Why Do We Climb Mountains?

To understand our lives. It is one of the most simple and exquisitely beautiful things we will ever touch on our journey. When achieved we will stand in amazement as its meaning washes over us and the bars of our self built cages will break and set us free.

All of life is a cycle, whether it be our first time at something and the nervousness and fear of facing up to it, to our very laid back approach because we have now faced those things and now understand them because of those experiences, slowly building a confidence each time they are faced.

First time at a sport, driving a car, climbing mountains, singing (ok, it never was my forte 😀 ), being a Mother or Father, and on and on with those many, many things that we face through life to eventually be better, more understanding and even a pride at achieving those many things.

And life is that very thing, to dream, to attempt, experience and achieve so many parts that are of this world. And even some of these things will be a bit rough around the edges, like my singing, because it will not be our forte, but we will have attempted it in their doing. And as each and every bit is added to the mix of understanding a wisdom is achieved, an acceptance of who we are because we do understand our limitations and excellence in all that we do.

But in the beginning this world is very conditional with all of these many things that we have never faced. And as we have been taught from birth by those we love and looked up to, that those very people are struggling with ‘their’ early experiences, not fully understanding as yet that wisdom achieved from many years of experience and unintentionally ‘passing on’ those early understandings that are woven with many conditions as they struggle to find that nirvana that never seems to be achieved as each mountain peak is climbed.

Like that first job, all nerves and afraid to do it wrong, we will face life exactly the same way, slowly building an emotional understanding and confidence and be tested in many ways as time goes by. And when we feel that we have failed at something it leaves us disappointed, a mark on us that keeps niggling us to look and see why. A dent in our emotional armor for all to see.

And slowly that ache inside that holds us will keep entering our lives because it never seems to be resolved, the pain of it a reminder of some inability within ourselves that never seems to break free and become that love and happiness that we always seek.

But it is asking of us to find the key, with many hints of what this pain is built of, but never seeing it for what it really is. Even to the point of asking us to look deeper because a particularly traumatic time asks us to uncover that pain once more, see if we can break through ‘this time’ and finally understand. It can be such a painful journey but the very thing we seek at those mountain tops requires it of us. An appreciation of something that it has taken our lives to find and understand. That last peak, the big one that will finally be the tallest so that we can ‘see’ all around and appreciate what it has taken to achieve this wondrous view…finally seeing the forest…because of the tree’s.

Without the struggle it has no meaning, as all cycles have a beginning and an end. No part can be achieved without what went before. That understanding and appreciation of love ‘because of’ the pain, anger, struggle and fear that we have faced to achieve it. All those emotions brought about because of what we each individually needed to face to fine tune that understanding. And like that last step to the summit, an appreciation of what went before.

It is no small feat. A lifetime of trying to break free of this ‘thing’ that will not let us go until we understand. Fine tune each step so that whenever it holds us in its thrall we slowly understand that what went before was not that key we have been looking for so we try again. Sometimes blocking because we are not ready yet.

But one day all of those paths come together, all of those experiences and the wisdom that we have gained will push us to do the unknown, step beyond what we think we can do and like all masters challenge our beliefs to step where no man/woman has gone before…a belief beyond what had held us for so, so long and finally ‘see’ that what we have held in our hearts had great purpose. To ‘see’ that stairway leading up the mountain in all its glory, to understand that we had to follow our own paths exactly as we have to achieve that very understanding. To ‘see’ that by doing exactly as we have, trips, stumbles and falls guiding us to that very key to open a lock within to a beauty almost beyond belief as it shows us how it has all been done exactly as it is so that we can ‘see’ and appreciate that love like no other. There is no ‘wrong’ as each and every step has only one thing in its purpose, to guide, give understanding and find that thing we always seek. It is the only path or we would never finally ‘feel’ its beauty in our understanding of that path.

Climb my friends and understand that even if you do fall down, know that beneath it has great purpose, because behind it all is a love like no other. It wishes to show you someone, a someone who does know how to struggle, does believe enough of themselves to take that next step, and in doing so will find that nirvana of love and happiness that they looked for, for so long, is really there waiting for them.

Believe in you…climb and be free ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

34 thoughts on “Why Do We Climb Mountains?

    1. Most certainly dear lady, I should be thankful I have the health that I do. To be in a life of disability would test the stoutest heart indeed. I sit in awe when I see someone daring their journey of pain, and attempting things that I would not even consider. It was an amputee in a sailboat…left me speechless…but tears in seeing the greatest smile on his face because he had dared and won ❤️
      Many do that each day by just waking and facing great adversities in just being themselves ❤️
      May your day be with a smile, that inner love of hope, and some dreams of chocolate not too far out of reach dear lady 😀 ❤️

  1. I climbed the mountain to see the view from the top! I learned it wasn’t about the view, but the journey, and all the experiences along the way. Thank you for this inspiration Mark

    1. And thank you Val, and welcome. It most certainly is the journey dear lady, it just happens to have a lovely view through new eyes anyway 😀 ❤️

  2. It would appear that this site is giving you quite the workout on mountain all to itself!
    … Still I will always journey with you ~

    Knowingly, I am a small part of this universe that has unwavering energies of unconditional love, wisdom, and healing.

