Little did I know what I had asked of myself, when I reached a certain point in my life, in wanting to know my Truth, my Path, my reason for being here. We go through so many things in this life to find ourselves, understand our journey and integrate that within to create that idealised something that will make us whole. And after a lot of tripping, stumbling and sometimes blindly finding apparent dead ends, life shows a gift, a light at the end of a long tunnel to give us encouragement, hints at an end, a push to finally gain an understanding for what we had been searching for.

It was when I realised that those bits and pieces were there, that I really wanted to go further and try to understand the why. There was definitely something there. I knew that because of the ‘things’ that were beginning to happen in my life. The synchronicities, the events, the knowing of things that were increasing as time went on. I wanted to understand so that I could apply this to who I was and how I gave from that place within.

So I decided I ‘needed’ some assistance because I really wanted to know. After some searching I chose my assistant and went out and bought a lovely piece of Moldavite to help me to ‘listen’ during meditation or a dream state and better perceive just what spirit was giving me and how I could use that information to be in a better place. At the time I did not fully ‘know’ how it would help me, I just researched as much as I could and it appeared to resonate in what I was trying to do.

Moldavite meaning:

This highly treasured stone is widely effective in metaphysical practice. It accelerates one’s spiritual path. It evolves the spirit.

Some uses of Moldavite are:

  • Clears blockages
  • Awakens the intelligence of the heart
  • Disconnects one from unhealthy attachments
  • Makes dreams more vivid and meaningful
  • Increases synchronicities
  • Spiritual catalyst

Sources of Moldavite:

Moldavite is found around the Bohemian Plateau in the Czech Republic, and is believed to be the result of an ancient meteorite impact.

WORD OF WARNING: I can put this here now to help any that want to follow, but as I said in the first paragraph, little did I realise in what I had asked of myself. The strength of this stone took me a little off guard to say the least and the impact of what I had asked was a lot bigger than I had realised. I had affectively asked spirit to ‘open’ the shutters, I was ready to look inside to see the truth and in that understanding, give from that place.

I did not realise that I had just asked spirit to get ME…to look at ME. All the faults, all the fears, all the emotional turmoil that made up who I was and how I looked at the world. Being in a space, of thinking I was going along nicely, and I could handle anything that came along was very quickly put to the test and placed right in front of me. I was given the understanding of just what I was actually doing and how that was blocking me in so many ways. And not only that but what I needed to do to remove those walls of fear that I had built over many years of just trying to cope with life. It is a very ‘in your face’ journey and would seriously test my mettle, but in doing so, the outcome is beautiful beyond description. I would then know exactly who I was.

Initially all I wanted was to be able to give from a good place. But I could not do that till I understood ME. And why I was being ME with all those walls. Here I was giving all that lovely advice to people everywhere from what I felt, which was truth, but not doing it within. I needed to ‘know’ it within. It’s like another Truth, I can ask you not to put your hand in the fire, and you will understand it, but you will not know it truthfully till the day you ‘do burn your hand’. Then and only then do you really understand it’s Truth of the pain and agony it truly entails.

So after each fear, that I had studiously tried to avoid for years, was brought to my attention, I took a deep breath, and slowly stepped into my fears, even some that I really didn’t realise were there. It’s amazing how we disguise them or deny their existence. This has released so many things to such a degree that I’m so much more relaxed, handling everything from a totally different place. And I now step into and live my Truth instead of ducking and weaving, afraid of what others will think of me or not wanting to hurt someone when my untruth is actually causing more problems.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not clean as a whistle, it’s a learning process, that’s why we are here. As I have said before, if it was easy it would not have the impact on us that is needed. Anything that we must struggle with and endure makes an impression on who and what we are. In doing this we gain understanding and that is added to the wisdom within. If it was easy, we would forget it in a week and probably make the same mistake again down the track.

The interesting part of this journey is, as you become more ‘aware’, you actually step back within yourself and let more and more go. From within yourself you become more your Truth and give from that place. In the beginning you go looking for your Truth until finally you realise it has always been within. But the first part of the journey is required so that when you finally reach this point, you then let it go because you now understand within, and begin the rest of your journey by now giving from that place. You don’t have to go looking for anything anymore, it has always been there, just waiting for you to make that realisation. And like Buddha, you search and search looking for enlightenment, and finally realise it has always been with you. And you then let it all go, and everything changes.

And the incredible thing is, you will not understand this fully until you are ready within. You begin to understand and start to look at YOU, and truly want to be in that space that is always there. You begin to remove those fears and walls that are a part of your journey, and in doing so, find the person that has always been within. And once they are released you are no longer putting those fears out to the universe, no longer saying ‘look at me, this is me full of fears’ and attracting exactly that to you so that you can learn to understand those fears and let them go. You are now coming from a completely different place. Relaxed, calmer, happier…and give from that place, so the universe then gives ‘that’ back to you instead.

Like everything in this world there are extremes. Yin-Yang, up-down, black-white. This is no different. You must know one to truly know the other, appreciate it, understand it and then give from there. And it’s one amazing journey, but, as you begin to understand, you let more and more go. For me it has reached a point that when I do something silly, get angry or one of a million other things….I just let it go. Feel it within for the experience it was but don’t take it on board as an anchor to create some other fear or wall down the track.

Those things no longer have the impact that they once had, because I no longer need to learn these things. I am now ‘aware’ of the Truth of my journey. And to add something even more amazing, everything changes…you begin to look at things differently…and I mean differently…you appreciate everything more…nature, the weather, people, events…and the human urge to judge disappears because you realise they are on their journey, you are now past that…and if anything you begin to help from that place. It truly changes your entire outlook on everything and you begin to understand from a much deeper place. A place that I can only describe as being embraced by unconditional love. You are becoming that unconditional love. This is who you now are, and now give from that place.

So…if you are ready…have a look inside…are you ready for YOU?