The Ropes That Bind Us!

The following is something that I found in my draft folder in my move across to my new site here. I had tucked it away 3 years ago because it was missing something. I know it looks like something I would write but I have this strange feeling that it is something I have copied (or at least a part of it and I’ve added to it), and was waiting to get copyright to it. From a spiritual sense these words have come through from a ‘knowing’, those words that come through us , I can feel that depth in its words. I had hunted all over the net to find even a piece of it but it would not be found. As soon as I found it in my folder again spirit said it should not be hidden in the darkness but see the light of day. It’s words are too profound to be silenced.

If this is someone else’s work please let me know so that I may obtain proper permissions and attribute copyright to its rightful place.




β€œNothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

~Martin Luther King, Jr.


And out of the mouths of those few in the world who have great fear and ignorance in their heart, came forth a greed that is insatiable.
In constant movement, forever seeking to sate that fear within, but only building it bigger and stronger in each morsel it takes, only satisfying an instant in time before wanting more.
And in each movement it takes, the rope gets longer and longer, slowly becoming a weight that we all must hold.
For that rope is our acceptance, whether consciously or not, allowing them more and more room for their fear.
And our fears hold us from standing in our truth, allowing the ropes in this world to extend further with each denial we give ourselves.
And as each second goes by, we are tested, as that balance within asks of us our truth.
Must we stay in this pain of un-love, this life of subservience to the fears of ourselves and others.
Or do we love ourselves enough to stand, release the ropes that bind us, and in doing so, find a truth that we deny ourselves.
For in our hearts is a key, to love ourselves enough to stand truthfully and deny what binds us by those fears.
Choose, for in that journey we can become what they project, be subservient to their greed, and allow that weight.
Or love ourselves enough for us, our children and our future, to become our truth by denying their fear.
Ask your heart, is this me?…or the wishes of another?
What is my truth?
This will always be the question until that love within is released, by being that love to yourself…and finally you will see.
By beginning to create a world that no longer accepts their fears, by destroying ours, no longer holds the ropes of others, by releasing our own rope.
Stand in that love, it will save you, others, and a world that deserves that freedom too, no longer controlled by the fear of a few.
Stand and I will stand too, together we can build what we have forever looked for within. Break that cycle and stand in your truth.
Become the beauty that you are, and re-build this world from the discovery of that love within.
Believe in you and what you want to become…a rope less world, and a freedom like no other.
Be that love…your love!

33 thoughts on “The Ropes That Bind Us!

    1. The ropes had something to say, as does our hearts from the weight πŸ˜€ ❀️ πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ¦‹

    1. We do eventually Kate, thankfully. In the meantime we just need to give ourselves enough rope so that we can learn that we actually no longer need it πŸ˜€
      Thank you for sharing πŸ˜€

      1. we have it now Mark, we just haven’t tapped into it yet!
        We use the term give people enough rope to hang themselves so your whole rope thing is quite eerie …

        1. Sorry Kate, I’m having a few problems with people unable to comment or like on here, I just found you in the Spam folder hence the late reply
          True, we do have that inner love but we block it by holding onto those ropes. It is meant to show us our beliefs and expectations of ourselves and others act like those ropes, keeping us bound in them. And until we have the courage to stand in our truth and break free we will never find that inner happiness that we all look for.
          It is like most people going to their work. It is a drudgery and a struggle to get up each day and face whatever it is they do. But if you follow your heart and seek that work that you enjoy and love to do, it no longer binds you in its actions and brings a smile to your heart each day

  1. Beautifully written Mark! I’m so sorry you’ve lost your followers but I am glad I’m able to follow you again! I hope you’re feeling better and that all is well!

    1. I’ve even lost a pile of my stats as well. Over 22,000 views were there when I came across and one morning I woke up and they had disappeared. I’ve been blocked by spirit for some reason and I’m still not sure of the outcome.
      Regardless, I can now hear your voice, things are looking up. And thank you for your wishes Yvonne, they are returned in kind dear lady ❀️

  2. I’ve been having the hardest time to comment here, Mark, and I keep getting unfollowed with your blog. You keep following me too when I know you are already following me. I’m commenting from my phone because on my laptop I’m being told I’m not logged in, which I am, preventing me to leave a comment. I’ve missed you and your comments. This is frustrating!

    1. Yes Amy, I’m getting the same thing again. I’ve only been able to follow about 6 sites but I seem to be able to mostly comment and like ok.
      And I have only had about 20 re-follow me (from the 800 I had), not sure if that is my popularity πŸ˜€ , or no-one can do it because of the problems.
      Hang in there while I delve deeper and see if I can bring it to its senses πŸ˜€ ❀️

  3. I do believe that standing in that love will save ourselves and others–thanks for sharing, Mark . . .

  4. Our hearts are indeed the Key dear Mark, learning to find and stand in that truth as you finally learn the acceptance of who you are and are able to look within and truly learn to love yourself.

    A journey that sounds so simple, a key you would think each of us would easily find, and yet built within our human makeup are so many hang ups, so many barriers we have built up and held onto, that have prevented us in freeing us from the layers of judgement we carry around with us for others and ourselves.

    Learning to let go of judgement and freeing ourselves from the fears of what others may think of us, what we perceive of ourselves, or the fears others instil into us, is a process that takes many steps as we pull ourselves up, raising our vibration in love.

    Loved this piece of writing Mark, and I think you did write this, I often look back within my journals and ponder, did I really write this or that? Such a deep profound piece we find is often guided.

    How ever it came to be written Mark, I am delighted you decided to share it from your drafts my friend..
    We all need to discover that Love, now more than ever..

    Be well dear friend..
    Much love your way

    1. Thank you Sue. It is a beautiful journey once we find that understanding in the end. To be able to look back and ‘see’ truly that all we have experienced has indeed taken us to exactly where we needed to go to find that love and happiness we have always sought. That final truth of loving ourselves unconditionally because our conditions we had placed on ourselves have finally been met, understood and released.
      It does sound like my writing but something was holding it back. Maybe I needed to ‘see’ a little more before it could be appreciated and set free πŸ˜€
      Thank you for your love and blessings kind lady and returned in kind. May your inner self guide you always towards that unconditional, ropeless world ❀️

      1. Thank you Mark, its wonderful to have travelled the road with you my friend and for your own awareness and understanding which have often lifted me when I got down. πŸ˜€ ❀️

        1. It is those magic moments we share with another and have mirrored back to us that help us to ‘see’ and guide us past those ropes that always held us.
          And thank you for being my teacher also, as these moments always are a two way journey. ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will come!’ ❀️

        2. And I forgot to mention, nice new Gravatar image with something you designed I would suspect. Very nicely done Sue, it looks good πŸ˜€ ❀️

          1. This circle of flowers was inside a flower tent display at the flower show Mark. It was designed by a florist who did wedding displays. It was part of a collection where we could put our heads in and hubby took the photo I thought it time for an upgrade it was perfect as it says relax on the rim. Glad you like it

            1. I knew it was made with much love, just didn’t associate it with a wedding lol. But it does look good for you, wedded as you are to the love you express in your blog ❀️

              1. Bless you Mark there was another headdress like an Indian chief but the cue to have a picture there was longer lol

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