    Though through it all, it’s often a struggle while climbing when the ground beneath you begins to erode. Where you once filled an empty space for footage becomes a perception of failing attempts. Somehow you find the strength because you love yourself yet it’s the repetitiveness of what the universe throws at you that sometimes makes you weary.
    I am inspired by your thoughts and resting ~~

    1. Lovely words Linda, thank you. And yes, my first site (https://healingyourheartfromwithin.wordpress.com) seems to have decided that I could climb no further on that peak so I moved to this site at (https://healingyourheartfromwithin.com.au) to begin the climb from another direction. But I have to admit it has begun quite wobbly with a few things still not in alignment 😀
      Regardless, I do hope you are well and send much love and light for your journey. May it be full of that energy ❤️

  3. A beautiful post full of wisdom and inspiration. There is so much that could be said in response, I fear I would take over your entire blog. Thank you for sharing this. Here is a little food for thought as to why we have to climb mountains and gather our life experiences.
    You cannot stay on the summit forever, you have to come down again. So why bother in the first place? Just this: What is above knows what is below, but what is below does not know what is above. One climbs, one sees. One descends, and sees no longer, but one has seen. There is an art of conducting oneself in the lower regions by the memory of what one saw higher up. When one can no longer see, one can at least still know.
    -Rene Daumal

    1. Thank you Rene, and it is as you have explained. It is in experiencing, the ‘knowing’ that the power of our fear diminishes. It is always the unknown that holds us in its thrall.
      We do not ‘know’ unconditional until we ‘know’ conditional, and in that knowing we let go all those things we hold against us, to finally, truthfully, be free ❤️
      By the way, this is my new site (healingyourheartfromwithin.com.au and still being tested), as my old site (healingyourheartfromwithin.wordpress.com), has been causing a few headaches.
      Welcome aboard, you are my first visitor, like and comment, even though there are many comments here I have not been able to ‘bring over’ my old followers and likes etc so I will have to start from scratch.
      I’m just about ready to leave a post at the old site to redirect to here, just making sure all is working here.
      Thank you for sharing ❤️

      1. Wise words indeed and much appreciated. Best of luck with your new site my friend and may it never cause any headaches. Hard to believe the old site did

        1. Thank you kind lady, blessings gratefully received. The old site was arguing with some software and what appears to be new code for WordPress and/or the browsers. I think spirit wanted me to stretch and adventure out into a new place for a while 😀 ❤️

    1. Thank you Yvonne. Spirit gave me an urge to go ‘mountain climbing’ 😀
      I have many a barked shin, stubbed toe and bruises all over…but I can now smile truly, from a place with a view all around like no other 😀 ❤️ xo

  4. Indeed Mark, Life is a cycle, each time around to bring learning and growth.
    I think many of us embark upon our journeys seeking, and knowing we ‘lack’ something in our lives, many of us are taught, we need to fill that gap, ‘that ache’ you speak of by achieving that promotion, that better position in a new job. Or we feel a new location or a new relationship is what is lacking. We go through life seeking externally all of the ‘things’ in life we feel will fill that ache, that gap, that void within..

    But isn’t it wonderful Mark when at last we have sorted out the wheat from the chaff, and finally understood.. Even though there have been many setbacks and obstacles we have had to climb over.. Many layers we have had to peel away to finally lay ourselves bare.

    Each bruise, each cut, along the long climb, each scar a valued lesson as testament to the struggle it takes to climb a mountain.
    There is no struggle greater than when we dive within and climb back out after shedding the baggage along the way up.

    The journey is the Climb. And finding yourself surrounded by Love when you finally realise that all we had to do was to conquer the summit is to discover the love within your own heart..

    Love that was always there, always surrounding you, but we had to climb up and appreciate the view..

    LOVE and Blessings Mark.. Loved your enlightening words my friend..
    Apologies I am only just now arriving… I had yet another summit to conquer..

