The Love in Time!

Many years ago I had an ‘event’ where I was with a friend suffering from a bipolar condition, and during the evening she was emotionally escalating and I could feel the emotional pain that she was beginning to go through. And as my heart went out to her because of the fear I could feel within her, something happened. In that instant I was suddenly no longer there, I had opened and given from my empathy so deeply that I ‘let go’ of this world and was in such a place that was so beautiful, peaceful and loving. One moment I was touching that place where you feel so heartfelt for someone else’s pain, and suddenly I just ‘let go’. My awareness knew no bounds and an elation beyond anything I could describe even though I could still ‘feel’ myself sitting on my lounge…but not.

And while I was within this place I ‘knew’ everything, I did not have to ask. And the one thing that did stay with me was the total unconditional love all around me…because I had ‘let go’ of me and given with such an open heart, no longer guarded and held by those things that hold us back in ‘this’ world. And that there was no ‘time’ as it did not exist in a way that I could measure or feel its progress, it just ‘was’.

Well since that ‘event’ I have noticed something quite interesting. Depending where we are at within ourselves time does some amazing things. Have you noticed that if you are in a beautiful place feeling happy and elated, that time seems to fly on by. But if you are in an unhappy, or sad place, the time seems to drag on, especially if it is a time of real pain like the passing of someone very close or going through a divorce etc, almost to the point you can feel each and every second that goes by. There are even times that when something really amazing in our lives happens, time seems to almost go in slow motion, like we’re trying to absorb every single second of something that has great meaning for us, and we look back and ask ourselves ‘what just happened?’ as we relive something that leaves a great impact on our lives. We even think it flew by, even though we can touch many emotions and feelings that went with each and every part of it. One of those events that we never forget because it touches us so deeply.

I feel that time is our teacher, coming here so that we can fully experience the many things that we go through, touching the feelings that they bring. Slowing down in those hard parts to appreciate just what message they bring, so that in understanding ourselves a little more, that self love is built a little stronger and our vibration speeds up, coming a little closer, clearer and quicker to our destination.

When we are so madly in love, we feel we can fly, time no longer has any meaning…imagine where we would be when we love ourselves unconditionally…and it IS there waiting for us, I have touched it, when I fully opened and let go of this world. And we are all capable of doing that because that is what this world is built on…finding more love and empathy each time we go through those many hard things, able then to give that empathy to another because of what we have experienced.

But most of all, they each show us our love, unblocking those many fears in our life, unraveling what holds us back. Those fears block time, almost making it go backwards as we go through them many times, asking us to relive their pain so that we can break free in their understanding. Finally letting go of that time loop that we always seem to be in.

Have time for another in their time of need, it will speed theirs up. But most of all, have faith and believe in yourself, that self love is the cushion of time and will soften and speed this flight of a lifetime and show you an amazing journey in each step you take.

How many times have you come close to ‘letting go’ and opening to that place within, touching something so profound in the depth of your many emotions, opening your heart to the beauty of love’s tenderness? It is there…waiting, for it knows your destination, using a timetable so incredible that you will look back and see the many visits where your heart did open and show you a new path, each one coming closer to that place we call home. That final time when we ‘let go’ to be that timeless unconditional within us all <3

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  1. It’s good to remember that those hard times and thoughts of the past are teaching us something very valuable. It’s hard at the time, but if we pay close attention there is always a lesson to learn. I’ve experienced this lately and I needed your post Mark to remind me to pay closer attention. Thank you as always for your wonderful posts! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the beautiful post Mark. I read it twice and absorbed the truth and wisdom of your words. Your writings always give me something to think about. You are appreciated.
    Love & Light

    1. My pleasure Vanessa. Just as your heart will glow for others, as we are all teachers and students on this journey 😀
      Thank you for sharing your journey with me. And many blessings to you also <3

  3. Mark, so beautifully written and received. Love is the answer and time heals. What an incredible experience you’ve shared with us. Thank you. That understanding, that letting go, the self-love and embracing of love for all that love contains is such a blessing in so many ways and heals us all in ways we cannot even begin to fathom as they unfold. Mark, this is such a loving, lovely post!! ♥

    1. Time walks with us hand in hand Yvonne, it is our guide to feel and heal on so many levels. And allowing us to see the depth of all our emotions so that we can be guided back inward to the love we have so earnestly kept at bay, showing us our truth and begin a rebuilding of our hearts, and that happiness we have always looked for <3
      Thank you for sharing <3

    1. Thank you Trini, it was an absolutely incredible experience to touch something so beautiful…and ‘know’ that it is there for us all. Our journey guarantees that, to first touch its opposite in this conditional world and in doing so understand it, then be set free to ‘open’ in that understanding.
      May your wisdom hold you in that light my friend, and open that flower within <3

  4. I keep reading and hearing we should try to get to a place of high vibration–a good-feeling place–and stay there. Sounds like you did it without even consciously trying!

