A Moment in Time!

A time to stand still and look within after a realisation of self…

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A Moment in Time!

And you will never forget that moment…all has led to this beautiful point. All the striving and hardships to achieve some unknown yearning, some direction or path that has meaning. And suddenly a understanding comes within…just a flutter, you try to grasp it, and it turns away. Release it and it comes back, opening like a flower. Sometimes it is difficult, but I realise now, that was because I was getting in the way. The mind trying to grasp something by the good old fashioned way of logic.

Totally useless when you begin to realise this understanding comes from within. It has always been there but life just gets in the way. It has taken me many years to gain this understanding, and like any journey there is a beginning.

You read and read, listening to others around you, all the while taking some things on board and rejecting what doesn’t seem to fit. And even coming back to them because over time you have changed, and you now have some pull towards them. At this point you realise you had to go through something, which changed you, and you now understand what you had rejected. A little more is added to the mix.

This goes on, bit by bit as you gain enough wisdom to release those fears and that interaction with life that block that understanding within. It is perfectly balanced so that until you reach that point of ‘wanting something more’out of life, you will stay on that path of the world. Keep trudging until that guiding sentinel within gently shows you something, a moment of understanding that sits you up and allows you to realise ‘there is something more’, and the change begins.

You hold it to the side, not speaking of it for fear of being labelled as ‘different’, but this is also part of the understanding. As you realise there is significance in these ‘events’, your attitude begins to change. You start to feel a purpose, a reason for being who and what you are within. Even though this begins a struggle with the world all around. For until you step fully into this journey, it will keep you at bay. Law of attraction, you hold it at bay, it will hold you at bay.

You are now developing your truth and integrity because of what you are now feeling. You are beginning to understand that you needed to feel everything that you have, so that you will understand these events as they come. You are now beginning to accelerate by letting go of the world, your understanding increases because you are letting go of all those things in life that block your journey.

And then one day you are just being…nothing more, and an understanding will come forward within. It will be so incredible that it will stop you in your tracks. The world around you will disappear for it will no longer have any meaning as you feel the truth of what has been revealed. The tears will flow, and gladly, for the beauty in this understanding will wrap your heart in the most incredible love that you will never, ever forget. You are free, and open to this love now forever. You also see that this beauty within has always been there, just waiting until you are ready.

As more time goes by and you come from this new place within, you see the truth of all your interactions with your life, within others and the purpose that it holds for you. Yes, just you, so that you may realise the beauty from within, and in doing so, give to others from that place because that is what you have gradually attracted. A love to self. A release of that life long ‘I can’t do this!…I’m not good enough!’, that has kept that duality, that non connection within. And in that belief in self, that beginning of that love for you, you stop blocking the one thing that has been trying to gain a foothold in your life, that unconditional love that is all around.

At this time you realise, yes, you are still on this earth, but it no longer has the drag of life you have endured. Your lessons in life and hardships, have reached their purpose, and you now stand in your truth, giving totally and freely within, as the understanding of that unconditional love unfolds.

Welcome to my world fellow traveller, I bid you wel-come, for even though it is a journey of much pain, it’s destination is one of such incredible beauty. Be strong, persevere and know that this path is one of completion, and the freedom and love gained will far, far outweigh anything that went before. Be at peace in that knowledge, for it is with great love that our creator wants us to be a part of all that is, that unconditional love, forever.


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    1. Thank you Sue, I will answer your other comment in a moment. Thank you for the comment on the new theme. It works fine as I wanted a theme that would remove that text format problem I had with some posts in one format and the next in another. It was quite off putting (to me 😀 ). And it allowed all my posts in short form. the only drawback has been the search box on the left at the top, it takes up the entire left column and I can’t edit it. I’m a web designer and I’ve tried to strip the bare bones code but it won’t let me for some reason. I think some themes won’t allow anything beyond basic on or off or moving things around. In the edit mode it comes up but refuses to allow me to turn it off. I think I’m being tested 😀

      1. Well I hope you can adjust to your satisfaction.. And I am no computer expert.. But I have tweaked my theme over the years its nothing like the original.. As I play around with colours on the background and put anything from flowers to snowmen on above my header depending on the season.. 🙂 I like your theme.. 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you Kamal. I am sorry for the late reply, you were a rescue from my spam folder for some reason. How you ended up in there I have no idea 🙂
      Thank you for sharing, and yes, we need to just breeeeeathe and give ourselves that time 😀

    1. Thank you Michele, I also needed to read it again, hence the re-post. It also reminded me that this world is a training ground to find my heart, with lots of ‘life’ noise all around. Spirit asked me to ‘listen’ a little more to the heartbeat within, it has something to say 😀
      Thank you for sharing, may your ‘life’ also have much love to share <3 😀

            1. You have ‘your’ permission to just go with the flow my friend…breath…for you. Your words are always beautiful whether today or next week. In fact, if it’s next week, I’ll appreciate them all the more because of the wait 😀 <3
              Big hugs coming your way 😀 <3

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