    Love and Light… ❤️

    1. No apologies needed dear lady, each and every step we take is a magnificent belief in who we are. In the beginning it may seem like we can never do it, at the bottom of the climb and experiencing slips and slides over and over, but as time goes by that belief becomes stronger as we achieve those many things.
      Then the real attempt at the summit begins. We know it may take several attempts but our belief in ourselves want us to try. And because it has taken such pain and heartbreak to finally reach that summit, the appreciation of that view will have such an impact on us. To know we have done this for us, achieved something that never even seemed to be possible in the beginning, but now there for us to see in all its glory.
      We have found ‘us’, the true us because the doubt of years of struggle has been beaten and we have claimed our right to believe in ourselves, no longer held back by those doubts in life. Those layers have been peeled away until there is only that truth of what we are, empowering ourselves in that struggle to understand that what we really are inside is that love and happiness we have always sought, now realising it can only be found in that struggle or it would have no meaning.
      Glad to hear your views are going on forever Sue, the beauty of all else is that view within, only then can we truly ‘see’ and appreciate our journey ❤️
      Love and light to you also my friend, may your steps now always be that truth within ❤️ 😀 ❤️

  5. Much wisdom here but one simple line resonates the most for me: “No part can be achieved without what went before.” Amen. And there it is.

    1. Thank you Kristine. It is an amazing thing when we truly ‘see’ our journey and the beauty (even though very hard at times), in hindsight. And also realise that it has to touch us in that way so that we will respond in such a way to finally break through our fear and in that understanding feel a love like no other…our love ❤️

  6. Most of my life I have been climbing my mountain, Mark, determined to find ME and to find the LOVE I know myself to be. I had so many obstacles. So many lies and distortions and even how I viewed life itself was all messed up. Yet I kept climbing against all odds. To embrace that power that I know I am and to live it, there is no other way for me but to do just that. You have written such a powerful post here. Your insights and your wisdom I cherish. Thank you for being you. Thank you for making the climb. And thank you for being that Beacon of Light as an example to those who are yet still caught in the snare of the quick sand. ?

    1. Why thank you beautiful lady, your words are very much appreciated. And I am most certainly glad that your heart is being cleared of those many things in life that, as much as they are for helping us find that love, are such a relief when they’re weight is let go 😀
      And your view from ‘up there’ is most certainly a reward for just believing in yourself, having the courage to climb that final step and face those fears that keep us bound. Take a bow Amy, that love you have now found is that love we deny ourselves for so long. May your lighthouse be a guide for others too ❤️

      1. Aw, Mark. I’ve got tears in my eyes. I’m finally reaping what I have sown for many many years. Both of us are walking into a new world, one that we have discussed. How did I get here? Determination and sheer Mind over Matter. I’m doing this mentality, no matter what! Whew! ?

        1. And what a journey Amy, never thinking it will end but as we step past those many things a beauty begins to form, something that will bring a glow of the love and self realisation that we have searched for all our lives. Always thinking it is never to be found but in the most unexpected way it has finally shown itself, in that last place we look…inside ❤️

  7. Love what you have written here Mark. It’s so true that we have to go through the pain in order to come out the other end. Somehow in all we go through we will find our true self, but we have to be willing to learn along the way.

    1. Thank you Michele, and yes we do need to be willing. That little mantra of free choice backed by an inner voice to guide us. We just have to learn to truly listen with the hubbub of a conditional world roaring in our ears 😀
      And the amazing part is…we are that incredibly amazing that we can, and do actually do it, to clear a channel and finally find that love inside ❤️

    1. Most certainly dear lady, our journey is always shared by those around us, especially those loved ones who are always by our sides through thick and thin ❤️

  8. Beautifully written dear Mark… it reminds me of my question I haunted myself with, repeating it along my path but never receiving an answer until the day I finally understood…

    I always knew there was something more to life, some magic… some answer… and it seemed many people I came across had dome special power to sense the truth, of knowing what life was all about and finding purpose and duty… AND I asked myself all the time, why don’t I have these special powers?

    What I know now is that these people were working to keep the connection with the cosmos and earth visible… at the time when humanity was in the midst of such density… holding the vision of harmony! For me and many others it was important to live and experience, to walk and fall, in order to learn and remember the truth. Nobody else knows our truth as we all have different reasons to explore and discover!

    I was so fixated on other people being better than me that I allowed it to cloud my path… yet that was exactly what I needed to experience and realise.

    I answered my life question after much experience, realising IAM so special and my special power is amazingly magnificent AND expanding as each moment unfolds.

    Thankyou so much mark for your story and supporting and inspiring your friends around you❤️ Much love, barbara

    1. Thank you Barbara. You have hit the nail on the head by your very own journey. It is by experiencing us as we go through those many things that keep us at bay, and in that very journey it guides us so that when our hearts are ready only then will we begin to ‘see’. And yes, we are very special indeed to be able to have this journey and realise that inner love because of this very path we take. Like painting a beautiful picture…first we must mix the paint to see what works and what doesn’t in all those many shades of color, to create something wonderful 😀
      Much love to you also Barbara, the sharing of your journey also brings much light and guidance for our paths in this beautiful world that we travel, to know that unconditional love ❤️

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