    1. It is there Kristine, and I just ‘opened’ because of the intensity of my feelings (ie. I let go of the usual fears and bits that tie us in knots and keep us in a stressed state). And was just focused on the pain she was going through…all I could feel was this little girl calling out to her mom…it brought me to tears, my heart just opened to her and in the intensity of the moment I just ‘opened’. And I knew in that instant that we can all reach that place, a very loving, beautiful place…when we ‘let go’ of this world. All of this world has purpose as we learn to ‘let go’, find our fears and understand them, and in doing so be set free….just as I was. It is a journey so that we understand the ‘why’ of those things (fears), that hold us back. I have never been back in that total place that I experienced, but I have ‘touched’ it around the edges in those moments of love, the one where we are totally immersed in its beauty and no longer holding the weight of ‘our’ world within us <3

        1. True…but then maybe we wouldn’t appreciate what we are doing down here. It is the empathy and love we build in enduring such hardships down here that take us towards that unconditional love…which is that love of self, the ‘going through’ our nagativities and fears to understand and find that very thing within us <3
          I just thank God they can't sell it in the shops, it would be overpriced, inflated and only a shadow of what it is supposed to be. And then wouldn't let us use it unless it was licensed 😀

  5. This is just such a beautiful read Mark..
    Time certainly goes swiftly when I am painting… A morning or afternoon just vanishes.. January has been like that… Whooosh and its gone..
    We have had our discussions in the past, about unblocking fears, and how Love takes us to a whole new level of experience..
    Time as we know it is I feel changing.. I read an article on the net only today, that spoke of Time.. Saying how we have all of us been brought up to view Time as Money..
    And now how this shift in our conscious awareness is bringing us to experience Time differently.. As we are becoming more creative.. And why many things are being exposed in the world right now..

    We have both experienced that Crisis point.. where learning to let go, alters our pathways..
    I feel also as we are also Earth connected.. As one.. We are also coming to a global point of learning to let go.. But not before it reaches that crisis point.. Enabling us to shift into that other phase..
    When we go within as we along with others have done.. You see just how beautiful letting go can be.. As we allow Love back into our lives, be it in a relationship, or the Love of Self, or the love of a Pastime as we get in touch with our creative self again..
    Time and Love Heals many things..

    Loved your post Mark, and so happy to read it today xxx 😀

    1. Thank you Sue, it is a maturing I think. The Earth is reaching a point, as you have said, where more are reaching out for that love because they have followed the path of lies and money, and are now beginning to realise that it is missing something, no longer giving a happiness that it seemed to in the beginning. A false hope…but a teaching one 😀
      Much hope is beginning to build now, even as I see in this world of blogging. Many come to here as part of their journey, beginning something new and as time goes by they feel their energy change, finally finding something within this community that touches that acceptance of who they are regardless of their direction. And allows them to stop struggling and as you said ‘let go’, stop struggling against their walls of fear and begin to look within them instead.
      This shift in time seems to be reaching a crisis point. One where we have been bombarded by so much negativity and fear but afraid to do anything about it. It has now reached a place where a ‘break out’ seems to be imminent, finally reaching a point where we have all had enough, knowing we are worth so much more than how we are feeling within, so that we face those things that hold us back and take that first step. The one that begins that path to set us free.
      It is time, to take the reins of our lives back…and finally see the love that is within our lives, gently waiting below the surface for us to look within <3
      And thank you for sharing the love that you have become Sue, from your search of that place within <3 xo

      1. I agree with you Mark.. We are now at that ‘Tipping point’ We have seen it happen in many other Nations around our globe.. The Arab Spring, the exodus of refugees.. We have seen it in Brexit here in the UK.. Though they fight it and twist the truth..
        Lies are being exposed now.. Abuse is being exposed.. People are daring to stand up and be counted and Speak their truth, as they let go of the fear which has been built to protect the abuses.. Legal systems are being challenged.. ..
        All may appear disconnected.. BUT they are all connected deeply.. As we Change, and Shift our ways of BEing..
        We are living in exciting times..
        We may not see the results of these completely.. But we are the ones who are creating them into BEING.. And LOVE will win through.. Its force is all powerful..
        Many thanks Mark..
        ‘Love ‘Time is NOW.. 🙂 🙂

  6. Ah, it is a pleasure to read this post. I too have ‘let go’ and the experience was profound. Several months after my Mother’s death I was able to experience her again. I could smell her, feel her, ‘see’ her. I was rocked to my core. I was unable to speak of it for many weeks. But I eventually found the comfort it was meant to offer. I have never experienced that again.

