You just have to face you…and then, what you do with you, with what you find’. Thank you for the share kind sir, and the message that your heart gave with love πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™

    1. I hope so Samantha, your journey has indeed touched that crazy world in its depth and no greater gift can you give than rest your soul to find that balance again. There is so much grief in going through it all, those many heartfelt losses that leave us gasping for air.

      And there is one very strong message in that…we can push ourselves to huge limits, a marathon physically in doing many things. Build a house, literally run a marathon, focus on some achievement that can take years. But those can be rectified and re-balanced with a few weeks or a month or two of rest. But our hearts, that stress of a grief, a loss, even a separation and the emotional craziness within that…it takes years, literally, to go through such an upheaval.

      Many do not realize this and think ‘oh, its been 6 months, I should be fine’. But our heart and minds need more than that, much more. A lifetime of a way of being is profoundly imprinted because of that love, to lose it so suddenly or even over a stretch of time as we try to repair and heal something we so desperately don’t want to lose truly tries us. But then…that is the journey. To ask us to go beyond that love we have had, to dare to let go what we thought was forever and come back inside to us, the one person we have not truly loved because we ever thought that love was in another, only to have it tear so badly. And in that process, as hard as it is, finally a true acceptance of who we are. That love that has been gently waiting within us, and truly connect to a love that I cannot explain properly because it is so profound a place. It left me in tears, big, huge happy tears because I saw its purpose. All of it, the pain, the mad emotions in those relationships…all do have a great purpose so that we can see this beauty waiting for us to see it within us.

      And no, your not blind. You are getting closer and closer with all those hard paths, much empathy and compassion climbing that mountain where it will be found. You are flowering kind lady, even if the days are long and you are seemingly lost. Trust me, in its touch you will be glad of each and every step that you made.

      Oops, nearly another post. Hang in their kind lady, a view beyond words awaits πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ™

  9. It is very helpful to read this blog post as I prepare to take a break from my regular life and spend a couple of months in a tent (with internet access a 15-minute walk away – so I won’t be completely out of touch…) Thank you, Mark!

    1. Then I hope it gifts you with a refreshed heart, mind and soul kind sir. May there be much clean air, trails to follow…and maybe not too much sand in your shoes. Enjoy it well my friend, whatever it shares πŸ€£β€οΈπŸ™

  10. That is so amazing in so many many ways….I am seeing this very thing with my son.
    How is he supposed to become things that he has yet to experience? If I kept him sheltered I rob him of these moments in his life that need to be felt so he can in turn become more – more understanding more compassionate – more loving.
    I am not sure who needed the break from WP but I have an idea.
    A sensitive loving soul – who yes needs rest.
    There is so much to learn here – loving self – loving others – the feelings the emotions the uncertainties that fear – passed from person to person – that we believe.
    But when we transcend it all and realize that it IS ALL LOVE. Then we breathe.
    Thank you so much for this post it was “write” – right on time for me! Have a great day !! One ahead of me!

    1. It was such a profound understanding to me also Danielle. To see that journey in us and realize others must do it too. Your words explain it so beautifully kind lady, a journey we all must take to understand.
      And most certainly yes, we must all experience these many things for that love to flow, change us to and allow us to go beyond it…into that unconditional place.
      And very much also kind lady, that we will indeed breathe when we understand us…and ‘let go’ those many things that hold us. But, that is a very profound thing, it holds us so that we ‘can’ understand. And in that moment of understanding…we let it go. Until all is let go…and in that very act we become that unconditional love. It is that place of total understanding…and yes, we can all be in that very place.
      Have a great day too Danielle, this very beautiful and profound gift from God, of His unconditional love, is right there waiting for us to all fall, trip, stumble…and understand its beauty in doing so πŸ€—πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™

    1. Truly Frank, it can sidetrack us powerfully. The multimedia of this world has a grip and hopefully we all do find that balance and find that ‘life’ around us all πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™

  11. This is such a loving and mindful reply as only you can create it. You see the being behind – whether consciously or unconsciously – but you connect with everyone on a deep level which makes you always find the words the other person needs so much. Monday, July 8th, I will share in a post how you nudged me forward unknowingly, only because you feel the being behind the person. Thank you for letting love reign your life to touch others so beautifully πŸ’–

    1. I thank you Erika for such a beautiful reply. I’m just trying to not sound ‘big headed’ in what I say, but from a place of understanding in two ways. From my experiences and the understanding that gives. Like that space shuttle, if I haven’t experienced it, I could not explain it here. But in life’s turmoil, Spirit gifted me by ‘dumping’ me in it, and even then going beyond it so I could understand. I try to give from that place, and in that I realize that gift is a very precious understanding in our journey. I can now ‘see me’ in others and can guide from that place. Not that I see everything, there are many others that sit me on my backside as they guide me, in that awareness. We all have it, in many different ways.
      I look forward to your post kind lady, and glad if it helped you see you. No greater gift can be shared than that love within it all…as you do so well also πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ™

      1. Oh, no, Mark, you have never sounded bigheaded at all. You sound like a loving compassionate soul who can feel another soul. You are giving from your heart and share what you got gifted with and the deep insights you have experienced. As you said, “No greater gift can be shared than that love within it all.” and that is what you do. Thank you for the love and ecouragement you spreadπŸ’–

        1. Thank you Erika, your words a gift and accepted with the love they were given kind lady. Thank you β€οΈπŸ™
          Psst, and I was given another gift today too my friend. The fact I made another birthday…65…Whoohoo! πŸ€—πŸ€£β€οΈπŸ™

          1. Happy Birthday, Mark πŸŽ‰I wish you wonderful new insights, less pain but still growing awareness, my dear friend πŸ’–I am happy to know that love will be on your side for every moment πŸ’–

            1. Thank you Erika, wishes gratefully received and readied for a new year of that very love kind lady. May it be with us all every moment. Thank you! πŸ€—πŸ₯°πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™

    1. Indeed they are Frank, we need to reconnect with life occasionally so we can re-balance and see where we truly are. It even refreshes us inside and out, and why I at least do a coffee by the beach most days. The world has much to share beyond my keyboard πŸ€—
      Thank you for the share kind sir, may your world be that balance πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™

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