    1. But you have touched that beauty within Pam, it is something that now can never be taken away. In experiencing it you now have that ‘knowing’ of it. You have ‘opened’ and let go of this world, becoming something else in that encounter. It is meant to show you that in releasing all of this worlds fears there is something else waiting for you…for us all…and a hope of our journey’s destination <3
      Thank you for sharing something that has great meaning for you…and now given from the love you have become, because of it <3

  7. Hello Mark, I made a mistake and hit the return or post button too soon. I was trying to say that what you say is so true. The more we love ourselves and this life that we life, the more we love others, and the more beautiful life becomes. and the more we can have wonderful experiences like the one you so eloquently described. Peace and Blessings

    1. Hi Craig, and yes, technology can trip us up 😀
      And you are so right, that loving of ourselves changes the course of our journey and we begin to resonate with that unconditional love and the things that we then attract to us 😀
      Peace and blessings to you also my friend, may your love within guide you truly in that beauty 😀

  8. How I’ve missed your depth and wisdom. Time is always teaching us. Those happy moments not only go by faster but also make me feel young again lol…speaking of time. Love is light and feels of that innocence. Missed you friend xx

    1. Hey beautiful lady! 😀 It is great to hear your voice again Kristin. Time is a magic part of our lives, giving us the ability to ‘feel’ each and every moment so that we can appreciate the love within it <3
      I do hope your heart is very light at this time, after much journeying young lady. Many bumps are found, but slowly we begin to glide with the beauty we find within. I hope your flight patterns are truly graceful now, you deserve that after a very profound journey <3
      Please keep in touch, I've missed that golden heart too <3 xo

      1. There has definitley been some huge ups and progress i would love to share with you and of course hard parts too… just like growth right. I find myself weary tonight as my daughter has been very sick with this flu. It’s been hard and brought back that trauma for me of losing a child. I realize where my soft spot is and where i still need help and healing but also I have been right at my daughter’s side all week and have not run from the fear I feel. Anyway I have been hearing a call back to this place for a while now so tonight I answered. So happy to hear back from you ?❤?

        1. I’m glad to hear it Kristin, it isn’t an easy journey but you have had the courage to face those parts that hold you in that fear, you have done well. And the flu that went through Australia last winter was not very nice, it made many very ill, it was a particularly nasty bug. But I know your love will give her much strength as only you can do 😀
          And please feel free to contact me if you wish, I would be glad to catch up <3 😀

          1. Thank you Mark! She is better today and I am going to get her out into the fresh air. We both need it. I am so happy to connect with you again. Do you still have my email?

            1. That is good to hear, especially the sun bit, it creates Vitamin D which boosts your immune system. Worth its weight in gold…literally 😀
              It is good to hear from you too. I’ve just sent a message, hopefully it is correct 😀 <3

    1. Thank you Arlene, and yes time is our teacher in so many ways. It holds us as a part of that unconditional love, guiding and sharing itself within its conditions so that we can obtain much beauty from it. Like not fully understanding and appreciating happiness unless we also experience sadness too. Without it we would be lost, not understanding those things that make up the whole of what we are, seeing those many parts of us so that in the end we understand exactly what unconditional love is <3
      And thank you for sharing your time too, as you are also a part of that great journey <3

  9. YES!!! Love truly is the answer and as you know, it all begins with us. Reaching out to another is just so beautiful and we are the ones who are rocked with Blessings. When we line our life up with Love in all areas, life itself is transformed. Is life not exciting when we learn, and I mean really learn, that Love is truly all there is? How I SO Loved this post, Mark!! If more of us would realize Love is The Way our world would be so changed! Thank you so much for writing this!!! Bless you! ?

    1. And thank you kind lady. It is a journey we all must realise when it is ‘time’, otherwise we will not have the wisdom to understand it. And as you now know, when that courage is taken by that first step into your fear…everything changes. You’ve told your heart that you are so worth more than what you have endured and begin to face and understand why it has held you fast. And once understood you have actually disarmed it, losing its power it once had over you.
      And much love and blessings to you my friend, your blindfold is off…and can see the love that is truly there, in everything. Even what you thought was such a horrible thing, now shows the beauty because of the love it brought you in its understanding. Even I can hear your smile and excitement from all the way over here Amy, and what a light it brings <3 😀

      1. Your words hold much wisdom, dear Mark. There is Love in everything, once we “see”. I’ve been saying something to hubby for years but those words have fallen on deaf ears. Yesterday we both listened to a speech and in so doing, what I have been saying for years, he finally heard. I knew he was crying for the truth that was stinging at the moment was fierce. You are so right in that all of us must be ready in order to hear, and know Truth. For this reason I have not given up with hubby because I know once he grabs hold of something he grows mightily. It may take a long time to get there but when he does, wow! And about my excitement …. yup! I again am being urged to go into a forest today and I shall. I “feel” a hush, as if something is about to come forth. Anticipation is in the air …. Have a most glorious day, dear friend!!! ?

        1. It is good to hear that your journey has finally turned that corner Amy. And begin to ‘see’ the beauty within it. Many times I have done, and seen others telling someone something that they have ignored for years. And then someone out of the blue will say the exact same thing and suddenly they awaken. I realised that it wasn’t time, they had to go through something within themselves first to reach that gate that you have now gone through. It isn’t an easy journey as you know, but it most certainly is a loving one my friend. May your wander always ‘feel’ that touch Amy, it is a freedom like nothing else <3

          1. For this reason I do my best not to take it personally when someone doesn’t “hear” the truth I speak as I attempt to assist them. All in perfect timing according to what that person requires, not me. May your day be every Peaceful and Freedom’s Gate be at your fingertips. Much Love!! ?

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